Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1237: Strong Enemies and Good Enemies and

Deep in "Dreamhole." The end of the engagement with the odd brave Kate, who was on the fiftieth floor underground. The instant consciousness is dimmed when defeat is suffered by a difference in strength until overwhelming. but it was the cold water he bathed before he entered here that woke him up like that.


Cold water was really good cold water. So moments jump unexpectedly. and one of the Sakahara family members, who had refrained from going left or right at the entrance to this' Dreamhole ', laughs and speaks to him as he jumped.

"Hey, you awake?

"Oh... hmm?

I feel uncomfortable in my stomach for a moment, nodding at the words of my family. Sure, I should have gotten an unquestioned blow from that 'brave' kite, but everything else, including the fine scratches, was completely healed.

Furthermore, the feeling of fatigue is completely cloud-sprayed. There is no residue of any kind. It was as if all the fighting in this was even a dream. and inquired as his family offered him a hand tufted look for such an incredible moment.

"You look like you're stuck in a fox. Are you new here?

"Oh, oh... I dived for the first time today"

"Right. Then that's what this" Dreamhole "is. I'm guessing it's not a proper dream or an illusion, because the escaped guy's belongings are intact."

The family laughed and explained that to the moment. And, the moment I get that explanation, I try to open the sachet I used in "Dreamsinus".

There were some tools still in there, and they were messed up with the tools he had originally taken. It should be noted that even if you say that it was left behind, it is not enough to take the recovering pills, etc. All expensive items such as weapons were confiscated. I guess that means punishment for the defeated.

That said, if this is a tougher labyrinth (dungeon), it would be death anyway. It would be called a species just because there was life. I could do all that training. Given the inexorable experience of money, it was instantly felt that it was not enough to take a magical silver (misril) sword. And the family inquired against him, who had managed to realize that that was the case.

"So, newbie. How many floors did you get to?

"Hmm? Oh, was this left too..."

The instant I noticed "The Ring of Revelation", which was embedded in my right hand finger in the words of my family. Apparently, this wasn't lost either. but the map had been lost. Apparently, I have to get that one back at a time. So, for a moment, I'll use the ring to make sure. When I saw it, there was an indication of 'fifty'.

"Fifty floors. The boss gave me a hard time."

"Ho... that's a good arm in there. There's no one early who's a beginner and can get there. Recently here..."

"Isn't that about the trespasser just now? Didn't you just say that, the guys who took over?

"That's the place. That's a lot of work today."

The families of the Sakahara family laugh and admire their instant arms. Apparently, that's so rare. That said, no breakthrough has been made. The moment was also ninety-nine of a hundred.

and again in front of them like that, the space is ripped open and people are spit out. Well, you may not have to tell me, but that was Al and the others. Apparently, almost everyone suffered defeat at the same time.


An instant rushed over to Lil, who was falling to the ground and losing consciousness. and she woke up just a little shaken up that way. Apparently, you don't have to puff cold water to wake up normally. If I asked you later, it would be disturbing if you could sleep here until hours, and I am waking you up with water because it is troublesome.

"... moments? This place..."

Again, she also looks like she was stuck in a fox with her and looks around. Exactly like a dream. Because of the strange situation that is shameless in the name of "Dreamhole", even if you can understand the loss the first time, you can't swallow the status quo from your own situation, which is fully recovered. It was about patience until I got used to it.

"Outside. I hear you lost too."


With that said, I remember what happened to Lil. So I stood up with an instant hand. It should be noted that in the meantime Al and Rufaus were also watered and blinded. So Al shrugged a little sorry.

"Uh... I lost"

"... that, it seems. Even if..."

Rufaus tilts his neck, understanding that he was defeated from his situation as well as Al. That's how he groaned with a little remorse.

"Why did His Excellency the Knights Commander...?

"The Knight Commander?

Moments tilt their necks at Rufaus' twinkles. The boss on the fiftieth floor where he fought was an illusion that mimicked his former kite. and Rufaus tilts his neck at the question of such a moment.


"Ah, oh. No, this was Kite."

