Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1251: The Resurrected from the Past

Kite and the others were coming to the cemetery of Sakahara and Huarin after the bandits and their collaborators who stole the "Back Eight Flowers (We Ha Na)" from Sakahara's house.

They were the ones who discovered and broke into the hidden entrance to the underground structure there, but it wasn't the Death Generals who waited for them like that, it was the mysterious Seven. And Yoshiro, one of them a wisdom bag, named himself this way.

"Matsunaga Bullet Masaku-su:" Mamana Noodles and Hives ". I haven't been in Japan in 400 years, and I'm over it."

"Kusu...? Is that it?

"Certainly warlords from the Warring States... right?

Naturally, if you are Japanese, the name of Matsunagasu would be known there. At least it is definitely better known than Shimazu Toyoshi, a momentary past. Therefore, around them, some blurring spreads. And when I hear the grudge, Gang-ken asks the blue kite. There was no special intent in this. but then kite had one, exhaled.

"Lord Kite. Did you know?"

"... oh. I know. Matsunagasu, a Japanese warlord."


Gang-ken sees Ku-soo with a niggered grin. That wasn't the end of it, though.

"400 years ago... a warlord who died himself in a time known as the Japanese Warring States"


"Oh, he's dead. That's for sure. No, it's suspicious to live in the modern age even if it's not certain"

Kate relies on her past memories to make it clear that Matsunagasu is dead.

"Hey? I did die then. But somehow, the clown brought me back to life... well, I was wondering if I even had a face to match your Admiral, but he woke me up because of it. I wanted to hang out with the Admiral, and this is what I came here to talk about."

"Ha... you're not coming with me. I'm me."

In Kusu's words, Kate makes it clear that she is herself. And, against such a kite, Sola inquired.

"You, you know him?

"I know you, or... No, I'm the first person I've ever met in a bee. But well... it's not the first time."

Kate answers in a way she doesn't know how to put it. And Kusu agrees.

"Right. Sure, this is the first time I've met your Admiral. So, it's a mistake. Then hey...... but it's not like I'm right. In that sense, Shimazu was reborn. It's causal."

Kusu looks at the moment with a laugh. The clown would naturally have seen what happened in Laeria's civil conflict in the meantime. If so, you understand that the moment is Shimazu-rich reincarnation.

"Cause and effect... I'm sorry, but I don't remember seeing you."

"Hahaha! Well, I guess so! Anyway, the power of the Admiral goes all the way to Kiuchi! It only arrived in the West when you were a monkey! Hey, in the next few years, if that monkey hadn't betrayed me, I might have seen him!

"You were dead before that. Well, he betrayed me before that."

"Hahaha! Hey, he was. He was! I was betraying you, Admiral. I don't think I betrayed you!

Kusu laughs a lot and agrees with Kate's scratch that shows her how frightened she is. Nobunaga Oda started invading Maori by attacking China just the year he died. I mean, before that, he was betraying me. Thus, Kusu narrowed his eyes in nostalgia, wiping tears that conveyed the end of his eyes.

"Oh, I miss you. Hey, Admiral. You... How is Nobunaga?

"I'm fine. Hey, you're fine. I'm furious."

"Ha ha. I bet. At that time, it must have been pretty cannibal..."

Kusu was feeling more angry than the inside of Kate. I was even relieved by that. I even felt relieved to understand that it had not changed. Thus, the Influencing Mages appear on their own, as they respond to their anger. It seems to have manifested itself semi-automatically because of the beginning of integration with Kite.

"Oh, this... are you with the traitor's golden citrus head to the vulture mouse? To Migawa's husband... Oh, this is Migoro Kanashida to the left. Are you rarely with me until the Takigawa River? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, I'm glad."

Kusu narrows his eyes to nostalgia when he sees the influential magicians who are about to be slashed. Being angry is a testament that they also recognized themselves as companions. There was no way I wasn't happy with him for betraying me. And, to those words, Sora pulled her cheeks. Give me this far and I'll know everything about Kate's past life.

"... No way, your past life..."

"Oh, Nobunaga Oda Mae Rightfu. That reincarnation."


Sounds like Sola's a donkey to this too. Nobunaga Oda will not be known to the Japanese. And in retrospect, there are so many similarities. Sexual roots were similar. And so it must have been easy for Kusu to understand that Kate was also Nobunaga's rebirth.

