Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1173: Unexpected Cross Spear

Listening to fairies being eroded by a party of demons called "Queen of Insects," Kate decides to help them with her own purpose.

And at that time, a team of enemies comes into contact with the fairy. With that in mind, Kite and the others had immediately decided to help the fairies and set up a formation near the entrance inside.

"Good...... this would be it. Alice, Side"

"Oh, thank you"

When Kite finishes building the impromptu defensive wall, he decides to line up with both Alice and Yuri in a corner close to the center. That's how I decided to send instructions to everyone via the comms machine as I lurked my voice.

"Everybody, do you hear me? Provide an overview of the enemy in the moment. The enemy's main force is Insect Soldier, Insect Soldier. A monster resembling an ant. That said, my legs hold two arms with four legs. It is possible that there are also individuals with weapons. It is also possible that they will attack other insect-based demons in a party. If there is a Poisonous Enemy such as Killerby, try to prevent it and wait for backup. The fairies will tell you if you are poisoned or not."

Kate nods with fairy warriors as she prepares her double guns and stands by the back of another protective wall. The fairy warriors who joined this defense are mostly archers or those who can use bows and arrows.

Because of Kate's earlier engagement with the Murder Bee, it was determined that it was a good idea to fight far-flung because it was likely that the insect-based demons in this area would be under control and poisonous.

but the Adventure Department Expeditionary Corps on the other hand is centered on the Dragon Knight this time. Therefore, there are only a few faces that can be attacked at a long range. It was never a bug hater that Kate got a double gun, it was a judgment based on how comprehensive it looked.

It should be noted that the fairy clan and nearby warriors were on alert everywhere but here, just in case it was ok to eat maneuvers in many directions. So there is no such thing as they are skipping.

"Well... on top of that, Rui Tree. You command the left wing. Rufaus, you're sorry, but I need a right-wing command. Take detailed command of the whole thing here."

Copy that.

"I get it."

Following Kite's continued instructions, Mitsuki and Rufaus showed recognition. In the meantime, this made the very important instructions fly. When Kate decides that, she decides to wait for the enemy to come. That said, I already had a faint but definite rubbing sound of trees and leaves called Gassa. I was expecting you soon.


Kate finishes her instructions and waits silently for the enemy to strike. And that's where Rui Shu flew his doubts.

"Mr. Kite. I have one question... Are you sure?


Earlier, Mr. Remy said he would eat everything, right? So, are the woods on the road okay?

"Oh, there. Well, as long as it doesn't, it's okay to say no."

The question of Mizuki is probably the best one. Eating everything naturally means that these forest trees are also subject to predation. And the question she has is naturally held by anyone of the adventurers. So this information was known. And Kite knew too.

"Basically, they're high-energy objects... preying on them from animal proteins. Demons other than insects, animals in the woods. The forest animals probably escaped deeper."

"So, the animals are gone, so we're next."

"That's the thing. I'm not going to be eaten at all."

That's what Kate said, putting up a double gun. And at the same time. Tear the trees apart, and a demon appears with a lower body like an ant. There was a weapon like Scoop in my hand.

"All hands, fire!

At the same time as you see the enemy. Kate orders simultaneous shooting. In the wake of it, countless arrows pour down upon the rain and the enemy. Now you can't crusade everything, but you can sharpen the momentum of your enemies. Plus, a light demon floating in the air can manage.

"Good! Stop shooting! Melee units, all units out! The enemy's outer shell is pretty stiff! Get in the mood and go! Troops of Archers protect the demons in the sky from assault, while at the same time carrying out enemy restraints!

Kate keeps skipping instructions. Again, insect-based demons walking ashore have a hard outer shell and are difficult to pierce with bows and arrows. We can't, but in a situation where the enemy is attacking us without a herd, we have to prioritize the maneuvers, which will be pretty harsh.

"I'm coming!

"Let's go!

Simultaneous fire ends in response to Kite's decree, with proximity units led by Mizuki and Rufaus cutting into the shattered enemy. In the meantime, they were asked to stop and crusade the Insect Soldier Insect Soldier, which was highly breakthrough and difficult for archers to defeat, during which time Kate and his Ranged Troops decided to crusade the Murder Bee (Killerby), which was approaching from the sky while some of them provided close unit support.

"I'm coming!

Mizuki had chosen a two-handed sword for his main uniform this time. He chose a good score for his battle in the woods. She shook it up.


For now, towards one of the eyes, Mizuki unleashes a slash. I don't want to forgive you, but unfortunately I can't attack you with all my might in the woods. Because you should not harm the forest as much as possible. Choosing a two-handed sword also involved a reason there.

