Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1156: The Legacy of Prehistoric Civilization

Depth of the ruins sunk at the bottom of the lake. According to speculation, there may be some kind of device that was supposed to be the trump card in the battle for the annihilation of the former prehistoric civilization, so the kites decided to go further.

They had seen that the area had not been vandalized, and they had come to the presumption that the site might have been intentionally destroyed. Such are they, but after several battles they had apparently reached an area that seemed to be a research area among the Institute's secret compartments.

"This is... probably a research area"

Kate shrugged as she observed the various devices that had been placed in a mess in front of her. Apparently, this corner of the room was properly maintained, implying that the maintenance golem could be alive.

"Tina. It still seems good to see that it was intentionally discarded. Pretty much the mechanism survives."

"Hmm. Again. If so, the demon conductor did not reboot, but could have lived forever. Of course, I would have stopped once because my enemies didn't understand me... '

Upon hearing Kite's reply, Tina is convinced that this was still an important institution for prehistoric civilization and, conversely, a troublesome one for the enemy. And so Tina decided not to open any further speculation.

'Well, a detailed investigation should be carried out later by the Dukes. This is not something you can do with the rest. "


Kate and Tina secretly give each other superficial reasons. Rufus and the others are here. There's no way we can do that later. And so there was something I had to make clear again. Kite orders that.

"Everybody, don't touch too much of the detour. If a boulder has a legacy of prehistoric civilization, something like a de-braining device, it should be submitted not only to the Duke's house, but also to the Empire and the Allied Coalition. Dealing with the former Evil God is in the hands of the Adventure Department... no, it's not in the hands of a single adventurer"

"Is it reasonable?"

Listening to Kate's words, Rufaus nodded small after being questioned by Alice's gaze. If he sees it as a soldier, surely such a case is not a good story for the Adventure Department to take its own initiative.

I don't know anything about it this time, but the Adventure Department has therefore undertaken it as a preliminary investigation, but if we know the details, it's time for the country to go from there. If Kite had been trying to move on, Rufaus would have stopped him. It was not a good story to overlook that this would be a military man from another country on a boulder. Side by side, Kate makes a request to Al.

Al, if you go out there, report this to the military in conjunction with the troops.

"Okay. It'll be paperwork for once, so thank you for signing."


Kate and Al will discuss the rest as soon as possible. Now you won't have to go into too much detail for now. That said, it's not like you don't have to look into it. The Duke's investigation team will come later, but it is also important to investigate how dangerous and beneficial it is.

Many new sites have been discovered as a result of working with Legado. Many of them have already asked McDawell's investigative team and other nobles to investigate that the kites would have less to do with it. We had to determine exactly how beneficial human resources could be beyond finite.

"Well... do we move on? In the meantime, let's investigate one affordable place to determine how beneficial it might be."

You should check at least a few rooms to find out the benefits. So when Kate gets some work done to leave again, she instructs him to do another investigation and start walking. but naturally it's an important area, or even now the Golem protected a large number of them.

"Ha!... the security golem isn't very strong as long as you're protecting something important"

The moment lets the security golem encountered be broken in one stroke and the question is uttered. You can call this a sign that he's stronger, but I still wonder a little. Besides, Rufaus seems to have gotten the same question.

"Hmm... that's right. Lord Kite, can't you think of anything?

"And... ha! And now again, what the hell. So, Rufaus. Let's think for ourselves."

To Rufaus's inquiry, Al taps into the counter by dodging a golem poke. Indeed, since he came here, Rufaus has often asked the kites.

What I don't know is ask. This attitude itself should certainly be appreciated, but even then, it should certainly be a little self-thought. Al's words would also be correct. And that's why Rufaus, who saw reason there, only slightly disturbs my mind.

"Mm... sure that's true"

Anyway, what bothered me was that the security golem was weak even though it seemed obviously important here. No, there will be a narrative when I say weak. Rufaus, headed by Kate Yuri's combo, and Al's four are rank A. Normally, most enemies can't lose. Other than that, moments are still rank B, but probably the best in the Adventure Department if it's talent about combat.

