Meet a guild led by a boy named Lumio who says he'll be right next to the area where the kites landed the airship. That, at Sora's request, became for now a whispering feast with meaning to pray for each other's good luck. And in the meantime, Olgamarie asks what he doubted.

"With that said, you guys...... you took on this request a lot. I think you guys are still tough..."

In the meantime, Orgamari was discerning the power of Lumio and the others. They are all Ordinary, Rank C to D. Of course, the bulk of the way we fight will be in our own hands. The original stone was still only a good place.

By contrast, the majority of the troops here are close to the elite. Every nobleman turned to the elite because the enemy was a former hero named General Eric. A stronger soldier than Lumio and the others was also seen.

And that means that the enemy is so powerful. Lumio and the others were asked to do something a little harsh. Besides, Lumio pointed to one of the boys who was eating dinner with Sho in his own face.

"... we're from here. Mido and I are so-called childhood tamers..."

"Ngu... we originally came from the countryside to feed the people who work in that coal mine."

A boy named Mido looks a little farther away. Perhaps there is a village where they were born and raised. Plus, Lumio nodded.

"Well... there's very little we can do... these guys told me to go..."

"If it's me, I don't know what's going to happen to the village."

"You seemed most worried."


That's what one of the girls tells Mido, laughing. Besides, Mido is shy, but given the fact that he was looking in the direction of the village earlier, I'm sure he is. And, hearing such a conversation, Olgamarie inquired further.

"Oh... so you're somewhere else?

"Ah, yes. Me and May, Lamb are out of another village again..."

"Even so, me and Ram are in the same village, except for Rosamia,"

Following the words of a shortcut girl with the apparent flour skin named Rosamia, a girl in a stunning hat named May describes her origins. Note that the girl named May and the girl named Ram seem to be sisters.

She's been traveling with her sisters since the beginning, but there are a lot of things - horses seem to fit because they're close to home - and they seem to be with her. Kite and the others are not listening to the boulders in time.

These five were the neighbors of these kites. Sounds like a recently formed guild. He must have been pushed to the edge of such a position because of his weakness and his degree of guessing power. Nevertheless, it is true that we are craving manpower. That's why they hired me. And that's why I met the kites.

"Well, we met a little while I was doing a lot of favors."

"Yes... but you still take it very well"

"... he was admiring General Eric."

I look at Lumio and tell him that Mido seeps some complicated emotions such as anger and disappointment, mourning, etc. into Orgamari's inquiry. Plus, Lumio nodded just a little lightly.

"... well"

"Oh... that's unfortunate..."

"Even now, I can't believe it. I can't believe General Erlic even told me he was a hero of the Patriot..."

Apparently, the face General Eric and I had on the table was exactly what a hero deserved. Lumio was really sad.

"Ever...... is that good? So, we talked about it, so you can talk about it."

Let Lumio behave only slightly brighter with a change of heart and ask the kites. I guess it's the kites, not the orgamaries, because they're still ashamed to talk to older beauties. As such, Kite and the others would enjoy interacting with Lumio and the others for a while.

Dawn, the next morning. After the banquet with Lumio and the others, the kites first fell asleep, but at 7: 00 in the morning, when they were eating breakfast, a message came from the army.

That said, there's nothing strange about it. I told everyone - and then Lumio and the others - within last night, so they all understood what was going on. Of course, that's why they were all prepared.

"Do you have the Guild Wolf's Fang?"

"It's me."

"The commander instructed me to do the sheathing starting at 9: 00 today. Problem?"

The military order takes final confirmation to Orgamari. Besides, Olgamarie looked at Kite once and nodded clearly in his snort.

"Yeah, I'm fine. This is my apprentice and submaster Kite comes out. No problem, huh?

"... if strength is okay"

"Then there's no problem. Tell that to the commander."

"Okay. As time draws near, make sure you show your face to command."

Following a response from Olgamari, the military decree returns with a firm transmission of what should be communicated. That's how he drops it off sideways, and Olgamarie gathers together again.

"Well... it's the biggest. Let's check the contents again. First, the residual group of this airship. This is for Tina and Yuri, Ichiba and the others... In case the enemy snipes, this is also an aide to Kate's retreat by sniping"

Olgamarie first communicates Tina and the others' movements as per last night's meeting. I won't move here. Based on this battle, it is possible that the army will show some movement. If so, Tina who watches over it will naturally need to move the drone to keep an eye on that move. The three sisters are their escorts. At this level of battlefield, a firefly would suffice for Kite's direct support.

"Well...... so cherry blossoms. You can use the magic thread, so be on your guard. There is a chance that the enemy will assassinate us. If a physical attack such as a knife flies, tangle it with demon thread. Even if you can't, you can kill the momentum, so Kite's fine."


"Good, good boy. So, next up, Sola. You must prevent shelling until Kite arrives. If anything ever happens after that, the support of the allies that storm. You'll never come forward."


Orgamari gives instructions to the cherry blossoms and gives further instructions to Sola. You won't have to insist on this either. Both areas of expertise are used to prepare the situation for Kite to fight satisfactorily.

"Well... so I shook up with Meizhi-chan. If the battle starts, you will immediately rendezvous with Kite. Until then, wait with me. Yuri and Firefly should wait a little further away, just in case. Kanan is a trump card. I'm listening to you. Then that's not the time to show it yet. Tina, wait over here with you."

"" "Yes" "

Olgamarie ends by skipping instructions for the remaining face. Now, you'll be fine for now. Fireflies and Yuri left because the enemy would ambush them from the side if they came out in the army. If you dare, you can say Meizi and Sho are Yang Mo.

"Okay... well, you guys leave a message, nice to meet you."

