Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1255: The gossip - the object that sleeps in the back of the zo -

Just a little bit, time goes back. Far before the kites came to Enefia. Neither world has imagined that yet, when it was completely peaceful. One man in that usually lived a legitimate life.

"Hey, Daoze. Are we done here?

"Oh, that's the place."

Daoze. The man so called was at this time merely a stubborn carpenter apprentice. Originally, the dexterity of the hand was famous, but to such an extent.

If anything else should be noted, it would be to the extent that my parents have been carpenters for generations and have already lasted nearly a thousand years. Nevertheless, he was not his son, and his brother was supposed to inherit his home. to that extent. And so one young man sat down beside him where he went to rest. His face looked very similar.

"Phew...... Ah, brother"

"Daoze. Isn't that lock stunning?"

It was his brother who sat beside Daoze. The line was thin, but the body was solid, and he was a craftsman temperamental young man whose oligarchy preceded his grandeur, dare I say. Thin lines were a hallmark of their clan.

Isn't there some cat-based beast man's blood in it? It was customary for the two clans to think so. Note that the line is thin but still carpenter so it is forged and is muscular flesh. Of course, that's with Daoze.

"Hey... that's all I've got."

"Idiot. It's important for a carpenter to have clever hands."


Even if Daoze remembers him as a bandit in later years, I think he was close to his brother. An oligarchy and slightly mouthless artisanal temperament brother and a slightly inferior but cheerful and popular brother to it. There was a landscape everywhere like that.

The crazy thing about it was that it was still a combination of the profession or the profession. Even so, I'm not confused or anything. Daoze ran away - but the brothers didn't know why until the end - because. Nevertheless, the beginning of it - although not technically - was this brother. It's such a routine day. One job will be requested from my brother to Dhaoze that day.

"Daoze, hey, help me fix the old zoo."

"Old Zuo? My parents'?

To his brother's words, Daoze tilts his neck with a very unpleasant face. As you can see from the fact that their home is a carpenter that lasts more than a thousand years, there were some very old buildings in their home.

Some of them are not used anymore, and they are borough shops enough to make people say that they can demolish good objects if they are artisanal brothers, but if they say so to the father of the brothers and the present building beam, they will be furious, so I stopped telling them both from what time. It is such a collection.

"Oh. If you're free, take some young people to fix it. Let's practice how to fix an old building."

"Ha... Wow. So, I'm supposed to look at the old locks, right?

"That's what I'm talking about"

Daoze had no choice but to obey my brother's words or my father's instructions. As mentioned earlier, they are still apprentices. I can't help it if the wing beam tells me. Besides, it was easy to imagine that the beam and the beam would come. I need to go. It's not something I know what they'll say later. It was an agreement that the hammer would fly, even if it didn't suck.

"Whoa, you're here. Daoze, you go fix the lock. So, you..."

Bungliang or the father of the brothers sees the brothers and gives them immediate instructions. Basically, what Daoze does is a fine job. Flashness is inferior to the work of a brother or father, but for that matter it is delicate and requires skill.

There is no visible luxury like my brothers, but it was not a task I didn't even like as a daoze. On the other hand, I didn't think it was a bad job because it was a lot of silver. So he immerses himself in the work without complaining one by one.

"Ma, is this...? No, this one. Need to get it over with...?

It's still old stuff. There were rattles everywhere, and a simple rework couldn't fix them. Well, that's why I wanted you to learn how to fix that. And where I was working on that, my father came.

"Ooh, Daoze. What do you say?"

"Oh, Dad... I thought we should do something about this place... Aah!

"You can call me Bungliang, not my father, while I'm at work."

"Wow, no..."

Daoze apologizes even as he rubs his head beaten by his father, only one step off to see his work progress fixed. After all, because of the different seasons, my father also had Kaoru for these fine tasks. Therefore, he was also very forthcoming with this instruction.

"Hmm... then this is how it is here..."

"Oh yeah..."

My father does not match his attitude with his lavish mouthfeel, and his intentions are easily repaired where Daoze was struggling with fine hands. I teach them to communicate these technologies in the first place.

I don't know, so I didn't get angry, and he taught me with guts. It would be good to affirm that I also respected Daoze for such a father. And about this serious attitude, my father trusted and trusted Daoze, too. That's why my father answered this Daoze inquiry normally, too.

"Hey, hey, hey... no, in this case, is it good for my dad"


"What's going on in here?

Daoze asks, not as a carpenter apprentice for the carpenter family, but as one of the family. I knew for myself and my brother that it was an old zo, but neither of my brothers knew what was inside. That's why I asked.

"Oh, this. You know what" Sakahara/Hanari "is?

"Is that it? Says one of the original members of the Union…"

"That's it. It was actually our ancestors who built the cemetery. I'm telling you, there's some related stuff in here. I don't know much about it either. My dad would know."

As Daoze listens to her father, she remembers her grandfather, who talks about active duty for life. Well, at some point, my father will hear more from that father, that is, my grandfather, but I guess now is not the time.

Nevertheless, Daoze was oddly interested when she was told that my father didn't know either. So he took advantage of the advantages that he was the one who fixed the lock and snuck into the zoo in the middle of the night when his family was quiet.

