Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1239: They're after you.

After finishing a match instead of greeting Sakahara's owner Gang-ken. Kate was talking to her opponent about her fist while drinking again. Basically, Gang Fist and Kate are still familiar, so it would be a muscle for Kate to carry out the story.

And even in the light, the opponent and the boulder are talking. She had a normal deceitful attitude, but she was smart but therefore knew exactly how to behave. It was therefore appropriately - in this case in the exact sense of the word - confined to the extent of hammering.

"Haha. Really? So, the mint guy..."

"Yeah, she seemed to have peeled back then, too. We've reached the eighty-five levels."

"Well, that would make sense. The moonflower guy was definitely... on the ninetieth floor, so I guess he thought he wouldn't be dressed if he didn't get there. By eighty, if you will."

"Haha. I guess so."

I also agree with Kate's words with a laugh of her fist. It was a discussion between the two of us, but when it came to this, the focus of the conversation was still on Wu. Either way, the contents of the lamp could not be exported.

"Even so, I'm still in a place called the Seventy Hierarchy... no, it's really scary after that"

"Ha ha. Well, that would be. After that, it's like hell. Especially beyond the ninetieth floor. I'll have to laugh now."

"Ha ha. It'll be as good as you can laugh at. You can't even laugh if you're a regular person."

"No, no. Outside, I have to laugh because I'm a regular person. I said I'd fly this far already."

"Hey... Still, in a regular person, you'll despair before you laugh"

Gang-ken laughed at Kate's words, preaching his logic. In the first place, the realm is whether it reaches Rank S or not at the fifty tier stage where the instantaneous reach is reached. Given that it was a turnaround as far as I could tell and hear it, no one could imagine what the hundred hierarchies said to be the lowest layers were. and speak as if Fu and Gang-ken remembered something because they were having such a conversation.

"Even so... we know what's at the bottom by deciphering ancient documents... is that a fact?

"Oh, is that it"

They say things that only two of us know. Besides, Kate accidentally zeroed her laugh.

"It's true. No, as I said earlier, the truth is, we're all going to laugh and go home."

"Ha ha. Was there more than three of you in the boulder?"

"Perhaps that's what they thought of her, Lord Hualin?

"No. Was it a prospect? According to her diary, there's a saying," Can you do it automatically? "

"Ha-ha-ha! I guess that is!

Kate laughed and nodded again at the words of Fun Gang Fist. Well, they didn't say anything because they know each other, but this is actually about Dreamhole. As a matter of fact, the touch that "Dreamhole" is all 100 tiers, but it was a bright red lie.

Rather than that, it just seems that way because the kites and the original members Hualin are returning there in full alignment, which was actually just a relay point there. Kite is also said to be a hundred tiers for this reason, but he only says so. The bottom floor is a hundred floors, and I haven't said it before.

That said, you're coming back on a hundred floors, so naturally, there's something there. Something like that, I dare say, was a place like a savepoint. Those who have made it this far will continue from here on out. So in fact, it seems that Kate went further and went as far as a hundred and twenty or so levels.

He gave up that he had trouble with the boulders after that, and that there was a limit to proceeding without replenishment as it is now. He of the boulder also said that it was a realm of folly and enlightenment to go any further after he had rushed down one hundred and twenty levels.

"Well, let's just say... that's one of the places I'd like to step in at some point. Ten years from now or twenty years from now... the dawn that perfectly extremes the divine shadow currents will be challenged there again"

"That's exciting"

Rigid fists smiled at Kite's words. Since Kite and the others entered together 300 years ago, there had been no Lux, no Ballantine, no reason, and the policies led by Kite and the others, such as the abolition of slavery, had begun to spread throughout the continent, and it had not been possible to take the time to put one's back into such a long "Dreamhole".

So I don't know how far I could go in their late years. but at least that's why there's only one thing I can say. It's a labyrinth (dungeon) that no one has ever broken.

Kite and I couldn't have been heartbroken when they said that. If so, and now all I had to do was come in for a full time. And that's why the lights asked Kite.

"Is that it? Bye, Kite. You don't want to come in this time?

"There isn't. The next time you go in, you decide to dominate them all."

"So you still don't think you can do it?


Kate remembers the one hundred and twenty levels she had once reached. When we reached that realm already, the strength of the demon barely changed. By analogy, if one level had ever risen from one level to the next, it would have felt like the level had reached the upper limit since the hundredth floor.

In a way, getting to this point brings me closer to the root comparison between the "Dreamhole" and the challenger. Therefore, even Kite at the time had a good chance of getting to the bottom tier if he did well. You can beat your enemies. but the question arises as to whether we can get to the end without cutting the stamina.

"... maybe I can go. But, well, we don't have enough time."

Kite has no choice but to flatter her shoulders. Perhaps it is still possible to tread at an immature stage. That's how Kate stood out. At that time, it was about 10 years ago as kite's elapsed time.

