The Kites and the Erlic fleet managed to rendezvous, albeit under heavy pursuit by a coalition of aristocrats of the Kingdom of Marisia, mainly Charlemagne. They were further south with the help of an even more incidentally marginal lil.

So, another 10 minutes from rendezvous. The Erlic fleet and the pursuit unit were at last out of the territory of the Kingdom of Marisia into the sea. Report it to Hannibal by one of the operators.

"Fleet, pass through the territory! I'm going out to sea!

"Good! Feel the radar!

"... no sense! Nothing's responding!


Hannibal opened his eyes greatly to the operator's response. The prediction was that a fleet would be waiting on the high seas, not far from here, whether it was the Union or the McDawell family.

"Huh! Connect the comms with the outside! If Sho-kun was the guild master, he must know something!

Even as it is, it will only wipe out on the high seas. Not knowing the movements taking place in King Marisia's capital, he therefore rushes to send an order to connect communications to Kite. As a result, communications immediately flew to Cornelius.

"No!? What's going on!?

'I don't know, I'm telling you to listen!

"Okay...... kite kun!


Kite likewise responds to Cornelius's inquiry as he battles.

"Didn't you have a fleet on the high seas! They don't feel anything on the radar!

"What?... Well, you do! If there is, the enemy will find out!


To Kate's reply, Eric, the parents and the child are convinced that it is, blinking their eyes. It may be affirmed that there is very little, if any, difference between the performance of their manipulated fleet and the fleet they pursue. And that's not much different from the fleet patrolling within the Kingdom of Marisia. On the contrary, if it's a radar, I can say it's better over there.

In other words, there was no reason anywhere for them to be found if they were not found by the patrolling guard fleet. In the first place, it was moving in secret this time. And this is Millix territorial waters. It's troublesome to be ahead of the enemy. There was no better way to find us than not to be found by our enemies.

"... right, right"


Hannibal can only honestly nod at Cornelius' words, too. This is the situation. It turns out that Kate and the others are lots of students. If so, then believe me later, the territorial waters will also pass out to the high seas.

"Or keep the fleet moving forward! Get out on the high seas! Cornelius! Hold on a little longer!


There are not many questions about how the fleet is concealed. but their opponent is the Union. It was well worth believing.

"Well... it's time to see... Tina. How much longer?

I think it's time for Kate to go out on the high seas while engaged against Eric's parents and children, who have set their readiness. As long as we get out on the high seas, this one can intervene later.

"Ten kilometers later," he said. At this rate, it's 20 minutes on the high seas. "

"Hey... the last push."

There is basically no difference between an area that would be a territorial sea encroachment on Earth and Enefia. Even if it's too wide, it just gets in the way of protecting it, and even if it's too wide in the first place, this time it'll be troublesome when the demons show up.

What is more, no exclusive economic waters exist in Enefia. I can't help this. In the first place, there is still very little technology available to extract resources from the seabed. There was no point in being set up. Only territorial waters and connecting waters therefore exist. If only those two could escape, it would be on the high seas.

And so it was a kite aiming for the high seas, but the kite creaked and grinned as the fleet went further and went out into connecting waters.

"What's up!?

Are you in a hurry?

"In a hurry?

Cornelius leans his neck against Kite, who suddenly laughed. What was so refreshing? but, on the other hand, kite didn't hide her grin and raised her voice.

"Everybody, take it easy! Big blow coming!

"What's coming!

"A trump card!

Kite laughs at Cornelius's inquiry, sticking a knife up on the deck and holding Yuri and Ise tight.

"Tina! The Solas!

'I'm already letting you in! It's too soon to rush, that one! Fireflies! Your Lord is retreating! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Send a reply with Tina slightly angry at Kite's inquiry. Apparently, there's no problem.

"Yuri! It looks like Lumio and the others... don't have a problem."

It was Kite who tried to secure the Lumios in preparation for the upcoming blow, but at the end of that gaze was how Lil was normally blocking the space. And at the same time. A fleet captured the figure of one woman on the monitor.

"... what?

"What's up?

"Yes, no... that's the... one woman, on the sea..."

In Hannibal's inquiry, the operator deploys the footage towards the main monitor. Hannibal opened his eyes to the footage thus shown.

"The sword princess quon!?

Almost simultaneously with Hannibal's voice. A quon standing at sea kicks the surface and runs out.

"Oh no! Notify those on deck to withstand immediately! Combine shock resistance! All right, watch out!

"" "Ri, roger!

The operators rush to send instructions to Hannibal's panic. And with that in mind, Cornelius, who was fighting on the deck, also blues his face all at once.

"Ke, sword princess quon!? You even brought such a person!?

"So! Come on, they're coming!

At the same time as Kate tells you. Space rips apart, as it rips between the Erlic fleet and the pursuit force. Cuon's slaughter tore the space apart.

"Too much!

Oops, and with a blazing storm, Kate panicked to reveal her shield to mitigate its effects. With that in mind, the Erlic fleet managed to start its operations again, while the fleet of pursuits, morose of the storm, was going to lose its posture greatly, where the airships were hitting each other. You won't be able to move properly for a while.

and descended at the kite of the Erlic fleet, which thus began its journey, with Quon smiling as swallowed as ever.


"Yay, hey! Too much!

"Really? For once, I kept it to a point where it wouldn't sink..."

To Kate's fury, Quon tilts his little neck with his index finger on his cheek. He doesn't even think we're a little out of hand. It was such a face. and such quon slightly tempered me.

"Well... so, who do I take down?

"Come on? He said you wanted to come and engage. - Now it comes with an instant amputation, right?

