Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1250: Sleep Once, Awakeners

Just a little bit, time goes back. When the kites were leaving Sakahara. The bandits and those who helped them came to some place in the cemetery.

"There it is! Right here!"

Bandits throw away all the doubts they had gained until earlier and expose their excitement by finding some kind of stone tablet in front of them. That was pretty old and mossy about not being taken care of for at least the last few hundred years.

"Oh, oh, this moss has grown... sorry, it's a great old stone tablet"

Bandits knife down moss that was happily covered with stone tablets. Words were the way I respected them, and there was no such thing as respecting them at all. but because it was necessary or something, there was the politeness that the hands scratching off moss with a knife were careful and did not scratch the stone tablet.


Removing the coarse moss, the bandit who exposed the stone tablet looks at the stone tablet again. That said, there was still the appearance that it had not been taken care of, and a great lack was seen. but there's nothing wrong with it. This world is a world of sorcery and magic. There were normal sorceries that could cope with degradation due to these changes over time.

"< >. Next, < >"

Bandits activate two magic tricks at the same time with familiar hands to restore the stone tablets to what they would have been installed hundreds of years ago. These two sorceries are fairly advanced sorceries, but as a result of training even every day since I set this goal in the same way as my notebook, I was able to use them normally even to his extent. It's all for a purpose ahead of us. It didn't even get as hard as hair to this extent.

"Good. Now I'll keep it for the time being"

The bandit sees the stone tablet that regained its appearance at the time, and the bandit fucking laughs at the formation of the synagogue. If you think of the magic you used earlier, you can think of it as a kind of magic that makes no change over time - of course, it's pseudo. The former is restored to normal and the latter is fixed for a certain amount of time.

Originally used in archaeology and so on to repair small objects about this stone tablet. You can think of it as a kind of magic to rewind what Kate and the others were talking about in Laelia. The degree of difficulty will remain to be seen. There's no point in laughing.

"Later -... Hey"

The bandit commands the eight dead men who made him carry the "Back Eight Flowers." Because of the good state of preservation, or because of the sorcery being exercised, the corpse was not in any way corrupt of what was bad because of its blood colour.

That said, the movement was still somewhat less than it had been in its lifetime, and even less self-conscious and spontaneous behavior was not seen. Dare I say, it was also close to the Golem.


When the bandits order the dead to do so, they give some instructions as they look at the stone tablet. Yoshiro and the others watched the series of flows behind them.

"Oh, no. I don't want to be."

Yoshiro enjoyed himself, but watched the dead just manipulated with pity somewhere. Well, this would have happened if he wasn't a regular person. It still didn't seem like a very good thing to be manipulated even after death.

"That said, it must be true that we have to do this."

"Hahaha! That's right. This is where it hurts us."

Yoshiro laughs a lot and agrees with Shinsuke's words. I don't think it's a good thing, but I can't help it if I don't do this.

"If you're poor, you blunt. He who drowns also grabs the straw. I want to make a deal with the devil."

"Oh... are we the Great Demon?"

The clown asks with a laugh at Yoshiro's smile. Indeed, according to information available to Kate, Yoshiro and the others have circumstances under which they are forced to cooperate with the Clowns, and hence the 'Death Generals'. And given their history, it would certainly have been odd to say so. The Great Demon is sometimes called Reaper.

"Ma... Buddha in hell. We've lived in hell."

"Oh, I'm not alive. I've lived another battlefield."

"Oops, no, I was... so, hey, little one, too. How many battles have you had?

"... because I was the one who created hell. In that sense, I'm not so different from you. It's Osaka from Shimahara... and unlike you, I can't say it's a ripped mouth."

Shinjiro just bows his head a little to Yoshiro's words. And in response to such remarks, Yoshiro also remembered a little about the history of the groom's arrival, and decided not to worry about it.

"Oh well. Even then, this is what happened... a lot. Well, that turned out to be funny. I wouldn't have lived that far either, but I would have liked to have seen it."

"Kaka! Hey, seriously. It would be a little funny if you had 10 years of life left in Hou Nong. I've come to rely on the old fringe of Nobunaga Mitsuhito. I just wanted to introduce you... and I'm sure you couldn't have done this either... No, it seems to be the most successful for some reason."


The groom seemed reluctant to be on the spot with some itchy face to his father's words. And against them so soothing, the bandits manipulating the dead would spend some time performing some ritual.

