Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1236: Dreams or Illusions

A few hours after diving into the labyrinth (dungeon) called "Dreamsinus". The Adventure Department, which had been traveling in contact with each other on several occasions, had fallen considerably in number by this time to the boulder.

"Right. Is there only one person left in the upper echelons or in the adventure department?"

'Sounds like it. Maybe I'll be out on the next 40th floor, too. "

After going beyond the thirtieth floor, I communicated for a while, and the only person who responded was Hachiko, who was already close to me. After all, when we reached this point, the quality of the demons was an area that was not comparable to when it was a single digit, and it was not possible to fight in a row many times without satisfactory equipment or replenishment. It was a very good workout where local power was greatly tested.

but at the same time, so they had also reached a painful area in their upper management. They were all in fairly serious condition, and there were considerably fewer people who could respond immediately to communications. Many will have already escaped or fallen.

"Hmm...... no, we can't even talk too long. And when you get here, it's going to be hard to rendezvous."

The moment seeps through the bitterness slightly and decides that the next rendezvous is going to be quite difficult. And Sola also responded to the standpoint.

"Perhaps, but... at this rate, you can get to face that you can get to in an hour."

"Or... ok. Let's just go with what it feels like to be used by those who get it. After this, it will be dangerous to stop at the boulders"

"I think so."

moments and Sola concludes so. They're the only ones in conversation, and few actually just listen. Because by the time we got to this realm, the quality of the demons was high and it took time to crusade the whole thing. Several people were seen in battle, receiving only conclusions.

Many other tough traps call for demons. By chance at this time only moments and Sola were found a safe zone, and there were many painful places for them and beyond.


The moment finishes the call, he vomits one sigh and walks out again. Again, all sorts of supplies are starting to run short. Therefore he was not bitter, either.

"Hmm... I guess it's just greed to think that this will only work..."

The moment saw the magic silver (misril) sword I had just gotten, and I sighed. Sell it outside and it will be a good price. but such value as money is pointless here. Can I use it as a weapon or not? That's all I have.

and he is a pretty painful inner in that way, but he encounters demons again in the aisle. The only good thing is that giant demons still don't come out that often because of the size of the aisle, etc. Boss, I was in my room. It wasn't like I couldn't win.

"'Minotaur' or... I can't help it. Do it."

Even at the moment of the boulder, the battle has lasted so far, and we are barely equipped. Moreover, the opponent is a "Minotaur" who is good at physical defense. The slight appearance of simplicity and the desire to escape were obscured. That said, I'm not going to pull it off. There is no danger to life.

If so, just go as far as you can. And if you're fighting directly from the front, you can push it through with force moves at once. I didn't even have to use stamina weirdly.

"Ha, ha, ha!

He storms in a straight line and skewers the demon straight ahead. "Minotaur" is proud of its power, but it therefore relentlessly activates < >.

If there are more demons in the back, the skewered demons will shield you, and you can surprise the demons. I eat stamina and magic, but it wasn't a situation that left me any room to go so far anymore.

"Phew...... Mm"

The moment I wiped out "Minotaur" and looked around the room even more cautiously, but fortunately there was no demon in this room. and 'Minotaur', which crashed against the wall in front of him like that, turned into a large vial in the palm of his hand.

"Recovery pills... thank God"

It released quite a bit of magic. I was therefore feeling fatigued for a moment, and the drops of the recovery pills were a very gratifying story. So the moment was thankful, and it became a healing drug.

"Phew...... thank goodness. Can we still go a little?"

The moment realizes that the lost magic is rapidly recovering. It's already a pretty dangerous realm, but it was one where we could still win up to three bodies. And fortunately, in this labyrinth (dungeon), it is very rare for more than three to appear at the same time. I could still go.


The moment is ready and walks out again. Thus he reached the front of the wormhole on the thirty-ninth floor, still in distress many times after this.

"... am I the first"

The wormhole in front of me is white. Apparently, no one has arrived yet, or even if they did, they couldn't get an item called "Joining the Horizons".

That's why I used the items I got on the road for a moment to make it confluent. Now I can rendezvous with Fujiko, who got there between here and ten minutes. There are items that are better than none. It will accommodate each other.


After the moment has been waiting for a while, some people still meet up with the face they still managed to reach. That said, that was all his friendly face.

"That's it, or..."

"I thought..."

"Sora, can you ask for the rest?


Sora nodded spicidly at the instant inquiry. Apparently he was unluckily trapped and poisoned in this previous hierarchy. And unfortunately, all the faces that made it here didn't have the poisoning. So did Sola, but even with the severity of the labyrinth (dungeon) so far, she used it.

Sora also managed to get this far as a last line of favors, he said, but this was the limit. You should give up infiltrating any more when this happens to boulders. Therefore, Sola was asked to escape with unnecessary items.

"Continuous, Ayan. I'm sorry, but I need Sola to represent me."

"Oh, okay."

"I'll take care of it"

Fujido and Ayazaki nodded at the instant offer. These two had apparently decided to go in pairs, and with that, they had relatively little leeway to get there.

That way, everyone who stays finishes packing quickly. Even so, most of them had no luggage because it still represented a predicament so far. A weapon that cannot be used even in the blink of an eye, or to a lesser extent as a spare for a healing drug.

"Bye, Sola."

"Thank you...... I'll ask you later......"

As soon as he thanked me for lending me his shoulder to the front of the wormhole for the escape, Sora disappeared into the wormhole spicy as it was. That's how they all nod.



We won't be able to afford to think about rendezvous anymore from here on out. Of course, I don't think I can afford to make a call. Therefore, if we can rendezvous, we can only give up if we can't help it. In front of me the moment I reached the boss room again, there was a face I once saw.

