Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 1178: Prohibited Products

After walking away from the nest hole of the King of Insects who planted < >. When the kites make sure the black flames are released for now, they temporarily ask the fairies to seal the area around them.

"This should make it safer in the nest in a while"


"Oops... then I'll leave it up to you after. I can't wait for the boulder to finish it all."

"Haha...... yeah. Then I'll tell Joshua when he gets here."

"I asked."

When Kate asks one of the fairy warriors to send a message to Joshua, she decides to take the injured men back into the fairy again. Insect Soldier Insect Soldier is still in the woods, but you can leave it to army soldiers and fairies on the boulder. I've already turned down the roots, so all I have to do is mow the grass later. That doesn't have to be Kite.

"The crusade is over."


In response to a report from Kate, Remy smiles and bows her head. In the meantime, it would be good to see that this left the crisis. It should be noted that Kite is the only one who entered the mansion, as it was only good to report the end to the boulder.

Olga Marie hasn't even had a dull bath in the boulder for a few days, so she asked the fairies to shower with her partner, the giant wolf. I'd like to get familiar before I say hello to the Fairy Clan chief.

"In the meantime, I've finished my work on the remaining wounded over here. Tomorrow, you'll be able to move."


"It's okay, you protected us inside... oh, and. I'll take care of the kids who got hurt in this fight. I'll behave like a secret medicine to keep inside."


Kate decides to accept Remy's generosity. And that's how she finally got to the point by saying that the crisis had left for now.

"Good... that would make the dragons' wound pills. I'll give it to you."


"Yeah...... so can you come to the warehouse later?

"Okay. We'll arrange personnel."

"No... it isn't. I want you to come. I need to talk to you a little bit."

Remy tells Kate's words with a serious face. Apparently, asking me to come to the warehouse is a convenience. No wonder he walked into the warehouse if he was supposed to arrange herbs. Besides, Kite asked in a whisper.

"... Something wrong?

"Because you want to say it, right? I don't even know many of the kids in there. Because I try not to be known..."

"That too...... ok. We'll go with Yuri later."


When the two people who were discussing it in a whisper secretly get an agreement, they nod at each other and Kate follows the scene. Then it was at the place of Mizuki. Yuri was supposed to be here first, but I was going to check on her condition.

"Ah, Mr. Kite."

"Oh, you were awake"


Apparently, Mizuki was awake. Her face was still reddish, but she seemed to be doing well for a long time. And for the record, Kate measures the heat with her forehead just in case.

"... n, you're still a little hot. Just lay back a little longer."

"... right. Thanks...... So, what's the enemy?

"Am I gonna lose?

Kate laughs at the inquiry of Mizuki. That was enough. And that's where Kate realized Yuri wasn't there.

"Is that him? What about him?

"Oh, if it's Mr. Yuri, I'll have some water in the water."

"Oh, so to speak..."

Kate now realizes that there is no water on the small desk next to the bed lying on Rui Tree. Apparently, I went to replace it with a wet towel to cool the heat. And so Mitsuki was made to lie down, but asked Kite in a twitchy manner.

"Even if... Um, how long would I have to do this?

"Well, until the wound heals."

"After all, you are..."

"What, you're not moving enough?

Well, this time Mizuki retired early, so he's not engaged in a busy fight. I certainly didn't wonder if that was the case. Mizuki nodded a little shy at the slightly mischievous inquiry of the late kite.

"Hey, you're on fire."

"Ha ha. It's the effect of poison. The poison from Insect King is also used for ecstasy when diluted. Even with the antidote effect, I guess there's still some left... well, then"

Kate brings her mouth closer to Mizuki's ear, which is being disturbed by her struggling and lusty desires under the influence of poison. And there was such a man who drew his mouth close to the position where he would be blind spot from his ear, from Rui Tree and from Kite.

"Enjoy the evening."


Kate turns to Yuri's voice, which sounded abruptly, to reveal her surprise. And then Rui Shu was very surprised and jumped up.

"Yay! It's been a long time since mischievous success!

"Bi, I'm surprised..."

"You... don't worry about what happened in front of the injured..."

"Who were you trying to do that to?"