"Ha ha. Well, that's what I mean there. On the raven and on the corner..."

Kate laughs at how Sola is doing, but turns back to Kusu. From here on out, it wasn't my turn to leave. This is a prick to be attached to in the past. That's how the flames cover up Kite's body.

"... Noh, Kusu"

The sound of Kate disappearing in the flames transforms. That's how his figure transformed into a crimson cloak in Nambarian armor. It was itself supposedly used by the famous Nobunaga Oda.

"Yo, Admiral. I'm sorry."

It fits when I hear Kusu's apology or not, and the gunshot sounds.

"On two occasions, Noun pardoned the treachery of his Lord. but I won't forgive you three times."


To Nobunaga's words, Kusu just narrows his eyes. But only he, his surroundings, and some fierce men could do that. As was the case with abundance, Nobunaga now resides in the most powerful class of flesh in the world: Kate.

Therefore, it was the demon king of the sixth day of its pressures and authenticity. No, considering he was more than God's fighting power, it was even more than that.

"Yes. So, good. You're sweet. Too sweet."

Like a fiery fire. Seeing Nobunaga's furious appearance, Kusu nodded comfortably. It is a fact that Nobunaga is sweet. Numerous harsh feats are passed down, and hence they are considered terrible figures in future generations, but in fact there is probably no sweeter figure than him in the warlords of this era. but the intensity of the moment when its simultaneous sweetness disappears is also unparalleled.

"Hey, you two. I'll give it to you next time. Give it to me. I'm the only one who sees the Admiral in the boulder."

Watching Nobunaga put up the demon gun, Kusu also took the demon gun in his hand again. I don't care what you think. You'll have to deal with yourself in this situation anymore. Besides, Shinsuke sighed.

"Ha... I have no choice. Besides, I found a funny kid."


"Ka. Don't be filial for once."

"... I think I did quite a bit"


In response to the silent pressure of the groom, Shinsuke just laughs like an arm pressed against a warm curtain. Besides, Shinjiro has no choice but to give in, although he is a little dissatisfied.

"Ha... well, I have someone else I want to fight too, so let's do that"

"Um, I'm blessed to have a filial son... hmm? What else did you want to fight for?"

"Yeah, well. It will be a workout until the parents arrive."

When the groom says so, he looks to Yamato. Besides, Yamato seems to understand that he's looking at this one.

"Ho... that one. Non had nothing to do with it... but give it up once."

"If I'm going to end it,"

"Ka. Why don't you just joke about it?"

When Shinsuke says so with a laugh, he looks at the interesting opponent he has identified. Somehow, it was Fujido.


I don't even know why Fujido is interested in me. I don't know, but at least I understood that I was targeted.

"Well... that's where it's decided. It's time, let's do it. Hey, I'm not boring you with anything else. Let me set you up."

Kusu laughs. As such, Nobunaga and I were to begin a spectacular meeting.

Well, next to Nobunaga and Kusu, who started a spectacular meeting. Behind the source and monks who mingled with the myriad demons that emerged from somewhere and cut into the Gang Fists. There was still one woman standing alongside the bar. Pa asks such a woman.

"Lord Kashin. What will happen to your platform?

"Well... it was expected that the Great Hall would be there. If so... I thought I'd turn to your follow-ups, just like those who fight behind the other side, as I originally intended."

The woman called the fruit heart seemed a little troubled, so she sees Nobunaga and Kusu having a spectacular meeting in a fun way. It seemed frightened and even happy.

"And, well. Behind that if I'm meant to be. We can't move forward properly."

"Really? I'm going to ring a bow here and intercept the enemy, but be careful with that one."

"Yes, then."

The fruit heart nods quietly to Bar's words and unfolds illusions. That is the phantom of hundreds of armored warriors. but it was actually an offensive phantom.

"Coming! All hands, start responding!

Gang-kun, who had stopped the Monk Monk Warrior, sees the Phantom Armored Warrior and sends instructions to everyone. I didn't expect it to end to this extent. And that's just an indication. You don't have to get lost. It was nowhere. Thus, hiding in its shadow, the heart of the fruit begins to move as it circles behind the faction of the Gang Fists.

"Ya-chan, you can go"

The rear end of such a faction. Further behind the adventure club. There, Yayoi had the < >.