Compared to myself then and now, I can assure you that I am much stronger now. He was learning moves on Earth against him in the Enefia-era, who was somewhat biased in power. When you think about it, you'll go much lower on fuel than you did at that time. but still not finished. I guess it's going to be an act that I'm putting in a good rest.

"Is that so hard?

"Well, it's hard...... but it is. Bringing cherry blossoms to the boulder would be suspicious for me to go alone."

"Ah, uh..."

I couldn't help but be convinced by the lights. If we go in now, Kite also thinks we can probably step to the bottom between tomorrow's return. but that's the end of the day falls or there's no point in traveling.

The purpose of this kite is Yuji, or vacation. I'm here to flirt with Cherry Blossoms, but I didn't mean to go out of my way to get tired. It's just a good story if you want to get tired of flirting with them.

If it was anything, it would be good to rent out a room and love each other from morning to evening. There are many opponents. That can also be said to be a pleasure. but that's why I couldn't find any point in entering the 'Dreamhole' here.

"So. I'm here on a corner vacation, but I don't know what to do. I'll take the rest of the day off."

"That's what's important to martial arts artists."

"That would be the case"

Kate nodded at the words of Gang Fist. I'm on vacation this time. Training is still available to the extent that the arm is not dropped, but to that extent. Dare I say, it is no exaggeration to say that we are reviewing it. He's not like the moment. He's progressing to a certain extent. Then, after this, it was also important to review the back rather than rush forward. And keep that conversation going for a while. As I recall, I decided to get down to business.

"If you say so."

"What's wrong?

"No... this is about the thief Lord Kite informed us about."

That's how Gang-ken cuts out. Kate only urges the Sakahara family to draw attention through Karin. That's why I'll keep you posted. Plus I have an idea of keeping the two things that remain in kite. That's why Kite slightly corrects his posture.

"Oh, is it him...... and then did you grab something?

"Yeah. For now, after that, it looks like they were after participants in the tournament several times."

"Is that... true?

"Yes... a letter has been received from Lord Lantern Fire"

When Gang-ken said so, he took the light-fired paperwork out of his nose and offered it to Kite. This is what Karin brought.


Kate looks at the paperwork handed to her by Gang-ken for a while. And so I frowned.

"This is... Hmm..."

As far as we can confirm the number of people attacked, there are four. but there is still room to observe that this will not be the only one. Anyway, that clown is behind it. It would be easy enough to mislead the numbers.

That said, it can be inferred that it will not be a large number of people either. If there are too many, the boulders will find out. Although it's still good because the kites stumbled upon it now, to that extent.

If this wasn't the case, there was probably plenty of chance I hadn't noticed yet. Nevertheless, there are limits to boulders. It won't even double this max. Rigid fist mouths that area of concern to such a rare kite.

"... with swords, swords, spears..."

"Again, so what do you think?

"Yep... probably three or four left, think they're killed"

Gang-ken nodded at Kate's unspoken words. That's what I was thinking as a kite. Why they got the question is about the gain of those who were killed.

As a matter of fact, all of this weapon type matched "Hachihana" held by the Sakahara family. If so, there is no way that the possibility that "Hachihana" is being targeted was not taken into account.

"That said, there won't be anyone behind it who can use it. I can't use the dead you advised me to."


Kate works her head slightly on the words of Gang Fist. Indeed, it is possible to manipulate the dead with necromancy and use "eight flowers". but it was also visible that it would soon become unusable.

After all, it's "Back Eight Flowers" with an uninterrupted curse. Even if the metaphor is temporarily used, the body will soon be destroyed by a force to be said to be a rejection from the weapon. If you think about them in a composite way, you can't use them for long because you used a corpse to move them in necromancy. An hour at most. That would also be to the extent of the bodies taken at the qualifying tournament in which Kate participated. Keep the rest for half an hour, it's better.

"Right...... right. If it's behind it, I don't know what the purpose is. but then I don't know what it means to use dead people this time"

"Yeah...... but it doesn't matter if you're behind it. I can't let the body use that."

As well as earlier, Gang-ken makes it clear that there are no problems with "Back Eight Flowers (We Are)". If that bandit tried to use it, it would mean that it was a groundbreaking story.

No matter how hard he tries, he's not strong enough. It doesn't change there with the help of a metaphorical clown. Where they're after us, there won't be a problem. If there's a problem, it's the clown. Therefore, Kate points out there.

"That said... the clown is moving. What do you think about that?

"Is that... right. It's you, I'll reveal it."

Gang-ken thinks only a little and decides to reveal only a few secrets to Kite. And then, from here on out, I decided I should be able to turn in the Big Lady.

"Big deal."

"Yes, sir."

My family bows their heads as per Gang Fist's orders. Although it has already been mentioned, the Grand Lady is an elder, but at the same time she does not move on her own. Gang-ken is more than the dominant, he has a face.

So I didn't even attend this meeting, and I was meeting with Kuzha and the others who are also putting up kites in the back. That said, if that's what you need, then so be it. That's how the story got down to business.