Shortly after Kate worked with the engineers to set the course for repairing the flight. The report was rushed to Dwarf's man, the chief engineer.

"What!? Already?!? How did you do it!?

The Dwarf man opens his eyes to reports of too early a discovery to reveal surprise. I'm glad I did find it, but it was too soon. I can't help but be surprised.

"No, that's..."

An engineer working outside who came to report reports to a Dwarf man the way Kite did, in some ways, a blow job. Hearing that, a Dwarf man burst into laughter.

"Ha-ha-ha! That's what you're gonna do! Oh, my God, you're so hairy! If this is you guys, I'll knock you down, but, well, I found you this time and you're not a tech guy, so I'll take a big look!

"Ugh... so I went straight back..."

"Oh, good good good. Let him go back now. It's lame. Master Cornelius would still know how tired you would be from a normal soldier. Normally, you should be able to stand it for a minute. Enough of that. Though I'm off, it shouldn't surprise me if I sleep all day tomorrow"

He laughs once and wipes tears that convey the end of his eyes, and the Dwarf man laughs and makes good at what Kate has already left. From what I've heard, it's stupid behavior like no one tries to do even if you think about it.

That's why I thought it was only natural that I was tired. And a soldier with such a fool is among them. He was even more tempered.

"Ohh! Oh, my God, those idiots helped me! We'll make adjustments in a hurry! They found us! After that, it's our job! Let the guys out there get ready to engrave and engrave in a big hurry, and let the elf guys beat you up and work! You don't have time to sleep!

"" "Whoa!

Dwarf men give instructions to the engineers. That's how they decided to start first-aid for the plane in a hurry.

Now the other kite was back in the boy's and mother's room. The rendezvous point was here. Even as we escape outside, we still have Sho's movements. This is where we decided it was best.


Kate secretly finishes dressing so as not to wake up the sleeping boy and his mother. That's how we decided to secretly exchange information between Yuri and each other.

"This way, I've managed. Perhaps the plane will fly in a few days."

"Oh my... I could shoot this one too."

Yuri takes out the necklace shaped demon prop and presents the information to Kite. That's how Kite chuckled when she saw some paperwork.

"Now, can you move?"

What Kate saw was still a letter that Cornelius kept. It is good to see that just because this destination and the first photograph have been able to be taken has been sufficiently fruitful.

"Now, later..."

Kite keeps a proper seal on Yuri's captured data. And then Yuri went on to present another few pictures to Kite.

"Kite, so this. Tina said."

"This... I knew you meant that... you always thought it was suspicious"

Kate nodded so deeply that it was a report from Yuri. And if so, the next hand was decided.

"Sho, are you there?

"Whoa, what?

"After all, by way of example, it seemed like an example"

"Seriously? We haven't found him yet."

Sho reveals a slight surprise in Kate's words. Besides, Kate briefly told me what was going on.

"That's why. Looks like there was some paperwork at the command post. Thank you for Cornelius' unexpected character."

'Haha...... ok. Then we'll rely on it.'

"Please. After that, we'll leave the ceremonial god and go back... but you'll do exactly as you're supposed to do."


Sho agrees to Kate's request. From here on out, Kate leaves the camp to do her next move and rendezvous with Tina and the others. In contrast, Sho needed to work here in order to hit one hand, which would be his last deciding card. The boy's mother has already been persuaded by Kate between actions. It gives me mouth-to-mouth.

"Good... now all you have to do is anticipate the time and move on to action"

Kate realizes that she has finally grasped her flow. Now this farce is under Kate's control. All I need now is for even Charlemagne to act in accordance with the muscles he wrote.

"Come on... let's see how Demon King Justina and Wise Emperor Wistaglias work together."

Kate laughs, letting the ceremonial god gently sneak into the next room. Now you won't have to find out for a while. And it's a room for the injured. Soldiers rarely visit around either.

There was some sort of safety zone there. It's a good idea to hide. As such, he decided to return with Yuri to the airship after a camp of the Erlic clan.

Well, then a few hours later. Kate had made a huge detour around both camps and returned to the airship to return hidden from both the Crusaders and the Erlic faction. So it was a good time to say that he arrived almost in the morning.

"Phew... somehow"

"I didn't find out."

Yuri also agrees with Kite, who leaked a soothing exhale. It's been a pretty tight time, but it's a contested situation every minute of it. Therefore, I had to travel through the night. And that's how when he returned to the airship, just one soldier stood in front of the airship.

"What's wrong?

"Hmm? Oh, was it a workout? This is a message from Commander Galahad."

A military preaching salutes Kite's inquiry. Apparently, from the standpoint of response, it seemed unlikely that he was engaged in the back.

"Ah, yes. I get it. Shall I call Mr. Olgamarie?"


Kite returns once upon request of a decree. This one was also waiting for Olgamarie, who was returning within last night, and he was waiting for Kite to return.

"Oh... are you home now?

"Yep... it's a military order outside. Talk to you later."


Olgamari was able to predict that it was last night, so he decided to go to the military's preaching office at the request of Kate.

"Yep... Yep... ok. Then also to the members as such"

"Thank you. Okay, now."