"Uhm. If those born and raised in the Sun Book have fallen into the wrong way, it must be right for us."

"Well, I'll do it."

With the consent of Bajiu Wu, Yayong raised the < > Soul Sword of the Cloth Du (only two occasional swords) > and emitted light. When it illuminated the mirror raised by Hachinoku, its reflection illuminated all parts of this underground temple. With that in mind, Sola begins her command.

"Good! All Adventure Department members form a formation around Kagurasaka for now! One senior! Senior Fujido and the enemy's stop, please!

"Oh! Fujido, you really don't know!

"Oh, I don't know!

Fujido unequivocally affirms in the inquiry of the moment. At the end of that gaze was the figure of Shinsuke walking slowly. I don't know if it's Shinjiro or Shinsuke we're dealing with, but at least I know who this guy can't stand on his own.

Therefore, I did not intend to fight with any dignity. Regrettably, that's the reality. but they're still, like, one step short. No, it's not two or three steps enough, instead of one.

"< >"

Out of nowhere, the voice of the fruit heart echoes. She snuck up on the side of the Adventure Department while hiding Shinsuke, where she developed her magic.

Nevertheless, it is not magic to do anything in particular. He simply said he didn't want to be disturbed, so he let the fog get in so that reinforcements wouldn't come from outside. Just between adventure clubs, we can provide regular support.

"Huh! Fog!? Are you all right?

"Ugh! Yayoi!

Sora understood that in this case it would be best to ask Yayoi for help. And when she also understood that the situation was during enemy surgery, she was moving instantly.

"I know! Ya-chan!

"Uhm! No fog to this extent, it's pointless before me!

With further backup from Yayoi, Bajiwu becomes huge all at once to about an adult male. This fog is a fog of sorcery. I'm with Sho's illusion. but it's hard for the adventure department face to break alone from the power of the opponent. If so, it would be best to ask Hachi Wu. In this way, the immense Bajiwu illuminates its surroundings with even more powerful light.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

With the roar of the eight nearby whales, the fog clears up. Thus the figure of the heart of the fruit hidden in the illusion was exposed before the same. but apparently it was supposed to be for her. He smiled gracefully, without any particular surprise or haste.

"Maiyoko!? Awkward!"

Sora sees us instantly in the heart of the fruit that appears directly beside our formation. but there is also a stage of engagement with the front line in the next few steps, slowly though Shinsuke is also starting to increase his speed. There won't be a few more reprieves. It was unlikely that the formation could be reconstituted. If so, then there is no choice, so Sola quickly finds out what else she can ask for.

"Senior Ayazaki! Please come over there with me!

"Oh, okay! Mountain Shore! You take command of the whole thing! Sunset, follow me!



This is the situation with the boulders. Sho also understood that all the adventure clubs had to come forward. Originally in this case, cherry blossoms, Mizuki trees, and superior conductors are holding me back, but this time the majority of the women remain when they hear what Kate wants. Therefore, Sho also understood that he had to do it.

"Oh, oh... scary scary"

Fruitheart looked at the Solas who stood before him and smiled lusciously against the words. Again, she is not. And her purpose is not theirs. It's even deeper. Nevertheless, when you get stuck, you have to stop. She dares to be supportive. I'm not good at melee combat.

"... I don't want to raise my hand to a woman... do you have some errands?

Sora asks that to her heart. Again, even with him, it's hard to kill women against each other. Therefore, it was an arithmetic of buying time, stopping, or capturing to do something about it.

"I don't think you have any business..."

"... to?


The fruit heart gained a slight surprise at Sola, who captured her slight verbal buttocks and gained discomfort. He thought it might be surprisingly clever. but I didn't have time to figure that out. That's why Hachinoku flew in.

"Woman, I mean Japanese, but why do you do this?"

"Oh... what an eye-catcher you are... why, for some reason, I can only say. I can't even tell you why."


Hachinoku finds himself in response, but that's all. The fruit heart did not appear to flinch at all. So it was the hearts and minds that started the action first.

"Now enjoy my illusion for a moment"

When the fruit heart said so, it again took the curse out of nowhere. Even so, apparently, it's not disposable, it's for an assistant magician. I never threw it or anything. In that way, the Adventure Department was to begin a battle between Shinsuke and Kuchi.