Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1220: Talk Later and Beyond

Just a little bit, time flies. Approximately a month after the kites left for the Kingdom of Marisia. It was about half a month after I returned home. By then, the majority of the injured had been discharged, except for the seriously wounded, and the setting up of a refugee camp or a new pioneering site had been completed.


"Looks like you're free."

"If Co Pie isn't free, then it sucks"

Kite laughs at the words of the moment. So then someone needs to deliver it that far. The kites were supposed to be involved in this. That said, this is not because the kites were involved.

We just needed to go back to Heavenly Cherry Blossom School for a few reasons, and in doing so we just tried to carry their load with us. Therefore, a transport boat was to be sent out to carry large materials.

There you go, and you don't have to let them play with the airship you got at the corner. There was little fuel cost, so I decided to fly it for practice. And the pilot was supposed to take it by instant. Ko Pilot is a kite.

"All right... meter confirmation is over..."

"Instrumentation confirmation...... OK. Open the rear hatch."


Kite firmly confirms the opening and closing of the rear hatch to Sho's declaration. As such, where it was possible, Kite instructed him to use an external speaker to carry the materials to the face waiting outside.

"When the rear hatch opens, load the cargo."


Upon instructions from Kite, a wagon loaded with material for development is transported from the rear hatch. All we have to do is let the grounddragons pull this in and bring it into a camp about 10 kilometers north. From there on, it will basically be left to the inhabitants of the villages that have been evacuated.

That said, the shortage of manpower will be serious for the time being, and the junction still has no soil to deploy. Of course, I don't have the tools or anything to organize a vigilante. Furthermore, it is necessary to return it because it will be a form of living with support from the McDawell family for some time.

Therefore, Cornelius and other teams from the Kingdom of Marisia were to be involved in the protection. The Kingdom of Marisia also receives some costs - this one is close to free financial cooperation (ODA) - but still not all. We needed to create a system that we could do on our own as quickly as possible, just as we did at Tensakura School.

"Okay...... seniors. Then I'll leave Sho to Ko Pie from here on out. I lead the convoy to the village."

"Oh. This one will be back this way as soon as the next loading is done"

"Do that."

When Kate instantly leaves the aftermath to her, she rises straight out of her seat for Co Pilot. The captain leading the convoy was supposed to be Kate. The scale isn't that big, but we also need to interact with Cornelius and others over there. When I thought about it, it was decided that Kite would be the best.

Sho, on the other hand, has come here as an escort for the cherry blossoms who have come earlier to Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, and he will also be a co pilot on his return. That's how he went through the door leading to the hangar and asked members of the Adventure Department who were working on the rear hatch.

"What's the loading status?

"Almost there. We'll split the next two."

"Okay. Then we leave as soon as that's done. The next Article Senior will be here in three hours. We need to go back and forth by then."

"I know."

Kite tells him to spare time just in case. It is less than 10 minutes away on the airship to this point, but it was really necessary to carry out loads, permission to take off at the airport, and various other tasks. So Kite will be ready to leave while she helps unload the load herself.

"Okay...... then, let's go!

Kate walks on foot and sends a signal to Grounddragon Squad to leave. Whatever it is, there was no farming or business in not having a home to live in. So as soon as possible, it was necessary to carry the building materials of the house.

That said, the journey is roughly 10 kilometers. It takes about half an hour to tell the dragons to pull it off because there is quite a lot of luggage. From there, if you do a lot more things like unloading and installing your luggage, handing it back to the carpenters who are among the evacuees, it won't be long.


Kate walked relaxed and thought this would be her last job. That being said, of course, this is not about retiring. Simply because the time for vacation is approaching. And I guess it's because I was thinking about it. One of the members questioned Kite.

"Put it that way, Master"


"What kind of place is Nakatsu?

"Are you asking me!?

Kate opened her eyes wide to the inquiry of the Beastman boy. No, I know, so I can answer even if asked, but it would be suspicious for a member from Enefia to ask a kite from Earth to think normally.

"No... because I know I am"

"I know, though!?


After all, it feels like the Beast Man boy prompts first. And while Kate felt something unexplained, she decided to explain it to her because she was free.

"Ha... the basic story is that cultural customs are very different from this one"


"Right...... is the political system still the best? Because the ancient dragon (Elder Dragon) tops the list, there are still quite a few injustices. And there's no one against him, so he's pretty stable."

Remembering Nakatsu, Kate talks about things that seem irrelevant to the Great Adventures Department. Therefore, the beast man boy and other members who inquired were all not interested. Rather than that, quite a few who have renounced understanding - including, of course, the students of Heavenly Cherry Blossom - were seen.

"... hon."

"You don't understand... well, is that good? Demons and warriors."


I guess it's because we're still directly connected to our own work. I had the impression that the circumference, which until earlier had been close to the dumb surface, had slightly tightened my attention in the wake of Kite's re-minded resumption of the narrative.

"Demons are pretty strong when you smash them. Think of Rank C as the lowest."

"... you're strong"

"Oh. As a land pattern, there's a lot of pretty steep land. Therefore, the demon will inevitably become stronger. Demons are creatures, too. Adapting to tough environments makes you stronger."

The country of Nakatsu, by its basic nature, resembled Japan. The four seasons were clear about the climate, and most importantly, it's an island country. There are many more mountains, and many rivers are steep because there are many mountains in narrow island countries. Moreover, there was some resemblance to cultural customs because this is a land pattern that is relatively easy to transfer with Japan.

