Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1166: With Various Thoughts

Due to a number of circumstances leading up to the battle against the "Rainbow Wrapped Beast," Kite was apparently in the Imperial Capital by being summoned to the Inquiry Meeting involved in this case - the actual situation is the Countermeasure Conference. When he carried out some measures against the "beast that wraps the rainbow" and its Lord at the countermeasures meeting in the name of the Inquisition, he stayed in the Imperial Capital that day.

"Hmmm... then as soon as I get home, I'm going to see Sir Ayul"

"Oh, it's just a good project."

At the venue of the first nightclub in a long time, Kate was discussing it with Lord Heisenberg, Jake. I don't think they're all here. It was an honor from the Emperor Leonhardt to hold a night club once.

"Hmm...... Lord McDawell. What's going on with her and the surroundings now?

"Nothing in particular. I guess I'm not going to do anything at the end of the east with them on the boulder. According to a report, Lord Ayul is praying in the church for a day when the sun is up. Lord Adram and his knights will say from time to time that there are no requests to drop any arms at my place."

To Abel's inquiry, Kate informs herself of the report being raised. Basically, they don't seem to be making any unusual moves. No, I'm sure it's not exactly where I can do it, as Kate said.

The territory of Kate is just north of the Emperor's Empire, but at the same time at the end of the east. Here, the unique circumstances and thoughts of the Empire are involved, so I can't help it. That said, Ayul and the others cannot communicate with their country without the help of the Empire. It is good to assume that very little can be done.

"If so, can I assume that nothing will happen for a while"

"I guess. Something's not going to happen for the time being... I don't know my own country."

I agree with Abel's words. Kite will mention it once and for all. It is still unclear what the Patriarchate is thinking. More than that, there is too much ambiguity. And, talking about that, Emperor Leonhardt came into the room.

"Hmm... 5 Dukes and 2 Grand Dukes all set foot? I'm sorry, I've had a long meeting with other envoys."

"" "Your Majesty" "

The Duke and Grand Duke, including Kite in the emperor Leonhardt, who came in, respond with salute. Thus, a nightclub for sharing various types of information begins.

"Hmm...... then Lord McDawell. I'll leave that to the public."

"Oh. For once, you've earned my reputation. If so, it should be possible to enter them as superficially neutral. Even if there's some confusion and you've asked me to do it, it's got to go through me for sure. You can leave this to me."

"Okay. Instead, this is Western surveillance."

To the words of Grand Duke Tran, Kate speaks of his current situation as an Alliance Master and makes it clear that he will keep an eye on it. By far, the easiest to move with the connections that Ayul and the others have are the kites.

If they were to ask for something, it would inevitably be for Kate and the others. Even if we don't get through there, the big place is holding down all the way in the guild near Maxwell. Especially at the request of the Cardinal. I can't rub it with Kite, so I'll be sure to give the Alliance a word.

Even if it doesn't belong to the alliance to which Kite belongs. Every guild on a boulder won't want to rub it with an alliance centered near Maxwell. As long as they didn't pile up so much money, even if they lay low on the request, it was the muscle to say a word. Especially good is that the majority of the great lords know Kite. So I really need to say something to him. That's why he decided to respond to the Tran family's offer.

"Oh, I'll take care of that one. So, Grandpa. Is it time to do something about that?

"Oh, um. Is this about an example? Negotiations with the Ragna Federation are about to collapse. Your movements here and there still seem to be surprising. Perhaps we can match your movements."

To Kite's inquiry, Lord Heisenberg Jake speaks of the grandeur. An example is Kite's move to match Kite's entry into the Patriarchate. He wanted to move in conjunction with the Ragna Federation to detective. Of course, they don't know about Kate, and they keep saying they're smart for the mole.

"Hmm...... Lord McDawell. That said, I heard an interesting excavation came out from an earlier investigation."

"Oh, a brainwashing device? Oh, yeah. Your Majesty, I'd like the help of the Central Institute on this one."

"Um, if you say so about that, you forgot to talk to me first. I'd like to send Colonel Vastille over there."

"Was I? I get it. Let's get this work done."

When Kate snorts at the words of the emperor Leonhardt, she discusses the next move among the dukes and those said to be the Grand Duke aristocrats for some more time. That's how the day ended. And when I came back to the room I was given, there were already ancestors waiting there.

"Whoa... I didn't mean to bring you here."

"Oh... I'm from here, aren't I? It's before my daughter-in-law, so there's nothing wrong with going home, is there?

Shea laughs when she dulls at Kate's words. Kate hasn't brought anyone in from the McDawell family this time. Tsubaki was right ahead, and no one else needed to take him. That said, she is still an imperial royal family as an ostensible affiliation. No wonder you're here.

You must have had some kind of suspicion that you were here.

"Well... do you remember Heinrich?"

"Oh, well. Is that it?"