It is the slaughter thus unleashed, but this was not the speed avoided in Insect Soldier Insect Soldier. but despite the fact that the barrier had been completely smashed by direct fire, it did not cause as much itching as it did, to the extent that purple blood had flowed. It wasn't for nothing, but it wasn't effective either. If the output can be increased any further, that would be the case. but that is inexplicable.

"Oh... you can't do this."

Seeing that he is barely hurt by the slaughter he unleashes, he grasps that this is no good. Then you won't want to do much but you'll only have melee combat. So Mizuki kicked the ground toward Insect Soldier "Insect Soldier", which is rigid in the way that the impact itself could not be killed.


Mizuki relentlessly taps into the sword trident against the Insect Soldier Insect Soldier, who consolidates himself with shock. The Insect Soldier "Insect Soldier" was also difficult when she was hit directly by a boulder, and her right arm blew away.


but there was a slight bitterness seeping into the face of Rui Shu, who should have cut off the right arm of the enemy.

(Stiff... right? Does it seem awkward if you can't put in quite a lot of power?)

Mizuki understands from the response that this outer shell is certainly enough for Kite to be careful. Especially since the face I'm here this time is the Dragon Knight. Fighting on foot is not their specialty, as fighting with dragons is the main thing. I'd say it's a little hard to fight.


You can't use your powers for nothing. After this, there is still the enemy's main force. If so, I needed to think of something. Therefore, Mizuki shifts from an offensive posture to a protective one.

Fortunately, behind and above is Kate and Yuri completely protecting us. And I can bring it into one-on-one situations. We needed to find a way to fight efficiently.


Mizuki sprinkles purple blood from his right hand, observing enemies wielding weapons similar to Scoop and Spear with his remaining left hand. Thus, she tried to prevent with her own two-handed sword a weapon resembling a scoop that would never wield her will once.

(... your whole body is covered with a stiff outer shell... the movement is so much... the force is... not to the extent that you can't prevent it if you think twice as much)

Hearing the finished noise, Mizuki thinks of the enemy's attack power. but this is one arm. It won't be full force. Nevertheless, it is possible to deduce the daimyo. Therefore, she decided that both arms could be accepted even if they were alive.

(If you can also follow the movement... then you can defeat what you can defeat without any problems...)

If we're just going to take this one down, we'll be able to afford it. With the extra output in the background, you can slap him in at once and slap him off the top of the defense. Fortunately, Mizuki's weapon is sharp, and she has as much output and magic holdings as it can. That said, we have it now because we decided not to do it. Then she decided to observe the enemy closely again.

(Hmm...... alas)

Mizuki continued to observe the enemy and noticed. This demon is an insect-based demon. If so, there was an inevitable thing. And if we can find it, we can speculate on something.

(It's worth it)

Mizuki smiles slightly. That said, in order to do so, it was necessary to determine the enemy's movements first.

"... there!

Here, aim for the moment you think. That's right after the enemy wielded a weapon like Scoop's. Aiming for the moment, Mizuki unleashed a sword trident at the arm verse of Insect Soldier Insect Soldier.

"... good! I got the other one, too!

Mizuki's speculation was brilliantly centered on things. The moment the enemy shook off his gains, the enemy's arms were stretched out. At that moment, the verse was also stretched in a straight line, with a slight but dewy soft moving part. That's where Mizuki went for it.

No matter how hard you try, you can't cover your whole body with a hard outer shell. Because then insects themselves cannot move their bodies. If so, it was necessary to soften up and provide a moving part in order to move. I can't escape some biological principle beyond being a demon and an organism. I would say that this is the obvious weakness.

"Todome!... good. Aim for the verse!

Mizuki relentlessly chops off his neck against Insect Soldier Insect Soldier, who loses both arms and has no complete exchange. It would be because my torso really resembles a human being. There were many moving parts in the neck and many of its segments. Of course, I protected it because I knew it was the enemy, but I realized that Mizuki was also weak in the verse.

"Phew... for now, that's good"

When Mizuki crusades one of his enemies, he takes one deep breath and calms Dawn's spirit by defeating him. After all, it is not easy to precisely target moving enemy verses. I instinctively understand that's the weakness with the enemy, and most importantly, it's a very small area. I needed to concentrate. but it wasn't to the extent that I couldn't.


"Excellent... can we go next?

"Yes, of course."

Rui Shu laughed invincibly and nodded at Kite's inquiry via the headset. At this level, we can still afford it. We can't have multiple opponents on the boulder at the same time, but one-on-one had enough chances.

'Good. Then ask for the next one. I got your back.'


Mizuki understood from the bottom of her heart that she had nothing to worry about behind it. So immediately aim for the next enemy that the archers are holding back. And once you get the hang of it, the rest is easy.


With his two-handed sword cleverly manipulated, Mizuki slaps twice into his breath. The first thing I aimed at with my first shot was the verse on my right arm. So he broke the enemy's defense and flew his neck before the enemy could regain his position.