The requirements seem to have come to an end briefly. After some conversation, Orgamari's acknowledgement is followed by a military message. Dropping it off, Olgamarie is back.

"It has been confirmed that Lord Roughneck's sudden illness caused him to stop the operation for a while. I guess my hard work and travel fatigue have overlapped."


Kate grins at the words of Olgamarie. He's a hero in a bend. It is true that there was merit in denigrating the name. If so, the Roughneck family, which had its base in various respects, will have to persuade the Erlic clan to be decent.

If Charlemagne, who was supposed to be the subject, became suddenly ill, he had to stop the army on the boulder. Naturally because the negociator would not be ill and the negociate would not have been anything.

"Well... so?

When Olgamarie finished the story, which didn't matter, he prompted Kite to move on quickly. It was the kites who brought the story to the Charlemagnes in the first place. You don't have to dare discuss what you understand. There's nowhere to go. And time is a waste. Once this is over, Olgamarie will have to leave here secretly again.

"Oh, for now, I've got enough to prove it"

Kate throws a copy of Yuri's photographed data to Olgamari. Quickly, Olgamarie also confirmed.

"Oh... oh... for a long time. Well, you're making money. I can't believe I'm using this... oh, this one is amazing too"

Olgamarie browses the information that was stored inside with a face that was about to lick her tongue. Most of them were of awkward content if the king found out. With regard to tobacco smuggling and cannabis manufacture, even if it could not be said to be conclusive evidence, it seemed likely that it would at least have the power to make the Crusaders stop moving.

"With this, the mission is likely to be accomplished."

"Oh. If we get this letter in kind later, the request will be complete"

"What about you?

"It's up to you"

Kate laughs explicitly at Olgamarie's inquiry that she's thinking of some way to do it. Already, the majority of the characters in this farce have become stage actors in his theatre. Inevitably, I thought of a way to steal it.

"Fine. Well, this one's on the street."

"I asked. I will try to get into the Loughneck family airship once in the last few days and grab evidence of bribery of an official sent by Wang Du."

"Good luck. This way, I've already got a place. A few days, please."

Olgamarie gets up off the spot when he nods at Kite's future policies. From here on out, she has to do what she can only do. Instead, from here on out, everyone only does what each individual can do.


After Olgamarie left. Kite laughs one damn time. So far, so good. That said, I needed to move already thinking about that next time.

"Cherry Blossoms! A little later, please! I'm going to Lumio's!

"Yes, I get it!

Cherry blossoms respond to Kite's request. Needless to say, why go to Lumio's. To evacuate the villagers. That's how Kate summoned one Lumio while daring to make it look like surveillance from Charlemagne being attached to him. Of course, I'm not going to let you hear what's in the conversation. Tina is watching me in the form of additional surveillance to develop magic for cover up.

"And so I say. Do you know any soldiers?

"Oh, there he is. I've been here about a month and I've found some people."

Lumio nodded clearly at Kite's inquiry. Again, this one case meant it was close to the local area, which included many soldiers from the local area. As a result, people from the same village as Lumio and the villages in question had been spotted early, and Lumio and the others had also had several exchanges.

"Good... then hurry with them and encourage the village to evacuate. Probably won't be able to go back to the village anymore..."

"... oh. I know. 'Cause I'm gonna punch my brother and dad in the side later."

"Well... you're probably worried about what the soldiers will do over there, too. This is Roughneck. Tell the Horsemen. There will be no chase."

"... thanks. I'll take care of it later, okay?

"Don't worry... the screenwriter's already turned to me"

Kate whispered to Lumio's inquiry, stripping her fangs violently. As a result, Lumio decided to believe the words and hurried back to his camp. There, one of the watchmen stepped down.

"How'd it go?

"Oh, of course. Now they will move and evacuate all the villages together with the village vigilante. I know you do, but don't set up any raids there. The adventurers will find out it was a raid by hand on this side. Well, I'm sure Lord Charlemagne knows..."

"Let me tell you something"

When the detective also responds to Kate's words, he moves straight to the airship on which Charlemagne is aboard. It is good to exhaust the gatherings, but the raids on the evacuation of villagers are not capable of significant mobilisation on boulders.

Then you will be able to escape no matter how hard you try from the number of people. Killing it altogether is not possible unless super adventurers like Kate and the others move.

So miss it. If you can even come to the Crusaders' camp by mistake, that's when it sucks. At once, the adventurers will flip the anti-flag. Without a raid, we'll be sending them to a camp of Erlic clans.

"Well... later..."

Kate smiles secretly as she watches the surveillance she leaves. Now all we have to do is disperse ourselves among the soldiers of the army and find out where the officials from the Wang capital are. That said, I have no problem with this one. Anyway, Kate is part of the Crusaders. I can walk freely. And with Tina's support, there's no such thing as sprinkling secret detectives.

"Okay... well, let's not move again"

Perhaps the bribed official would easily tail out. If you're not here, you just have to grab that place and tell the King's Capital that, and if you're on the other hand, you just grab the evidence.

Thus, in the days leading up to all the preparations, Kate decided to entrust the cherry blossoms with an apparent response and move to grasp the evidence of the wrongdoing of the officials coming from the Wang Capital with Yuri and Tina.