It was 300 years ago in Enefia. As a matter of fact, Kate did the same thing this time, forcing certain soldiers to abandon the country under certain circumstances. The soldiers still supported Kite 300 years later, partly as active duty.

"... I miss you, like this. He's soliciting one hero with his mouth full."

A female crew member from Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) was laughing nostalgically at Kate's actions in the distance.

"Even then, Kite did tell me that he made me abandon my country"

"One way or the other then, I think we were dumped by the country..."

I was remembering in nostalgia the words of a female cadet who was an assistant more than at the time or against the tone of another cadet being stunned.

"Ha ha. I don't care about details. If you care about the details with the general, you'll balk."

"It's okay. 'Cause I'm trained."

"Well... at the end of the day, you're going to change a constitution that's never changed since the founding of the country."

"I miss you. And whosoever trespasses upon the land of our land shall obey this law?"

The two crew laugh at each other as they look at the far north of the land. The wording told is now the original sentence of a constitution that has been transformed into a different wording in that country.

"For a long time, that's the only place he's good at."

Female cadets have fun. Mouth to mouth, hands to mouth. Besides turning reason into reason and arguing. Kate has been good at this for some reason. It was exercised here. And this time again, exercise your mouth to make you abandon your country. And so she smiled and hung the decree.

"Prepare to accept! The General is here, I'll pick up some hero and go home! Tell that to Kuzha, too!

On the instructions of the female crew, they will be ready for action at once. As such, a variety of places were set in motion to accomplish Kite's strategy.

Well, Kate, on the other hand, was relative to the Crusaders by turning his back on Cornelius, who left after him and Julie. To him like that, a voice flew from one of the airships.

'What the hell are you doing!

Ryad asks Kite absurdly about his voice. The reason I sent Kite to the front was to settle with Cornelius.

It was after some discussion that Cornelius bowed his head to Kite and walked away from the scene. There is no reason to be surprised. Kite laughs at such inquiries. I don't need to hide anything anymore. Afterwards they will only face each other head-on.

"Oh, is that... hey, excuse me. My client's request has been accomplished... so I don't need him anymore."

"Client!? Your client is supposed to be a nun!


Kate laughs furiously at Lyard's inquiry. I guess we should have taken account of that possibility at a time when the movement of Cornelius was more suspicious than this period.

The suspect, Charlemagne, had already prepared the ship's magic cannon for us. Thus, Kate, who laughed frequently, wiped tears that conveyed the end of her eyes and raised her voice.

"Ha... As a first step to Lord Charlemagne, I will give you my final dedication! A little more, the aristocrats you hang out with are better thought out! These foolish people can only get their feet together!


Ryard complains of Kite's advice. He had never heard of a clear insult so far either. Besides, Charlemagne hung up on a telecom while he was frightened. Anything more than this is just ugly through the shadows.

"Stop it. He... no, they're probably agents hired by some nobleman. It was far-fetched. I also checked with the informer... Shit. Could even an informer fool you? No, should I have thought about it at the right time '

"Hurry up and destroy their mother ship! Attack him, too!

Hearing Charlemagne's clear answer, Ryad gives the soldiers immediate instructions. With them, the kites were behind it. Naturally. but that's an informer, which is still the main M.O. No matter how many nobles they say they are, there is no way they can get information about other countries quickly.

But the informant's general tightening and kite are friendly. Ask the informant to spread the lie, it was easy. And their instructions were a step, slow. Two howls echoed around.


On a howl, Sora's cheer echoes. As a matter of fact, all the Solas who were in line were disguised by the ceremonial gods. Sola was waiting high in the sky in the direction of the sun to assist Kate.

"Do it! It's so much fun! I've never been able to ride it before, but this is what it looks like!

"Oh, my God."

"Come down because it's good"

"Oops! Hey, landing."

Sola, prompted by the sun, jumps off the sun and lands on the ground. And at the same time, came Canaan on Ise.


"Whoa! Take a fighting stance! Fireflies!"

Copy that.

To match Kite's words, in fact, a firefly who was completely lurking near Kite using a hidden form or optical camouflage shows up. And furthermore, two leaves, fitted with a demonic guide shell, flew in.

"Master. All ready, ready"

"Good. Do it."

"As you command (Jesus My Lord). Three leaves!

Receive the signal of the two leaves and activate the special uniform as the three leaves had predetermined. It immediately covered the entire battlefield. That said, it is not an object with intent to attack. It was a special force field that only worked on airships.

