Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1288: An Unusual Normal Snow View

To support the Unicorn clan, Kite had taken to one of the different spaces called the New Green Forest. When he checks the condition of the ice wall with his own eyes, he immediately asks Snowflake, the great spirit of ice, to investigate the details. The boulder should be called the Great Spirit, or he searched for the cause in seconds of things, taking it from his arrival to a situation where he could leave without taking an hour and a hang.

And, that's him, but when he left The New Green Forest, he was getting on a flying airborne and contacting Tina in Maxwell before he started traveling.

"It feels like. Excuse me, but I need food support. I don't think I need half a month more than I do..."

'Well, because preservative food doesn't even rot. All right. Let's get about half a month's food first and lead the convoy.'

"I asked. Tell Kuzha to make arrangements so she can continue to support her prognosis."

"Uhm. Let me make arrangements for a tree doctor or something"


Kate nodded at Tina's discrepancy and decided to move on. A tree doctor is a tree doctor, to put it plainly. It's a decent profession that even exists on Earth. It had also become a national qualification in Enefia, where symbiosis with nature was important.

This time it's abrupt snowfall, and even snowfall in places where it won't snow. I don't know what kind of damage is in the forest. Taking the tree doctor was a natural decision.

"So, next thing I know, I'm sorry, but I'm going to ask the Demon Nation to apply for admission. You can't get that far with this flying airborne."

This flying airborne is what Hannah once rode from Laeria. It was Tina who renovated it after it became Kate's personal property in the previous case and brought it up in this case.

The flying airborne with Tina's hand was spelled up to the point that the stealth function and the like were different at the earliest. but this is only the personal belongings of Adventure Department chief kite. It didn't turn out to be a face pass.

"I'll do it in parallel already. Later in the day, you'll be issued an entry permit. '

"Thanks. It looks like a mountainous part of the Devil's Land."

'Well, it's not a bad story over there either. It'll be accepted soon. "

"In the first place, I'm going."


Tina laughs at Kate's words, too. Claudia and other demonic executives know about Kate. If Kate were to go, permission would be given immediately if there was no room.

"We'll just wait a little while."

That's what Kate says, sitting deep in the chair. We have to go to another country, but it's another. Without the extra urgency, I couldn't have gotten in on my own. That's how Kate waited there for a little while.

Then about an hour. Kate was traveling again using a flying airborne.

"In the northern mountain range, if you follow the mountain range, it will be around here..."

Apparently, he wasn't lucky enough to hit snow. The surroundings were slightly snowmake-up, but still in a state that could be said to be considerably better than winter. Well, autumn hasn't reached the middle yet.

"No! Maybe it's time for Lulu to drop you off, because -! He said he smelled quite a few demons!

"Aye, aye! Come on. Close the window. Follow me!


On Kate's instructions, Lulu, who was nosing out the window, can pull his face in. The interior of the basic airstrip is a confined space.

It is the circulation of air that is secured by magic, but the smell is almost shut out. He opened the window for the search for the demon and only put out his nose, so.

"Are you sure you want to go around here?

Kite lands a flying airborne on a flat ground some size found in the middle of the mountain. With the time and wait to travel to the boulder, there were already dark night books down around, and I wasn't going to be able to move today.

but, well, it's airborne, so there's no problem. I'm just upgrading about the interior surface, I can usually sleep and I took a bath. It should be noted that the bath request is still out of kite.

"Well... so. So. Ha..."

Kate looked at the three kids and daughters running around Snow Mountain and sighed. No, I don't particularly care because I think it's a good thing that I'm fine. I don't care, but when it comes to the only thing that bothered me, I wanted the door to close.


Kite uses the cockpit opening and closing switch to close the door and switch on the heating appliance inside the airship, sighing at Yuri and the others who just sneeze around saying that if she pulls over three women, they are fornicated.

Unlike Earth's planes, the power of the airship is the Magic Conductor. There is no waste of fuel. So there is no problem with turning the heating on all the time. It should be noted that, for once, the magic conductor also has its limits, and it is by no means infinite in energy. If the inner demon stone reaches its limit, that's the lifespan of the demon conductor furnace. It is simply much cleaner and more cost-effective than any power reactor on the planet.

It has a service life of about 100 years, but it is the current technology. Sometimes it seems to be okay for thousands of years to reach a civilization that has progressed like Regad.

"Huh... do you want to make rice"

I guess nobody can help me anyway, but Kite removed her favorite cooking supplies from different spaces as usual. Sometimes I didn't know what was going on this time, and I am well equipped for the journey. I made room for the ingredients, of course. Furthermore, the hunting will be possible because of the presence of Lulu. I don't think I have to worry about food.

"Doesn't matter, you say it's cold when you shake around... it's a snow mountain, and I'll even make you a cheese fondue... oh, then use a disposable pan... I guess dessert is good with chocolate fondue..."

