While the kites were securing the mineral resources needed for each weapon, that was the time. Tina and the others, who had decided to go outside the "Inside the Peach Yang" and collect demonic material, were fighting the demons outside the inside for an arms test.

"I see... this has a strange feeling"

For a moment I had tried to use a spear loaned to me by Masayichi Murakami, and had the realization that the spear I had been using - in this case, not a spear he had knitted with magic, but a spear sold to the public - was like a toy.

The spear in the realm they can reach is known. Rather than that, the spearless intrusion of the realm you can buy is only to that extent. When it comes to not selling a product or being a one-off or famous spear with a name, it really doesn't get bought or sold first. Even if they do, it's the back route. There's no way I can get my hands on it.

"Is that a strange feeling?

"Oh... I don't know... right. Get used to it. Get used to it."

Instantly to Lil's inquiry I try to wave the spear once as I pass the magic. That was it, the blade of magic appeared from the tip of my ear. This is a phenomenon that doesn't happen with a spear he knitted with magic. If I wanted to do the same thing, I needed to infuse this twice as much magic.

"Is this the difference between weapons... you don't need them because you can knit weapons with your own magic until now, but don't make me want to wave when I still have these things in my hands"

The moment is a little fun, waving the spear in the face of a child as if he had even been given a new toy. Dragon gall also pointed out, but the structure of his spear is still sweet. There were many things that didn't make sense, and that was the obvious difference.

"You don't even know that. In fact, I still feel a lot different with < >. I guess all you can say is hit a few, hit a few, hit a few."


Moments and the weapons that Lil is using now, though excellent, are not like famous spears. In contrast, Lil's usual use of < > is definitely not an exaggeration. Anyway, it's a spear given to her for her birthday. Even as Murakami Masashi, he is still putting considerable effort into it.

Of course, even if it must be a famous spear, it's still not an area like the one used by Kate and the Ballantines, but there's still a difference in cloud mud compared to the spears that are close to hitting these few. From Lil, who knew both, it could still be said that this was bad.

"Even so... right. Is this still bad? It's amazing from me."

"That means you didn't know about the spear yet."

"Yes... I wonder what. It's still very different between a competitive spear and a combat spear."

I was also reminded at the time of the dragon gall, but the moment again understands that I was ignorant about the spear. Even as an athlete he was going to have a good understanding of structure, materials, etc. about spears, but it is still a spear as an athletic event called spear throwing. Spears for combat were very different.

"Hmmm...... lil. Can you show me the spear for the next spear you're gonna use in the army?

"Right. Keep it that way."

Lil nodded comfortably at the instant offer. Speaking of spears, I can still think of things like Odin's < > that he uses as a weapon move (Arts), but it's a little harsh to see them there.

Furthermore, the spears used by these heroes are processed differently from merely named spears. I would have to say that in this moment it is difficult to analyze and understand it. If so, it would have been best to show them the disposable spears used by the military as a start.

"Oh, yeah. For a moment, I know for sure... don't throw that spear. You're sure the yarn isn't working satisfactorily yet?

"... oh well. You can't throw because you can't use a spear knitted by your own magic."

I think I forgot, I thought to Lil's inquiry. Speaking of which for a moment, I recall. Lil may also throw spears, but she uses demon threads to retrieve them.

This is a must-have skill if you're a spear thrower, so of course Lil had mastered it. but the other moment has not been able to use the magic thread to its realm. So I needed to run through it on my own feet to retrieve the spear I threw. but many times it will be slightly difficult to do that during battle. We should have gone with a policy of not throwing as much as possible.

"Be careful. It's a few hits, but there's a price for that spear."

"... let's be careful"

To Lil's words that mention the price, moments carve into his chest to be careful with his heart. Come on, it's probably because we're still dating. Lil was also figuring out how I could make him keep his word the most instantly. And Tina tells those two.

"Hmm...... well, that's a good conversation there. It's time to fight."

"Ladies and gentlemen, the first target is one kilometer ahead... you see it."

