The kites were on a mission to crusade a herd of 'Trent' species led by 'Cascade Trent' in a mountain range in the southern part of the demonic territory in order to rescue the Unicorn, but after a few days of preparation they had almost everything successfully crusaded.

Having been fully prepared for this, it was stranger that there would be a problem because there were only warriors in the Rank S class. So the kites who ended the crusade were then contacting surrounding blockade units led by Mireille.

"And so I say. The crusade is over. I have already pulled out the" sealed cane (seal staff) ". I'll leave the prognosis to you, okay?

'Yeah. I'll leave it to you. Originally, the crusade mission for the demons in the realm is our job. You should be ashamed of your help to your son-in-law, so I'll take care of that. "

"Never mind. We have a covenant with the unicorns."

Kite casually shakes his head in response to Mireille's gratitude and end-of-life acceptance on behalf of the Demonic executives. Nothing of this magnitude is going to be an issue, and this time I dare say that Kate is coming in the position of an adventurer. So in a way, I could say this is one of Kate's jobs.

"For now, I'll be back. Let me ask you something, is there something wrong?

'No, especially. However, if there is one thing, does it feel a little awkward for those who were hard hit by the Ice Demons? "

"... you secretly flushed it?

"Yeah, well..."

Mireille nodded with a little laughter at Kate's inquiry, which showed a slight surprise. It is true that the treatment of information about the existence of those who once manipulated Tistenia is left to each country, but the basic countries had decided to cover this up.

Because now that Kite the Brave is not officially here, despair is a problem. And it's not like none of the remnants were there. Even if it happens all at once, it's troublesome. As a result of a composite judgment of them, they prioritized the face of an ice demon clan that was more vulnerable to persecution.

Of course, I didn't broadly inform you considering that you still haven't been in Kite's place, to the extent that you were able to show it and make her forgive you from above. It could be said to the extent that it exposes only a little more than each country. It wouldn't be an issue to this extent.

"Well... well, I'll leave that to your extraction. It's not what I'm supposed to say, or what I can say. If you need any help, let me know."

"Thank you"

Mireille gratefully accepts Kite's offer. After all, many people do not know how to deal with the Ice Demons. This was no wonder that the Demons were more than people, and it was also a testament that they were normal people as well.

"Well... I guess that's it all"

In the meantime, we should have finished what we needed. Kate decided so and nodded one. All you have to do is check the "New Green Forest" and submit the paperwork to the Union, but the former is good on the way back, and the latter is what you should do back to Maxwell. Nevertheless, in order to return, personnel need to be put on board first.

"Hey! Don't make a big snowman, let's go home -!

Kate opens the window just a little and speaks to the only girls who make snowmen out of the leftover snow. Essentially, "Sealed Cane" is finely crushed and naturally returned after use, but they used some of it to make a big snowman.

No, the belly part was crept out, so maybe it was a tease. It was like he enjoyed a much earlier winter while Kate was running at the end of the day.

"Almost there! Or Caito! I don't have a net and seven wheels!?

"Seriously, it's a tease... I have it, but no!

"" "Eh!

The girl and the three others raise their protests at the dissatisfaction. but what is useless is useless. In the first place, we came here to save the inhabitants of the New Green Forest, which focuses on unicorns. There will be no problem because the root cause should already be eliminated, but you will still need to go and report it properly.

"Save the cake for the winter! If Lulu was anything, you should lead the herd south!

"I can't think of an excuse. Yo!

Lulu pitied Kate for pointing it out. A family that moves constantly, like them, is basically set by the leader in the direction of the herd. So she officially succeeded the chief of the clan, although she says a lot of things.

But there still seems to be a chief's point of view that we should explain why we made that decision to the prospective players, and that we should not prioritize personal feelings. Nevertheless, this one is better at kite.

"Hey, Lulu. Hey, give me your ear."


Upon Kate's invitation, Lulu walks up the snowfield about what's going on. Besides, Kate taught him one convenience.

"Because I'm here, so there's no problem. For once, I am a very beneficial opponent to the Divine Wolves. Then you have to come around the first New Year when he returns. That's fine."

"Ooh! Brother Sasu Kai! If I make an excuse, there's no one on the right!


"No, it's not about fucking."

When Kate looks doomed and thumbs up to Lulu's praise, Yuri accidentally puts a scratch on it. Well, this is a lot of public and private confusion, but the muscles go through properly. The Divine Werewolves once saved their chief (Lulu) from a disgraceful death and are even more grateful for raising his orphan Lulu. It is only now that they are able to act freely, or if Kate intends to.

If so, the kite has returned. As the proud wolves of God, we will still have to celebrate his return. If that's the New Year's Eve, all the more so. It will still be necessary to see him at New Year's Eve.

"Hey, no. Am I...?

"Uh, you?

Kate once again haunts her head over Soleil's inquiry. This one doesn't work this time the excuse of kite's return. And around New Year's Eve, I can't use the excuse of confirming the collaboration that is the reason they are here. I had to go home. but I didn't even need to think about it in particular.