Even so, I know all the stories there, because I know all about the kites, and I don't understand how they come from here, like this beast boy. So there was nothing to talk about.

"Even so, I'm going somewhere relatively safe this time."

"Was it a hot spring?

"Oh, it's a hot spring"

Hot Springs?

Hot Springs.

"... ugh"

Some of the boys around him stretch under his nose to Kate's words. I wasn't going to think about a lot of things.

"" "Oh, boy" "

To such boys, Kate and the girls clasp their shoulders and shake their heads. It couldn't have been this easy to understand that things had not been dealt with. That said, that's not funny. So Kate just decided to move on.

"So, the hot springs."

"Whoa... what place is it?

"It is famous for the medicinal water supposedly used by the brave Kate for Yuji a long time ago. Let's keep it that way. Even so, not everyone is there."

So that one of the boys who was stretching under his nose wouldn't find out - of course, he had found out - but after asking Kite, Kite tells him where he was going. The point is the hot springs that Kate once headed for. Therefore he also had a handover, and he was asked to rely on the edge so that he could rent out a portion of the inn.

Well, that's why it took so long. Kite and the others will still take a lot of resources, even though they are not completely rented out. It would be obvious that preparation would also be a struggle. I also decided not to concentrate on staying in some of the inns around me.


I snort as impressed that the Alliance members around me are such amazing places. That said, I've been busy moving the last few months. It didn't mean a month's long break, as it had been in the previous summer, but it was still gratifying to be able to rest well.

"I govern... forever"

Kate tries to talk in more detail and understands that there are signs of demons close by. And at the same time, a unit of magicians on guard came in with a report.

"Heavenly Voice. Not on the road, but a little further away."



"Right...... come on, it's time for work! Ground dragons pause! Follow me! We're gonna get this over with!

As Kite cuts up the conversation, she gives immediate instructions. As such, after the chat, the kites went to battle to protect the materials loaded on the carrier.

Okay, then a little. The kites had arrived at the camp set up by Cornelius and others. That's how Kate was going to greet Cornelius with Julie as she lowered her materials in collaboration with the soldiers.

It's not what it was then. It belongs to the high school students who always show it now. There are still things that you may not know from looking at. It would be easy to understand with Yuri, was the decision.

"Oh, are you here?"

"Mr. Cornelius. Long time no see."

"Oh... I didn't know you guys were coming"

"I had some errands at school..."

Kate grinned and nodded at Cornelius' words. Such a Cornelius expression was quite calm because he took off his predicament, during which time the distress and insurance he saw was taken. And that's what Kate asks him.

"So, this one?

"Um. I managed to get the camp ready. Rest facilities such as baths are also in place. This won't be a problem while we build the house we live in."

Cornelius makes the camp centered around the soldiers observe only a little from the spot to the kite. The villagers have not come yet. It is they who first ensure safety and then transport them. It was scheduled for tomorrow, and the kites were supposed to be in charge there again.

"Really... I'll leave the materials with you"

"Oh, thank you for your hard work. Lowered materials should be in place here."


Kate is in a busy situation. Once the material had been lowered, it was necessary to return immediately to the enclave near Heavenly Cherry Blossom School and rendezvous with the instantly piloted airship to carry the luggage. And the dragons, the members, need rest. I had a lot to do. And that, of course, Cornelius grasped as well. Therefore, the conversation was brief.

Note that Kate is respectful to Cornelius because this is not the battlefield, and his opponent is on the lookout. There they were relative as enemies, so, and in the flow, they couldn't afford to correct the language, but therefore they just stayed put. Now that I was back at normal, I was proper, respectful. And that's why Cornelius smiles.

"Even so... it's strangely uncomfortable when you use salutations"

"No...... excuse me then. We were enemies for a few minutes..."

"No, I know. I would have needed acting so nobles wouldn't find out."

Cornelius laughs and forgives Kite's disrespect on that occasion. There still seemed to be many other reasons why Kate hadn't used her salutation there. There was a good one, he was grasping it too.

"Well, it's only your age. It is rare in Enefia for those who can use proper salutations. I used to get my dad's attention in your time, too."


Kate can only laugh at Cornelius' slightly nostalgic words. And so Cornelius further taught me.

"Well, what. It hasn't even been 10 years. You still make mistakes, so that's it for you."

"" Huh!?

"Duh, what's up?

Cornelius blinks at Kate and Julie, who were suddenly surprised. I thought you said something surprising. And it is. Both Kate and Yuri have always thought he was beyond thirty.

"Yes, no... Excuse me, how many are you?

"Mm? Oh, age...... 26. How many minutes with an old face?"

Looks like you understood what Cornelius was surprised by Kite's inquiry. but besides, kite and yuri didn't think, they skipped the reading.

"He's younger than me..."

"Surprised -..."

Kite says the flesh and spirit are fixed in his early 20s due to the strength of magic, but he's older than that as a real age. He was therefore older than Cornelius. You wouldn't have to be surprised. And Cornelius laughed just a little when he understood what surprised him about the inquiry.

"I'm often surprised"

"No... it's good to be in a position to have a penetration at that age..."

Miranda said the same thing.

Cornelius shrugs his shoulder. Note that it's not like he doesn't care a bit. That said, there's nothing I can do about all this.

"Oh, really... hey, so we're on this. I still have work to do."

"All the time, yeah. Okay, good luck with that."

Kite told me to get back on my mind, and Cornelius nodded too. As such, while Kite and the others were most surprised today, they decided to join the work further after the occasion.