A few days after Lumio and the others left the camp. As planned from the beginning, they never came back after that. And as if it had triggered it, rumors were beginning to circulate to the Crusaders that this injustice was actually something led by Charlemagne.

"To the boulder, about time"

Kate looks at the spread of rumors and expects it to work tomorrow as well. Don't you dare. I exposed some of them. We can't leave it like this forever more than a complete blockade is impossible.

Even if we prolong it too long, now the nearby villages will also be exposed to evacuation to a camp of the Erlic clan. It was time to move. And a military order came to Kite that night.

"Is there a Guild < > Kite and Olgamarie!

"Oh, I'm sorry. Mr. Olgamarie can't get his hands off me right now... am I okay?

"Can't get your hands off me?

"That's impeccable... think of the time"

Kite points to a window at the top of the airship, half laughingly, toward a military decree with his neck tilted. There were lights on there, and I guess someone was there. I could hear the sound of a talking voice leaking. And at the same time, we hear a slight sound of water.

"Softly...... excuse me. Were you in the middle of a bath? You don't have a problem either. Commander Galahad is here for you. Can you accompany me?

"Okay. Let me accompany you...... but give me a moment. Ask other Alliance members to tell us the truth."

"Okay. Hurry up."

An army order nodded at Kite's offer. As such, Kate told the cherry blossoms that they had been summoned to command quickly and returned again.

"Let's go."


A military edict walks away to prompt Kite. Soon after that, Kite arrived at the military command post.

"< > - The Submaster, Lord Kite, has arrived."

"Hmm? Is that just the submaster?


"Hmm...... well, good. Have him come in."

Garahad, surprised that there is only Kite, orders her to enter Kite. As such, Kite was soon to be put through before Galahad.

"Oh, are you here... Lord Olgamarie?

"I'm bathing. Well, you know from that look, don't you? When I get in the way of the bath, I get beaten up... and I'm all alone."

"Hey, I see... that was rude"

Galahad honestly trusts Kate's excuses. The way that Olgamarie looks and is close to the queen's temperament. He could also have guessed that he would care twice as much about beauty. If so, I thought it would be no wonder you were taking a bath.

"Haha. I bought a airship because I can carry a bath. Some of the carry-ons, of course, have baths and beauty solutions."

"Ha... well. Well."

Galahad grins lightly, which is also close to Kate's stupidity, pulling the chatter closer to getting to the point there.

"He was a roughneck marquis who collapsed from hard work, etc. a few days ago, but the prospect of recovery stood. Tomorrow, it will be all right. 13: 00 tomorrow. Start Operation Big Invasion here."

"Copy that. Where are we?

"Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius as the main force for you... No, I want to ask the former Lieutenant Colonel for his opponent. Can you go?"

"Yes, we've already crossed spears once, and we know his power. No problem."

Kate nodded with confidence forward at Galahad's inquiry. There is no lie in this. That said, on the other hand, I'll make just a few offers.

"But... they will still be strong enemies."

"I guess so. I know that."

"Yes... so, I have one favor to ask you"

"Hmm... just say it. You will fight. Whenever possible, even with me, I will fulfill my offer of support. That's what command is all about."

Upon Kite's offer, Galahad urges him to do the favor and do it. Besides, kite bowed her head.

"Thank you. Anyway, I want to continue. If I win, the morale of the soldiers rises greatly, and the opponent loses Yingjie by making him the son of the General. Even if I lose, I'm sure I'm badly wounded with Cornelius."

"I see... it does make sense. It would be good. Your offer has to be discussed with the Roughneck Marquis on the boulder, but it's worth it."

Kite's offer was more than Garahad being a warrior, too, I didn't know. Therefore, it depends on the consultation with the above, so it is accepted. This is a bet as well as a kite. but I'm thinking of doing something about losing - rather than just doing it on my own - so there's no problem. I just want to save you the trouble.

"Thank you...... so one more thing. Do me a favor."

Say it.

"Yes...... at any rate, he wants to lean one last time with Cornelius. This will be each other's last opponent. I haven't been able to drink much since I was recently in the camp..."

"What, are you actually a good mouth?"

Galahad smiles unexpectedly at Kite's offer. Kite here was looking mostly serious and qualitatively rigid. He thought to himself, therefore, that he would not drink alcohol, and if that was the case, Galahad nodded.

"It would be good. If the battle is allowed, I'll see if I can get you a bottle of booze better than your Excellency. If you can't, I'll give you a secret."

"Thank you. So, we'll get to bed early today in case of tomorrow."

"Oh, get some rest. You can back off."

With Galahad's permission, Kate bows her head and walks away from the spot.

"Good... Now the situation is in order. Later... in time or not,"

Kate looks to the last hand to buy time for the last hand to make it. From here on out, it depends on the luck of time and his strength. As such, he decided to take a rest in preparation for tomorrow.

The night dawned, the next morning. Kate was gathering everyone together.

"Cherry Blossom. I'm sorry, but I'll take care of the airship with Tina's help. Help Sola and the others withdraw."


"Sola, you're on the front line with me. But you know what I mean?

"Whoa. The enemy, yeah. Yuri, I need backup."


Sora grins furiously at Kate's words. He already understands what's behind it. I clearly understood that we were going to fight the Crusaders.

