The emergence of a bandit named Dhaoze from the back of the underground temple leads to numerous exchanges of thoughts and thoughts at once being transformed into the original battle place. Nevertheless, as a kite, I was completely oblivious to the miscellaneous fish in question.

"... Oh, I totally forgot that."

"Kaito... how about a boulder?"

"Hey, but you, remember?

"Ha ha... I wonder if I would have said that."

Yuri takes her gaze off laughing at Kate's inquiry. She forgot, too, apparently. Well, so far, so many different causes have gotten in the way. Remember this level of miscellaneous fish on top of that, it would be a harsher story.

"Even so... a lot. Well, you look different"

While watching Daoze, Kate feels and understands that the style is different. No, I have a few words when it comes to style. The style is as chimpy as ever. What was different would be the quality of the power that resided in it.

Assuming that it is about rank C so far, the current situation is that rank S also has a lower rank. It would be about the same from one rank below Gang-ken, for example. Almost equal to Rigid Fist in combat at normal times. With all your strength, you will surely outshine him.

"Everybody, don't be alarmed. I don't know what happened. I don't know, that guy. It's not a lot of power anymore."

Gang Fist draws everyone's attention. Neither does he know what has led him to this point of transformation and transformation of power. I don't know, but I know it's not a good situation to be instinctively cautious. And for such a rigid fist, Daoze inquired.

"... you, are you sure with your fist?

"Yeah... what?

"Well, if it's true here, I'd like to ask you to try one arm... before I do, I'd like to thank you and give it back. There you go."

When Daoze says so, he throws an ancient document into his fist that he has been serving in his nostalgia for the past few years without letting go of his skin. All I said was that I don't need this anymore.

"... What's this?

"Ancient documents. You left Sakahara and Hanari behind."

Why did you say that?

Gang-ken rushes to examine the contents and asks Daoze. And what surprised him more than anything was that this notebook was either unlimited or definitely authentic. As such, Daoze laughed at Gang-ju, who made his eyes black and white, and told him the truth.

"Hey. Especially strange. It's just that my parents did some architecture here. So, for some reason, there are < > flower petals at our parents' house. It's just that he was planted in it."

"... I built this grave... Huh! You're Daoze that you went missing a few years ago!?

Apparently, rumors had arrived that Daoze was gone to Gang-ken's place. Well, it's a family of pretty old carpenters. And those who built this tomb. I guess that's where the connection was.

There's no reason for the kites to know this, but they still repair the tomb because of its connection - and they didn't know about the underground temple anymore - but they're doing it for me. So he also heard about Daoze.

"What, you know me? How are your dads?

"You... how worried I think your father is!

"Hahaha! Hey, I know that's bad! But, well, you just had to because it rolled in!

Daoze laughs in high tension at the reprimand of Gang-ken. Apparently, he's in an elevated mood, and he's feeling pretty strong.

From that appearance, he also understood that Daoze was not in a decent mental state. That doesn't compare to hours ago in the first place. Something has happened, enough to detect.

"What did you do inside!?

"What... Well, what is it!?

Daoze, as if provoking, asks the high tension. He also finally came to Tosaka with a moderate rigid fist in an attitude that could be said to have eaten or licked such a person. I stepped abruptly, just flutter and ask later.


The stepping stone was the speed and sophistication worthy of the owner of the Sakahara family, Ichimen of Wu. And the blow was a mighty one worthy of the name Gang-ken. It's a blow that can never be taken with a degree of daoze. but he had no choice but to open his eyes and reveal his surprise immediately after that.

"... what?


It must be a perfect blow. It was a blow that a concurrent demon should surely wipe out. And even if it's spelled up, the primitive body is the equivalent of a rank C named Daoze. There was no sign of acceptance or defense. Despite this, Daoze has not suffered any wounds. On the contrary, I have not been able to move a single step.


Against such a rigid fist, Daoze basically releases a fist fight. This one still didn't see any signs of training, and I could dare say it was a lethal blow the rough guy would unleash in a fight.

Of course, it's usually only to the extent that I'm not supposed to eat it with a fist. Certainly spec-equivalent and fast is a fast blow. but that's all. Despite this, Gang-ken took that blow to his stomach by surprise and not much thought.