"Hmm? I was His Excellency the Knights Commander, who is making me greet you in the diocese... Alphonse, what about you?

Rufaus asks Al as he wipes all parts of his body with the hand plush he receives. And Al answered with surprise.

"Me too, it's Kite. Even so, I don't know if it's okay to say him... but what about your sister?

"Yes, this was Lord Kite."

"... am I the only one who's different"

Rufaus understands that Al and Lil speak differently. And the family of the Sakahara family, who was listening to the conversation, laughed and told me.

"All of you, have you reached the fiftieth floor? Then let me tell you something. From the hierarchy over there, a shadow of someone you think is a mighty enemy is projected and appears as the boss. Of course, there are many cases where strength has been dropped accordingly. So the boss can never be one type."

"Oh, so..."

The more the four, the more convinced I am. There have been several divisions of bosses in the hierarchy so far, but some regularity and type were nevertheless established. It was a late question.

Rufaus does also think that Kate is a strong man, but he doesn't know his true strength, so he imagines what he knows about the Knights Commander - apart from Ludwig, of course - and that's why he showed up as the boss.

In contrast, the three of us instantly know who Kate is. I guess that's why Kite showed up over there. If this was Alice, there was also the possibility of Rufaus showing up over there. That's what it is, he says.

"Well... we didn't reach the boulder to the hundredth floor either, so I don't know the details. but no one knows how the boss will be chosen after the fiftieth floor, he said. For example, you and I may be chosen, and Lord Karin may be chosen. But basically, when it's on the fiftieth floor, people close to him are often chosen."

In the words of my family, I understand that we are kites. Well, this is correct, but in the instant it was actually a coincidence.

Al could have had other Rufaus chosen - and vice versa - and for a moment there could have been a cou furin out there that he called his mentor. That said, there are not many options. No wonder the boss was the same.

"Whatever it is, congratulations on reaching the fiftieth floor. If you were able to reach the fiftieth floor, you can often get a discount there if you show that ring at the city store. You should take advantage of it."

"Besides, it's already a good time. You'll get cheap booze or something."

The families of the Sakahara family teach the unique customs of the city to the moments that they are novices with laughter. Apparently, if you show me this ring, I can get you a discount according to the hierarchy.

It should be noted that no one said anything at this time, but the Hundred Tier Traitor, said to be a total trampler, will also receive something like a permanent free ticket. I'm guessing this is a special measure for this city to flourish in Dreamhole. And aside from that. The moment they told me about time, I dropped my eyes on the clock that each of them had.

"... is this already the time"

If you noticed, nearly five hours had passed since the infiltration began. That said, it's five hours on the fiftieth floor. Since we entered at approximately 11: 00, it can be said that the time is now slightly around 16: 00.

Given the difficulty of "Dreamsinus", which was finally reached instantaneously, and the fact that it joins us everywhere, we may consider it a reasonably rather unusual pace.

"Whoa... will people come out again? It's time for you to go. If you stay there long enough, you'll get in the way. Hand tufted returns are that way. If you want to take a bath, say it there."

"Softly...... thank you"

The moment I thank the families of the Sakahara family, I take them together and start walking. I'm not tired, but still after the fight. I didn't feel like moving from now on. As such, returning the hand-tuffed clothes at the designated location of the Sakahara family will return them to the given area.

And once they separated and changed into indoor clothes and went to the place given to the upper level of the adventure department, Sola and the others had already gathered to talk about things. Apparently, Kite didn't end up in there, usually sitting there.

"Hmm? Hey, senior. Are we done here?

"Oh. Well... I could get to the fiftieth floor... but that was the limit"

The moment sits back in the seat recommended to him as he answers Sora's query. That's how Sora asks the moment she sits down.

"Fifty...... I thought it was bad?

"Oh...... it was so lame to get that far. Instead of that, you're just lucky you got there."

"I guess that is. Near that hierarchy, it's an area where miscellaneous fish can't be called miscellaneous fish. A moment of alarm can't lead to death."