It is good to say that there is no place early that cannot be attacked in this face. That would make it about as difficult as the area that once had the deepest power chamber in Legado, etc. Metaphor With the addition of other Adventure Alliance members there, it is believed that there is no struggle.


Rufaus will think about the situation just a little while avoiding enemy attacks. Around being able to fight while thinking, Rufaus can also be said to be quite skilled.

That said, the enemy is weak, but it's an accident. That's how he was thinking while fighting, but that didn't seem to answer when the fight was over. So Yuri approached me.

"... Tip, you want me to give it to you?

"Oh, oh, oh. No, you know what I mean?

Rufaus asks Yuri's offer the other way, looking a little surprised. I don't have to say it, but Yuri is just an adventure mascot. Kite's accessories are handled. I can't help wondering if the fairy can tell.

"Yeah, crude. I'm actually the longest track record as an adventurer."

"Oh well."

There would have been no choice but to show how Rufaus was depressed by Yuri's explicit statement. That said, that is true. It is the official view of the Adventure Department that Yuri followed Kate on her own in the first place. It's no wonder she's an adventurer before that she didn't come with us from Japan, more than it is.

Everyone is left through but no mystery as to where she comes from and why she is with Kate. Fairy whim, because it is done with one word. So Rufaus didn't seem to wonder either. So such a rufaus prompted Yuri to go ahead.

"So, what are the tips?


"Shut up. I don't know what I don't know. It's a temporary disgrace to listen. It's a disgrace for life."

Despite Alice's lamentable gaze, Rufaus shyly urges Yuri ahead. I guess it's because I still have one thing with fairies at my parents' house, or the fairies have a strong wind in the Weisslitter family at the main house. but I can't care less. I've heard it once, and I'm too embarrassed to stop it.

"I'm going to be rude...... well, good. But it's easy. What was going on here? If you think about it, you'll get answers with nature, right?

"What was going on here...?

Rufaus frowns at Yuri's words and thinks about it. but it comes out easy with no answers. That would simply be a fight. There was once a battle here over a trump card of prehistoric civilization that would have been developed in this depths.


"Yes. Fight. Then here's the question. You are the guard captain of this laboratory."

Yuri nodded at Rufaus' twinkle, sitting on top of the rubble of the golem for security on the stick from the twinkle.

"You have received a report that an enemy has suddenly approached this institute. I don't see any self-help reinforcements...... Now, what instructions do you give?

"Hmmm...... you have a cage castle to prepare first. Strengthen the bond and stay away from the bond on top of it, but get support. Soldiers in critical positions... right, you know what?"

Say it yourself, Rufaus seems to have been able to come up with an answer. Well, that's the thing.

"Did you go outside? The opponent is probably an enemy executive rank. When there were golems and soldiers with powerful combat capabilities, it was inevitable that they went out and fought. Did you sink this ruin, no, the institute, because it was defeated"

"That sort of thing. There's no room, if it was close to an ambush."

Yuri was right. That is why there were no powerful golems in this area either. Above all, we should avoid a gradual injection of force. If you want to do it, either throw it all and overwhelm your enemies and annihilate them, or keep your power warm without letting them out.

And this institute probably chose the former and failed. Perhaps, given the importance of this institute, it would have thrown all the fighting power it possessed. I'm glad to say that's desperate resistance. Here is the result, but given the circumstances at the time, it can be taken for granted. If so, the mighty golem is probably still sleeping wrecked at the bottom of the lake.

"I see... thank you"

The doubt clears and Rufaus bows his head. And so Yuri emerged where she was convinced.


"... people are not what they seem, or..."

Rufaus raises his rating on Yuri just a little bit. Until now he only thought it was just a mascot, but honestly he deserved respect. And that seemed like Alice was with him.

"... it's amazing out there"

"Of, it seems. Ha... Maybe this is what my dad was after..."

Rufaus just admires his father's thoughts. I thought maybe you should see the outside world. By then, the world outside the Patriarchate was vast. and, on the other hand, Kate finishes her little pause and gets up.

"Good. It's time to start over. I can't stop much."

"" Copy that. ""

In response to Kite's decree, all of them, including Rufaus and Alice, rise. After walking for a while, we discovered one tough looking door together.