Rigid fists are blown away by fierce momentum. That's how he crashed into the walls of the underground temple and fell to the ground.


I didn't get a direct hit by a boulder's rigid fist or a surprise, and I couldn't even get a reception, not a single one. Spit blood out of your mouth and bend your knees.

"Dad! Oh, my God!

"Oh! Next for sure...... oh, Karin Arcanum! Good, come on! Everybody feels like they can win now!

Daoze overlaps her provocation against Karin, who is angry with her real father. Even the current specs don't extend far to Karin. Therefore, we should have seen victories and losses.

So, it's Karin's blow, which I left to anger to cut into with all my might, but it's still her blow, which is above and beyond the specs. It looked like Daoze hadn't even seen it out, and he was getting a decent direct hit. but. It was she who opened her eyes.

"... ah?



Daoze, who should have taken a direct hit, unleashes a kick at Karin at the counter. It's the counter right after the attack. Besides, it's a counter from a direct hit. There was no karin or exchanging in this on the boulder. He gets a kick out of his head and gets blown away as he spins.


Seeing Karin like that, Kite instantly comes in to help. There's no way Daoze tried to chase him, but he was totally in the moro. Even she would not have been spared the damage.

"Gu...... ho!

Slowed down by Kate's demon thread, Karin lands with her bitter face spitting blood in pain. It looked like it took damage that was never small. At least we won't be able to fight with all our might for a while. Fighting power may be considered to be about halved.

"Are you all right?

"Chi... what do you mean?

"What's up?

Against Karin with a bitter face, Kate asks. He doesn't even know what happened. but Karin was also surprised by such a kite.

"It looks like it was deactivated even after the attack... I had a response. But I don't know... it was thin"

"Disabled......? It was thin...?

Kate tilts her neck in response from Karin. Basically, it is good to affirm that slashing now is an unattributed attack. And unfortunately, there is no technology in the world that disables unattributed attacks.

Of course, the technique of disabling slaughter exists, but I would never expect that to be possible with the skill of about Daoze. There is no change in his skill itself. And such surprises had spread to the other warriors.

"What!? What happened!?

"I would have hit you straight!?

The two handlers are both struck by an incredible phenomenon, and the handlers of the Sakahara family are bewildered by the boulders. but the question is the most. Totally direct. I could not see the barrier unfolding either. Yet it's intact. Seeing such confusion, Daoze laughs a lot.

"Ha-ha-ha! What's up!? We're done here!

"Huh! Surround them all together! With that incredible power, there must be limits!

I don't know what it is, but it seems something is making him invincible. So one of the generals takes the tone, and the martial artists surround Daoze in unison. but besides, Daoze doesn't break his spare grin. Seeing as that happens, the moment asks.

"... Kite, what do we do?

"See how it goes. I don't know what's going on. It's dangerous to act cheaply."

"Okay! Everybody, take a distance once! He's dangerous! See how it goes!

As it stands, we're disabling Karin's attackers and knocking the counter into that quote. I'm pretty sure we should grasp the situation. And there's Kusu and the others on top of it. And such Kusu opened his mouth.

"Shall I tell you?


"That's the only face I have. Even the Admiral has his back, so why don't you listen to people? Well, it's your thing not to listen to people. It's your thing."

"Tell me what you want."

To Kusu's tearing words, Kate urges him ahead to sigh mingle. Besides, Kusu laughed and told me.

"His invincibility is seriously invincible. Mr. Yako, the true legend of < > has been unraveled."

"The real legend behind it?

"Is it the legend or the truth? It was written in that ancient document."

Kusu answered Karin's query by giving BGM the belligerent sounds of the martial arts. That they were sponsors. If so, I suppose it means that you have heard some of the stories. And, with his other body in such a place, Rigid Fist came with his flank suppressed.

"Truth......? Grr!"

"My lord! Yuri, heal first!


I managed to get this far and look at the knee-bent fist, and Kate and Yuri are ready for immediate treatment. First aid, but it would be better than not doing it. When the bleeding stopper and analgesics were administered quickly, the stiff fist, which appeared to calm down slightly, lowered its head.

"Never mind... so what is the truth..."

Gang-ken asks Ku-soo again. Besides, Kusu sighed.