I'll send a signal to the enemy soldiers with both hands as Kate lowers Ise's shoulders to Quon's inquiry. Well, no matter what you think, the enemy will have understood very well that the opponent is the sword princess quon in the current blow. They were all together. It just stunned me.




So the soldiers face each other silently and talk to each other silently about what to do. but there is no answer in the first place. Fight the sword princess Quon, which is like being told to fight < >. There's no answer. It's out. Rather than, I don't even need to think about it.

"" "Wow, wow!

Exactly, like scattering spider children. The soldiers rush off the deck of the airship without arrows or shields. Fortunately the altitude is about 100 meters. If you're working out properly, you're not going to die at this height. It was far better than fighting Kuon.

"Mmmm... what, make people look like monsters"

"Hey... you're gonna run barefoot too..."

Quon is dissatisfied with the soldiers who fled at first sight when he saw himself, but Kate on the other hand wants to honestly agree with that feeling. Of course, I whisper to such an extent that she doesn't hear me.

"Oh man... for now, that's a paragraph"

Kate strokes her chest down just a little from the top of the deck, where Cuon's intervention has managed to ensure her safety. And at about the same time Tina contacted me.

"Kite, we're just out on the high seas."

"Well... then let the fleet float"

In response to Tina's report, Kite immediately uses the headset to contact Al and the others. And at the same time. Several airships emerged from the sea.

"He said it was a fleet from the sea!?


"No way! What technology!

"Oh... brilliant."

Surprising voices echo the fleet that appeared abruptly there in the Erlic fleet. Tina was comfortable with it.

"Colourful haha! Hey, Japanimation, remind me that Starship can go even in the ocean! I tried! This is one airship, complete land, sea and air domination!

"I tried. So I can. You're horrible, I..."

Kate sighed at Tina in a good mood. It's good that I could hide it through this, but I was having another breakthrough in technology. It should be noted that I said three things at this time: land, sea and air, but I hadn't noticed Kite at this time. And such Tina abruptly returns to her primacy.

"Ah, kite. That's why I need you to sign the new aircraft carrier for this feature later."

"Yes, sir. Do as you please."

I guess the idiots (tech squad) are also involved in the Norinoli anyway, I think it's useless to stop Kite, so I'll drop my permission on this occasion. If she stops at a no-line time like this, she'll be dropped by manipulation later anyway. It is only futile to defy.

"Ha... End of story. Hitachi, where are you? Let's go home."


The days that were flying freely around the great sky to Kate's words are miniaturized back. and the fleet of pursuits on the other side, but after all, this did not move. The king gave his life and ordered the pursuit to cease.

"Uncle Millix... let me know exactly what you mean. The rest I ordered Hannibal to be captured alive. I let him see a copy of the medical records. I don't think this is false. Explain clearly. '

"Well, that's..."

Again, say small and medium-sized countries, kings are kings. The nobility and the hegemony were different. Ryad had blued his face greatly in response to the King's inquiry about how he was therefore completely furious. and there Charlemagne pinched his mouth as he tried his best to look at his usual expression.

"Your Majesty, there seems to be some misunderstanding"

"Lord Roughneck. Misunderstood? If there's a misunderstanding, let me know. '

"Thank you"

Doesn't that mean, at least, there's no island to install? If so, we might still be able to figure it out. Charlemagne therefore relieves himself slightly on the inside. Thus he managed to connive, but this was his earliest.

But let him come to the king's capital. Until then, the Crusaders order the suspension of any manoeuvres. As for Hannibal and the others, I don't mind letting them keep going. It is the Union's fleet that surrounds us. It's not like you can get away with it. '

"Your Majesty, then let us deliberately overlook the criminals. What are you going to do if they are truly evil people"

"At that time, the rest of the name will only bear the wound of darkness."

In response to words similar to Charlemagne's words, the king makes it clear that he bears all responsibility. I just know that leaving it to me won't do a lot of things.

Already at this point, the officials had confessed that Charlemagne was unwilling to persuade them. circumstantial evidence, but the evidence was already on their side as well. If so, we couldn't just let him take the lead. He therefore makes it clear that he does not intend to hear any subsequent objections.

"I command all the nobles there to exercise caution in the mansion of the king's capital. A Kingsguard is already on his way to your palace. Then the family is forbidden to make any contact with the outside world. Altogether, it is strictly forbidden to use the communication equipment of the airship from now on. If there are any signs of unaccompanied use of the fleet before the arrival of the remaining fleet, I believe it is your lords who will be offered the Crusaders. That's it."

Just say it. The king unilaterally disconnects communications. Furthermore, the signal of the Kingsguard Corps begins to log the airship, and the control of the airship is partially seized so that no arbitrary action can be taken. Now all they can do is point the airship at the king's capital.

Now, if the Erlics are really criminals, they'll let them get away with it, but of course Charlemagne and the others know which one of them is the real killer. Therefore, it was clear that there was no problem where we continued. Thus, the Erlic fleet watched as the pursuit force turned back north.


Watching Hannibal abruptly turn back the enemy fleet, he unwittingly weakens and sits down in his chair.

"Are you done..."

He is now aware of the fleet of enemies to be pulled completely. Perhaps the Empire of Entesia moved and made them pull their enemies. That said, that was not the end of their role.

"Put in contact with the floating fleet. Open the comms."

"Ha! Go ahead."

"Good...... I am"

Hannibal tells his name to the fleet that surfaced from the sea. Thus, according to Ellord, who leads the fleet, the Ellic fleet will travel all the way to McDawell territory, protected by them.