Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1253: Resurrected from the Past - 3

From when Fujido will spit blood out of his mouth, only a little bit goes back. A short distance from Yamato's Engagement Area, the Engagement Area of the Adventure Department. There, two people, Fruit Heart and Shinsuke, were relative to the Adventure Department.

"Hmmm...... no, it's really brilliant"

Shinsuke nodded as impressed as he saw the illusion of fruit heart rolling out. There is nothing wrong with the illusion created by the fruit heart. It's merely a matter of a virgin dancing and dancing. It's not just a girl, though, it's a girl with a sword. It was dancing and dancing.


And against such a new suke, the moment attacked once and for all. He also knows that the opponent is superior to himself. If this is not the case, I would like to use < >, but I cannot say otherwise.

Besides, there is more support this time than during the civil conflict in La area. Speaking of not having to use moves that I dare to risk a runoff, I can also say that I didn't. but still not the one to be caught off guard and win. Therefore, I have been using < > since the beginning.

"Hmm, the Lord is a little more forthright."

In response to such moments, Shinsuke identifies and evades the spear muscle without seeing it. There was nothing to say about this level.


An instant surprises me that I didn't even look at it, but I avoided it, and I spotted it even in the direction of my battle. but the surprise never blunted his hand. Therefore, he leads the attack on the payoff as it were.


"Ooh, I guess so. The scariest thing about spears is their nagging. The spike is straight line. The nagging blow scares me. Um, I have a good understanding of weapons."



In response to Shinsuke, who avoided the nagi payment just by taking a step back, Xiang immediately offers his support. This is not a game. Kill each other. No cowardice or anything.

Sho therefore immediately created more than a dozen identities to surround Shinsuke's surroundings. There is, of course, a demon gun in my hand. Seeing such countless identities, Shinsuke laughed with pleasure.

"Oh, was the Lord something of a public secret? I'm going to ask you to give me a hand in the old body preparation exercise."

Shinsuke avoids everything in a light state after simultaneously firing a demon gun. There was no stray whatsoever in its appearance, even the appearance of really light exercise.

"Well, I guess not! I knew it!

Seeing Shinsuke like that, moments are natural, and he invests in his body again. I let Sho support me in the first place because I understood that I couldn't win head-on battles. Nothing. I don't think I can finish this off.

"Red Wings! Give me backup!

"Okay! Fujido, one! Don't hit both of them!



Fujido attacks with moments. Then, from behind, the red wings use bows and arrows to start covering.

"Let's go!


Moments and Fujido nodded, kicking straight into the ground and into the rain of the demon bullet that Xiang emitted. The rain of this demon bullet is controlled by Sho. Therefore, in the unlikely event of a direct hit, he is also trained to wipe out properly, and there is no problem.

"Ka. Good. Give me a hand in the preparation exercise."

In response to such moments, Shinsuke enjoys himself. It even seemed as though it had not come through intentionally.


Shinsuke looks forward to seeing moments coming in from left to right. Momentum is momentum. Fujido if you're skilled. Shinsuke was spotting the difference between the two in an instant.

"About two breaths, don't stray. Hmm."

First of all, it's still an instant that I set it up for the first time. Moments are much higher than Fujido's if it's a physical spec. If so, that is the proper result.

"Thunder and flames. Hmm. I didn't know I could wrap two things together. Although he is a face demon... at the time of our presence in the first place, there is no face demon or anything."

Shinsuke laughs and faces the moment first. Having thus firmly identified his movements, he decided to make the evasion with only the minimum movement necessary, as did the groom.

"Come on."

Just half a step to the side. Shinsuke gently dodges the protruding spear of an instant. I saw the speed first, and it's easy for him to dodge without looking anything else, if only he knew when the spear was coming out. And so, as he expected, Fujido caught Shinsuke in time where he put his two breaths down.

"Um, you'll be the Lord next"

Shinsuke nodded with a smiling smile as he now captured Fujido in his sight. As such, Fujido avoids only a further spin of the swinging blow. And he made it like a back fist, blowing up the flank of an instant.



As if it were flowing, that's the most correct way to put it. Therefore, I was surprised by such a blow, but not more powerful.

As many warriors as he is. If you try to do it, you can easily crush your skull with the aid of < >. Yet normally there was only a degree of pain that was knocked down. There was no intention of killing him.

"Ka! Idiot. You think you can let me climb the same mound?"

