Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1254: Resurrected from the Past - 4

Yoo Seong Tama Shouxiang and Yoo Seong Ishikusai. Matsunaga Bullet Masaku-su was followed by two swordsmen who resurrected to this world. When I heard the name, Kite the boulder also had to stop her hand accidentally. And that's what Kusu tells him.

"Hey? Are they really Yoo Seung Sook and Yoo Seung Sook? Whatever I say. No doubt about it."


For the surprised kite, Kusu makes a clear statement with a laugh. Why it fits because he says, because Ishikusai once served Kusu. And there, I also meet Nobunaga Oda. He was leading Nobunaga Oda into Yamato. It would be good to say no to having known myself.

"Ka. Can't believe it...... If so, one thing. I want you to remember the time of the Sixth Heavenly Demon King. What happened after that incident? Why did Nong et al. show Kangju to Lord Hideyoshi? Your Lord will know that."

Kate opened her eyes to the words said by Ishikusai. The only people who know the story are probably this Yanagi Ishikusai and his former self, Nobunaga Oda, and Kusuhiro Matsunaga.

"No way...... are you really Lord Ishikusai!? Why are you there? You know how much Lord Nobunaga will mourn!

Kite asks not as Nobunaga, but as a disciple of Ishikusai, who lives in this world. I had to ask the boulders about this. He and Ishikusai, and the three of Soku, equally similarly resemble their masters. Therefore, Kite had a duty to honor the two as brothers and sisters. Besides, Ishikusai laughed.

"Ka... why? Hmmm......"

Ugh, and the signs of Ishikusai change. That was even as if waiting to be said why. That's how Ishikusai opened his mouth looking at Kite without hiding his style as a swordsman.

"Why is there nothing? He said that there are disciples who try to pass through time at heights that even Non could not reach. Don't you want to see it, to what extent? And a swordsman. He was cut off as lacking talent by Lord Nobuna, and lamented as lacking time to excel. They wanted to give me that time... if so, the answer will be fixed. From the beginning, Nong et al. went down Shura Road. It's a magic trick. It's soaking up my shoulder."

Boom, as just one swordsman, Ishikusai releases a fierce sense of intimidation. Besides, Kate couldn't say anything. No, if anyone had listened to this conversation, they wouldn't have been able to say anything. Especially if it was those involved in the Sakahara family, it was all the more remarkable.

All of them, as martial artists, wish to ascend even one step to the heights. Praying. And I'm walking. but those who climbed that endless staircase to the end are not alone. Even the heathens don't have enough time. Even their master, Shinjitsu, refuses to be immature yet after thousands of years of walking.

No matter how much time they have, they don't have enough. That's why I made a deal with the devil. If you were a martial artist, no one could deny it. Because the thirst belongs to everyone.

"Therefore... dare I say that your Lord is the purpose. Fighting the Lord, Non wants to ascend to a higher world where Non cannot yet reach. Thoughtless then. agony then. It has not been lost from the breasts of this nonsense."

Stone Boat Sai speaks of impenetrable carelessness. And what a complicated face Musashi had. He knows better than anyone how this stone boat sai feels.

Because he is the only one. He himself lamented that there was not enough time in Japan. Then he himself has made it clear many times that he was able to take it off because he came to Enefia and was released from the bondage of time. So there was no way I could deny the tireless thirst of this stone boat sai. Because of the thoughtlessness he held himself. And so Musashi asks.

"... you too, but Ma Shou"

"... me. Knock... Knock..."

In response to such a complicated inquiry into Musashi's expression, Soto shudders his shoulders with pleasure. Maybe this slightly rough look is his vegan. But I had never seen Musashi, who knew Soto.

"No, it's not. No, Shinjuku Musashi. No, it's the truth."

Soku laughs and makes it clear that he does have the same carelessness as his father. but surely he wasn't just that. And he didn't hide it.

