What is the hardest substance in the world? When asked that way, the first thing that would come out as an answer would be diamonds, diamonds and other carbon-centric substances. Diamonds are certainly not an exaggeration when it comes to the most scratch-resistant minerals.

but diamonds just don't scratch and are never a breakable substance. Rather than, it's pretty brittle just not to get hurt. Especially actually very vulnerable to hammers and other beatings.

And, well, to this point, it's only a matter of common sense on the planet. But if they dwell in Enefia, how will they answer? This is actually pretty much the answer. It's scarlet gold. The hardest metal in the world, even said to be the metal of God. Most of them will be the first to state this.

Most of them, so there are no exceptions. However, for example, it is very rare material that can even be taken in the first place using materials of disastrous species, which is very rare for those who know it. And those who know it, make it clear that the strength of scarlet gold will never be defeated. It had so much strength.

So, there is only one person in this world who can only make a weapon that can be wielded satisfactorily with a material of such strength. Needless to say, it was the strongest corner of both worlds, Earth and Enefia, and a kite many of which cut off as the strongest.

"Scarlet gold was a pretty precious mineral, wasn't it?

"Oh, scarlet gold is low yield."

Kate nods clearly at the inquiry of Mizuki and makes clear why. Scarlet gold is the metal of God. As Kate herself said, the amount produced itself is very small.

So the price of the material is quite expensive, and I can only use warriors like Kate who no longer put the prestige of the country and the world on its shoulders, people who really belong to God, their divine angels, etc. Nevertheless, they didn't seem to be out of bounds when it was actually that expensive. That's why Kate made that clear.

"Even so, it is. Actually, it can be surprisingly cheap. Of course, it's expensive."

"With that said... you've heard of it. Scarlet gold is cheaper than you think."

"Oh. Don't ask me it's like that unexpectedly"

"But why is it so cheap when it's precious metal?

Mizuki poses the most serious question. In the first place, this metal is called the metal of God, and the output is low. Yet surprisingly cheap. Of course, it's just surprisingly cheap. I guess Kate's right. Expensive.

but probably traded in tens of millions of kilometers imagined by the Mizuki and others, or something like that. For your information, it's about 5 million yen per kilogram of gold. Rui Tree and the others imagined about ten times that.

"Right...... well, for one thing, there are very few guys who can process it. There are quite a few people who can refine scarlet gold from raw stones. No refining, but basically refining is melted over fire, so... It's metal there, so it's no different."

"Even so, it's scarlet gold on boulders, so it can't be a normal fire. It's a special fire to use... it has to be a fire that adjusts the seed fire and the material to burn properly. It's pretty hard to refine."

"It's more about managing the furnace than refining it."

Take over Yuri's commentary and make it clear that Kate is the most important thing. For this refinement, Tsubaki Ong and the others went out of their way to install a temple - not a giant object, of course, but something like a shrine, if you dare to say so - so much so that they borrowed Shamrock's power as a sun god.

The power of the sun's God resides in the flames, refining scarlet gold with the flames of God. Scarlet gold (Hiirokane) is very strong even in the state of the original stone, otherwise it will not even melt.

It should be noted that if Haetongwong had the power of Fire Dragon and Super, he could have managed it with his own flame, but neither the former nor the latter would satisfy the conditions, so he would not be able to refine it with the flames he produces. And, well, leave that alone. Kite keeps going even further.

"And well, leave the refining. Even if refining can be done on the ravioli and corners, it is very difficult to refine the ingots that are now refined and more intense. I can't make it into a blade."

"That's what makes a joke about casting and blunting the refined scarlet gold (Hiirokane) as it is, it's much stronger to use it as a sign and beat it as it is."

"Keep on blunting..."