Shinsuke tells that to a moment of confusion when he takes his own blow laughing with pleasure. He said, "Get to know yourself." Nevertheless, that's not even the two of us stopping.



At the same time as the moment rebuilds, the two begin the attack almost simultaneously again, but one step ahead of the moment. Besides, Shinsuke continues to beat him to just keep flowing as he avoids it just like he did earlier.

but this result goes hand in hand. Similar to earlier, Shinsuke was avoiding and rolling out a counter to both of us. Obviously, the skill was out of step.

"Ha... ha..."

"Ha ha..."

I get beaten up many times and the two of them start breathing shoulder to shoulder on boulders. Now you hit the counter without hitting a single shot in Sho's mess. Fujido was no longer even laughing at too much skill. That's how he asked.

"Even this... still... don't you pull the knife out..."

"Hmm? Kakaka! Non has been on this road Un ten years. Kids don't stand in a realm like no other. The teacher also received the title of one person from each country. Such a nonsense is too much for a kid to be serious about."

Oh, laugh. Shinsuke laughs like that. but this is reality. If you look at it from him, the instantaneous martial arts are nothing more than children's play. No, on the contrary. If you take it from him, we weren't talking about it.

"Well, what's the story of Shimazu's youth? Well, that's a place called the Lower Name. Even the boys don't have enough training for the next 10 years."


"Kaka! Ho ho ho. To this extent, they fall asleep on the inside roll. Your Lord will have enough training for the next twenty years."

Flirted by the abundant power of awakening for being insulted, moments bow to their knees. Shinsuke laughed a lot, and gave me advice and advice.

"Fool. Be sure of yourself. And I command you to be stronger than your metaphor. Your Lord is not able to do that. I shy away because I'm older. That's what makes your Lord fall for that roll."


It is also pointed out here for a moment that we have been cautioned many times by Kite. but if you can do that right away, you're not having a hard time. Above all, it is difficult to order an older person in an instant. No, Fujido and the others won't be able to do it just for a moment.

They really have a club at their root, which is also the backbone of a student in the sports department. It's the spirit of seniority. This was the one that got in the way. It is mentally difficult to give orders to the elderly.

Well, if it's that easy to do in the first place without it, many adventurers would be able to reach Rank S. Therefore, for a while he will concentrate on you in order to hold back his soul, which is about to run wild. Besides, Shinsuke nodded that his muscles were good.

"Are you kidding? Have you figured it out, though? Now, if the Shimazu lad leaves, your lord dies. Now the lads are the opponents, so they added and subtracted. but if adults come out, let's change the story."

Boom, there are also strong signs of something different from playing from Shinsuke to earlier. That was intentionally suppressed until earlier, as the so-called swordsman.

If you dare say so, it's like a favorite grandfather playing with his grandson. It can also be said that the old man was rehabilitated so that he could be sure of his physical condition. The premise is that the child is the other person. And no doubt, Abundance is an adult. He was therefore insulted and angry, but therefore he should not have left.

"Well... now you'll be alone. There are a lot of other things... there are no problems to this extent."


Fujido takes Shinsuke forward and wipes the sweat off him. Perhaps no one on the enemy's side will instantly put Shinsuke's face on. Because of this, Shinsuke lent a hand. I won't do it for nothing.

"Well... let me show Grandpa how far I can go. Hey, I'm gonna score on my own over here. I'll punch it in as I please, but good."

"Eh... well, I'll come!

When Fujido firmly identifies Shinsuke, he enters into Hatsumi at once. Besides, Shinsuke still doesn't break his likable grin. Either way, you can't win unless you attack. Fujido also had to go.

"Good, good. The flow is good."

Shinsuke selects the optimal motion to avoid the cut Fujido. The difference in power between the two is historical. If so, don't get lost. He's right, just do the grading unilaterally.

"Ha! Shit!

Against such a new suke, Fujido keeps looking for the best moves. Basically, what he does doesn't change when attacking or defending. Derive the best answer to it from the enemy's movements, that is, how they can move the hardest to move. That is, of course, much harder when attacking than when defending. In a way, his skill as a swordsman was in question. That's why Shinsuke chose this too.

"Hmm, hmm"

Fun enough, Shinsuke identifies Fujido's fat muscle.

"Um, it's a serious fat muscle. I liked that one..."

In nostalgia, Shinsuke reminds me of the distance. Even so, there is no precipitation in his footwork. It was even as if I could see everything.


