Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1206: Kite/Intervention

While I had entrusted Julie with reconnaissance at Cornelius' command post. Around that time. According to Kate, he was looking around in various parts of the camp where the Erlic faction stood caged to think about his next move.

Luckily, I guess it's because I'm still not lost in Kite's movements. No one noticed that he was a spy, to the extent that there were a few who suspected that he was there. That said, I'm not going to stay here long as a soldier. I had decided that there was no problem. In order to confirm the status of the ship, he was checking the flagship's aircraft that it had been destroyed by soldiers in the footage.


Kite observes the flagship's flying aircraft. Apparently, he never destroyed the demon conductor, and the demon conductor itself was safe. I guess this was natural, but if you destroy the demon conductor, even the operative who destroyed it is likely to die if you do poorly. No one will be tasked with such a task.

And as the logic of things, it's impossible to do all of the tricks alone, even considering the period of preparation for this case. There's even the possibility of turning back on the Erlic clan even if it makes them less impotent. It was only natural to retain it to an escapable degree of destruction.

"but... the flying planes are lame..."

That said, there was a flying plane in front of Kate that exposed her to a pretty unbroken figure. Though I managed to recover the appearance relatively well due to about half a month of repairs, the part of the underlying engraving appeared to be quite damaged.

Demonic props do not move where they have repaired their appearance. I have to repair the engraving that is engraved, but this is not a problem that can be managed in such a remote area. Therefore, the engineers were disturbing their heads there as well.

"Hey, no way! Out of the way! Don't just stand there!

"Oh, su, excuse me!

Apparently, it was because I was holding my legs and observing. He is yelled at by a Dwarf man his age who is probably the top among the engineers. Well, his opinion that even standing in the way of work is very true. Therefore, Kate also had to apologize. As such, Kite begins to observe again slightly away from the scene.


"... kid. That sounds interesting. Engineer aspirations?

And I can call Kite like that again. Besides, I turned around again and it was a Dwarf man earlier. He seemed so interested because Kite was observing with such serious eyes. The truth is, he was going to yell at me until how long he was standing there, but he was so serious that he got interested in it the other way around.

"Oh, well... I used to. If only I could get out of here."

"Ha... right..."

I laugh and agree with Kate's words as the Dwarf man seeps through a slight sense of sorry. Their job is to repair broken objects. Because it is unsatisfactory and his companions are in a predicament, there is not much to see behind his grin. He pointed out some of the engravings that were completely soaked and lost to Kite like that that were still safe.

"Take a look. That center...... the black box part where Master Justina the Demon was devised a long time ago. The part she devised. That's the most important part. I'm glad you're safe there..."

Saying so, the Dwarf man scratched his head with a bitter face. Big Book was Tina's maneuver 300 years ago. Besides, this is not an empire. Even though it was blackboxed, I could see considerable simplification. So it was much closer to messy than what Tina makes today.

"There, I have to connect the engravings somehow. But this is what the factory guys do... I don't have any tools or materials like this, so I'm just saying I can't do it. Shit... if I hadn't been bombed behind this, I could have done something about it... because I was planted directly behind it... I couldn't spot it. It's my unknown. I'm sorry."


Fished by a Dwarf man, Kite also observes the magic engraving again. Sure, the part here was safe. The protective circuit that Tina originally provided worked, and this part of the defense worked against sabotage. but still knew it was important here but was therefore the worst damaged and the engraving around it had been completely erased.

And that's where it matters the most. A bridge that connects Tina's black box with current technology. Without it, the plane won't move. But it took 200 years for some of the world's highest technologists to analyze it and finally make it. It wasn't something I could handle with a single technician.

"Ha... I don't know what a great genius it is, but it's too complicated"


Listening to Dwarf's men's stupidity, Kate summons the knowledge she possesses. This airship is very useful for both rays and horns, even for kite's purposes. I want to make sure I can fly.