"... there is only one deal brought to me. Fight strong enemies. It's just that."

"What? That's not what Yoo Seong Tatsuma Shoku said."

Liu Sheng but Ma Shouxiang. It is a personable person to speak of as Kensei. Musashi knows that well, too. Of course, I know Kite. A number of facts in the history books also indicate that he is a personable person. Nonetheless, he proclaimed so. but this, too, was sensible.

"... Hey, Shinjie Musashi. I... no, I've always envied you"

Soku stares at Musashi as he shows the roughness of his physical correspondence. When you say stare, it doesn't mean you're full of hostility. Dare I say, he's right, the look of envy. That's the way it is. but musashi tilts his neck at this.

"Envious? This nonsense? Who is the best minister in the world and who has received a great deal of trust from the General of Time?

"Oh, yeah. I envied your way of life more than anyone."

Again, Soku reveals his envy for Musashi. And he told us about it as he remembered it.

"I realized that... nothing else. Time to die. That hospital bed floor. After seeing Master Jia Guang... I thought... I wonder what my life was like."

Horse lights. That's what people might say. I saw that again, Soto. Numerous encounters and numerous incidents ran through him. He dies peacefully. Even he himself thought so. But in the meantime, he realized.

And it was too late to realize. Only a few moments later were life limitations left behind. That's how tears spilled out of Soku's eyes. Musashi became intuitive about what it meant.

"... you know, Shinjie Musashi. This tearful meaning."


In a questioning of just zeroing tears, Musashi could only come to mind when he just couldn't do it. No, he himself had gotten that sentiment in late life. Metaphor Even Musashi, who envied him, was drunk by the emotion. That's what Soto got me, and I didn't think I had a choice.

"I want to fight... That's what you say, isn't it?

"That's right... I'm not a politician or a big name or anything... I'm Soto Willow. It's the second generation of the Willow New Yin Current."

The tears of Soku were tears of remorse. He was sweet. And indeed, he was personable enough to solve Kenshin. Therefore, he was doing what was asked of him by his surroundings. That was the best thing to do, considering Japan. And sadly, he also had that talent.

If this didn't have that talent, someone else would have done it. But he was also so talented as a politician that he was the only man in Japanese history to become famous. There it is. That's why I envied Musashi, who lived as one swordsman, even though he had a side as a soldier as well as himself.

"I'm not defensive! Just as one swordsman! Just as a zodiac moment! It's not about annoying countries! As just one swordsman, just a man, I want to fight it out of my mind! I want to fight a mighty enemy!

Soto can roar. I couldn't tell Kite, Musashi or anything about this on the boulder. No, he wouldn't have been able to say anything, either, if there had been a syllabus, their master, on this occasion.

He is Yanagi "Daimasho" Sokuto. That's what I'm talking about. Moreover, he is a man who has received tremendous confidence from the light of the General of Time, even with the grandeur of being said to be a katana. And so he dawned on politics for a long time. It was the opposite of Musashi. As a swordsman - in a legendary battle like Musashi's - I never fought.

They are swordsmen, trying to extremes the throne. No matter how praised you are with your great name and how much trust you receive from the General of Time, there is no place or honor for them whose roots are swordsmen. Just a sword path, whether you sleep or wake up. I just want to get ahead of it. In that regard, I would say that this Willow Parent and Child were similar.

"... sorry, but Horseshoe. I didn't know what to ask."

To the cry from the bottom of this Soto's heart, Musashi could only offer an apology with an item. The same swordsman who lived in the same age. And we even looked at each other several times. That's why I understood this inside. I was ashamed of myself for making me cry in that sombre.

"No... sorry about this one. It's not even in the pattern."

Slightly shy, and self-derisive, the sect shakes its head. I want you to know something like this, but I didn't open my mouth for it. but still good. I could say what I wanted to say. And that's why Musashi was also prepared.

"... is it good in Non?