The boulder makes Mizuki pull his cheeks too for this Yuri joke. Though, they really are. That was the reason it was too hard to be handled by coarse blacksmiths, and they even said that it would be far superior as a weapon to pour it into a mold for casting and make it into a hammer or other blunt instrument while it was melted during refining if it was as bad as a blacksmith. And the fact is, it seems so. It wasn't even a joke.

"That's right. You have to mold very highly crafted magic into a hammer while dealing with God's fire in the first place. If you try to hit the knife with this, there's nothing you can do without at least a total of two, including a gavel. Of course, it's not like there's no casting sword for Scarlet Gold... everyone would say that if we were to make something like that."

"Legend has it that the state mobilized blacksmiths and magicians from all over the country to create the Scarlet Gold (Hiirokane) sword. In fact, there are many swords made of it."

"That's why. First of all, the Kaito's grandfather and the dragon guts who definitely do it together are superb as blacksmiths. It would not be an exaggeration to say that as a blacksmith with unlimited proximity to the divine domain"

Once again, Kate praises the two blacksmiths for their weapons. At least we can do something that the country can mobilize as a daily tea meal. Of course, I would still temper you in relation to the material you use, but I can say to that extent. At that point, the power will be perceptible.

"So very few blacksmiths can use scarlet gold as a material. So if you're a regular blacksmith, you hate scarlet gold first. I can't use it myself. Only a guy who's so confident in his arms uses that material... demand and supply."

"So, the guy you want is a basic super blacksmith, so the weapon a guy like that makes is a luxury item even if he uses regular iron in the first place. In the end, the price as a weapon is higher. So the weapon itself is very expensive, but the material itself is not as expensive as I would say. You've had too much craftsmanship since then, and your arms are expensive. So as far as kilos, it's only about the same as gold. Well, if it's a time of war or something, it's probably a place called market value."

Yuri, who took over Kate's words, closes the narrative again. Therefore, the swords of Haitang Ongs are famous throughout Enefia.

And it is only by their name that Nakatsu is known as a land of many martial arts artists. Because there are blacksmiths in the country who can use scarlet gold. Wherever there are quality weapons, there are armed warriors. What a wonderless story. Therefore, after the commentary was completed, Mizuki asked to try it out.

"... I'd like to ask you a try... For Mr. Kite's knife, what is the price?

"This the guy?

Kate had also brought a knife this time, but his love knife has asked the Haitang Ongs to repair it. but it is the home of Masaru Murakami. Therefore, there were many Scarlet Gold (Hiirokane) swords that were struck by the Tsubaki Ongs for practice, and this time they had borrowed a wave of them. User-friendliness seems to be much worse than the usual stuff, but I also have extra time to observe Kite's arm at a point where I can say this is bad.

"Right... I dare say this is for practice my grandfathers are making to lift their arms. May I say a few hits to make a number and raise your arm? As for the amount of material, it is about the same as a normal knife... first of all, about 50 million yen in Japanese yen. Oh, sheath and all that. Because of the material, the sheath is also good there. So, this is where my grandfathers' arms come in... well, let's go a hundred million ways."

"To, 200 million..."

Two hundred million yen is an unimaginable price for a few hits on a boulder. And Kite's sense of money using it flat would also be, in some ways, a misdigit one. It should be noted that it is difficult to obtain Scarlet Gold (Hiirokane) with Sea Tongue Ong and others on boulder, and it seems to take a very long time to refine. Therefore, the scarlet gold (Hiirokane) used for this knife is melted and reused.

Then you'd think you could use it for repairs, but it's just for practice, and they're going to refine the materials for warriors like Kite from scratch. I guess it's their pride as blacksmiths. Well, so I don't even feel like I'm letting a warrior go get the material at the end of the day.

"You know that. In fact, if it's not a weapon for the grandfathers, it's basically a million bucks. In fact, it's a good enough weapon for the price."

"Ma, in the case of Kite, I won't go that far because my grandparents at Kaito say it's only good for the cost of the material."