I don't know, in the end, Kate was sweet to the three of us. He even looked like he was thinking about dessert. That's how, beside the shaky girls, Kite starts simmering cheese. And as soon as you do that, the smell of cheese fills the interior of the airship, and the smell leaks out through a slightly open window.

"Cheese fondue for dinner tonight?

"Whoa, are you home? Hand wash, sit down."


Yuri comes in through the window and moves straight to the washroom. And similarly caught by the smell, Lulu and Soleil also came in, and noticed that the three of them had behaved well and were feasting in front of the desk in the living room replacement area.

"Ooh, we made it. The skewers should be used by each individual. Oh, I'll make chocolate fondue for dessert, so make sure you're hungry for that."

"" "Wow!

The girls cheer when they see a set of pans that Kate puts in the middle of her desk. As such, Kite also decided to sleep alongside the three of them for dinner that she had served by mixing with the girls.

Dawn, the next morning. Apparently it was a coincidence that the kites were blessed with the weather. This day has been snowblowing since morning. but that's suspicious no matter what you think. Now it's still autumn. Certainly it's not strange to get snow in early regions, and it's no wonder considering this is a high mountain. No, but it couldn't have snowed this far into the boulder.

"... there are demons out there that will definitely affect the weather..."

Since it is impossible to snowblow so far this time of year, Kate decides that some kind of demon has appeared. There are no demons that can affect the weather. Sure, it's extremely rare, but the target is a demon. No wonder there is a demon that affects the terrain. And in the same way, Soleil was making the same decision again.

"There was nothing last night, so I was wondering if maybe" Cascade Trent "was out."

"'Erice Tree (Cascade Trent)'? It's especially hard to smell in the snow."

Lulu nodded. By "Erice Tree (Cascade Trent)," you mean the demon of Rank S. It could be described as a dangerous opponent.

Nevertheless, as a combat force, it can only be compatible and defeated by Sola if it can be fought alone and directly from the front. Kites, if this is the occasion, don't say anything.

but it's a Rank S demon. Naturally, you can't win with Sola or for a moment. Dare I say, it was positioned with special abilities at risk, just like Cocatrice and others.

"The unity of demons that influence the earth's veins. It's rare to go out on such high mountains... so I guess Claudia and the others didn't even notice."

"I don't know."

Kate nodded that Yuri would be right about everything she said. Fall is nearly halfway through the season at such high altitudes. It's already starting to snow in pretty latitude areas. If so, the Demons would have been early this year even if it snowed here, it was easy to speculate that I only thought to the extent.

"Shh. Lulu. You said yesterday that there was going to be a group, right?

"Yeah! You just have to look for that!


Kite asks Lulu, who responded well, to search for the demon. Nevertheless, I'm not going to attack them as they are, even if they find them. Because the monster named 'Erice Tree (Cascade Trent)' has a troublesome nature besides influencing the ground vein.

"Soleil, I'm sorry, but can you stay and ask for the Sealed War?

"Uh, dokan! I don't like it. Yuri."

"Okay -. Well, I can't help you."

Yuri decides to accompany her at the request of Soleil, who was instructed by Kate. What Kate asked for was a kind of magic item.

Though I said that "The Ice Tree (Cascade Trent)" can be won by the Solas alone, you can never live without measures. At the end of the day, this guy is going to have a big bang by involving his surroundings. The reason why you can win is simple, because 'The Ice Tree (Cascade Trent)' can't move off the spot despite being a Trent species. It's an easy job to just tap the biggest blow into a faraway roll.

but even though I can't move, there's a good reason. The Erice Tree (Cascade Trent) is situated directly above the ground vein and has acquired immense magic. I don't want to let go of a quality feeding ground.

And as long as it is taken, it opens up all the magic accumulated, and blows itself up. That was not a power that even Sola could prevent. If it was just one blow, it would outweigh that Reaper blow.

"Wow, that's really hard."

Kate sighed disgustingly. Nevertheless, there is no choice in that either. There are still a number of troublesome places in this Cascade Trent. It was not ranked highest by Dada or insanity.

"and Ria no... Kite has to work hard to find the herd"

"Right. I can't believe you're here for a few days."

That's how Kite stands up according to Yuri's words. Whether you don't like it or not, you have to do what you do.


"Yes, sir"

"It's Snow Mountain, please"


Lu, manifested in response to Kate's request, follows him and begins to walk. And next to it, Lulu ran over.

"Wow! I'm with your mother!

"... right"

Speaking of which, this could have been my first opportunity to do this. Lu noticed that this was probably Kate's consideration and narrowed his eyes.

"You too, please. We need to find a group here, but we can't defeat them."

"" Yes!

"Well, I'll look for a good tree from here, so please investigate Yuri."

"Hoi Sa"

Yuri agrees with Soleil's policy, and the two head to the deck. I'm not going to say anything in particular either, Kate, than I left the way to them. That's why each of us moved to do what we had to do.