"It has to be you. We are the opposite. You lived the way you liked me and I couldn't live the way I liked you. You now wave the sword for others, and I now wave the blade for myself. So it's this fight that makes sense."

"Really, well, what the opposite... and so it's an honor. I admired the Lord. I also had envy...... does that have to be nonsense? I can't be happier."

Musashi took out the big sword with the lid shake, just saying that the question was no longer useful. The face was fierce and he was once standing back in the 'Shinji Musashi' that he was supposed to have thrown away. Again, that's a fierce face. but that's good. I want this to happen, but he's standing here.



Two men measure each other's intercourse. No more questions. No, it was this way of being that was more eloquent to them than any eloquent word, or the text written by any well-known literature.

As such, Ishikusai was smiling at his son, who measured his mistake and began the next reading of his opponent's hand. but that's only temporary, too. There are many enemies. And I'm a parent with him. I had the kindness to want to make it happen even though my son said he got the hope because of it.

"Now... say what I can. My child will do whatever he wants. Are you serious about exposing yourself? Besides, I am grateful this time. Let my son do what he has to do to make him do what he wants."

The Stone Boat Sai style changes. It is the style of Yanashi Ishikusai, one of the leading swordsmen in Japanese history. That was enough to intimidate the surroundings and make them stay.

It should be noted that the statement that this time I am grateful is to the clown. In fact, their conversation was adjusted so that only they could hear it. In keeping with the thought that Kate's side did not want to find out yet, the cover-up was so conveniently interpreted as to say that he was a disciple.

Why did you consider kite, of course, not for kite, but for Ishikusai himself? I want to fight with Kite in full swing. Then it will be difficult for you to find out who Kate is.

"Anyone want to play a game with Non?



Until now, we've been playing. Everyone understands that from the Style of Stone Boat Sai. I just get stunned, I can't move a single step. Put it in time and you die. If it's just skill, the powerful one a step above Soto. Everyone understood that by instinct.

"Well, if you're not coming, you don't have to come. This time, Non is just trying to expose his son... What do we do? Disciple, the LORD is a treat for Noah. Now's not the time to fight yet... but if you're coming, let's deal with them"

"What are we going to do..."

Kate shows slight concern about what to do in front of the fighting stone boat sai. Kate thinks she's less than him in talent and skill. but I never think I have a winning eye.

Their teacher/syllabus If the person is a game, Baidu makes clear the loss of 90 kites, but at the same time if it is a fight, Baidu makes it and 99 refuses that he will win. Of course, there is no prospect that Ishikusai and the others will come back, but Kate thinks the view will be accurate. And Kusu pinched his mouth on such a kite.

"Hey, Admiral. Don't forget I'm here."

"Yes, yes, I haven't forgotten... well, that's good. Either way, I'll crush them both. Kusu, first of all, I'm curly. Stone Boat Sai Palace. You and if you live, Lord Soku will wrap you around and drag you out in front of Lord Nobunaga."

Kate rings her neck and hands and declares so. Because he is an enemy, he should be killed, but unfortunately Kusu can't even say that Ishikusai and Soku may be his disciples for a few reasons.

Especially the latter is a great swordsman even if he falls into Shura Road now. There is also a teacher's name. I can't kill you on my own because I'm a disciple. I needed to stick it out in front of my teacher and get her to slap me back on the sexual root. Of course, this is a story about if we can capture it alive, but Kate decides to impose on herself what's the strongest thing in the world because she can't do it to that extent.

"I can't help it. I can't help it..."

Kate sighed. Unfortunately, the only warrior who could already deal with these two was the status quo, kite. Kusu can't help the rabbit or the horn, especially Ishikusai.

Both Al and Rufaus, for example, are full of hands with their demon opponents, and Gang-ken is the best in the battle against Yuanji. Other handicappers in line are full of demons, puppets, etc. Of course, adventure department personnel are out of the question. He had to do it.