When Olgamarie stands up, she finally skips instructions for her partner's giant wolves. This time it's Tyman. If Kate loses - and I can assure you that's not possible - then Olgamarie, who comes next, can't take her partner's giant wolf. Of course, even Kite isn't with Yuri. This is a one-horse hit. One-on-one is an absolute condition.

"All right, let's have dinner, have some good prep exercises, and let's get started."

Orgamarie issues the decree together. So it took two hours for Kite and the others to make the final adjustments.

Okay, then two hours later. The kites were showing their faces to the military command.

"Are you here? I'm listening. Your boy's on his way."


Kite nodded with a bandana wrapped around her head in a single disguise. Plus, Galahad nodded.

"Good... this is the last place to pull... are you ready?


"Great...... then send out a circular to all armies! One hit!"

Galahad issues the decree. It was originally ready, but this is where it comes from. That's how Kite and the others follow the command, which began to move in a hurry. That's where we're headed, the entrance and exit from this position opposite the enemy camp. And there were already Lumio and the others waiting for me.

"You're going, right?

"I'm here to cheer you up."

Lumio and Mido send encouragement against Kite. Besides, Kate exchanges high touches with them for now and goes out in front of the position. Apparently, he was detecting this one's movements. The enemy also activated the spacecraft's magic cannon so that it could be released here at any time. That said, they never shoot at me. I'm guessing you're asking me how to get this one out.

"Master Cornelius. There's movement in the enemy."

"Oh, I know"

Face-to-face with the kites. Cornelius had received a report from the side. Apparently, he's taking on the actual military moves here.

"Prepare for interception! Drive him back, as usual! Miranda, get ready to open the upper hatch."

"Can you get out?

"If the enemy seems to be approaching us,"

Cornelius rises in response to the words of a female officer named Miranda. Besides, Miranda walks away to obey again.

"Well... I don't know what you mean..."

Cornelius, out on the flagship deck, observes the kites from there in a way that overlooks them. That's how I saw a guild in front of the camp with soldiers and adventurers who show movement but show how close they are to watching a game somewhere. Besides, I'm with you all the way to Galahad on the side.

"Hmmm... apparently a powerful guild has arrived. Let that one get ahead of you."

Cornelius anticipates enemy thoughts that way. If so, he puts on a little temper that he may have to go out. And that's how right in front of him, the other side started to move.

"Okay, go"

"Copy that... Sora, please"


Seeing Kite walk out with Galahad's instructions, Sola can put her strength into her left arm. Thus, several shields of magic were created around the kite. < >. Now I was going to escort Kite and move her to a predetermined point. Of course, it looked like Cornelius and the others.


"What will you do?

"I look so confident. Pick him up."

"Ha... start shelling! Don't forgive me!

Miranda, instructed by Cornelius, gives instructions to the entire fleet. Unlike cannons that use gunpowder, demon guided cannons don't have to worry about the number of rounds left as long as the demon guided furnace moves. Caged castle or occupied, he shot me off without a problem.


Kite walks away with no glance at the demon bullet that flies in his own sight. We've already demonstrated that Sola can handle this in La Elia. If so, you just have to trust him. And Sola answered me more than enough to that trust. Cornelius accidentally brings praise to the power of such Sola.

"Hmm... is this defensive wall that brunette boy? These are brilliant arms too."

"What will you do?

"Hmm... I can go though"

"Please don't..."

Miranda hangs a halt to a sigh of fun Cornelius' words. At this point in time, the kites or the Galahads. The Count Millix Army has figured out its purpose, as well. Then there are two choices. Ride or not, yeah. And his answer was decided.

"You're going?

"If you order me to."

"Well... then let them blow a bubble if they want"

[]/(exp, adj-na) (1) (uk) (uk) (uk)

At the direction of Cornelius, Miranda bows her head deeply. Kite, on the other hand, kept walking further and stood just in the middle of both factions. So, he stops.

"I wonder if it's good around here...... Hmm!

When Kate stops her leg, she pierces one flag there. So, breathe loudly in the middle of the battlefield where the demon bullets fly, and raise your voice.

"Anybody want to fight me?!

That's all I should tell you. No matter what anyone hears, a one-strike request. This flag is for that. With the agreement of the two, the junction will unfold from this flag. That junction nullifies attacks from around us - to a certain extent, of course - it does.

And more than being a warrior, I wouldn't normally do anything if this juncture were unfolded unless I was such a despicable man. Even they have pride. There is nothing more shameless than getting in the way of a squarely one-on-one battle. If that was the army, the rule was implicit in rolling this out and hitting one of them without a hand unless one of them was at an obvious disadvantage.

"Anybody got anything to fight me for?!

Once again, Kate puts up her voice. So now Kate decides to send a mockery at the enemy forces that have not yet responded.

"This surprised me! I didn't know anyone would come out challenged by a young man like me! No, I'm convinced that General Eric was not a hero! If a hero is false, so is its army!

Kate mocks and repeats her provocation against the Erlic clan. If this doesn't work, it doesn't work. If you look from Galahad, you can tell the soldiers that the enemy feared one boy. Morale will also rise considerably. And of course, Cornelius knew that.

"Aren't you telling me, that boy...... Miranda. Tell him there are warriors here too."


Apparently, about one Cornelius can laugh. The soldiers around Miranda and the others seemed quite sudden after being so provoked by Kite's youth. Consequently, there was also considerable force in Miranda's voice in response, and a strong will dwelt in his eyes.

"Did it work?"

The shelling stops and the doors of the faction open. Seeing it, Kate pulls herself together. It's a fight from here. It is also a one-horse beating. Don't be alarmed. As such, Kite was to begin sheathing in earnest.