Now, the kites on the other side were coming to the cemetery of Sakahara and Hualin. But the first thing that surprised me was that no one was there.


Rigid fist accidentally runs his liver cold into the shadow of an invisible enemy when he reaches it. Nevertheless, this is not what is envisaged. It is the enemy's word. You can't really take it. That said, it's possible they're awkward if they don't obey more than they say. This was a decision that the enemy had no choice but to make.

"Hurry up and I'll take it back! All of you, line up."

"Wait, Dad! It feels like something has been unsealed under the grave!

"Under the grave!? Seal!?"

Gang-ju opened his eyes to Karin's report. It is with Gang-ken that he does not know what lies beneath the tomb of Sakahara and Huarin. That's why I didn't know there was a seal. Of course, I didn't know it was Karin. When I saw it with the devil's eye, I realized there was some discomfort in the tomb, and I noticed that the seal was torn open.


"I don't know yet! but there are only signs of graves being torn open!

Karin reports to Gang Fist as she looks around with her demon eye at Gang Fist inquiry. With that in mind, Gang-ken immediately skipped the instruction.

"General, hurry up and find any traces! But don't fail to be vigilant!

When Gang-ken says so, he immediately begins his search. But besides, kite opened her mouth. They're the ones who told me to come. If so, I thought I was leaving something for myself to know.


"What's up?

"That's it."

Ahead of where Kate pointed, there was one eggplant with chopsticks pierced in the shadow of the stone tablet. It was called an eggplant cow. That said, it was a culture that was not found in Nakatsu, a custom similar to Japan, and was not known to Gang-ken.

"What's that?

"An eggplant cow. It's a unique Japanese basin ornament. How's it going to be riding a cucumber horse and an eggplant cow? Karin, get around here, please."


When Karin receives Kite's request, she focuses on observing the neighborhood. And they found something. I abruptly supplement my eyes and keep a close eye on something. but it was also a while later she opened her mouth when she saw Yuri sitting on Kate's shoulder.

"Yuri, give me a hand"

"Yeah, what?

"There and there, you're a dent. There's a little gap on the edge there, so stick the demon thread in and pull it out."

"Okay, but why me?

"I'm not good at these details. You're surprisingly good at that."

"Surprisingly, I wonder what that means..."

Yuri, unacceptably but following Karin's instructions, knitted the demon thread and stuck it into part of the stone tablet. Then part of the stone tablet deformed as if it were light. Plus, Yuri blinks.

"Ah, deformed. Is this good?

"Maybe. Uh... is this how it happened? As good as it gets. How dare you stop the flow with this guy? I don't know."

Karin laughs as she sees the fallen fragments. What Yuri pulled out was something similar to the so-called 'Sucker Stone'. I haven't looked into the details, so I'm not sure, and I'm not thinking about it now.

But this was the cornerstone of some special force field, and even Karin's demonic eye was deceiving. There are limits to her demonic eyes. If you can spot something hidden like this, you have nowhere to deal with it.

"Do you know where your ancestors are? You've even fooled my demon eye."

"What if I'm laughing? Release it now."

"He always was. He was."

Karin rushes back to work on Gang-ken's words. Thus, when she snagged a little something in the hole where the fragments fell out, part of the cemetery made a noise and moved out before watching together. It was the entrance to the stairs leading to the basement.

"Something like this..."

Gang-ken looks at the tomb of his ancestors, where something he doesn't know was hidden, and unwittingly rounds his eyes. but shook his head immediately. The enemy has left a mark here, which means the enemy has preceded us here. I can't relax.

"All hands in!

Gang-ken simply hangs the decree. Besides, the warriors who have been sipping and watching go into the graveyard basement all at once.

"This is..."

"Rather than say the crypt basement...... the temple?

Yuri took over the end of Kate's words. Dasan is good with that. Japanese-style underground temple if you dare. There are even carefully painted birdhouses. Apparently there is some sort of treatment here as well magically, and I didn't see much weathering.

but there were those who were seen in their place. These are Yoshiro and the others. They all stood in front of a large door that seemed to follow further back. Even so, of course, I'm still wearing the hood.


Gang Fist absurds his voice. If you're just a bunch of thieves, you're not going to kill anything else. Fortunately, the victims have not been given the fact that the demons unique to Nakatsu are very strong, thanks to the fast action of Gangken et al. Not enough residents to die.

