Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1279: Knowing Your Enemy

To strengthen and repair Lil's weapons. The upper level of the Adventure Club was supposed to fight the demons unique to Nakatsu, known as "The Serpent Crawling on the Ground". It was with the trap to ensure that it was crusaded at the same time as the enemy, but in order to drop the enemy, it was decided to use Yang Dynamics to fight first.


The moment you get your hands on the trap, you first attack directly from the front so that you don't let your targeting go off as much as possible. It's only a matter of specs that the moment is taking on the role of a pimp, not a lil.

Lil, who is rank A if it is indeed vegan performance, surpasses it. However, if you add the speed increase caused by < > and Lil's < > does not increase, the speed will exceed the moment. Even more so, the spark looks far more flashy when the flame just flickers. All the necessary elements were in place. And there is also cooperation with Sho. I could have prepared in case.

"Hmm, hmm. Well, let's call it a reasonable hand."

Tina nodded one as she watched the moment rush into 'The Serpent Crawling Through the Earth (Orochi)' at once. but in fact, at this point Tina had noticed the blind spot in this way of fighting. Nevertheless, it is due to how well you know your enemies. So this is what Tina was going to crush.

"If you know him and you know yourself, you won't have a hundred fights. If you know yourself without knowing him, you will win and lose... and the words of a great magician will never be the word of the world. I still know how horrible Kang Zifang is, but Sun Wu is also an insult."

Tina shrugged is the word found in the famous ancient Chinese military law book, Sun Tzu. In fact, there was still a continuation of that well-known proverb, and the words Tina muttered were a continuation of it.

That certainly referred to the current state of the moment. They don't know their enemies, but they know their power and what they can do. These following words were optimal. It should also be noted that there is a continuation behind this word, "If you don't know him and you don't know yourself, you will almost kill him every time."

"Well... well, I'll prepare you in case. Nothing even if I can't manage it. I'll take care of it."

The odds of winning are five and five minutes. You may or may not win. That's what Tina expected. How quickly you will notice the enemy's troubles. In front of Tina's eyes like that, she was breathing heavily in order to get the missed targeting back to herself again.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

With the roar of an instant, the 'serpent crawling through the earth (Orochi)' shivered slightly and turned the instant. but when I realized that I was there for a moment, I showed only slight vigilance and didn't rush in as quickly as I had initially done. After all, the effect of the roar was diminished more than at first sight. but i know that as a moment, and not just him, but everyone has accepted it.

"Twice is the limit... No, that's about it."

In view of the thinness of the effect for the second time, we decide to use < > next. The effect is known where I did it for the third time, and if I did it poorly, it might not even be effective. but if there's magic on there, the story is different. Again, if it's not the same as before, everyone is wary that something might come next. It was the same with demons.

"Next, use < >"

The moment tells that to everyone in the reading. If you want to do it, do it. It's the basics to make it known to your surroundings. Most importantly, < > is a special skill. Because of the roar of magic, if you don't do well, you may even inhibit your allies from attacking.


Simultaneously with the instant use of pronunciation. Because you're still on guard, or "The Serpent Crawling Through the Ground" sprays venom at him. It slows momentum down to the point where it can be avoided at leisure due to the ice curtain unfolding along the way.


In the blink of an eye, the sprayed venom of "The Serpent Crawling Through the Earth" is evaded without activating < >. Thank you for your help. and the "serpent crawling on the ground" on the other hand, but apparently it never came this way just by spraying the venom.

(For once, I suppose I restrained it)

I was on my way earlier. The moment I remember that, I see "The Serpent Crawling on the Ground (Orochi)" where I slap my tail against Lil, who was the last of my enemies, and I tongue slightly at what doesn't work inside. His position is just at the heart of the cherry blossom trap.

He raised his roar so that he could move to this position in anticipation of spraying the venom and coming straight at him. After that, if you stick it in here, we can bring the center of the trap to the middle of the torso just by dodging it backwards in further backsteps. That's what I was supposed to do. but there's nothing you can do to keep me from moving.

"What to do..."

While staying on the spot and watching "The Serpent Crawling on the Ground (Orochi)," which makes use of the giant to slap the tail, spray venom, and snuff away, the moment contemplates the next hand. So, after a few moments. The moment came up with the next hand.

"Sho! Help me!


In response to the instant call, Sho comes beside it without sound. He was basically putting up a phantom for everyone just in case, but as such, he's not active this time. There's plenty of room.

"Ask for restraint. Push another one."

"Okay...... what about the seniors?

"Use < > to turn hostility over here. But it doesn't work because of what happened earlier. We're both going this way."

Copy that, sir.

Sho nods at the instructions from the moment and pulls the demon gun out of his nose. but I still don't shoot. Shooting comes after The Serpent Crawling Through the Earth (Orochi) turns this way in an instant roar.

"Okay... well, let's go..."

With Xiang's consent, the moment breathed heavily in. but the next moment. He was to bend his knees by accident.



The moment he suddenly raised his distressed voice, Sho turned to the moment in a hurry. but that moment seemed pretty painful and he didn't know what had happened himself. And for such a sho, one gun-like magic guide is thrown over Tina.

"Sho! Use it!


"It's like a serum! Think of it as a syringe, in plain sight!

Tina briefly explains to Xiang, who doesn't know what the magic guide thrown at her is and is baffled. I guess that means a syringe similar to a gun, which is a movie about the near future, etc.

Nevertheless, further improvements had been made in the hands of Tina and the others, The Uncrowned Troops (No Orders), so that the effectiveness of the ampoules in which they were placed could be made immediate and the drug solution could be immediately penetrated. It was a sgrething that varied depending on the type of poison and the amount of poison received, but recovered in about a minute.

"Serum... poison!? But why!?