Shortly after Ku's words. Quite a giant snake-shaped demon appears. This was the whole demon thing they were after. His name is' The Serpent Crawling Through the Earth (Orochi) '. It is a monster unique to the Nakatsu Country, whose skin seems to have excellent flexibility.

but the biological properties are also close to snakes because it is still the look of a basic snake, the skin of which is, dare I say, snake leather. Although it is excellent for flexibility, it seems to slip better due to the special oil content that covers its body. So I was supposed to use another demon skin as an anti-slip to improve the grip. After that, I was going hunting.

"Basically, I won't get my hands on it in case I have to be on perimeter alert. So be careful and fight."

That's what Tina tells us against all of us. Basically, her role is as commander. That hasn't changed for a long time. And at the same time, she's the one who hits the top when viewed as an organization. There's no more reason to fight than to have other faces.

As they say on a daily basis, it is only suspicious that Kite will fight in the fiercest war zone on the front line, even though he himself is on the front line at the mercy of the general. No, in his case, I guess there's an aspect to it that he can't help because where he is will be the heaviest war zone, but still, Tina is supposed to be in the right way, and therefore Lil nodded normally as well.


Lil looked firmly at the 'serpent crawling through the ground (Orochi)' and nodded. Enemy rank is about B. I don't see many elements to lose, but at the same time I'm not a sweet enough opponent to be alarmed and win.

Naturally, but also for Lil, Nakatsu's demons are almost the first opponents. It was assumed that even if it was performance-wise enough to win, it would have some special properties beyond being a Rank B equivalent demon with the opponent. So Lil didn't get alarmed either, and he was definitely going to put a stop to it.

"Mr. Cherry Blossom. Restraint as usual."


Upon Lil's request, the cherry blossoms immediately produce every passing yarn, trapping the ground without restraining the 'serpent crawling through the ground (Orochi)'. Even when it comes to Demon Yarn, it is necessary to change the strength and amount of Demon Yarn according to the size of the enemy, and naturally, if restrained, the enemy will be greatly razed.

If you take it for cherry blossoms, 'The Serpent Crawling on the Ground (Orochi)' is no longer held captive than it is homogeneous. Then it was only here that we should have been held captive in order to ensure that we were held captive.


Lil figures out how to fight as he understands just the sensation of letting the cherry blossoms stretch their magic threads as they crawl through the ground. The body of the serpent (Orochi) crawling through the earth is about 20 meters. Not as big as a Rank B snake-shaped demon. but still situated in this rank, which means there's something there that you can't be alarmed about.

(If so, the first thing to be aware of is poison. Probably this guy is poisonous)

While Lil peels off his sharp fangs and sees "The Ground Crawling Serpent (Orochi)," he decides to remain vigilant against holes that will probably poison him somewhere.

(Snake venom is basic, neurotoxicity and haemorrhagic poison. There should be no venom that causes dissolution......)

No matter how many demons it is, it doesn't change that much biological principle. So if you are a serpent-shaped demon, the poison, like a serpent, is neurotoxic or hemorrhagic poison. And if you're scared here, it's neurotoxic. You can't fight a boulder with a nerve abnormality. Poison is the biggest trump card for assassins who have killed any hero since ancient times.

On Earth, say it. Hercules, the great hero, suffered from poison, and Tor, the corner of the strongest god in Northern Europe, was poisoned again - and what he received was serpentine poison - and is believed to have died after nine steps back. So much so that poison is dangerous.


For Lil, who makes such a reflection, The Ground-Crawling Serpent (Orochi) sprays a slightly cloudy liquid from his mouth. From the circumstances, it would definitely be seen as a venom. Seeing it, Lil immediately switches his mind and avoids it by moving sidesteps.

(Just a slight irritant odor I felt as I walked past the side...... it must be venom. but isn't it still the poison that causes the dissolution)

Lil sees an eruption of "The Serpent Crawling on the Ground (Orochi)" that fell to the ground without hitting anyone, and decides so. The liquid that fell to the ground apparently did not contain viscosity, and disappeared immediately. It must have disappeared to the ground.

but at the same time it didn't look like it was melting the ground and it didn't look like it would cause it to dissolve. Well, of course. That's why it must be venom, so it would be strictly forbidden to bathe cheaply.