"Uh... you walk normally. What if this? You can come normally, and you don't need a day. If it's clearance, I'll be out in one shot... and most importantly, Commissioner Kazaki's committee chairman knows about my return. Well, it's not like you guys were here, and you'll just have to get mad at me later."

"It pisses me off. You know, when you get angry, it's loud."

"Ah... he's so loud."

Kate agrees with Soleil when she remembers the woman in the High Elf who led the < > forest dwarf Forest Spirit. Sure, you can forgive Kate for getting mad at her. And even if you're letting it go on its own, it's kite who eats rolls.

Therefore, I was able to predict that this flow would definitely come, so I decided to think of something. but it seemed hard to think of a hand in doing something about that serious high elf on a boulder. After a while, Kate threw a spoon.

"Uh... why don't you take me with you on this? I'm tired of it."


Soleil is unhappy with Kite for throwing the spoon. I can't help but say so. The opponent is even said to be the chairman of the wind discipline committee of the Academic Arts Association. Half-breed excuses don't work.

It would be nice if the saying worked because there is still a return of kites like Lulu, but it didn't seem to work for boulders over there. And that's where Yuri pinched her mouth.

"Well, if you want to see the Great Spirit anyway, what if? Maybe we'll make a scene together at New Year's Eve, right?

"Oh, isn't that good?

"Uh, well, hey, here we come."

"Ma, instead, you don't have to be mad at me."

Kite sighed at Soleil's objections. If you knew Silfi was coming, that would inevitably be a situation you would have to look at as a greeting at the beginning of the year from High Elf.

Of course, Kuzha says hello. So to speak, with local luxuries gathering to greet each other at the beginning of the year on Earth. It is because of the noise of courtesy that she must come, moreover. If you know that from now on, you'll be sure to leave your plans free.

"Yeah, but... Ruthless. Shut up. Okay?

"That's right. Well, that's one place where my arm shows. About New Year's Eve, I can't get out of my wings."

"No, kite, haven't you been off your wings at all times?

"You know what?"

To Yuri's scratch. Kate throws to a perfectly good addition and subtraction. I hear it's getting hard to think about it. I guess it's because the heating is in good shape. I even looked asleep.

"So take the rice cake until New Year's Eve. Then a little later, new rice is made and the rice becomes a delicious season. It's not too late for that."

"Uh... you know what?"

Yuri also rethinks to Kate's words. Now it's still close to the autumn mouth if you say so on Earth. Although the rice harvest has begun early, it was still far from full harvest season. It is a little later and far away in the season.

"Ohh. Then let's go home."

"" "Yes" "

In the end, because I found out the rest was better than it is now. Now the girls follow Kite's orders honestly and get into the airship. As such, the kites began their journey after the demonic realm towards the 'New Green Forest'.

Then, a few hours later. Much closer to dusk, the kites had reached The New Green Forest. but it was still covered with ice walls there.

I can't help this. Ice walls are ice walls. Huge ice. It would be suspicious if the cause was removed and quickly dissolved. and a convoy led by Tina was forming before such an ice wall.

"Oh, you're home."

"Whoa. The crusade is over."

Kate nodded with no particular concern for Tina, who spoke without a wind she was particularly worried about. Nothing. They're not weak enough to struggle with a crusade mission to that extent. And such Tina reported the status quo as soon as she could see kite.

"So, as things stand, we're done investigating the ice wall. There was certainly an influx of magic, and there was no doubt in the direction your Lord was headed. Don't interrupt now."

"Ma, that's what you asked the Ice Spirit for. There must be a mistake."

"That's it."

I just have to agree with Tina on Kate's point. The point of the Great Spirit is far more credible than any high-performance inspector. This doesn't matter how far civilization flourishes together. Therefore, it is true that when they speak of white as black, it is black.

"So, what's the situation?

"Mm-hmm. Well, it would be a good place to wait for the natural thaw later. Weirdly warming up will eventually have the effect of the remnants of the other guy remaining in the ground vein. In the end, the ice wall regenerates again. If so, we can wait to scatter naturally or artificially dissolve it."

"Rikai. What about the support supplies?

"I'll keep it inside with the metastasis first. I talked to the chief, but he seems like he can handle it. Tomorrow it'll melt. I told you."


Apparently, Tina kept it all over. If so, there is nothing to be anxious about as a kite. Later I just need to see this ice wall melt and the Beast Man Conference is held. And because I thought so, Fujikite peeks at the whim.

"Well, because of that. I'll show you my face."

"I don't know. I don't even need to... Sometimes the Lord's presence makes me nervous. Furthermore, this time he begged for support as a meeting of beasts. The ancients will think that we have to thank each other."

In Kate's words Tina gives her consent from a political point of view. This would be nothing strange or anything, and as a kite, it's something I have a lot of money for. Thus, the next day they saw the ice wall melt and went to the venue of the Beast Council with the unicorn messengers.