"You can afford it."

There is room in Mizuki's face. I have no problem with this. That's the next moment I thought so. A new enemy, unexpected by everyone, appeared on the spot. Nor does it usually pass between the trees. abruptly from the ground, is. The enemy appeared directly beside Mizuki.


Mizuki screams. I didn't envisage a raid from the ground with her on a boulder. Of course, I'm not even assuming kite. As a result, the enemy's speed and defense could not have made it, and Rui Tree would have his left arm severed deep.



Mizuki managed to stand, sheltering her greatly torn left hand. Seeing it, Kate immediately decides to intervene on the front line and moves to the side of the tree. To him like that, Yuri cautioned.

"Kite, up!

"Huh! Huh!?

Kate's eyes wide open as she looked up at Yuri's pointing. It was a people-shaped insect. The size is about a little larger than 2 meters. In its shape, Kite looked familiar.

"'King of Insects'!? Why here?!?

There's no reason for Kate to be surprised. The King of Insects (Insect King) came through the earth, but that direction was clearly not the direction in which the enemy group came. That said, it was for a moment that I came across a surprise. A skilled warrior with him. He immediately judged the status quo and understood that the status quo was not alarming.

"Huh! Awkward!

Kate creates countless shields on the path of the King of Insects (Insect King), which she tried to plummet toward. Tell the boulders it's a Rank A demon. Kite's defenses can't be broken. Therefore, King of Insects crashed into the ground as he crashed into a shield.

"... Swiss trees. Are you hurt?"

"... tough, isn't it..."

Mizuki's tone in answering Kite's query lacked precision. Furthermore, the face was in pain, but the face and forehead were sweaty, and everyone knew that the wound was never shallow.


That's not all, Kate knows, but she shuts her mouth to keep her from panicking. That said, it is only a fact that we must hurry to take care of the wounds.

"We have to do it, or..."

In order to help Rui Shu, Kate decides to seriously intervene and end it. It's my real intentions and the state of Mizuki that could be covered up. It was the latter that would prevail for him. That said, I didn't have to. When the touch of "King of Insects (Insect King)" moves, the herd pulls quietly.

"... pulled, or... I don't know why..."

Kite floats relief for now. I didn't want to fight any more, even with him. Mizuki only has about a minute left. I don't know why the enemy pulled it up, but if it's okay not to fight, that's good.

"Mizuki, show me the wound!


Kate saw the enemy retreat and immediately rushed over to Rui Shu. As soon as we let her sit on the spot, she immediately begins to take care of the wound.

"Shit... Yuri!

"I know! I'll get it to you in a minute!

"The others hurry to treat the injured! Mizuki. It hurts a little, but be patient."


Kate ties the top up from Rui Tree's wound, and Mizuki leaks a slightly distressed voice. That's how he immediately asked Undine to produce clean water, where he granted the magic to begin disinfection.

"Mizuki, hold your hand... < >... Let's go"


Mizuki distorts her face to pain. That's how a slight force enters into the power of holding Kate's hand, his nails stabbing him in the hand and blood seeping into his. That said, we have to make them bear it. And when the disinfection was over, Rui Tree's consciousness began to faint.

"Ah... la...?



It was almost at the same time that Mizuki blurred and Yuri threw some kind of vial into the kite. In fact, the nails of the Insect King were poisonous, and Mizuki was poisoned when her left hand was torn open.

"Ever... Mizuki, over here"

When Kate hugs Rui Tree, whose consciousness is about to lose power as a haze, she turns this way with a slight residual force. When he confirms that his consciousness is still there, he opens his mouth with the contents of the vial and develops the magic taught by Risha in his mouth - with a demonstration.

Unfortunately, there are no syringes on the spot. And I'm not in a situation where I can make it with normal oral intake. So I needed to do something a little special to detoxify it.



The two mouths overlap, causing Kate to swallow the serum that forced Rui Tree's lips open with her tongue to confer sorcery. I don't have to kiss you. I do everything. I don't have a problem tangling my tongue. French kisses are sloppy. Unlike the time of the calendar, there was nothing to worry about.

(< < Fogging (Mist) > > < < Infusion (Filling) > > < < Activation (Regeneration) > >)

Kate develops three more medical magic tricks at the same time as she talks to Mizuki. By activating the first two simultaneously, even oral ingestion had the same effect as a strong direct injection into the body, and by activating the healing capacity in the last one, it promoted detoxification. Thus, the power completely fell out of Rui Shu. In an effort to heal his body, Kate magically put him to sleep.

"Phew... you managed to make it. I didn't have to burn the woods."

Until earlier, the rough breath calms down, and Mizuki goes into a short, deep sleep. Seeing that, Kate let go of her lips. As such, he decided to take Rui Tree back inside once to check the status quo.