In response to the words of the Death Warlords, Kite is headed to the graveyard of Sakahara's legendary daughter, Sakahara and Hanari. Since he could not give instructions to the Adventure Department due to the circumstances, leaving the residual group - rather than Sakura, Kuzha and his own family - to Tina, he had come to show his willingness to take only his partner Yuri to join Gang-ken.


"Oh, Lord Kite. Will you come with me?"

"Yep. They told me to come to the graveyard... that's nobody. It's for me. I mean, I'm the only one who's gonna have to go."

"... never mind"

We know that Gang Fist and this enemy are "Death Warlords." I also knew very well that Kate and Tina were the only ones who could win in this situation.

"... are you serious too"

"Right. I'd be serious if they came out on the rocks, too."

Next to Gang Fist. Karin stood in a special battle outfit that even Laelia's civil strife had never wrapped around. I guess she means it, too. The figure was luxurious but at the same time girly, and, above all, resided in a very powerful power.

This is the first time Kite has seen this since that final 300 years ago. She never used it, even though there had been a lot of fighting since then. Even the source line, that power. I knew it was a situation where I couldn't be alarmed at all.

"... what are we gonna do with your place?

"Let me be free. If the boulder commands me to be the brave one, there's nothing I can do."

"We weren't expecting this from a boulder, were we?"

"I can only say that."

Kate and Karin laugh at each other slightly mocking each other. I can't deny that there was a place where it became important first and foremost that we would feel safe because we had kites with each other. That said, this is not a natural story when it comes to nature.

The two people to be most alert to for the enemy are Kate and Tina. Even if those two are there at the same time and raid, that can only be, well, a failure. Metaphor. Even if you can win temporarily, as you do now, it's temporary. As long as you get your attitude back on track, it's over. And I know that with them. If you know what I mean, I guess it's the word 'wait in the cemetery'.

"I wish I could have brought the idiots..."

"Have you been drinking by now?"

"It's a boulder... more than half the troops are still in Maxwell..."

Kate agreed with Karin's words and sighed. This time, Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) was also on vacation. but the majority of them are not here.

I don't know if you're here for sightseeing or training, like the Adventure Department, but few people do that. Vacations are separated from vacations, and not many have anything to do with the Sakahara family.

Therefore, this time it was normally going into the hot springs over there or cooling down the drinking area. Probably hasn't even been able to deliver the case here yet. Besides, it's only a matter of hours before I can call you in now. No matter how hard I tried, I didn't make it.

"But I can't help it. At present, we are more of an interception unit than an old assault unit..."

"What the..."

To Yuri's point, Kate sighed. Above all, that's the best factor. The old kites used their mobility to attack the assault squad. You can call me a guerrilla.

So the number was irrelevant with a thousand people, and if it was more than that, the mobility would be sharpened the other way around, so it didn't make sense. And so we can still use it as a guerrilla squad, but there is one difference. That meant this was the better side to attack this time. We have to wait for them to attack us. Therefore, only the time lag was inevitable.

"Shh. Still, let's do what he can, that's why."

"Well, I guess I'll have to."

Yuri also agrees with Kate's words. And for that, they're together. I felt unbeatable in this state. There seemed to be no other love, and even while we were having a meaningful conversation, participants in the Pursuit Squad were gathered and the troops were in order. And she was in there.


"I'm coming, too."

"... let me ask you something. You know what I mean?

Kate asks Yayoi with a slight infiltration of anger and seriousness. And of course, she knows. And of course, I didn't mean to put any effort into kite.

"Oh, I know. Of course, I have no intention of coming forward... this is it, this is it"

When Yayoi said that, he took out the < >.

"All I can do is backwards. I won't answer anything before. I'm the only one who can keep my feet together."

"... you can't win, you can"

Kate showed total defeat by flaunting her shoulders. There are Alliance members of the Adventure Club who don't know anything but her, but therefore showed their sense of righteousness and showed their participation. It was decided to use it to support it and become a so-called buffer.

Sure, we know they can't beat the centered ones either, but they can fight against demons. I guess I was going to support you at all. From Kate's point of view, that's where I want you to stop too, but there's nothing I can do more than not reveal the situation poorly.

"Well, nobody's gonna wonder if you're in the back because you're using this, right?

"Do that. But if it's really dangerous, run away."

"It's okay. Women have many secrets, things that make them beautiful. I also have some tools to get away with it."

"That's reassuring. but..."

When Kate says so, she closes her eyes slightly and concentrates her consciousness. Thus three translucent pale butterflies were born.


Following Kate's orders, three butterflies float around Yayoi. At the beginning of the battle with the Death Warlords, they were given semi-permanent butterflies, just like Mel and Shea.

This one, though not semi-permanent, had the power to protect the subject as long as Kate had the power. Of course, this one can't be used unless Kate is someone she loves. but it is sufficient because it is used to protect it.

"It'll be a defensive wall in case. Use it well."

"Oh, thank you"

Yayoi gratefully accepts the three butterflies. I guess Kite won't be able to feel safe without doing this either. Good for you then. It's best if Kate fights with confidence. And that's where the moment came.

"Kite, me and Sola are on our way."