"Sora, you. I have it myself, so find out for yourself. We're enemies. You can't teach your enemies to beg."

"For what, you're giving me a hint?

"Ha ha. This is our sponsor's favor. Because I owe you my resurrection... if the sponsor says so, I have to obey."

Apparently, Kite and the others are being informed here by the "Death Commander of the Taoist (let's do something about it)" instruction. Kusu said that out of pleasure.

Although I still don't know what I'm thinking, if so, I saw a need to ask. Because if they go into this kind of behavior, it's good for Kate and the others, and it's good for them. Besides, Kate shrugged back understanding that she had no choice but to ride the enemy's thoughts.

"Ho... my lord. Can I borrow some ancient documents?

"Oh...... take this"

At Kate's request, Gang-ken took the ancient documents out of his nostalgia. That's where the thickness is. When Kite receives it, she decides to use emergency means if she doesn't have time.

"Amma, I don't want to do this... Grr!

When Kate says that, she transcribes all the letters once by magic through ancient documents. On top of that, we decided to carry out the rough business of burning it directly into the brain as data. That's how he flashed a little on the burned information, but that's it.

"... I see. Is that what you're saying..."

"What's going on?

"Originally, it seems that Sakahara and Hualin were afraid of this. He secretly built a temple in the basement of the cemetery, which is why. We can't break it, so we seal it so no one knows."

In response to Yuri's inquiry, Kate answered as she closed her left eye and loaded the information. As can be seen from the fact that there was an underground temple here, "Sakahara/Hualin" was apparently originally aware of < > 's degeneration. It is not impossible for the family of Dhaoze not to know the underground temple. For when I heard the truth of that power, I kept it a secret until the death of the building beam at the time.

"Originally, < > was a weapon with the power to disable enemy factors. It's called" slayer. "That's the end of years of engagement, the nature is transformed and the weapon itself is transformed. Even the factor of the owner, the factor that kills him. He's got the nature of eating."


I opened my eyes like I was good at Gang-ju, who was listening to Kate. Nevertheless, there were still mysteries that could not be solved. Karin points that out.

"But still, we can't unravel his invincible nature, can we?

"That's right. Well, Sakahara/Hualin wasn't expecting that either... from the answer, that guy. Apparently, he was getting a hidden bottle of eight flowers."

"A hidden bottle? You're saying there's more?

Karin reveals her surprise at Kate's unequivocal statement. The total number of "Eight Flowers" transmitted so far is 17. That should be all of it. but they say it's not.

"Oh... < > one that binds the back eight flowers. It's true that Sakahara/Hualin made it to control < >, the last < >."

"The last eight flowers... something like that"

Karin is surprised to see Daoze engage the martial artists. As such, Kite opened up further information.

"I don't know his first name. She didn't mean to give it a name either, he said. but only its nature, was noted"

"What was that?

"Deactivate all eaten factors of < >. Simply that. Not even a weapon. It's just a hook. Deactivation and" kill "of the factor. If" kill (killer) "is extreme, it makes sense to be able to pseudo-deactivate it just a little bit. Now he's a slayer, so to speak."

Kate laughs half the time and makes that clear. And if so, the mystery was solved as well.

"Deactivate the attack, not. That always brings the best 'slayer' performance against attacks. So you're killing the attack. Maybe it's like a side effect of being able to kill a slaughter or a blow."


Sure, it's not impossible. I don't know what kind of force a slope is, but 'slayer' is meant to kill that factor. If we have that power together, naturally the attack will also be powerless to some extent.

If it becomes powerful, it can naturally be seen as equal to deactivation. If you have eaten a wide variety of race factors for over a thousand years < >, you can say no to deactivation. Besides, Karin was stunned.

"So how am I supposed to take him down?

"Think about it now"

Who does not have a factor in the world does not exist as one. Kite and Sola, descendants of the Dragon tribe, may, of course, affirm that at the moment of the descendants of the Ghost tribe, the mixed Al will not pass.

Other than that, I wouldn't be able to do it with Rufaus. I have some factor more than being a creature. Simply thin or thick. That means that any attack will not work as it stands. That's why Kate laughed half the time and started figuring out how to attack the enemy.