Depth of the ruins sunk at the bottom of the lake. Kite and the others discovered a prototype of an unfinished brainwasher that the prehistoric civilization apparently had developed as a trump card in a secret area and a thought compartment. Coincidentally, they found it abandoned in the middle of assembly, leading them to discover more of its blueprints and specification-like documents.

"Good. Kite, this should be all of it."

"Good... then seal it with this..."

Kite keeps the documents she receives from Al tightly sealed when she puts them in a dedicated attachment case. If this is what Kate keeps in the other space, whatever happens, this document won't be lost. and Al inquired, looking at the tightly sealed atash case that way.

"Paperwork, how'd it go?

"I have one blueprint. Some specifications. You're lucky it was discarded in the middle of assembly. The detailed data on the boulders will have to wait for the analysis of the data servers salvaged by Shoda, but still this will be enough harvest. At least it can be something that shows the benefit here."

In response to Al's inquiry, Kate affirms so. There may be measures here to deal with what has become the biggest factor in the destruction of prehistoric civilization. Even though it is still incomplete, it is time for the resurrection of the former evil gods, Kites. As modern civilized people, this would be a most thankful legacy. Consider it beneficial.

"Well, this is a guess... maybe I was going to connect this magic device to a communications device and create something like a place for anti-brainwashing all over the continent. That way, we can cover the difference in numbers."

"Oh, I see... then I'm also convinced that it was being studied here"

Al nodded at Kate's point. Kite and the others discovered it as a brainwashing device and a magic prop, but this is not enough to cover up one city regardless of size. Tina's guess is that a maximum radius of 50 meters is the effective range. I can't even cover up this lab. That was understandable from Al's point of view. At this size, it won't be possible to cover the city.

So, what will we do, the kites thought? So the first thing I thought about was the research facility on this. So what was being studied was the latest communication device. And having it would be good to see that, in prehistoric civilization, communication networks were more developed than in modern times.

Then it would be quite natural to think about using it to ripple the power of the brainwashing device across the continent. It is a natural idea to try to apply what is already there, beyond being driven and having no leeway.

That said, as it is, of course, it would not be usable. If this assumption is certain, it is likely that a dedicated communication apparatus or adapter for its formation could have been developed in the laboratory above.

And if that's the case, it was developed in the basement of this lab. We were constantly checking for compatibility and developing it in parallel. but it probably means neither of them made it.

"Well, that's why. There's nothing you can do about it without covering the difference in numbers. Well, it would be a theory to Buddha for a soldier Al."

"Haha. So, kite. Further back from now on?

"Oh. I just got in. In touch, apparently this compartment... what can I say. They're independent on the information management system. They can't salvage information from outside. If you can, they want to install the antenna so they can communicate with the outside."

"Then I knew it was back there."

"Oh, I don't think the data server is shallow."

When Kite nods at Al's inquiry, he finishes installing the military transmitter. The next one to come includes special forces, including people from the Navy. Whether in the water or not, it is in the water that the main power is exercised. If the ruins collapsed, it would have been possible to recover them.

"Good... then, let's go"

Kate hangs the order again and leaves the room behind. Heading that way is the deepest part of this research area. That said, I'm not going to go into that much detail at once, so I'm just going to keep an eye on the deepest part and go there. And the gaze was first set.

"Further down, go for that domed compartment..." Is that a little far?

"Well, that sounds like it. I'm glad we're not in this together...

Kite cuts off the security golem relentlessly. That's the bottom domed compartment that Firefly discovered on the sensor. It's so big. It's some kind of experimental area, and at the same time, it can be inferred that it's installed in the deepest part. If so, no wonder there was a server room with data servers nearby. So let's start with the experimental area.

"Huh... that's a lot, this one"

"Rather than, it is probably captured where your lords are in repeated battles. Sola and the others will be there when we retreat, so we can break through a little hard. Let's get the rest of them on their way there whenever possible. If the enemy is a man-made tactic, this one should also go with man-made tactics'


Kate cuts the way ahead as she cuts and flies the security golem. In this face, Kite and the instant pure warrior are at the forefront, and the role of Al and Rufaus' wall actors in protecting everyone, such as a magical warrior like Alice, is best supported from the rear. And even if you look at it as strength, it would be the best decision for Kate and the two of the moments to move forward in the most dangerous way.