This is awkward. I'm totally out of my behavior. Fujido understands it from his experience of engaging with Kate. Guides the opponent's movements even if they are cut off, and they can't possibly do it. And in that case, Kate was telling me what to do.


Shinsuke unexpectedly rounds his eyes slightly in the hands of a suddenly stopped attack. Well, that's good. If the flow is against you, you can cut it off.

And what can I do to do that? That was easy. If this one is unilaterally attacking, you just have to stop it and let it go. It's called a rearrangement. Therefore, Shinsuke nodded joyfully many times.

"Oh, wow, you noticed. Let's not. Even if the Lord does it properly, he can't enter into it as he is now. If you are able to enter, the flow must be cut off by the Lord Himself. If so, escape is also a tactic. Good, good, good."

"Ha, ha, ha!

Against Shinsuke, who laughs with a favorable grin, Fujido again, but this time attacking at once with the support of the Adventure Department. We cut off the flow for now. He thought that he would return within a few moments. but this was a little, bad. And at the same time.

"Stop it, concurrently. Ugh! Never point a blade at that Mistress. Aah!


Fujido noticed Musashi's voice echoing from the side. If I realized it, I would have broken the line. but it wasn't the stage where I could stop anymore. It's hand-held, so don't worry about attacking. That's not true. Especially in his genre.

"Ka. Well, it's a good decision to attack once and for all... Don't you think it's a little alarming that your opponent is hand-fisted?"

Tong, and Shinsuke enters Fujido's nostalgia, which was about to swing down from the upper section as if it were light. When he takes Fujido's hand, which he then shook up, he slaps it to the ground like a back throw. And at the same time, take the knife he had. As it was, I stuck it in his chest and skewered it to the ground.

"... Huh? Oh, ho."

A bubble of blood blew out of Fujido's mouth. What happened was so handy that he didn't even know it himself. That was brilliant beyond comprehension as everyone who watched it watched what happened. So, a few moments late. Everyone noticed that Fujido had been hit.

"Senior Fujido!


A member of the Adventure Department rushes over to Fujido, where a knife is thrust against his chest and skewered to the ground. Besides, Shinsuke sighed.

"Ha... I don't mind."

The enemy is still alive. Shinsuke thus pointing his mouth in a boring way. but I'm done with my errands. Nothing. I'm not going to fight any more, and I wouldn't have let you fight as a new agent. Because Musashi was also hostile to this side. Even if he could play Fujido instantly on a boulder, he can't show Musashi to his opponents to play.

"... Again, you"

"Oh, my God. Shinji Musashi."

"Ranri...... kite! Don't be ridiculous! Until when will I let the Sixth Heavenly Devil like me!

As always, Musashi, who admitted to Shinsuke's inquiry, scolds Kite for holding a meeting with Kusu in anger. Well, even so, I didn't think Musashi had a choice. Because the cause here is deep too.

If that goes out indefinitely, this will happen. but if this was the purpose of the enemy, the muscles went through. That's how Kate forcefully pulled in Nobunaga.

"What's up...... what's going on!?

Kite opened her eyes after being called by Musashi to look at the Adventure Department side and to see Fujido sewn further to the ground. Shinsuke had no intention of killing. So Kate was relieved, but she didn't know how this was happening.

"Is that so? Don't worry, it's awkward to kill one of Noun's successors. Keep your heart out of it."

"One of the successors?

Shinsuke tells Fujido that there are no problems while walking toward Kite. And there was no lie in this. He was taking Fujido's heart off while performing all that art. And in another word, there was no lie.

"Well... I wonder if I'll be named my apprentice. Noh is Ishikusai... clearly, Yanashi Ishikusai."

"Heh... to...?

Kite unexpectedly reveals her confusion in the name of Shinsuke Kamikashi Ishikusai. Besides, Musashi saw who he was trying to fight.

"I don't know if I can even think about this again... but Tajima Kami"



But Ma Shou. Ishikusai is called my father, and there is only one person so called. And the groom named his name for the baffling kite.

"Yanagi Tatsuma Shoshoku (Murinori)... There was a little bit of death and he passed over into the world."

Liu Sheng but Ma Shouxiang. It is the Master of Wu and the Wisdom Bag most trusted by the three generations of General Mitsuko of Tokugawa Shogun as a katana. So, finally. Kate was supposed to fulfill an encounter with two brothers who were supposed to have sunk in the past.