Kate remembers when the Adventure Department was once called to the Imperial Capital. At that time, we had a finding that someone was manipulating us from behind. I left the subsequent investigation to the Imperial Intelligence Department, but to say that it would leave here now would have had its consequences.

"Fatherland, behind you"


Again, to a certain extent, Kite expresses a slight surprise on her face. At that time, no peace negotiations have yet been held with the Patriarchate. Of course, when no one thought about the resurrection of the Death Warlord that caused it. So there's no wonder you're here.

"You don't have to be careful..."

"Don't be too obvious. Me, now? It can't be. The opposite is possible."

Kate laughs and makes it clear that she will never be taken in by the Patriarchate. In the first place, it is Kate herself who is said to be the vanguard of interracial convergence. You may affirm that there is no way you will be taken in, even if you do. And as it showed, I held Shea.

"Oh... I wonder if I'll miss you two nights and no one's holding you"

"Well...... that's good. Wasn't it hard to get back?

"Yeah, they were hard... but they let it out on purpose anyway. Of course, it's not public, because if you open it up, it will develop into a diplomatic issue. I don't know if they let him grab it on purpose."


Kate can't figure out what her intentions are, just a little reticence. As Shea said, if you find out, it's a diplomatic matter. At that time, it was during the Cold War, so there was no choice but to say, until then, but it would still be a diplomatic issue if we did something brainwashing to the prince of a country. And of course, I don't even want this to be grabbed as a patriarchal country.

"... Hmm. There's not a single rock in the Patriarchate."

"Yeah, I see."

Apparently, they came to the same conclusion. Shea also agreed to Kate's standpoint. As such, she disclosed further information.

"with the Patriarchate's Seal… maybe someone in a rather troublesome position"

"The crest? It's the Pope's katana. Authorities are not the only white knights to produce famous knights, but they are undoubtedly top notch for their internal authority and power. That's where the Pope is rubbing it?

It's not very believable, and Kate inadvertently argues with Shea's words. The knight allowed to bear the crest is the pride of the Patriarchate. It is also because, for one thing, they are so trusted by the Pope and by the people that they are said to be the Pope's katana. There was no end to the question as to whether it could be rubbed with the Pope. but it's not impossible.

"Oh... I wonder if that's possible. I know the knight with the crest who was on your side."

"... well... I'm not here..."

Kate tones down to Shea's objections. Although Lux was a member of the White Knight (Weisslitter), in fact, he also worked as a knight with a crest and called < >. He also belonged to the Knights of the Seal (Emblem).

This was the special case of the late man who was chosen by the Holy Sword, but at the same time the people wanted it. Of course, the Pope of Time wanted that too. I can say that I was well qualified to do so.

"Well, even if it isn't, the upper echelons of the Knights are inevitable to talk about politics."

"That's right."

"Maybe I'm not good with Bishop Life."

"I see... that can't be..."

Kate shows a subtle breeze that Shea's words don't even know that. The subtlety is because the Bishop of Life is also, again, the Pope's Scarf. Two billboards, if you dare. I can tell you that I didn't understand how these two pieces turned against each other.

But I don't know. To say this is compatible with us. Even if there was a pull in the leg, that would be natural as a person, as a country.

"Hmm... no, but maybe the vice president with the crest is coming over here too, there's a combination there...?

"It has to be."

"So, listen to me."

"Come and find me."

Shea corrects Kate's words with a laugh. Essentially, the Patriarchate decided on Ayul's candidacy for escort. Of course, even as an empire, the human resources are based on investigating the personality aspects of the person and understanding that there are no problems, but the other side still made the basic decision.

If so, no wonder there are political circumstances there. Even if Life had put in a cross spear to sharpen the Knights' power, there was no wonder. Fundamentally, civilian control is observed in every country. Even though it is the direct report of the Pope, he will not be able to defy the Knights Commander.

"Ha... Aisa. Which side of the camp are you?"

"Alas, my duty is to bring the greatest good to the Duke of McDawell's family, and the greatest good to the Empire."

I've never seen a bribe in my pocket.

"I bring the money myself."

Shea insisted grandly on Kate's words. Besides, Kate can only laugh half the time and get stunned. And in a way, it can also be said to be true. Her talent beats any gold or silver treasure. Gold and silver treasures are important, but the people who can operate them perfectly are far more precious and rare than such things. She'll be better than the gold and silver treasures.

"Oh man...... so you're in a man's room at night, so you're ready, right?

"Oh... maybe it's time to have one of my kids"

"Haha. If it's not troublesome, it's fine."

"If an unmarried princess gets pregnant with a boulder, it's a problem. For Christ's sake, even today, the Empress is only going to be devoured by men."

Shea laughs couscous as she shows half the wind in Kite's words to laugh. Of course, he's just showing off his fright. As such, Kate was to fall asleep with Shea on this day.