Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1238: The Transmitters Now

Just a little bit, time goes back. It was when the Moments were infiltrating the Dreamhole. When Kate said, she was coming to a meeting with the head of the Sakahara family as a token of courtesy with the lights. After being guided by Yamato, however, the family of the Sakahara family took their place, and they were passed into a tatami room about the size of the banquet hall.

"Ha... it's huge"

"Between the eyes of the Lord. Sometimes hundreds meet together."

I've seen the surprise in the lights before, and Kate remembers what happened at the time. The Sakahara family is world-famous as the home of one of its original members, as well as the famous Takeshi family in Nakatsu.

So sometimes they have dozens of guests, and when those people get together, they will inevitably need a room of this size.

"So, what kind of man is the Lord?

"Whatever, hey... well, all I can say is big guy"

Kate relies on her memory of 300 years ago to recall the head of the Sakahara family. It would have been easy to talk here if I had known Karin's father-in-law, Boom Iron, but unfortunately that person is dead a little over 300 years ago. So naturally, I don't.

"Hmmm...... a fancy guy?

"It's not like that. Well, that's for your brother. Karin's father...... No, in this case this one will also be my father, so you're my stepfather. Boom iron was a very luxurious personality..."

Kate thinks about what to say with a little trouble. Though he was the master of this Sakahara family, he was the father of Karin's fruit, and the brother of her father-in-law, Boom Iron. Karin was adopted by her uncle, to say the least.

In the wake of the loss of Eight Flowers, he decided to manage the remaining Eight Flowers, and his brother was on a journey to find the remaining Eight Flowers. And the family of the Sakahara family came to me where we were talking about that.

"Excuse me. Please wait a while longer. Apparently, the 50th floor trespasser hasn't been out in a long time. as the duty of the Lord, and"

"Really? I congratulate you on that. Even for me, the emergence of skilled martial arts artists in this day and age is a delight. There's nothing wrong with being late."

Kate gave her permission that she had no choice in what her family said. I'm not in a hurry either. And the fiftieth floor trespassers rarely leave. It was no surprise that the Lord spoke to you immediately. That said, it's unknown to the landlord to keep it handy and shabby. So he was bringing me booze.

"Please drink this one and wait. Later, I'll let you bring the dishes too..."

"Hey, it's not a good idea. Thank you very much."

Kate decides to gratefully accept the offer of her family and accepts the virtue. So I turned around and poured it into the light.

"Is it good?

"Yi Yi's. I told you to drink this and wait. I'm not angry because I drank... and I don't think Mr. Lantern would get drunk to this extent."

"Well, I'm not drunk...... wow. This is an amazing fine drink."

Because of the light, mouth the poured liquor and unwittingly round your eyes. Apparently, he was pretty good. The owner is in a hurry and delays while we keep him in the room. I guess this degree was normal.

Nevertheless, she, who is drinking to it, was also a daring thing in her. And after waiting for a while like that, soon the dishes of liquor - grilled fish miso - will be brought to you, and some more time will pass.

"Guests. Your Lord will be here soon."

"Oh, I get it. Thank you for waiting."

When Kate snorts at the words of the Sakahara family, she becomes just a little more familiar. Besides, the lights were all in order to get familiar, and a man in a kimono opened up in the room.

"Oh, this is Lord Kite. Long time no see. Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't know trespassers would come out at this time..."

"No, I'm sorry this is a sudden visit. Isn't that a good thing for that? Oh, yeah. Goken Palace. I'm sorry I haven't seen you for so long. but apparently I'm relieved that you're looking magnificent too"

It was the bearer of a body like a cunt who came and sat down in front of Kite. The actual age is already close to 600, but the apparent age is in the 40s. He was the current head of the Sakahara family, Gang-ken Sakahara.

"Hey, it fits when it's time for a boulder. You can't beat the annual wave. My brothers have grown up well, and my son has good skills inside. I thought it was time to give up the trail."

"Ha ha. If you say you can't beat the annual wave that stops at your body, you won't stand to see the other old men. You're still active."

For now, everything comes from the social dictionary. So we exchange a little social dictionary. Although it is this rigid fist with a body like the one in the Xu, it is not a painful personality.

He was an easy person to touch because he would make jokes that are normally uncomfortable. So he laughed and spoke to the lights where he was closing his mouth because he was saying hello.

"And... no, I'm sorry to leave your lady alone. I am Sakahara's current owner and I call him Gang-ken. I need you to know me."

"Thank you. I'm a teacher at Tensakura School, in Mitsubishi Lantern. If I could, either the principal or the head teacher should have come..."

"No, no. I have asked the boulders how old you are. If it's that year in humans, it can even travel. Come to Yuji. That doesn't make any sense. As a representative, you can come and say hello."

"Thank you"

The lamp expresses its gratitude to Gang-ken for his permission. Neither Principal Sakurada nor the head teacher have come here this time as she was here. This was done by Kate with her proper permission, and Gang-ju admits it properly. Still, because Principal Sakurada said that he would come with me in the light, Kite offered a compromise.