Kate laughs at Yuri's scratch. They still admit about Kite, and Kaito Ong and Dragon Dare are also places called Craftsmen. We did a job that we were comfortable with. That seems to be the reward, above all, for them. They are, in a sense, seekers. The fact that they were satisfied meant that the job did the best job possible. Enough from them, it was a consideration.

And most importantly, they're not convinced that they have inferior arms against Kate. Not a single incident this time, but even a swing of them from Kate's arm is not enough.

It was not acceptable for them to charge the cost. So basically, if it's a request from Kite, I'll take it for free. Because we're not good at it.

"Well, in my case, why don't you go get the material yourself? I'll give you a hand in the blacksmith. That's why they charge you... well, that's good. Firefly, is the mining going to be over?

"... Master. May I ask one thing?"


"... the drill on board found that Scarlet Gold (Hiirokane) could not be mined"

Fireflies questioned by Kite present a rock grinder for mining in a slightly puzzled manner. The blade tip was worn out and looked like it needed repair. Well, I'll fix the part there by magic, so there's no problem, but I was supposed to use Demon Ore (Adamantite) for once and have a lot of strength.

That would be the minerals with more strength to dig out at the run-down point. More than that, there was only about Scarlet Gold. Apparently, he was hitting the mine vein. but that's where the blade of the grinder was lost.

"Uh... I knew you couldn't do that. Firefly. I'll take care of your repairs, so use this one. It's a rock grinder machined by Tina on Earth, and it works with power... you could use it. Refined scarlet gold (Hiirokane) is used on the tip. Enough, it should be bearable. If I can't do it, I'll have to dig it with the tsuruhashi I use. I'll do it then."

"Copy that. I'll borrow it."

Fireflies were made by Tina from Kite - it's also a Tina piece she was using - and when she borrows a rock grinder, she points its tip toward a slightly red, shining ore. That's how Gaga sounded again, this time slowly but the mining began. and Rui Shu took one of those spilled ores.

"This is... Scarlet Gold?"

"Oh. That's the original stone... scarlet gold (Hiirokane). A little scarlet, isn't it? Refine this to become a clean scarlet ingot"

That's what Kate says again as she looks at the ore that glows slightly dull in red. This is still before refining, so there are many impurities, and scum stones still stick around. So to this extent, they say refining this will glow with a cleaner scarlet.

"Oh... but if you say so, Mr. Kate's sword..."

"Oh, this. Right. I have time, and I'll show you once."

Understanding Mizuki's out-of-the-box doubts, Kite sometimes has time to pull out a knife on her hips. So I closed my eyes a little and concentrated my consciousness, slowly pouring magic into my body. Then his body began to stain bright red and emit a pale scarlet light. The light was also divine and at the same time tender in colour, soft and very tasteful.

"... something like this"


"Right? The first time I was able to do this, I was told I was qualified to use Scarlet Gold. When the magic is firmly delivered from corner to corner, Scarlet Gold (Hiirokane) shines back to its original power."

That's what Kate explains to Mizuki, who falls in love with the scarlet light, while maintaining the light. Nevertheless, there is also a reason why this does not happen during the fight. As Kate has just shown us, even he, who is the best at the delicacy of the treatment of magic, has to concentrate his consciousness. It is a matter of understanding how difficult it is at that point. Instead, it was just a tremendous amount of skill he could speak while maintaining.

"If you let the slaughter go like this, the slaughter will also be this scarlet. Therefore, the slaughter of Scarlet Gold (Hiirokane) is even described in some countries as Scarlet God Strike Scarlet Grace. God's blow, that's why. So Scarlet Gold is God's metal. It feels like a metal god."

"I don't know... you know what I mean."

Mizuki, who heard Yuri's commentary, just had to be convinced. For the scarlet light, which is divine, was even as if it were God's posterior light. Thus, Mizuki understood that scarlet gold (Hiirokane) was said to be the metal of God and decided to return together, waiting for the firefly to be mined.