Kite also looks up to the boulder for this offer. If it is indeed a moment and a sola, well, you can handle dealing with Yoshiro and the others. but Yoshiro is the best at that, too. Monks can't do more than that. "Death Commander." It's not a dream again. It's the first person you shouldn't leave.

"... well, I don't think we can keep it down by ourselves either. But what I've been trying to fight earlier is that if we all bundle up, we can contain about one person. Besides, if you don't, it's about as possible to take command when crusading miscellaneous fish, right?


Kite thinks only slightly of Sola's offer. Surely what Sora says is not a mistake. If not just Sola, but Al, Rufaus, and Lil and the others fought in bundles, monks and soldiers didn't have any chance of winning. I can't do that, but if you let Adventure lead, the survival of other Alliance members will be higher. I guess they judged them too.

"... right"

Kate sees that Sola was left with a profit, and understands his readiness. A man puts his life at risk for his people. If so, it would also be good for you as a friend.

And either way, I can't give the Adventure Department instructions when Kite is focused on fighting the enemy. "Death Warlord" is not the one who can win by doing that. There's no Tina either. I was going to leave the command to Gang-ken, but if Sora and Moment are in charge, you're more at ease there. Gang Fist and overall command. I can't skip the detailed instructions.

"... ok. I'll leave the command of the Adventure Department to the two of you... but you know what I mean?

"Oh. He said he knew."

It was detectable to Kate that Sora was probably behaving quite temperamentally. For some reason, the tone was more obvious than usual, and that seeped cheerfulness to the point that it was a little too expensive to deal with a strong enemy.

"Well... then, if you don't have my instructions, follow Sola and a senior. Al, Lil, Rufaus. The same goes for the three of us."

"" Copy that. ""

Kate's instructions are accepted by the Adventure Department and the team. And that's how he skipped the instructions and Kate asked Rufaus.

"Rufaus, is Alice still here?

"Oh. I decided that was still an early opponent for Alice. I'm sorry, but let me leave you."

"That's good. Above all, you're the judge."

Kite acknowledges Rufaus' instructions as good. The two of them are outgoing groups from the Patriarchate. I have no authority to impose on Kite.

"Your lord. We're all set."

"Never mind...... I'll leave it to you later. Let's go!"

When Gang-ken receives Kite's report, he leaves it to his family to hang the order. Basically, it will be Karin that he takes command of the whole thing and fights on the front lines. Karin is much stronger in Karin and Gang-ken. But in command terms, Gang-ken is much higher. Doing so was the best decision I could make at the moment. As such, we decided to proceed towards the cemetery, which is a little north.

Well, about an hour from the raid. Twenty minutes would not have passed as travel time. By that time, the Pursuit Squad had made one of its original members to capture the graveyard of the Alliance < > 's first leader, Sakahara and Hualin.

It's basically an ancient graveyard. It wasn't like modern Japan. It was a pretty big thing. Of course, the tomb of a great ancestor had been properly maintained, and with the intent of "Death of the Sword", this place would not have been vandalized during that war. It is good to say that a thousand years ago the situation was left behind at the time. Therefore, it was in a slightly far-sighted state.

"Is that...?


Next to Sora opening her eyes in surprise, the moment mouths her candid thoughts. Certainly quite a huge scale for an individual's grave. No wonder now is the time for the Union to become an organization of all worlds and be said to be a great figure, but from that time on it was just a single guild master, which could be described as an anomaly as its tomb. To those two, Karin taught me a lot. We still have some time before we arrive. There must have been some point in relieving the tension.

"Dear Big Lady... He doesn't even know why the niece of" Sakahara/Hualin "let him build a grave of this size. All of a sudden, you order me to build a grave of this size."

"That means... you've been making this all your life?

"I see you are. This is the time when the Big Lady was born."

Karin tells the story she was hearing from the Big Lady. Apparently, the old lady was still young, so she didn't know the details. And it's good to say no to anyone in the modern Sakahara family at a time when she doesn't know. And that wasn't a limited story right now.

"The place, the way it was built, she's directing it. Therefore, no one in the Sakahara family knows the details. Not even known at the time. He wanted to keep it a secret. Inside, I would have relied on the fringe of the founders of the Union at the time to build it. Now, no one even knows what's inside."

Karin told me that in disdain. In fact, when she heard the clown say to come to the cemetery, she immediately made her way to the Grand Lady first. but even in this situation, the Big Lady didn't know anything, he made it clear. I mean, she really doesn't know either. And if so, there's no way to know.

"... so we doubt it. Why are you talking about coming to such a grave?"

We arranged the construction, and the Sakahara family that controls it doesn't know it. Why did the enemy bother to designate it there? Karin is surprised at that point. And that was a question we all had in common, if anyone knew the details of this cemetery.

Do you mean the enemy might know?

"I can't think about it..."

Karin looks at Sora's inquiry like she chewed up a bitter bug. Sure, it can't be. but it would be a story that is not normally possible. That said, that's the most likely thing. but then the source of the information is concerned.

"... ma, be careful. I'll come forward from here. Because most traps can be managed with the Devil's Eye. Whatever happens, I'll take care of it. You're just as good as before, if you're not helpless."



Sora and Moment nodded at Karin's encouragement and instructions. I have fought with her before. I knew that skill well. I'll just let you honestly rely on me. As such, while we were talking about it, we approached the cemetery and finally arrived.