(No viscosity. Do you think you can wash it off immediately even if it sticks)

What is most poisonous and scary is that first aid is still not available. In other words, it could not be washed with running water. Even on Earth, the packaging of medicines will always say that if it enters the eye or something, it will be rewashed well with running water to get a doctor's diagnosis.

Diluting toxins with large amounts of water is effective enough. but even running water is hard to fall off when viscous. Being viscous is dangerous when it's just combat.

"Watch out for venom from your mouth! Try not to step in where you fell!

Having instantly figured out what to watch out for, Lil flies the order instantly. It looks instantly stained to the ground, but there would still be toxins on the ground. I shouldn't have stepped on it cheaper than I didn't know what kind of poison it was. I saw that it was not soluble, but that is not certain. I don't want to be melted from under my feet.

"Is it still poison? But the venom speed is not too high... then!

In response to such Lil's arousal, the instant decides that the current venom speed can be chased off on its own. We shall launch an immediate offensive.


Certainly this giant, albeit small in serpentine form. I was instantly learning in Urca that the effect was weak when I hit a blow into this torso.

So his choice was to strike a powerful blow to the head and defeat it for sure. It's the head, though. I know it as the most important organ of the enemy. So I can't let you hit me easily.

"Heavenly Path! I lure you into a trap here! Where is it?

"It's about 20 meters from the meeting in the direction of 2: 00!

A cherry blossom with an instant inquiry instructs the origin of the trap. Many demonic threads are already slowly intertwined with the enemy - although they didn't even look instant - but they still can't be definitively restrained. To ensure restraint, it was most effective to lure him into the center of the trap and entangle him with everything.

"Over there..."

It would still be because we had a little time to catch the enemy. In fact, cherry blossoms have been preparing for traps for a long time before they were instructed by Lil. So even if the enemy doesn't find out, it seems to have been able to set up quite close to the enemy.

"Rin! I need venom! I know you're learning ice attributes from Al!


Rin looks disgusted at his secret, which was somehow known to him. Here, Al and Moment are able to build a relationship similar to that of their best friends, but it would be late. I just knew it was a secret even within the department. Well, even secrets within the department are pointless to the kites, so no problem.

"Well, < >!"

Rin unfolds a thin ice curtain upon instant request. That was thin, but enough curtain to freeze the venom and sharpen the momentum.

"Good...... lil"


Lil lines up beside him, as he agrees with the instant words. It's easy to do. First stop the enemy from moving. To do this, we need to hang it in a trap. but there's no reason anywhere to wait for him to fall into a trap. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that you will hang me in a trap. That's how the moment breathed heavily in.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Targeting yourself first. Moments raise their shouts because they take themselves for granted. This is more than just a roar to intimidate. but that's enough. No matter how much the 'serpent crawling through the earth (Orochi)' is a demon, pay attention aloud. Therefore the moment you shout out comes something, because you turn your attention to him with vigilance.

"Okay... the three branches... you know what I mean"

The moment I turn my attention to this one, I will send my gaze straight to the enchantment. Basically, the serpent crawling through the earth is the same creature as a serpent. Therefore, if it gets cold, it hibernates. And if you get cold, your physical abilities inevitably diminish.

At the same time, they arranged for the temperatures around the "serpent crawling on the ground" to be immediately lowered. It's still rank B, an unknown enemy. It was possible that cherry blossoms could not be contained by themselves. I was wary of that.



All you have to do is hang it in a trap. The moment I took it that far I nodded with Lil. The basics are that the moment is < > to steer you to the location of the trap while avoiding enemy attacks, and if the targeting deviates, Lil will draw attention and make the moment a pattern again.

That roar would only be usable a few times, too, but that few degrees would suffice if we considered it as a distance. In this way, the Moments began the battle to crusade "The Serpent Crawling Through the Earth".