Kite shudders and Yuri shudders at Mizuki, who lays her hand on her chest to forgive her raging and mad heart. As such, they were only a little flirtatious while visiting Mizuki there for a while.

and the day after that. Some of the injured people were simply checking their luggage on this day, but Kate and Yuri were walking to the warehouse inside the fairy in the name of getting explanations for the herbs they were going to get.

"You're here."

"Oh. So, what happened?

"Yeah... I was actually going to call you guys regardless of this one."

Remy brings Kate and Yuri further into the back of the warehouse with a serious face. As such, he entered a room in the warehouse where the keys were attached. This was a tightly controlled room, supplemented by hands-on herbs, also known as poisonous herbs.

"What's in here?

"I'm just keeping it here temporarily. Because it's awkward to be seen by the kids inside..."

Upon Yuri's inquiry, Remi took out one more box from the back of the warehouse. The size is palm size and looks pretty light. Hand it to Kite.

"Take this."

"What, this?

"What's in it?"

Kite opens the lid on the box she received from Remy. That's how it was inside, one wrapper. The size would be roughly the cigarette case position on the planet. Thickness, too, to that extent. As such, Remy continues to give more instructions to Kite for further instructions with her eyes.

"In that wrap"


Kate opened the wrapper as carefully as possible by removing the wrapper and placing it on her desk. As a result, I opened my eyes greatly when I saw what was in there.

"This... isn't a cigarette"

"Lying... oh, really... but how could something like this get here? It's not a pill, is it?

When she sees the cigarette that was in the wrapper over Kate's shoulder, Yuri asks Remy in surprise. Cigarettes are forbidden in the Empire. Though not capital punishment for boulders, severe punishment is imposed depending on the treatment.

"Yeah. It's not a pill. Cigarettes as a hobby... the woods taught me. He said there's a guy smoking in these woods. So Joshua and the others left, and I chased them... and I think I dropped them in a hurry."

"What about him?

"If I had caught you, I'd have called you in."

Remy shakes her head in a slightly sorry lowering at Kite's inquiry. Sure, you can see they'll be serious about this. I can't help calling Kite either.

To say why cigarettes are so endangered, it is also this Enefia accident. It is true that the effects of tobacco on the human body are considerably more contained than on Earth. There is little problem with smoking itself.

but most importantly, the problem was the smoke. Secondary smoke was also seen as a problem in Enefia, as we call it on Earth. Moreover, the degree of danger is not comparable to that of the Earth.

Secondary smoke is very dangerous in relation to fairies, elves and other species that are fairly close to the wind and woods. Therefore, bringing, possession and manufacture are considered totally illegal in the Empire. So much so that the cigarettes the school teachers had were recovered the most and immediately wiped out without smoke by magic.

"Right...... but where is this coming from?

"According to the trees, it's not this forest. At least it's not an empire."

"Hmm...... ok. This is troublesome for boulders..."

Kate frowns at Remy's information, while she puts a bitter taste on her face. I can't have a banned cigarette found in the airspace on a boulder. It will be necessary to embark on control and confirmation immediately.

"Good. Okay. Contact the Imperial Intelligence Department as soon as you get back to deal with it."

"It would help if you did. If something like this spreads, you can't even walk away."

"So... Yuri. You sure you're connected to the elves?

"Of course. Okay, I'll ask if there's any information coming from it. The High Elves network should be all over Enefia, so one of the rumors should be in there."

At the request of Kate, Yuri also makes her cooperation clear. On the boulder. She's talking about her health or her life. And as she is, it's not exactly a story that can be overlooked for the elves and the high elves. If so, you will not refuse this request.

"This... can I keep it over here?

"Yeah, please. Something to worry about even if you're badly anxious for the kid inside."

"Okay. Let's take a good look at this."

When Kite wraps the cigarette tightly in the wrapping paper, she stores it firmly in different spaces, adding it to the original contents. Now there will be no one to see.

"Ha... for a while, you're going to be busy..."

Kate sighed as she walked. He can't sit around if he finds a cigarette in a boulder. And so I remembered one thing.

"Uh... I have to tell Kuzha not to walk for the time being..."

Kate is a little angry. The High Elves are the superior species of the Elves, but they are therefore less resistant to air pollution. If you look at cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette It would have been better if you had decided to stay inside the Duke's mansion for the time being.

As such, Kate was forced to solve one case while returning to Maxwell with a new one.