The kites, who were entering the mine behind "Inside Taoyang" in search of the mineral resources needed to forge, had reached the depths of the pit after several battles. That said, there are basically no miners here. So there was a brief resting place for the warriors who came in.

"Phew... I knew you didn't have a good egg without a guard"

"The guard is basically responsible for securing the enemy with heavy fire. If you're not there, you'll need to sharpen your chipmunks or put a very aggressive guy on the front line."

Yuri preaches on the importance of party-forming to Sora, who was feeling the pain of not having a good face for smudging, sorcerers, archers and other offensive powers. Basics This is the basics of adventurers worrying about a well-balanced party. It's obvious, but it's impossible to know the enemies that emerge from the beginning, like the game. In a specialty type, if the specialty part doesn't work, it's over. but on the contrary, if it was made to specialize in it by the place, it would have been so cumbersome.

"Especially here. That's remarkable. The enemies that really live out of the specificity of the place are stiff. There are many opponents whose physics is not very effective and whose magic is effective"

"Drop it."

Magic is still very effective against these physically stiff demons. And so the Solas - there is no way Kite will struggle - are struggling. Therefore, his words were ridden with very unpleasant emotions.

"Right... well, in that sense, you're really good as a warrior"

"Hey, what are you abruptly..."

Unexpectedly open your eyes and reveal your surprise before Sora can illuminate the praise from a truly abrupt kite. Nevertheless, I wonder if this compares. It was really abrupt without any context. but only this praise has been something that kite has always thought of.

"Your talent...... right. I think I'm very good at that idea."


"Oh, it's imagination. Right. For example, the pile system you use all the time (stake series). Some guys developed it by magic."

"Tina's right. I have a patent or something."


Kate nodded with a laugh at Yuri's clear statement. Of course, there are ideas in there about the power of kite on this. So the patent royalties obtained using this have moistened the Duke's house temporarily, and the rock grinder also exists in Enefia using it, which is used for various industrial uses. Sola is the only one who developed this as a move (skill).

but that is why this development has been done so many times before, but few have shown the way. Even if it was done, very few published it in a way that made it widely known. You can say that being young, and coming here and being able to develop it in a little while, definitely represented the high level of his talent.

"Oh... but it was magic, wasn't it?

"Oh, there it is. but can you use that here?

"Huh? Oh, I can't"

"That's right. but here moves (skills) can be used normally. The adventurers wanted your published moves (skills) because they could use them. Of course, that's not all. The military is now desperately trying to master and improve this"

Why, then, did the Emperor Leonhardt recommend registering the moves (skills) of this lineage? The sincerity was here. If this move (skill) is widely publicized, military technology will improve. That also leads to improved survival.

Of course, there is no way that all military personnel can use magic comparable to the pile system (stake series). In other words, if you encounter a very hard enemy like the Iron Giant (Iron Man) without a magician, it is imperative that you destroy them all.

That is the dramatic increase in chance of survival with just one move (skill). We can only see how happy this is from the upper ranks of the army. It can also be said that Sola sold a great deal of gratitude without knowing it to the military superiors.

Of course, from a different perspective, the low visibility of Sola at the time was exposed - it was actually sold at a higher price - but at the same time, thanks to this, Sola had huge assets to roll into. In view of what was necessary at that time, it would be sufficient.

"Oh, I've heard that rumor, too. Central Kingsguards are desperately trying to master the technology developed by the Japanese. Could it have been about Sola, not Kite?

"That's right. I will play to Your Majesty and advise him to master the army."

"Oh, hey? How long have we been talking about that?

Sora is unwittingly perplexed by a big story of scale that was out before she knew it. Even though I'm praised and confused, I've come here to dramatically increase the scale of the story. Nevertheless, this praise was truly worthless and could be praised at will.

"Hmm... when I revealed the Magic Conductor before, I guess. I got an offer to the Duke's house from a bunch of high-ranking military guys I knew back then. He wants me to help him prototype a weapon to be made by the military. Well, I'm in trouble when the boulder hits you, so I sent you to the military."

Kate puts her hand on her chin as a little reminder. Apparently, it was that long ago.

"Well, and"

"Yes, no, wait a minute! No more on the boulders, please! Seriously, I'm so embarrassed, I'm dying!

Sora accidentally sticks her hands out and hangs a stop to praise from Kite, who tried to go on even further. My face was really bright red to my ears. Nevertheless, neither that nor impossibility. It's unusual for Kate to give the accolade of letting go. Therefore, Sola also had difficulty coping. So Sola, having trouble coping, turns her water to Rui Shu, who has been silent for so long now.

"Mitsuki! What's going on with the test?

"... oh? Did anyone say anything to you?