"I'll leave you to Yuri. Meizuke, you're in the illusion of Mr. Olgamari and Mr. Sho."

"I'm already working on it."

Charm flickers at Kate's words, and rocks two bills. There was only a little bit of Olgamari's blood and Sho's blood attached there. Naturally, this battle will be a total battle. It would be strange if they weren't both here. but no one who isn't here can exist.

So I was going to get two bloods in advance to produce an elaborate ceremonial god. The operation is fascinating, so you can't expect the fascination as a force of war, but this face is all there. There is no problem.

"Good...... Tina. Are you all right?

"You're welcome. Remaining new technology. Let's reveal it."

Tina tends her thin chest this time to Kate's words. She manoeuvres the airship on behalf of Kite. Apparently, they're going to try new features and things out, so if things start, they decided to bring the airship to the front and use it to stop the enemy.

Afterwards, in anticipation of the time, the cherry blossoms recover the face of the Solas on the ground with demonic yarn. He was to return to the Empire once and for all, joining the fleet of the Duke's family who were secretly holding him back.

"I guess it's ok... I don't know if your new features are going to be a hit..."

"I'll see you soon. There was also an original this time. I'm not just a cop."

"Hmm... so, new features... Canaan. You're the trump card. Just in case, keep lurking. If anything happens, retreat straight to the airship."


Leaning her neck at Tina's response, Kate next includes instructions for Canaan. Now all those who should give instructions for the time being. The leaves and fireflies naturally serve to stop the enemy with Kite. And this one already understood what we were supposed to do and was ready.

"One leaf. What's your three-leaf gear?

"Unclueless. I'll give you one more order."

"Great... you take command of the whole thing from here. Erba, you have direct backup for me with the fireflies. Mitsuha, you know what I mean?

"" "As You Ordered (Jesus My Lord)" "


With the consent of the three sisters, Kate takes a firefly and stands up. Now, we're all set. Later, if we get the last hand, it's supposed to be a hand that a certain person will stick a knife through the throats of the rogue aristocrats led by the Roughnecks.

"Then we're all out of line."

"" Copy that. ""

Everyone nods at Kate's words and starts acting simultaneously. As such, Kite decided to take the Alliance members to the location Galahad ordered in order not to be suspected yet.

Well, roughly an hour from such a covert brief. Kate had received a call from Galahad away from Orgamarie - the division of Ahead of that, a single bottle of liquor was placed. Apparently, Kate's hopes have been heard.

"Oh, you're here. Permission granted by Lord Roughneck. You should take a bottle of wine to a souvenir."

"Thank you"

"Oh... then we shall wait with faith in your victory. Now, go."


Kate smiles and responds to Galahad's drop-off. Without having to tell me that, this battle was going to end with their own victory, as they wished. So, after the formation. Kite moves to the front line.

"Open the line! Continuation of the fight the other day!

Galahad announces the departure of Kate. As well as a few days ago, a kite with a flag in one hand and a liquor bottle in the empty hand proceeded out of the queue.

"Come on."


With Galahad's last permission, Kite starts walking without looking back. Both Cornelius and his neighbors saw that the final battle would finally take place.


"What will you do?

Miranda asks Cornelius when she sees that Kate has progressed alone. Fortunately, English is well nourished thanks to the handicrafts of the villagers. To challenge the last battle, it could be described as the best condition. Cornelius answered with a firm consciousness.

"... I have to go. He even brought a souvenir. If that doesn't seem to get out, I'll put mud on my name and on my father's. If you're a warrior, you know there are times when you have to leave, don't you?

"" "... good luck" "

Both Miranda and the other proximities kneel down and bow their heads to an inquiry in tone that just says it's Cornelius' understandable story. The enemy came out the other day, and he even brought booze. I just had to get out.

If we don't get out now, Cornelius will be called out to the last generation - even though there are no children yet - but he will be called out of his waist. It was a worse insult to him than to die for having a martial name and making a name for himself.

Such a side of them. When Kate stands in roughly the same position as she did during this time, she lowers her hips there with a deep flag raised there. They would know, too, that was just an attitude.


Sitting close to Akura with his hips down and one leg up, Kite places the bottle in front of him and sets up more cups in front of him so that he can see the enemy. So on top of that, just stick around and wait for the other person to act.

The hegemony showed him as true as he was a corner figure. And at the same time, it was a silent sign of intent not to run away.


Kite is silent, just waiting for the enemy to move. As such, the doors of the enemy's camp soon opened. Cornelius, of course, came out. Naturally, but he is also alone. This is a one-horse hit. I can't make a timid imitation of not taking the side.

"Face-to-face, excuse me"


After Cornelius' words, Kite finally opens her mouth, too. Now the start of the battle was deposited with them both. The nobles are still dying their skin to understand how important this moment is for soldiers and adventurers. Therefore, nobody gets in the way. As such, Kate opened her mouth again with a liquor bottle in her hand when she saw Cornelius wear a Walrus.

"I want to give you a dedication"

"I don't know... give me my drink back"

"Never mind."

Kite asks him to pour the liquor that Cornelius offered into the cup. So, before the battle begins. There was going to be a small amount of liquor.