Sho leaves the scene in one jump with a moment to reveal his surprise by understanding Tina's words. That's right. It is only if the poison is known to be dangerous that both moments and lil deal with it in multiple ways. Sho himself helped with that. Yet they incited poison. I didn't understand the situation.

"No, for now...... seniors, I'm going to wrap my arms around you a little"

The moment is not the time to think, when you decide that consciousness begins to cloud, roll the hem of your clothes and expose your right arm. Meanwhile, Tina was explaining the situation to other faces who were doing their best to stay on the front because of the abrupt events.

"The venom of 'The Serpent Crawling Through the Earth (Orochi)' is almost odorless and colorless and transparent! At the same time, it is also highly instant and fast drying! but that's not where you should be most careful! The venom of" The Serpent Crawling Through the Earth (Orochi) "is very vaporizable! I didn't stain the soil, most of it vaporized!

"I see..."

Listening to Tina's point, Lil is finally convinced of what went wrong. That's all I can say. Anyway, I was breathing heavily so many times, and the moment and lil are moving the most intensely in this face. Therefore, the amount of air inhaled is also higher than others. Moreover, in the instant case, it is the most fought near the venom due to the nature of the Now, if you can cover your face with a mask like Sho, that would be the place. That mask has the effect of purifying the air to a certain extent, not only to prevent dust but also to combat poisonous gases and the like.

"Sho! The moment!?

"You'd better give him some rest!

Apparently, thanks to Tina's serum, her breathing is calm for a long time, but her face still looks spicy. Though it is the confusion of consciousness that has calmed down, it will be certain that the physical function has not returned sufficiently. At least a minute later. That's all time. It's good to see the two of you are out of combat.


What should we do until the instant resurrection? In view of his physical performance, Lil immediately considers the next step to be taken. What hurt here was the lack of two roles in one place: Moment and Sho. I can't use my previous methods of warfare. When it comes to one hand, it will be the hand.

Nevertheless, if it is bearable, there is also a difficult problem there. First and foremost, because cherry blossoms and charm clothes cannot move. These two are trapping in preparation for a must-win. You can't unlock that trap. Untrapping to frame a trap is the end of the line. Of course, even if you lose for it, the main fall is the main fall.

"Cover me. You can do a sub attacker, right?

"I can... What do you do?

"... I had no choice, so I thought I'd use the back moves"

Regardless of the supporting role Sho, it hurts to lack the moment to be the main attacker. but I can't attack weirdly here. But if I did poorly, they could have targeted the instant.

Nevertheless, fortunately, we can still fight as we are and not move it from this place. Instead, the "serpent crawling on the ground (Orochi)" is not about to move because the basic enemy moves around. The giant has a wide reach, even if it doesn't move. I can also say that I don't need to move. Do you want to keep attacking, or do you want to protect? Which was a bit of a thought.

"I don't really want to..."

Lil's face had a bitter taste. Because, in fact, there's a reason I haven't set up a quick attack before. I guess that goes without saying. Their goal in the first place is to get this demonic skin. Yet it makes no sense to scratch it.

And nothing is good anywhere because it's the skin of a 'serpent crawling through the ground (Orochi)'. I needed to look at the area properly. but it is difficult for the opponent to move around if he can avoid that area and attack. If so, it was the intention to stop the movement and ensure that it destroyed the cerebral marrow.

"It's my wife's hand!

When Lil is in the mood, he dives into the enemy's nostalgia at once. The difference between the instantaneous use of < > and the use of < > by Lil and other Bernstadt family members. That is, in a nutshell, the difference in output.

The former has a balanced enhancement, if you dare to say so, whereas the latter has a strength focused enhancement. It was only if so that such a rough business was possible.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

"" "... Yes?

The girls and three others round their eyes when they look at Lil, who has firmly stepped on the ground and grabbed the giant 'serpent crawling through the ground (Orochi)'. It's that giant. Sure, I can't support it, but when it comes to lifting it, it's not a story. Even a Rank A adventurer on a boulder is quite impossible.

As such, the giant of "The Serpent Crawling Through the Earth (Orochi)" lifted up and exploded at Lil's feet, wondering if there would be 20 meters in front of them like that. Ballantine once taught < > to jump forcefully.

"Ha, ha, ha!

The roar echoes with Lil's temper voice. Lil forcefully threw a "serpent crawling on the ground". If it's that giant on a boulder, there's no ex-girlfriend or child thrown forcefully. I had to be forced to move into the middle of the trap.

"Eh! Meizi!

"I know! < >!"

The bright cherry blossoms regained their mind and immediately entangled the demon thread for restraint into the upper body of the "serpent crawling through the earth (Orochi)". And at the same time, the charm garment, which received the signal of cherry blossoms, activated the magic. Look at it and let the shards of the sword that have focused and divided your consciousness penetrate in a straight line.

"< >!"


With the blow of a shard of sword, the barrier of "The Serpent Crawling Through the Earth (Orochi)" is shattered. Moreover, its strong scales contain countless cracks, which, in addition, are slow to move due to the sad nature of the warming animals, and thus the drop in body temperature. Therefore, Lil was able to concentrate his consciousness and set a firm goal.

"< >!"

What Lil used was a blow that completely focused a little bit of power. Pretty difficult conditions come with it if you're in the fight that you have to hit a straight line toward your target without any discrepancy to be perfectly powerful, but the power comes with origami when it's perfectly decided for that matter. And now. The blow was perfectly determined against the 'serpent crawling on the ground (Orochi)', which was stitched in motion.

"... this is what it is"

With a single blow completely blowing his brain cord off, Lil pulls the fully penetrated spear out of the skull of "The Ground Crawling Serpent (Orochi)," swinging one out and paying for the blood. Thus, Lil and the others succeeded in obtaining the first material needed to repair the weapon.