Rui Shu asks Sora's loud inquiry by removing her headphones. The headphones were the type that covered her ears perfectly, and she didn't actually hear the surrounding sound. Actually, it wasn't like the kites were interested in chatting or stopping pointlessly, or taking a break.

From here, the mineral veins they sought were found, and the investigation was carried out with fireflies. Of course, the kites were there, but the part in charge ended one foot away, so that's why.

"... oh. Looks like something fun was happening."

"Ha ha. That's where I was... Is it really time to finish exploring? Mizuki, how are you?

"Yeah, just. I'll give this to Mr. Firefly later, won't I?

"Oh, please"

In Kite's snort, Rui Tree handed him a demon stone like USB memory with the information she had gathered into the fireflies that looked like they were making something out of something like a laptop. So, I had all the information I needed.

What they were doing is simply acoustic measurements. Again, there are various kinds of minerals in this area, so there is a difference in reflection in acoustic measurements. And the difference was Tina kept storing it since Earth's time. Therefore, the results were underground and the investigation was carried out.

"Well... if Firefly will finish mapping later, then we can move on... Firefly, do we have enough info?

"... I was wondering if it was too soon to draw conclusions"

"Well... I guess this should be a hassle in a pit in a land with a demonic metal"

Kate sighed when she saw the stone walls around her. There are abundant mineral resources here. That's great for blacksmiths, and for that, Kaito Ong and the others build a base nearby.

Instead, a wave similar to the sonar used by fireflies and Tina was disturbed by the raw stone of the guided metal, making it unsatisfactory to use. Nevertheless, it's not unusable. Using the reaction as an axis and constant fine-tuning makes mapping possible. That's why we were all using headphones to explore the reaction, while fine-tuning it to be in the optimal position.

"Kaito, there's no demon shadow around for now."

"Ooh. Thankyou."

And Yuri came back to Kate and the others waiting for the fireflies who were doing such a washout of the test results. It's nothing. If Kate searches for signs, she'll know how close the demon is, but it's still a task that can happen in case of one hassle. So Yuri was scouting around and keeping an eye on me.

So, as usual, Kite, who put her on her shoulder, decides to wait for the firefly test results to decide the next direction. So, about 20 minutes. The results of the firefly's 3D mapping are displayed.

"Master, the minerals Alphonse is looking for are probably in this area."

"Hmm... a little under this sawdust diagonal... firefly. Is mining possible with your gear?

"I affirm. Perhaps at this distance, it could be obtained using a small rock grinder."

"Good. Then, please"

Copy that.

At the request of Kite, the fireflies took out a small drill. In the end, what we do in mining doesn't change Earth or Enefia. We have to use the drill to dig out the ore. So for a while. Fireflies use drills to dig through rock walls and only slightly darker ore is mined. Sola inquired with interest to Kite, who had thus begun to recover the mined ore.

"What the hell, this?

"Blue Demon Ore" Blue Adamantite. Blue Thai is a type of magic metal that is said to be a blue adaman. It has a slightly different capacity than Demon Ore (Adamantite) and a slightly different strength and processing difficulty... well, you can think of it as a subspecies if you say so to the organism "

"Blue... no matter how you look at it, it's black?

"I haven't refined it. Refine this and ingot it and the blue will come out. Even iron ore isn't shining, is it?


Will such a dull black object turn blue if it is refined? Sora nodded again and again as she was impressed. Thus, the mining was carried out for a little while and the fireflies, who recovered the necessary amount, stopped the drill.

"Master, I thought this would be enough."

"Right. With 10 km of boulder, you'll be able to do enough. I'm not making it from scratch this time."

"So, master. By chance, the position of the material sought by the master can be measured from the information gathered earlier by Mizuki. What will you do?

Firefly further asks Kite, who agrees to his proposal. Apparently, the mine of Kite's scarlet gold (Hiirokane) was also found by chance. Well, there's a really wide variety of metals sleeping in the pit here. So something like this happened.

"Can we dig in from here?

"No, I was wondering if we should go down one pit"

"... time?

"Enough, presumably by evening."

"Good. Then let's go"

Kate gives the firefly speculation a go sign. And that's how Kite tried to walk out, but he stopped before that.

"Softly...... what do you guys do? I don't care if it's just us..."

"Anyway, and I've come this far. I'm coming, too."

"That's right... and because of that, I'm also interested in scarlet gold (Hiirokane), which is said to be the hardest metal in the world..."

"If you say so, I've never seen it either."

"Neither do I."

Apparently, they were all interested in scarlet gold, the hardest metal in the world. Everyone offers to accompany Kate in her inquiry. As a kite, it is faster for people to finish the work - yesterday I did not finish because it took me a long time to inspect and the pit was off - so I decided to accept this offer very much. So they decided to go further into the back of the pit.