"I can't really help it, so I'll deal with him at the same time. Come on."

For the first time in a long time, Kate took a stand in duplicity. There is no reason anywhere to be cautious about winning Willow Stone Boat Sai against your opponent. If so, I just do it for real from the start. and that moment. From behind, my voice sounded.




The sounded voice is the voice of Yayoi and the voice of a luscious, graceful woman unfamiliar with hearing. Yayoi's voice seemed unusual. To the boulder. Kite also turned to this in a hurry.

Even if Fujido dies, Kite is a little sad, but if Yayoi has something important to do, I'm not sad then. You'll be seriously furious, and I can't apologize to Yayoi's parents who swore to make her happy. It must therefore have come to pass.

"Yayoi!? What's up!?


Ensure Yayoi's safety rather than defeating his enemies. That's a natural decision for Kate. It was a late inquiry, but Yayoi's expression was a very complex object.


There was confusion in Yayoi's face. but it was as if kite hadn't even envisaged turning this way. It was Kite who was confused and confused by it.


What to do. I couldn't even judge Kite for the boulder. Because Yayoi is important, I think we should head over there now as far as he is concerned.

but at the same time, I understand that I'm the only one here who can fight against Ishikusai and Kusu, because... Because this happens, Kate didn't want to put too many loved ones on the battlefield. Nevertheless, this time the worst was avoided because they were opponents.

"Ha... sounds like you... see, go. Ma, just show me your face this time anyway. We don't fight. But it's no problem. So is Zongjun, right?

"I want to fight for my life."

Kusu laughs and misses the Devil's Gun. And at the same time, Ishikusai also unleashed his hostility to Kite. Anyway, nobody's thinking about challenging Ishikusai into battle anymore. That means no one interrupts the battle between Soku and Musashi. Enough, the aim on this occasion has been achieved.

And you two know that Kate has always lived in love. Above all, it doesn't mean you hate kite and are turning to enemies. They're just saying they're turning to enemies with their own ideas. I didn't mean to fight even though I didn't have to.

"... Shit"

Even though Kate punches one tongue at those two words, I'll follow them thankfully. It must be true that I didn't intend to fight originally. If so, as a kite, Yayoi is just a priority.

Besides, I want to fight Kite with Ishikusai. It is angry even with him to be fought worrying about the back. For that reason, I was bothering to hang with a clown to deal with Kite's lack of identity. I never chased him.

"What's up?

"... nothing."

In response to Kite's inquiry, Yayoi answered that, after a few thoughts. but this would be a lie no matter how anyone sees it. Therefore, Kate overlapped the inquiry.

"There can't be anything, can there?

"... sorry. But now..."

Not yet, I can't talk. Yayoi says so with the same complex look.

"What happened?


In response to Kite's inquiry, Yayoi answers with silence. And, to such Yayoi, Kusu smiled. Apparently, he had something to figure out with this attitude.

"Oh, I see. I thought you were awake."

"Oh no, you..."

"Hey, it's been a while."

Kusu laughs and greets Yayoi with his hands up. Besides, now Kite is baffled again.

"What the... thing?

"What is it, Admiral? Didn't you realize?

Laughing joyfully, Kusu asks. Besides, Yayoi glanced at me for a moment.

"So, you're not talking about it either. No, it sounds like you. Oh, it sounds like you. As always, cowardice is cowardice."


"What are you talking about?

"Listen to me when you get home later. It's time."

Kusu laughs and tells him so. And it's pretty much at the same time. At this point, Kate was totally oblivious, but he didn't originally come after them here. They came after the bandits. And the bandit was not here. If so, that is.

"Oh? What the hell? You're doing a lot of flashy stuff."

From the end of the door that Kusu and the others were guarding, a bandit appears. But the signs were very different from earlier, and there were definitely signs that they were going to suck. As such, the encounter that gave birth to numerous causes was to push the settlement forward due to the abrupt opening of the next act.