And he didn't intend to crusade without question because the victims were only the injured. Besides, I have to ask you something as the Sakahara owner. He therefore asks what should be asked.

"How do you know about this place? We didn't even know Sakahara was here, did we?

"Come on. I'm just asking my employer to help this bandit in the back."

"... hmm?

"Is that it?"

Kate and Yuri frown slightly at what they heard somewhere. To those two, Yoshiro smiled on his face under the hood.

"Yo, Admiral. It's been a few days?

"What...? No, that voice...... Lord Yoshiro!?

"Ooh, Admiral. Your booze was delicious."

Against the fun Yoshiro, Kate immediately turns her gaze to its left and right. That's how I found the three swordsmen lined up.

"No way, you..."

You're out of time, Lord Kite.


After Kate's gaze, Shinsuke and Shinjiro unload the hood. Now later, only two people still don't know their faces or their shapes.

"Again, you too..."

"Kite, that girl over there"

"!? You too!

Kate opened her eyes to Yuri's allegations. Naturally, there was a bar there.

"Crane... Was it"

"I'm sorry. That's the nickname he gave himself. Now I'm just calling myself Ba."

Ba apologizes to Kate. and Rigid Fist asked Kite how she looked familiar with him like that.

"You know him?

"I had a bath about yesterday. Apparently, he was playing tricks from the other side."

Kate pulls her cheeks slightly. I think I know what it's like to come all the way here and let them out just a little bit. And that's what he asks Yoshiro and the others.

I don't know why Yoshiro did it.

"Ha ha. Well, of course you do. The Japanese are here because of you. Isn't it normal to want to talk about it?"

That's how Yoshiro shuddered at Kite's inquiry. but it would have been about those who knew who Kate was that could tell this was a lie.

"Hmm... even so, Yikes. Yoshiro will be calling at all times. Don't you realize that's because it's the name of my brother and apprentice?


Yoshiro takes a good look at Kite laughing with pleasure and tells him so. but the told kite's side just flaunts his face. Of course, I don't know about Yoshiro with him.

And if I knew it, I'd notice it at the point of super money and water. Above all, it's proof that you're not aware of it. I couldn't imagine how much he would forget the face of a man like this.

"Whoa... Hiya, Admiral. You're the only one who admired me."

"... Kite, have you ever admired me?

"Well, I don't know. For once, I'm aiding you with memory magic, so I'm pretty sure you don't recognize me.

Kite is also surprised at Yuri's inquiry. Besides, Yoshiro has fun. And he'll give you information that Kite would know.

"Whoa... because of the eggplant... oh, maybe the Admiral didn't get it for me? Well, that's too bad. If you're reunited with me, the market is set for eggplant, right? Oh, or should I have been a spider? Sorry, spiders are creatures, so I can't prepare to go somewhere."

"Spider...? Ah..."

Kite's complexion turns blue all at once against the fun Yoshiro. He noticed something. And he snapped shaking.

"No, it can't be..."

"No, I am. Oh, Admiral. Next time you introduce me, keep four things instead of three that people can't do. Four, you're back from hell."

Yoshiro pleasantly tells him so. As such, he entertains his complaining.

"One, master killer. One, killing the Great Hall of Heaven. One, I burned down the Great Buddha in the East Grand Temple... how about that? Would you have remembered?

After listening to Yoshiro's three complains, the Adventure Department begins to have a twitch. I guess whoever found out about this was still there. Thus, when he heard it, Yoshiro named himself.

"Matsunaga Bullet Masaku-su:" Mamana Noodles and Hives ". I haven't been in Japan in 400 years, and I got over it. Strangers will know each other later. And I haven't responded to your request, but I will come before the Great Hall."

Matsunaga Kusu. That's what he named him. Yoshiro laughs and bows his head to Kite, who looks magnificent and bluish-faced by the great name of the Warring States.

Eggplant. That would be an excellent tea bowl called "Ninety-Nine Haired Eggplant" that Kusu supposedly offered Nobunaga Oda as a sign of his surrender. And the spider is probably about the "flat spider" that he blew up when he died himself.

If it's a reunion with Kate, or Nobunaga Oda's reincarnated body, there's no point in saying so. If he was Kusuhime, he would have definitely said so. Thus, the kites encountered Matsunaga Soo, who had risen from the past.