"What do you have?"

I didn't mean to steal anything out. He simply wanted to know what was inside. And that's why I snuck into the collection of Daoze, but there's no such thing as it was stored inside, it was usually just ancient documents of that era and other kinds of objects.

"What the fuck, dude?"

Well, that's why. I didn't need the time to do so, even though Daoze seemed boring and disinterested. I didn't originally expect anything from him. I was just wondering if there was anything unusual I could boast about drinking with the young people. I can make jokes, including this sneak in. It was an idea to that extent.

And so there was one wooden box in his eyes. That was the only thing that looked pretty new, at least different from the other stuff from a thousand years ago.

"What, what?

The state of preservation is not bad. The size would be about a metre long square. He wonders and opens the crate.

"Shield...? Damn......"

What was inside was a delicacy that he could also tell, a carpenter apprentice, that it was a pretty good product. It was an excellent shield for everyone to be sure it was enough to fall in love with by accident.


Don't make this a good brag. Daoze only thought so at this time. but he tried to take his shield in his hand so that he could be guided and accidentally touched something that he would not otherwise touch.

No, maybe the reason I wrapped up in "Back Eight Flowers" made him touch it. The trick that had been set up on the shield with the sound of saying, starts, and a small ancient document falls from inside.

"Ya, yabe!? What's going on!?...... hmm? What, what the hell?

It is a hasty daoze that has accidentally touched a strange spot and broken it, but I notice the fallen ancient document and lean my neck. Originally he is merely a carpenter apprentice. Knowledge of shields equals nothing. Therefore, I thought I accidentally touched something strange and broke it.

"Is this... an ancient document?

Well preserved, but fairly old. Daoze understood with such intuition from the styles he had seen at home several times. At least nearly a thousand years ago. It's from that era. That's what I thought. He instinctively reached for that ancient document.

"This is..."

perky, and I turn the page, and Daoze's eyes open. It was a copy of something like "Sakahara/Hualin" 's notebook. In case she lost her notes, words, etc., it was a secret storage in one of the "Table Eight Flowers" < >.

Coincidentally, Daoze's parents obtained the < > and returned it to the Sakahara family at some point. He stumbled upon it.

Even so, it was almost 300 years ago. It was still here because my parents were dead at the time I got this in the war. They do not know what they have obtained.

"... maybe no one knows this..."

Daoze couldn't contain his excitement, even though he was aware his mouth was dry. Nobody knows this ancient document. Intuition made me realize that. And when it does, it's still a young man. I really couldn't stop something called ambition from sprouting in the good fortune and heaven that sprung up down there.

It's not like he's ever had to carpenter because his parents are carpenters in a place like this. I want to take my own path. That's what I thought. It might turn around and maybe be able to make a name for itself in history. Whatever tiny man, I couldn't help but be ambitious.

"... I shouldn't have done it..."

Daoze licks her lips with her tongue. It was like fate that such ancient documents rolled into my hands. He felt as if fate were telling him to obey this.

"One man, don't let God bless you and not a man."

When Daoze groans so, goodness hurries and nostalgic about the sleaze and ancient documents. Thus, he embarked on a journey without telling his parents and brothers or his friends anything. Across the road, ancient documents point us to it.

That said, it is no different from the journey that is out of place as a matter of fact. A year had passed quickly and, if you noticed, two or three years had passed.

"Ha... here's a hassle too"

Daoze sighed off a few times. I had already given up half by this time on the boulder. Naturally. Momentum alone came out in the first place. It's natural for this to happen.

"Hometown, I wonder if I'm going home..."

Poop, and Daoze shrugged so. It was only when I started on the boulder that I was able to move forward, but by this time I had no more momentum.

"Just bow your head to your brother and apologize to your father, can you handle it..."

Let's go home now. That's what Daoze had in mind. Big thunder will fall, but it's far better than staying this way. That's what I thought. That's why he thinks about selling the old documents he brought out to earn his way home.

That said, it wouldn't sell on the right route. Therefore, it is decided to make contact with the back route handling stolen goods and the like.

"Hmm... what's this?

"It's an ancient Sakahara family document. Don't ask me about the route."

in such an illegal market. Those who later became sponsors were interested in the ancient documents that Daoze had put up for sale. As such, there will be some discussion there and they will be sponsored.

"Luck has come for me."

Daoze chuckles with such luck. It felt like fate was telling me not to give up here. From there, things progressed to a ton of clapping thanks to our sponsors. That way, time returns to the present. In front of him was the 'it' that I had searched for for several years.

"Finally! I finally found you! Now I...!

Daoze ecstatic. That's how he just reached for 'it' before anyone got in the way.

"Uh-oh! Power! Power is overflowing! This is the power of God! Awesome!"

Daoze ecstatics at the overflowing power. And it wasn't his mistake or anything, and now he was overflowing with more power than a Rank S adventurer, no.

"Now I have the same power as God! Now there's nobody standing in my way anymore! Now, even the legendary brave Kite is going to win!

Daoze laughs a lot and exaggerates so. So he followed the scene with unusual force.