"Shit, the mutton fish are good, but you have a lot of them!

"Well, don't leave your troops on the inside because they're enemies on the outside. Then it's not good!

Kite responds to the instant stupidity as she cuts and flies a large number of enemies in front of her. That said, I don't appreciate the high number. So Kate decided to change her hands a little.

"I can't help it! Firefly! Use the demon gun at low output! Cut open the enemy camp!

Copy that.

Fireflies leap forward in front of Kite, as Kite asks. That's how she put up a double gun.



Kite penetrates into the middle of the enemy line where the fireflies cut open. That's how he switched his weapon to the Great Sword.



Yuri wraps the power of thunder around Kate's sword. It's a hassle to keep knocking the whole thing down. Then I'll have to kick your ass all at once.

"A little weak < >!"

Kite slams a thunderous sword to the ground. Just like I once did, I was going to destroy the Golem's internal foundation.

The bulk of Golem's mass produced materials are regular metals. And metal is inevitable, it has good electrical conductivity. That doesn't change whether it's steel or demon metal. And the nature of matter can't even change whether civilization shifts.

Inevitably, the metal golem became weaker for lightning attributes. For the record, the golem made of the other mound is very strong for the lightning attribute, but conversely, a metal golem is weak for the strong water attribute. The invincible golem was impossible to manufacture.


"< > … I see. Was that the way you did it, not by yourself"

Rufaus opened his eyes as if surprised at Kite for making the Great Sword disappear. Kite always does it with Yuri so this is considered normal and adventurous, but there's actually no way.

This is a skill that can be done by one person. It was meant to create a thundercloud in the sky and wrap the thunder pouring from it in the blade. However, in this case, it takes a long time, so this sword technique may not be liked by many adventurers with a high range of effects or aggression. but i have no problem with kite and yuri who are combines. So Kate grinned and nodded.

"Oh. It's good to remember. If I don't have a fairy on my shoulder or something when I get this fast on the boulder... with the help of a magician, it's not bad. It was neglected to take a long time."


Yuri puts her chest up on Kate's words. Come on, buddy. It's probably because of you. It was only with the breath of an amulet that I could do it.

"I see... Alice, help me next time"

"Yes, brother"

It's worth a try. Alice also agrees with Rufaus's idea. This kind of one-of-a-kind way is an adventurer or a kite-like way. Learning it was, in a way, like the assignment given to them both by Ludwig.

"Ma, that's good. Let's get moving."

With that said, Kate goes further back. So, for a while. I got to the door that looked pretty heavy.

"According to the map, it's not supposed to be the dome up ahead."

"Rikai. I'll just go inside."

'Um. Well, it's probably a lab there. There's a chance of a shelter. Just take a look. There's no harm in it.'

"Aye... we're opening it"

Kate hangs her hand on the door, listening to Tina. That's how he opened the door wide after finishing securing safety for now. Along with that, a firefly went inside.

"... enemy shadow, invisible. It's safe."

"Well... is this like some kind of experimental control center?"

'I see. You keep that right next to the dome... Kite, there's a chance the comms won't get through. Be careful.'


Kate understands the possibility that no communication will pass from here on in. There is no way to install a repeater outside the boulder, so there really is no outside support from here.

That said, I wasn't so anxious because it was expected to be just a laboratory. but here. They didn't realize that they had misfortunes they couldn't even know about.

That was that Kate was the god angel of the goddess of the moon and Yuri was his friend. They unconsciously unsealed the seal on the door. The researchers of prehistoric civilization did not envisage the arrival of anyone who could unconditionally unseal this place. It was disastrous that the god who served was that elusive char. I didn't expect an angel of God to be born.

"... nothing seems inside"

Kite observes the control room for now. There was a shutter down the window in the control room, and it was impossible to tell what was going on inside.

"Good, everyone, I'll try and see if the console works for now, just wait a little bit. In the meantime, be vigilant."