"What... what happened! Hurry up and report!

"I don't know! There's nothing wrong with the meter!

The operators of the airship rush to report to the Ryad inquiry. but the report came right in there.

"More power than the Artillery! A super powerful force field occurs! It's jamming! Enemy, no locking on!

"What!? Where do you get such a high-output jamming device!

Ryad hesitates. Normally, jamming enough to render a fleet of airship aiming devices unusable cannot be deployed unless it is a dedicated airship that is good at information warfare.

but the airships brought in by the kites have been checked by them as well and we can only confirm that they are just excellent at defense. They're not equipped with such special uniforms. and for such a ryad, Charlemagne gives immediate instructions with slight frustration.

'Don't panic. I just can't lock it on and I can artillery it manually. Besides, the numbers are overwhelmingly higher. If we surround ourselves with numbers, we can still figure it out. Hurry up. "

"Oh, I showed you an ugly place. Hurry up and start manually firing! Together, give instructions to a bunch of adventurers to crusade them too! You just have to say you turned around!

The client of this request has become Ryard. Therefore, Charlemagne could only give Ryad instructions. but that wasn't the kite I couldn't read. Therefore he retrieved the counterfeit card which he had received from the Union, as if it were the imprint of some hiding place.

"Whoa, wait! I'll tell the adventurers! I'm here on a more formal mission than the Maxwell branch in McDawell territory! An official Union investigator!

Kate floats with decadence the testimony of one of the features on the counterfeit card, the investigator, so that it can be seen by everyone in the faction. Seeing that, the adventurers who were baffled by the sudden changes in things were greatly surprised.

"Is that... is that real?

"Side by side...... Maxwell Branch crest! It's real! Don't get your hands on him! Get your hands on him and an auditor from the top eight will come!

"When it comes to Maxwell...... Huh! The auditors suck! If the heavens stare at me, there won't be one!

"Fight aborted, fight aborted! I don't know what's going on! Pull!"

After all, as awkward as it was to get my hands on investigators officially commissioned by the Union, it seemed to me that if I were an adventurer, I would grasp it as common sense. Besides, the place is the place. When it becomes Maxwell Branch, the Kuons Guild < > is based. This is now famous. Even if not, < > is likely to move. This will also work if requested by Maxwell Branch.

When an internal investigator belonging to the Maxwell branch is killed, depending on the circumstances, the eight guilds may embark on an investigation. That's a nightmare. If they can keep an eye on them, most of the guilds don't have one. I never wanted to fight.

"No! The adventurers are all on their feet!

"Huh! Maxwell Branch!?

Just in case, Charlemagne is in a hurry, too. Maxwell Branch means Kite's client is definitely the McDawell family. Neither did he think such a great place was moving.


What to do. Charlemagne also unexpectedly thinks with a bitter face. but there's only one answer I can give. The adventurers have already seen Kate as a real investigator and are unwilling to fight. You can't count on them.

"... shoot"


"I said shoot! They didn't come here! Take that as the official answer!

"Oh, but..."

Such an unscrupulous. The operators of the airship look back unexpectedly at Charlemagne's instructions. but besides, Charlemagne roughed up his voice.

"I don't mind! If he brings that letter back, this one's over! If you don't shoot me, I'll kill you!

"" "Huh!?

I mean it. Looking at Charlemagne's impatient state and his bloody eyes, the operators rush to fly instructions to each ship. That's what Kate and the others were looking at.

"Well... Sola. It's your arm show."

"Aye. I'll take care of the shelling."

To Kate's words, Sola just strips her fangs and puts her strength into her left arm. Compared to the battlefield of Laeria, the barrage is nothing more than light rain. There is no stray or rush.

"Hey... Hitachi, Ise"

Kate orders the two pets. And the beasts roared equal to the two godbeasts.

"" "Gu!

Two howls. It intimidates everything on the battlefield and, on the contrary, blows even demon bullets. Besides, Kate laughs flatly and tells her what she forgot to say.

"Oh, you forgot to tell me. With that said, I'm not Mr. Olgamarie's apprentice or anything. Not a Monster Tamer or anything. I'm just a swordsman... I didn't teach these guys. It's a true trend and Ise, loaned by the McDawell family as a trump card."

"" Become... ""

Hitachi and Ise. Those who do not know its name are unlikely to be aristocrats near the Empire. No, on the contrary, if it's on this continent, it's a name you should know if it's noble. Therefore, all the nobles shall be cut off. I mean, these two are.