Kate agrees again the moment she tells her honesty without hiding it. He's just not infiltrated this time, he's been in it many times. And he is also taught to be a complete trespasser. That's why Kate asked instantly, laughing.

"So, who said it was fifty?

"It's you. Al and Lil, let's do it."

"Me? That's sad."

Kite laughs at the instant answer, laughing that it has no choice. I know exactly what I can't beat if it's a dead copy because it's my own business. That said, only the two of us can tell that conversation on this occasion. So naturally, the question flew from Sola.

"Out of the way?

"Oh, from the boss on the fiftieth floor, a person is chosen who I think is a strong enemy. Of course, it's a dead copy projected by the cave that read the image, not the real one. They use decent moves because they're not demons, and they build tactics and strategies to fight. Different digits of combat power than before."

As someone who once broke through, Kate gives you as much information as she can tell you. Nothing. There's no point in hiding this extent. Sure, only about one in a hundred people has broken through the turning point, but those who can reach it will be there.

If you're lucky at all, you can reach it in an instant. It also means that even adventurers can reach enough if they are equipped with either talent or experience at Rank B. So this was information that was usually out there. If you're from a city involved with the Sakahara family, most of you probably know it.

"Heh... so you're kite... hmm? I don't like it."

I look at Kite's face like I was convinced that it was Sola, but I got doubts about it.

"You did step on it, didn't you?

"Oh, for once, you know what's at the bottom."

I also admit that Kite is firmly committed to Sola's inquiry and is treading to the end. It seems that we know why this is all around us, because when those who tread a hundred floors show up, just like when they tread on the fiftieth floor, a different phenomenon occurs at the time of escape than before. Doesn't seem like it would be flashy or anything, but it seems to be a different phenomenon from the fiftieth floor. And, like that, he laughs and makes a clear statement.

"I'm telling you, you're not gonna tell me, are you? Go yourself."

"No, that's good. I'd like to go myself... but I'm not. Who the hell are you?


Sure, that bothers me. What is said to be the most powerful thing in this world is kite. That's who he thinks is the strong enemy. I even cared for it as a moment. Therefore he also embarked slightly. To those two, Kate laughs unexpectedly.

"Ha ha. In my case, or..."

In his nostalgia, Kate remembers the "Dreamhole" that went in a long time ago. That's how I saw it: bright red hair.

"Lord Dachi, you were. I knew he was strong."

Kate remembers her old friend in nostalgia. A lifelong friend who has mixed fists and blades many times in the past world and trained them together. He was my biggest and strongest enemy.

"Strong? As strong as you say?

"Oh. Strong... the only one who can fight each other for real with me is about him. Only he can fight me. I guess we'll end up with a cross counter."

I guess it's because I missed it. Influenced by 'the other kite' sleeping in kite, kite mouths like that. Besides, Sola and the others accidentally circled their eyes. That is also Tina. She therefore inquired.

"What, that's... I've never heard of anything else."

"Hmm? Ah, haha. That's right. No, I'm sorry. Forget it."

It's natural not to know that. Anyway, Kite, we've never met before. 'The Other Kite' just knows. Therefore, Kate also scratched her head in a lit manner and decided to leave it yew free. but that doesn't wholesale the inquirer.

"Hmm...? Well, good... there's a reason. Who is it?"

"Right... I don't even know where you are. It's a little rotten edge, I just know it in a weird way. Probably in a completely different world than Earth or Enefia."

Ji, and Tina stare into Kate's eyes and confirm the authenticity of the matter. but there are no lies in this. So Tina is convinced of this word, too.

"Hmm... why don't you tell me a lie? Well, in the case of the Lord, is it any wonder that you've been through strange things... but in a different world..."

After all, there are likely to be many enemies in the other world that are beyond my control. Tina thinks so. To her like that, Kate just laughed and whined a little.

"... you'll meet him sometime, sometime. I'm a loser... but I can't beat him. That's what rivals are for."

Rarely does kite roll blood, not as a warrior, just as a single boy. As such, when I saw such a rare kite, I realized that all of them had enemies in the kite.