That's what Kate says, she sits in front of the intact console and tries to activate the device. I'm sure this room will lead to the lab for once, but if you can open the shutter and confirm it before then, you should.

"... good, this one"

When the console is lightly activated, Kite dives into several hierarchies of the system to manipulate the part about the shutter. This console, which was not destroyed, was also alive because the Magic Conductor was alive or alive. but how long I waited to live, the shutter never went up.

"... that"

"Isn't it degrading and something's broken?

"Kana... Try again"

Kate tries to unshutter again even though she thinks it might be true to Yuri's words. but it never opened no matter how long I waited.

"Oh man. Is the system going crazy somewhere?"

After a short wait, Kate concludes so. We believe that there is nothing dangerous in the experimental area, so there is no problem even if it doesn't suck. If it had been abandoned thousands of years ago by boulders, it would have stopped no matter how dangerous it was. If it's a power source, it's still a magic furnace, because I don't think anything else moves without power.

"I don't think so?

"Oh...... I have no choice. Just take a peek."


Al nods at Kate's words and sends his gaze to the rest of us. In the meantime, we will have to see what the situation is inside the experimental area.

And given the path followed and the current location, presumably this is near the ceiling. If so, you will be able to grasp the whole picture just by opening the door and looking a little bit. You just have to do it. It didn't take much effort, and it seemed almost safe. That said, vigilance does not fail.

"Good. Firefly, proceed in the same formation again"

Copy that.

Kite opens the door and the firefly checks for internal safety. Speaking of which, it's the same formation. But that would be the safest and surest. I don't need to be weird. That's how Kate hung her hand on the door.

"" Huh!


Kite and Yuri jump out instantly and the fireflies leap out in front of Kite. It was so instantaneous, no one knew but the three kites.

"What's up!?


moment and Al asks. These three were on alert in an instant. Vigilance was shared by all. but on the other hand, kite and yuri were in a great hurry.

"... what, where did I miss"

"I don't know. There must have been no mistake. And there's nowhere to be bound..."

"No way, nothing?


Kate and Yuri are in a great hurry. Besides, the moment asked.

"Hey, kite."

"Oh... oh, bad. Retreat now."

At the same time Kate tried to say she was going to withdraw now. The shutter, which did not move until earlier, starts moving slowly. Thus, the reason why the kites panicked became evident in front of the same eyes.

"What, this is!

"The rainbow...... the beast?

Someone squeaked. There was a giant beast wrapped around a rainbow. Contrary to its ugly appearance, its beauty is too divine. Obviously, it was the unity of the Holy Beast of God with some name. Such a beast was staring at this one, and it still kept pulling the restraint apart.

The kites jumped out in a hurry because they felt the signs of this mythical beast. As soon as the door was slightly opened, the pressure that the beast surrounding this rainbow could unleash penetrated the keen sensations of the kites.

"" "Gu!

Intense vibrations strike together. It was emanating from a beast wrapped around a rainbow.

"Chi! Everybody, retreat now!

Kite gives an immediate order. This kind of possibility was unthinkable to the boulder, and he shouldn't have opened it up cheaply. No one thinks the enemy has been captured and kept alive for thousands of years. That said, as I mentioned earlier, Kate herself doesn't know why she opened it at this time. I can't help it.

Now I just had to make it my top priority to escape this rainbow-covered beast, which I woke up from because it had opened for some reason. but just before you start acting that way. The beast, which seems to have accumulated power for thousands of years, pulled the restraint off and waved his fist at the fierce speed to the kites.

"Eh! Chi!

Determining the inevitability in an instant, Kite deploys a barrier to the front of the control room. Apparently, he's not going to get away with this.

"Al, seniors! We can take him down once! In the meantime, I need you to search the control room for an emergency device!

"If not!?

"Run, but win! Take this guy into custody once, and leave into that gap! Hurry up and give those people out there an immediate evacuation order!

Kite says so, breaking through the glass in the control room and jumping into the experimental area. As such, it was either an accidental accident or an inevitable battle to survive another past that woke up.