(Sure... according to Tina's analysis, there was a lot of waste without his hands on it)

I remember when I was just moving here. She was finally stunned by the awkwardness of too much technology as she watched the airship that was rowing into practical use. And herself, she has analyzed the current airship several times. I've heard of that, too, Kite. There was a hint at the conversation there.

"... Hmm"

"Hmm, what's up?

"That upper-left circuit. That was the part that connected you to the magic furnace, wasn't it?

"Oh. Right."

The Dwarf man also acknowledges Kite's standpoint. I was wondering if it was a soldier who wanted to be an engineer about Kite. And Kate also made it clear that she had spoken before. Therefore, it seemed to me that there was no surprise in understanding it.

"Then... wouldn't you be able to connect directly?

"What do you mean?

A Dwarf man asks Kate's suggestion by letting him seep into seriousness at once. This is a technician. There was a feeling that I would not tolerate it if I left out the bad stuff, but at the same time I felt like asking if it was reasonable.

"No... the part developed by Justina the Demon King was safe, which probably means there's some kind of protection circuit in there, right?

"Maybe, I guess. We'll see."

"Yeah...... then why don't we just keep the safety to it and then we can do something about adjusting the flow rate later?

"Ah... well, I see... will you no longer have to go out of your way to have a safety"

Even a Dwarf man opened his big eyes even bigger to Kite's suggestion. but instantly shook his head.

"That means... no, you can't. In that case, I don't know how much is the limit value. It's not like you can stand the battle."

"There's... well, don't you have to give up? From the destructive power of the bomb planted, can you deduce the defensive capability of the Great Ordinary?

"... possible. We know the scale of the explosion and the system of the bomb that was planted. From there, you can guess."

The Dwarf man thought only a little to Kite's inquiry and nodded clearly. The formula for calculating the power of the bomb, etc. is tapped into his head as an army engineer. If so, if you look at the damage to the bomb that is being recorded, Dasan can guess. And if we applied it there as well, it was possible to calculate, albeit approximate, the extent to which overload had been added to this engraving, although it was very mediocre.

"Then regulate the inflow on the side of the output of the demon conductor. It should be able to flow at a level that does not overload."

"... that's a bet. And it will be all night. For days."

"Yeah, it's a bet. And if you need to stay up all night or so, it's cheap."


Dwarf men silence Kate's statement for quite some time. This is a bet, as the two of us say. She's the only one who knows if she can fly only in Tina's core section. Thus, he opened his eyes and looked up at Tina's alleged black box with serious eyes.

"Whether you can fly or not, that core part alone can release magic...... shah. Should I look for it?"


"Kid! Give me your hand too! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

When the Dwarf man forcefully draws in the kite, he summons the engineers who work in an absurd voice.

"I came up with one! Stop repairing it for now! We'll all check the demon king's engraving!

"What are we going to find out?"

"Release. Find out if there are any engravings on it."

"So, what are we gonna do when we find it?

"It's a last resort... it connects the magic furnace directly to the black box. It's useless where it bothers me. The showdown is already close. I'm gonna make it fly somehow."

"Chief Engineer, what are you thinking!?

"That's flying!

When it was heard that there was a direct link between the magic furnace and the flying plane, the engineers created a twist at once. but also a dwarf man drank one.

"Ugh! Other than this, hey! My hands are thinking like they're not gonna fly! Whoever's tweaking the Magic Furnace, come with me! Kid, it was such an idea! Command them to explore the engraved parts! I'll tell you from here, Master Cornelius, even if I sleep all day tomorrow!

"Huh!? Me!?

"Ugh, do it!

In response to Kate's protest, the Dwarf man drinks with or without. I didn't even assume this was Kate, but there's something I can't help. And that's the pestle I used to take. Sometimes you'll see.

"Uh... I don't know... you look sad"

"No, it's good... ha..."

Kate sighed at the consolation words of a seemingly sorry engineer. As such, I have no choice but to end it before I find out who I am. My hand was thinking. I just didn't think I'd do it.

"Chief Engineer! I'll be unscrupulous to find out!

"Whoa, I don't mind! If that's what you can find out, do it right!