"Also, you... I have no choice. Only you can't lose."

What was in front of him was' Bloody Auga ', which he would probably never forget. It was a big, crimson ghost. but that is why there is a slight return of strength to his body. Only this opponent couldn't lose, no matter what.

"Let's go! Ceremony!"

Instantly, when you are ready, activate < >. It's still this guy. I understand as much as I can. It was a clear story that I wasn't the one who could afford to win in this situation. That's how the moment came to fight the boss on the fortieth floor.

Okay, and then another hour later. It's about time they infiltrated the Dreamhole. The moment had managed to reach the wormhole on the forty-ninth floor.

"Ha ha... this is tough on boulders... but somehow..."

The moment jumped into the wormhole, trying to fall in. Apparently someone passed by earlier, and luckily, the color of the wormhole was dyed blue. I hear someone's still out there.


If you go in, look at the moment you fall in, and Lil rushes over to help you wake up. but the moment was powerless.

"Lil... it was so tough on the boulder..."

"On the contrary, it's something we've been able to get to here a lot."

Lil listens to the instant words and asks him to take a few recovering pills that were still there for him. After all, when I got here, there was a real difference in power between the moment and the lils.

Lil, Al and Rufaus still had some leeway for the exhausting moments. And apart from these four, it was annihilated. Fujido and the others in the pair never came after all. Well, this is it in the moment when Kate and the others are the best in the Adventure Department, with the exception of special provisions. Even if I couldn't get to the others, I guess that was a natural story.

"Phew... sorry"

"No... you're already here, but you're moving on anyway, right?

"... well"

In response to Lil's slightly worried inquiry, the moment he managed to return thanks to his recovery pills nodded with a mixed smile and lighting. That said, that's the answer.

And Lil knew that, too, so all she floats is a smile. So, after a short break. Moments rise. There was nothing left to pack or pack when I got here.

"... well, I guess this is the limit... go"

"Sounds like you, at all."

"Don't say."

Moments laugh at Al's words. Whatever you think, this next boss has no chance of winning. The Al's will have a chance of winning, but they can't spot it instantly. That's how he felt somewhere sunny and dived into the wormhole that continues next. And, that's him, but he blinks when he sees the space ahead of him that has fallen out.

"... This is..."

It felt like a martial arts field somewhere. It looked completely different from what it felt like to be one end of a cave before. And, at its center, one boy sat in a sitting manner close to the agara where he stood on one knee.

I saw the boy for a moment. No, I've never exactly seen it, but I knew who this boy would have grown up to be.

"Kite...... is that it?

"Oops... a guest. Well, if you look like a guy named Kite, I guess I'm a guy named Kite."

The pale-haired boy grinned just like Kite and nodded several times at the instant inquiry. That said, it's somewhat odd that Kite is here as the boss. I don't know if he's in this' Dreamhole ', but it would be odd to at least stand up as a boss.

"Well, on top of that, I'm not technically a guy called Kite. I trace it though. It's the dream you're seeing."


"Oh, this" Dreamhole "reads what you think of a powerful enemy and reveals me. I'm here, which means you feel like a pretty powerful enemy of this model."

Kate's illusion explains the instant question. Well, you don't know this. Kate would definitely be a strong enemy. You can't possibly win. You can't see more than the Reapers before. That said, then there was something I didn't understand. That's what Kate's illusion took.

"Well, I figured that out... why does it look like that?

"Oh, this is it? Come on... well, you should be losing far more power than you are... and it was 300 years ago that this guy came, and now we're tracing it back when this guy got here. So what?

Apparently, this kite is based on the condition of Kite when she came here 300 years ago, and also when she came to Yuji. Well, to put it plainly, it's still a dead copy of Kite right after he ended his fall dragon exorcism before Kite was said to be the brave Kite.

Note that still pale hair - that wasn't pale hair yet at the time - seems to be because this kite's base is what it was at the time of the final entry. but it should be noted that in an instant I understood the pressure of kite right in front of this eye.

"This is... haha... I thought I got it a lot closer... but not since that time"

I already had a moment, and I just had to laugh. The killing spirit released is dense. Intimidation outweighs Bern Tyne's fighting. This is still a dead copy. Even then, he was no more. That's how a copy of such a kite sets up a copy of the Great Sword of Artesian Shapes and grips a copy of the Great Tail.

"Well, shall we? It's one of two things you need to get out of here, more than you already are."

"... I know... come!

The moment moves toward the kite I set up, and I'm in the mood to get out of everything that's left at the end. but the next moment. Kite disappeared.


"What's up? To this extent?


Moments end in a voice that sounds from behind. I knew it had disappeared. but I didn't realize that he was standing behind me at all. I figured it out because you told me, and if you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have figured it out now.

In so doing, the moment instantly flipped itself backwards to shake off the fear of death felt in his whole body, sticking out his spear. but the next moment. Makes me understand what an arm difference is.


With the sound of no, the instant spear crashed into the great sword that had been protruded to the ground, and his body became unwittingly stiff with recoil. He was only traveling with signs. Besides, it was the reason I left the Great Sword, and I got the recoil. Thus, in that next moment, behind a moment that couldn't move in recoil, Kite was turning around.

"It's late."


He was hit from behind, and the moment sputtered all the air in his lungs. In that way, I realize that in my mind, I have a kite in front of me. When was it recovered to the Great Sword?

but I couldn't do anything about it when I realized. I didn't know what was going on with everything. It is only unilaterally attacked.

"It's over."

The moment is the last, yes, I hear Kate tell you. So, that next moment. The moment was when consciousness would sink into the darkness without knowing what had happened.