Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1280: Seeking the Next Material

The Adventure Department, which ended its crusade for the Ground-Crawling Serpent (Orochi), which serves as a reinforcement to Lil's weapon, was collecting material for the Ground-Crawling Serpent (Orochi), which he crusaded while waiting for his instant recovery when he was poisoned and forced to leave the front temporarily during the battle.

"I'm sure this area... it must have been most flexible"

Lil strips the scales from the giant "The Serpent Crawling Through the Earth (Orochi)" and peels the exposed skin. They still teach me how to dismantle snakes because they are military, and there was no stray in that hand.

"Mr. Lil. What about scales and stuff?

"Oh, Kaito said you can use scales or something, so use them in the Adventure Department. Because I'm good enough for this part."

Upon Enchantment's enquiry, Lil remembered what Tsubaki Ong had told him. Skin is the only material used as a spear material. Even if it is skinned, it can only be partially used. Overwhelmingly there were more excess areas.

Nevertheless, there are still quite few that can be used from this giant. For example, there are large amounts of scales, but they have not been taken care of by demons. Therefore, there are very few parts that can be used as protective equipment. Not to mention the skin. Besides, this demonic meat is not even suitable for consumption. So most of the area will be discarded.

"Copy that. Then peel the scales, peel them, and collect them...... Tina! Give me your hand!

"Hmmm! Then, because it floats a little, your Lord blames the processing of the magic contained in blood!

"Yes, sir!

Tina, who received an offer to enchant herself, magically floats the giant serpent (Orochi) that crawls through the earth, while Enchant unfolds a special enchantment to dismantle these giant demons there.

It's this giant on the boulder. As Kate had previously been cautioned by Mel, a demon could come from that blood if crusaded normally. Therefore, there were sorceries that scattered magic contained in the blood.

Sometimes this is an adventurer specializing in collecting magic in his blood and using it in combat, but the Adventure Department did not possess the tools to that point in the boulder. Meanwhile, Lil also continued to work on Lil.

"Oh, cherry blossoms. Can I get a demon thread because I want to wrap my skin around it?

"Oh, yes...... go ahead"

Lil scrapes off the excess meat that was attached to the skin needed to strengthen his weapon and folds it quickly. Later, he brought it back so that it could be tanned and used by professional craftsmen.

Craftsmen usually do shredding off meat, but there are things they teach us in the military, and we're free while we wait. Let's do it, that's why.

"Okay... is this the place"

"It's been a long time."

"Well... not all of them can be used either"

Lil makes sense when it comes to cherry blossom inquiries where he watched his work intriguingly. I'm crusading to avoid scratches for once, but it's still hard to say it's perfect.

Above all, it's a wild demon. There will also be engagements. If so, there will still be many parts that cannot be used. I had collected quite a bit more in anticipation of that. By the time that work was done, Lil checked his instant appearance with a little concern.

"Well... moments. Are you all right, sir?

"Oh...... you showed me a disgusting place. Much easier."

I was told that the redness had already returned from the initial earthly colour of the poison and that the blood circulation had returned considerably. Nevertheless, I never stood up to see if it was still not in this condition.

Even if I can't do it here, there's just trouble around me. There's still next time. Rest when you can rest and have a full posture. That's what adventurers need. In those moments, Lil shakes his head.

"No...... it was my blind spot too that the poison vaporizes. I don't think you're careless."

"I'm sorry... but I still can't be alarmed about poisoning... is there anything I can do to help you in these cases?

"... right. The basics must still be airflow control. That's what Tina once taught me in the Dragon Clan."

"That, or... I see..."

The moment nodded as I was convinced by Lil's advice. The magic I was taught at that time was now ready for normal use, but I didn't use it this time. Yeah, magic is their skill, they use it if they need it, and they haven't got enough skill to deploy it all the time. but this was really the right time.

"Later...... perhaps an application of enhanced physical performance. This is a long and short..."

"What's it all about?

"The idea is to activate metabolism and restore it with self-healing power even if it is poisoned"

"Conversely, can't you turn the poison?

To a different solution presented by Lil, the moment was surprising. I thought it was too unscrupulous. And it was virtually impotent.

"Yeah. That's pretty likely. So think of it as a bet if you can't get the serum."

"A miracle if you survive."

"Later it can also be said that it depends on the will to live. In fact, most of the people who are said to have survived this are brilliant."

"I see... I'm still here."

For a moment, I decided to conclude that with Lil's words. I can't stand such unscrupulous artistry on my own, falling to such a normal degree of poison. That's what they thought. And talking about that, it seems like a good time had passed there. The moment held my hand several times to check my senses, and I stood up.

"Hey, hey."

"Are you okay now?

"Oh, I don't have to go with Yingjie Tak, but I still think he has twice as much strength and endurance."

The moment, saying so, gently bends over and relaxes itself. My legs aren't laughing, and my movements aren't precipitating. There was no significant difference from the full condition. Indeed, he himself would be no more than coarse.

"... sure, sounds ok"

"Oh... Justina! This one's all right now!

"Hmmm...... ok! Well, we'll leave when this is done!