"Anyway, there's something going on. - You insist."

"Well, if you think about it normally, you probably know it's ahead of you."

In response to Yuri's words sitting on her shoulder, Kate decides that she should investigate this place. This was the place where the most beneficial decision seemed to be made.

Everybody, we're going in here.

Kite keeps everyone's attention and hands on the door. That's how I silently order Firefly to support me. One firefly nodded in response to such a kite signal.

"... good. Don't move."

Kite uses a little effort to make sure the door opens. Thus, I never opened the door to my will.

"... enemy shadow, invisible"

"Phew... everyone, start investigating the room"

When the door opens and the firefly enters the room responds with a soothing breath, Kite gives immediate instructions. I'm not going to stay here forever. If there was anything that seemed important, I would mark it here and go for it immediately.

And, although it seems important, it was easily found out. Rather than that, because I think everyone would if they were placed so dignified.

"Whatever you think, Kaito, it seems important?

"Yes, you are."

Kite and Yuri walk to the center of the room as the other faces start searching for something other than the one across the street from Kite and the others. What was there was some sort of demonic prop on the way up.

The size is about 3 meters square. I guess it didn't mean hand-held from the size. The shape features something like a discharge port to radiate whether it is some object or energy. It was an object that looked like an antenna or a megaphone.

"Well... what is this... Tina, do you have any idea?

"Hmmm... I don't think it's a magic prop that shoots something out of shape... Hmm. Kite, isn't the engraved magic engraving plundering?

"... no, you stay firm"

"Hmm. Now zoom in there so you can see, and..."

Tina manipulates the camera attached to Kite's headset to enlarge the magic engraving that Kite discovers. Even if I don't know exactly, I can still guess.

"Hmm... From what I've seen, this is a statement about the release. This... Hmm, this engraving must have used something similar in the printing press... but not here. This must have been the place to fly droplets, so isn't this something to fly liquids like water?"

Match the magic engraving with Tina's knowledge. She was studying prehistoric civilizations to revive the ruined heritage of civilization and help the world during the time of the Demon King. So it seems she had many descriptions that she had seen.

"Hmm... this is definitely a similar form of engraving representing vibration... hmm... so what if this theory..."

Apparently, Tina noticed something. I rapidly gather opinions in myself.

"Hmm... Kite, I have one question for you."


"Lord, have you ever spoken to me about the theory of the Ringstring Ritual? Can you tell me that again?"

"Good. It complicates the wavelength of magic, and it emits what should be called the slightest antimagic contained in it. So you're preventing the enemy from attacking."

'Yes, bye. If so, yes. Maybe it's using it. "

Tina nods at Kite's explanation and opens her guess. This is just a guess, but so far it has not been the most likely answer.

"There is probably no wonder that some of the exorcism powers released with the Ringstring Ritual contain effective wavelengths in this brainwash. And I've had most of civilization brainwashed. Brainwashing may be powerful, but I don't think it's as powerful as it sounds. When it becomes powerful and extensive, efficiency falls. '

"I see, that makes sense. I don't know how much more power I could have used than fighting the gods of the day to gather my faith."

'Um, that's not what I'm talking about. If so, if you were able to make the Ringstring Rite powerful, I don't know if it's temporary or the range of effects of this magic tool, but you might be able to withdraw the power of brainwashing. "

"I see... maybe that's possible"

Sure, it wouldn't be impossible. It is subtly questionable whether you can do a ringing string instrument with such a large output, but maybe even if you don't, this magic tool is a prototype or something like that. It is not hard to imagine that there is still room for improvement. And the two of us discussed that, but Tina got a report in there.

'And wait a minute. No... um, um... yeah, okay. Kite, I think we found some other material there. Because it was in the process of being assembled, the blueprints, specifications, etc. appeared to be together. You're lucky. Take you back and leave it there for the real thing. Personnel from the Duke's house later, let's go get the real thing'

"Rikai... all the documents I discovered were to be taken back in a prescribed container. When you're done storing it, let's keep going to the bottom."

Kite receives Tina's instructions to convey it to the surrounding area. As such, Kite and the others decided to take home the materials found in the room and move further into the back.