Fortunately, the light is close to my sister-in-law for Kate. Position is pseudo close but treated on par with the McDawell family. That is also the existence of a position close to kite. Inside, this was still possible. So when I accepted the apology in the light, Gang-ken decided to go back to the chatter.

"Even so... much. Well, I've changed my appearance. I was going to raise my arm too..."

"I was blessed with a good master. person or someone who is a Musashi teacher and is said to be Kensei. You, or the kind of girl who can empty a wind hole in my earthen belly. They were both amazing martial artists."

"Oh, what is that?"

Rigid fist opened his eyes to words from Kate. He knows Kite from that time 300 years ago. Therefore, we also know its power. And how difficult it was to vacate the wind hole was a visible story. Of course, I know the skill of Musashi, so I didn't even have to think about the skill of a swordsman who said Kensei.

"Which one, would you like to match?"

"Ha ha. My lord, it's nothing like what we talked about earlier. I've been told I can't beat the wave of the year."

"No, no, even if you can't beat the wave of the year you're probably really stopping by, it's just not going to change this personality"

Gang-ken gets up laughing. After all, he is the master of the Takeshi Gate. Speaking of greetings, how did this happen? So Kate decides to snort one in the light and evade her.

"Mr. Light. Just a little, stay away from me."

"Yes, sir."

Apparently, this is the kind of person who also understood in the lights. Therefore, the family of the Sakahara family is guided into the lantern and moved to a safe place. After that is how her safety is ensured, Kite rings her neck, waves her hand, and performs just a little prep exercise. That said, I'm free in the meantime. So Kate opened her mouth at the same time.

"You are sophisticated."

"Ha ha. I won't take Dada to the head of the Sakahara family. If you deal with your Guests three times a day, it's natural."

"Is the Sakahara family the same?"

"Haha. I'm ashamed. We're out of common sense."

Rigid fists only slightly illuminate his mouth in words that seeped through Kite's twitch. I can also say that if we are so far militant, we are certainly out of common sense. The fact was a fact accident, it wasn't a lie that there was a little light. And, after such a brief chat, Gangfist bows his head.

"Well... now, excuse me"


Kite also responds with gratitude to Gang-ju, who bowed his head. This isn't a kill, it's the same setup as the previous militant tournament. It begins with thanks and ends with thanks. Thus, the next moment I thought they both bowed their heads at the same time, Gang-ken kicked the floor at a rate that was not commensurate with that giant.


Against the positive-fist thrust that left the sound untouched, Kate held it firmly in her naked eye. Gang-ken is still looking good. If you look at it from him at this speed, you can say hello instead, and that's the same as doing it with one hand checking like a mould archery in your daily training.

"... oh, I understood it was changing... but I didn't know we were going through this kind of change"

Gang-ken looked at Kate's arm and slightly opened his eyes. What Kate did, it's very easy. Against the positive fist thrust of Gang Fist, he shifted the track so that he could attach his hand as if it were soft. Gang-ken was so calm that he probably wouldn't have noticed that Kate's hand had been attached until the moment of discrepancy.

If you dare to say it by analogy, gently control rigidity. It was an act that embodied it better than anything else. In contrast, Kate smiled and shook her head.

"No way. Lord Gang-ken is just saying hello instead, so this is just the kind of thing I could do. That's about the same as your greeting 300 years ago. It will be far from all we can do."

"Haha. I'm relieved of this. I didn't doubt it... but I can't see how much. Now it's possible to say hello."

Gang-ken laughs at Kate's words and finally decides to do the original 'greeting'. That's how he takes a slight distance from Kite and sharpens his spirit.


The blow of the Rigid Fist from there even seemed to flow. What was unleashed was still a positive fist poke at this one. The first hand of his greeting is fixed with a positive fist poke. So nothing changes about there.

The difference is its streamliness and speed. If you want to compare the previous blow, you deserve the name of Gang Fist. In contrast, this one had softness in its strength, as well as a mixture of elements of soft fists that had completely lost their extra power, which I guess was even more extreme in 300 years.


Kite against it doesn't change what she does, either. That said, now it includes softness. You won't be able to simply distract the orbit where you left off with your current fist.

Therefore, he can now put a little effort into it. If the opponent has included Soft, this one includes Rigid. By balancing it, I was going to make it look like Aikido and prevent the fist of Gang Fist.

"Phew, ha, ha."

Rigid fist rolls out his fist as it flows. The fist was powerful by name, but at the same time the fruits of centuries of training had given it softness. Besides, kite just goes off track with the palm bottom. Thus, hundreds of fists were instantly exchanged, and in roughly a dozen seconds, the rigid fist stopped the fist.

"... hey, brilliant. It was like reading the wind."

"No, that's where the flow was like water. Things I could do because it's only my fist. I don't know what would have happened if I'd joined them."

Kate waves her head at the praise of Gang Fist and praises Gang Fist's movement. In the meantime, I could understand that neither arm was dull but powered up. And if you're comfortable with that, you're both done saying hello. So they sat back again and finally decided to get to the point.