Taking the instant offer, Tina accepts the departure after having confirmed it firmly herself. That's how we started moving toward the next enemy.

So, then about an hour later. Together they had reached the next enemy. its enemies, but at first glance it looked very odd.

"This guy...? Oh, my God, this guy."

"I don't know much about boulders either..."

Lil also reveals some perplexity in the words of a moment of perplexity. Because it was there, or it was there, like a little thick cloth. That was caught in one of the trees and swayed by the wind. That is all.

"... Justina. Is that really it?

"Uhm. That's what the Lord wants."

"It just looks like a cloth..."

It's like a piece of cloth that was flown for some reason correctly just stumbled onto a tree branch. I'm very surprised to see a borough cloth that only looks that way. Besides, Tina nodded one thing.

"I think so, travelers approach the detour. And they'll kill you."

"Yes, I don't know..."

"What a brilliant fiction, huh? And that's amazingly clever. Sometimes we create symbiotic relationships with other demons."

Tina goes on to further explain what's still there for the moment when she's still unconvinced.

"Right. For example, some demons are simulated by travelers. And it comes together like a robe worn by a traveler, making him look more like a traveler."

"You're such a mess?

"Hmm... so what if what looks lame is just showing it to me?

In an instant inquiry Tina returns the inquiry. Besides, I thought for a moment, if this is really a demon and even this lame looking state is a pseudo.

but just thinking is horrible. It's a brilliant fiction so far. I could definitely say that I couldn't possibly do it myself if I could tell I wasn't a real traveler by doing it. So he honestly makes it clear.

"... then... you probably won't be able to see through me anymore. It could be tough to get close."

"Bye. It is difficult to distinguish between this fictional coat and the adventurer's or traveler's coat. Approaching inadvertently, it kills me. That's most likely. And it's not like he eats the prey that the attached demon killed. Of course, possession is restricted to those who don't eat the dead meat of the person they kill."

"I see..."

Sometimes demons have people who only exist to destroy their surroundings. The reason why this is a demon is something that no one knows, but it is only true that there is such a demon.

For example, a demon like the swordsman who was once fought by Asahi Himei when Heavenly Sakura School went to the Imperial City. That's it right. It seems that the demon now often has a simulated demon attached to this borough cloth. The possessed demon serves a pseudo purpose, and vice versa, this guy can eat the corpse meat of the opponent that the possessed demon killed. It was formed as a symbiotic relationship. And so it was given this name.

"" Devil's Robe. "Sometimes a demon possessed by this demon can beat an unbeatable opponent... hence the name."

"'The Devil's Jacket (Devils Robe)' …"

The moment felt somewhat but understandable in the name of this demon told by Tina. Even if he's supposed to be a high-ranking adventurer, he gets close without realizing it because of his brilliant fiction. And they come close to the detour and get poked in the gap and killed. Exactly from an adventurer would be a demon-like opponent.

"Nevertheless, this demon alone is never weak. You can't be alarmed."

"Oh, okay...... any tips?

"Hmmm... charm. Cherry Blossoms. Your lords should play a supporting role as magicians this time. You can tell if you fight, but this demon is quick to show off. Besides, I have the habit of trying to escape when a pseudo is found out. Manipulate the wind so you can't escape, and then stop him from dodging."

In an instant inquiry, Tina tells you her policy toward cherry blossoms and charm. Tina wasn't talking, but actually this opponent is rank B. Strong enough to be a single demon. They are also one of the reasons why the Devil's Jacket (Devils Robe) is a devil.

Leaving that aside, it is still strong to be rank B alone. If we find out the basic pseudo, we will try to escape, so if we meet, we will escape. It is a demon that tells us to escape, but on the contrary, we need to hunt this guy this time. It will be necessary to prevent them from escaping.

"So, Yuri. Your lord is well...... um. All this time, go watch the game with the rest."

"What are you doing?

"This demon and your lord...... no, most archers are very incompatible. If the Lord is still releasing a rigid bow that can even screw off the surrounding space, it would be good to join the battle line, in which case the Lord should be the main force... hmm. You can't even hope for it in the boulder. All this time, it's useless in any way. Then it's a fine tactic not to fight. If you dare, observe the enemy's condition crumbly in the eighth eye, and take responsibility for communicating it."

"? I don't know... then I get it -"

I am surprised by Tina's instructions, but I accept them. They haven't fought the Devil's Jacket yet, but Tina will have experience in engagement.

And as wise as she is. No wonder I knew the properties of this demon, and if I did, I would have given instructions not to fight it. If so, it was obvious that it was best to follow honestly.

"Well, for one thing, that would be good. After that, make your own decisions as you fight. I will remain vigilant for the rest of this time, as well as help in case of deficiencies in the Lord. The basics are your own crusade."

Tina, who gave the instructions to give in the meantime, decides that it is good, she makes a clear statement to everyone again. It would be quick to talk if Tina did it in the first place, but that wouldn't be instant training.

This time, the subject is certainly the collection of materials for the enhancement of weapons, but the moment needs to be given a weapon to grasp its sense of use. That's why. In response to Tina's instructions, the battle began to hunt for the Devil's Jacket.