The Dwarf man laughs lavishly at Kite's offer and lowers his permission. In this kind of work he is better than Cornelius. If so, his permission was everything.

"Good... then I have my hands."

"What are we going to do?

"80% of the personnel, check the black box from a little distance! After that, a few of you will ask for a healing pill directly next to that connection! Twenty percent of the rest adjust the airplane's output!

To the inquiry of the engineer, Kate flies the instructions for everyone who is deposited. It's not like I don't have a hand. The core is still moving. If so, all I had to do was actually move and check. but I'm struggling because I can't do that. So everyone tilted their necks at his instructions.

"Ha ha..."

"What are you...?

That's Kate's instructions for now. And as follows, it is also the word of the chief engineer. If so, the engineers just follow suit. Thus, having made a street ready, Kite laid her hand on the connection with the Magic Conductor furnace in the upper left corner of the engraving.

"... good. Everybody, I'll pass the magic! From there, see how it works!

"Ah... you mean..."

"Well... turn yourself into a magic furnace..."

The engineers opened their eyes when they heard what Kate was trying to do. The core doesn't work right now because there's no magic flowing. And why it doesn't flow, because the engraving hasn't led to the demon conductor.

If so, in principle, it should have worked if Kate himself had shed magic on him instead of a demon conductor. And there's no need to be able to fly anything else. The only thing to check is if you can move the plane or not. I don't know the details of the black box. But if it's just installed or not, everyone knows.

"Good...... well, here we go! Turn off the lights, please!

"" "Whoa!

To avoid missing any minor movements, the engineers keep their eyes like plates and keep an eye on the black box area left by Tina. In response, Kate closes her eyes and passes her magic into the black box.

"Influx Confirmation... Influx Unstable... Core Department, Drive Confirmation... Is that Genius Justina? but if the influx is unstable, the limiter won't work."

"I'll do something manually over there. Set 0.1% output for now"

"Copy. Set output 0.1%. It's manual because I didn't say so... good. Output settings! We're moving! Thin, then you can still see this..."

The engineers who adjust the output of the flying machine are set to such an extent that there is no effect on the kite, but if the movement of the flying machine still stares into view.

This is also a very difficult task here. Kite's influx is normal, but it's manpower. The output is therefore not stable. We have to make sure it doesn't happen while we tweak it. The hand slamming the console was pretty lame.


Meanwhile, the engineers who make their eyes look like plates and visually check the operation of the aircraft are also quite a difficult task. The magic that Kate personally is flushing means the magic that is pouring in is pretty low. The black box part moves to a critical point. 'Cause from a normal soldier, a minute is the limit, the best you can do. I can't complain.

It's an unexpectedly difficult level of confirmation as a machine, probably just a few places from somewhere out there. And so, even if it were out, it would be enough to finally find it in the dark. I had to find it visually. So, about 10 minutes. One of the engineers raised his voice where the giving up began to spread over several breaks.

"... there it is... there it is!

"Which one!

"Bottom right! Closest part of the core! Once every few seconds! Slightly overflowing with fire!

"... there was"

"There it is!

The engineers raise their voices of joy. Again, or somehow, Tina had a flyable backup in the black box portion, just in case.

I hadn't even heard of Kite there, but I've known Tina a long time. It was thought that a spare circuit would be provided in the core part to such an extent that it would be able to land very safely in case.


Kate gets her butt up and wipes her cold sweat as she watches the engineers shouting joy. It was a bet, but this was the best bet I've ever made. It was more of a cold sweat thing when I would find out with the irregular soldier I had infiltrated.

"I'll take care of the rest -... I'm tired of boulders. I'm going home before they find out."

"Whoa! I'll take care of the rest!

"You're annoying!

The engineers send them off fast against Kite, who tried to go home before Dwarf's man found out. I don't care what Kate thinks in the first place, he's not a tech guy. And I know I was just stumbling around talking and getting caught up if I saw any reaction or until then. If so, I thought this was normal. As such, Kite decided to head to the rendezvous point with Yuri a little late.