"Queen of the McDawell family......"

"Pets of the Brave Kite......"

The nobles freeze their spines in the sun and Ise, which show prestigious beauty. This is where the original kites stood. Being his pet is enough to intimidate the nobles. And that's not all. The howl had one effect. The operators reported it.

"! Multiple demons approaching! number, will continue to increase even more!

"What, what's going on!

From heaven and earth, dragons and wolf-shaped demons continue to gather beneath the kite. These two powers were ranked as demons, and they are different digits. Perhaps if it weren't for the disastrous species that it would be a Rank S demon, it could be defeated flat.

He had a powerful power that he couldn't possibly have been a pet. And so demons of the same race instinctively cannot disobey that decree. And when they heard the howl, the demons followed it.

"Come on... these are two more Monster Tamers than the other Monster Tamers... they must be ready."

"I don't mind, shoot!

In response to Kite's inquiry, Charlemagne hangs the decree. but the demon bullet disappeared somewhere without even being prevented by Sora's shield.

"... that?

All right, let's do it. That's right, Sora, who was in the mood, puts her neck up. Of course he can't do this. That's how a single airship appeared over their heads. On that deck Tina was arm-wrapped and greatly benevolent.

"WOW haha! How about that, handmade secret weapon! You can't afford this!

"It's you... what did you do next?

"Uhm! I've analyzed the throne and created a dimensional submarine! This is an applied dimensional submarine defense weapon!

"" Uh... "

Kate and Yuri flash at the exact answer. Only two of us could understand this awesomeness. I never made it lightly, nah, it wasn't a good story. So Sora leaned her neck and asked.

"I mean, what do you mean?

"Hmm... that airship is currently out of phase"

"What happens when the phase goes off?

"Hmm... the phase is uneven, which is the same as not physically there. Attack, not hit. You can't attack me if you can't break the dimension or the existence like me."

Explain while stunned by Tina's dimensional submarine, which completely prevents all of the demon bullets from being fired from the enemy. Besides, Sola rounded her eyes.

"... you mean, pseudo-invincible?

"Well, you know what?"

"... what's that cheat"

Sora looks up and flashes at Kate's conclusion. Of course, if it turns out to be Quong and the others, they usually attack us, but if it's to the extent of the ship's demon bullets, it's fine. It is impossible for Tina to attack beyond dimensions if she is the star gunner of an airship. I mean, consider it invincible and there's no difference.

"Ha... you know exactly how the Union felt when you first saw the German army's U-boat"

Kate was distracted by the fact that she didn't even need to be distracted anymore. I brought this stuff up. Later, we can launch an attack unilaterally from here. In so doing, Kate makes a light prep movement, relative to the soldiers who are ordered but come storming as they are.

"Oh man...... yes, first Ise"


At Kate's direction, Ise inhaled heavily. And with it, the wolf-shaped demons called to her breathe in simultaneously. And that next moment. A slight impasse arose, where Kite skipped the instructions.

"Everybody, put some effort into your bellies and ear blocks!

Almost simultaneously with Kate's words. The howls of wolf-shaped demons spearheaded Ise echo. Its awesome, even Sola is about to blow up without thinking just about the wind pressure. but this is all I had to do because this is Sola and the others. The opponent is attacked by the magic that was put on it, causing him to stop that foot accidentally.

"Good! Hitachi!


Kate then hangs the decree in the direction of the sun. And with it, the sun also breathed heavily. Seeing the structure, the enemy blued in unison.

"No way......"

"All at once with this number......?

"Hey, guys, hey! Hurry up and turn back!

"Out of the way!"

"Out of the way!

It is < > from the dragon species led by Hitachi, where he stopped his leg. The enemy turns his back in a great panic and flees in three ways to scatter the spider child. That would have been deserving of crushing, and if Kate had ordered the wolves to hunt here, that could have been all but wiped out.

Of course, Kate wouldn't do that. All I'm talking about is soldiers being told above and being fought. Perhaps we don't know the current situation or why an attack order was issued. He wasn't mean enough to attack such pathetic soldiers on the boulder either.

"Yes, I'm not trying."

Kate sees the proper shooting < > and sends a careless encouragement to the enemy soldiers. I've already decided to win or lose. Later, if the airship behind me escapes, I can escape this one. So, Kate decided to hang out with the dragons for a little while.