Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1294: To the South Forest

The reprimand of Silfi, who had just happened, led Sola to hear a request from a Maximilian Elf named Wedge. To him Wedge was speaking crude of the story. but that was, dare I say, a story that got no guidelines.

"The woods... are you bluffing?

"I know you humans don't understand. but that's what it is."


Sora nodded in a raw reply to Wedge's words that were not what she looked down on somewhere. Wedge's attitude is closer to giving up than looking down. It also seemed to mourn the racial difference that I couldn't help but wonder. And this is really due to the race difference, how difficult it is.

"There are signs of bad behavior, which is the word of the forest. but I don't know anything else."

"You want me to look into that?

"Yes... I guess I can say"

Wedge had a bad tooth cut somewhere. In that way, Sola decided to go in and listen to me for a moment.

"What do you mean?

"Originally, I didn't mean to ask the adventurer. The original purpose was to consult with Kuzhamisa..."

Wedge seeps through a little bitterness. Apparently, it had become a slightly different flow from what they thought.

"Mr. Kuzhamisa told me to bring it to the Guildmaster named Kite. I talked to Director Li and brought him here without a choice."

I see, and Sola is convinced. Apparently, I misplaced it, or Kite left before the info went up to Kuzha. There's a report in Aura, and Kuzha could have fallen behind. Even if I was nearby, it was something that I couldn't help but happen because it was a different organization.

"Though. The Great Spirit of the Wind has offered me boulders. It would be best to rely on you in this situation."

Wedge doesn't know why Silfi chose them. I don't know, but for Elf, what Silfi says is absolute. I haven't been able to talk to Director Li, but I couldn't help it if this happened. Looks like he decided to speak at his discretion. Later, the inner length has Silfi, so there is no problem.

By the way, though. Nothing. Silfi hasn't told them to ask. I just said let him talk. The wedge only quickened it. Silfi was a little unexpected here.

"Ha...... ok. We too, Sil... If it is the word of the Great Spirit of the Wind, we will do our best."

"Do that. Of course, we are also the words of the Great Spirit of the Wind. Let's make it clear that we'll do everything we can to help."

"Thank you"

Sora bows her head to Wedge's acceptance. As such, Wedge said that if he wanted to go any further with the boulder, he would need permission from Director Li, and he would come back the next day.

From that day on, a few days later. That was the day Kate contacted me.

'I see... is the forest bothering you? Sure, no wonder I'm bringing all this to me.'

"Tae-bu, isn't that where Mr. Lulu came while he was talking to Mr. Ri?

"Maybe. At first, I decided that we were in a hurry and asked Aura to tell me... the pattern of misreporting at Kuzha's place."

Kite also admitted Sora's speculation and nodded. Naturally, he moves. Communication and transmission were left at all locations.

'Well, anyway, that's more than I took at your discretion, please. If possible, ask Mizuki to transport me there. "

"Please. I took it because it was in the woods where the Adventure Club operated... but I don't care what happens."

"Just be careful."

"I know. If we're still on Earth, we've been active for a year, right?

Sora laughs and gently flushes to Kate's attention. With all this time on the boulder, the facades of the first battle will not be called new America anymore. The time has passed for alarm to arise. All that is left is how it can be practiced. And Kite knew that, too. So he wasn't going to say anything more sour either.

'I trust that. Well, I've been to that forest once. Good place. "

"Well, that's exciting."

Sora smiles happily at Kate's words. The name of the forest they're going to is' Wood Leaked Forest '. They say it's a good forest full of light from among the trees. Forests likely to be busy with forest baths if they are on Earth, is the word of Kate.

"Haha. Right. Enjoy your little forest bath... even so, there are traces of the battle of prehistoric civilization. Don't be too vigilant."

"Did I just say you were wah?

"Still, I need a push."

That's how Kate laughs at Sora's words. Has something happened or is it about to happen? That is neither known to Sola nor to Kate. I don't know, but only vigilance should be exercised because I don't know.

'Well, take the best you can with you. After that, more protection from the wind. I must have given you the necessary authority to act on your behalf. Drive it out, Al or Rufaus, if you need it. but balance with the residual group is important. Ask Tsubaki for advice. Don't forget to coordinate with a senior. "


Sora honestly accepts Kite's advice. Now we can move all the people we can. Then all I had to do was honestly let you do that. That's how Sora got back to work after her consultation with Kate.

Then, two days later. Sola had made full use of the authority she was being given to prepare her departure. Even so, this time, for some reason, we have less luggage.

Apparently, the High Elves also told us that Silfi was out. They moved to give us access to that space where the cherry blossoms had previously entered. It's an adventure club based in Kate. No wonder Silfi came out, he immediately told her. So they were able to get inside the elves in "Wood Leaked Forest" directly.


While overseeing the preparation of the departure, Sola considers the following actions: A messenger from High Elf has already arrived and has given me a pass to the Adventure Department. Just give me this, and then we'll be in a straight line to our destination.

"Good paperwork. Good weapon......"

"Sora. Are you all right for a second?

"All the time, seniors. What's the matter with you?

"Oh. It's a communication from Mr. Orr."

The moment he was supposed to remain a militant among the remnants of the group throws the comms machine's child to Sola for final confirmation of preparation. Again, communications from them can only be handled exclusively in the office due to cover-ups and other relationships. It is also exclusive to kite's executive desk, basically Tsubaki responds. but still that I've heard from this one, so I guess there was something about it.

"Hey, sorry...... nagging. Instead. It's me."

'Oh, you're out. Good. Was it still before the critical departure'

"Soo. So, what's going on?

Sola asks against Orr, who seeped a slight relief. From today on, she had just heard about the expedition, but she said something was wrong.

"Oh. Hey, I just got the results of a precision inspection of your weapon, come out. Look, that's what they told me to do to the general after I got back from the hot spring. I just wanted to draw your attention to that result. '

"What's wrong with you? For once, I'm on an expedition, so I'm getting a proper adjustment."

'Well, I suck at it... I don't know what I said...'

In the words of Sola with a slight anxiety, Orr shows slight distress. Apparently, it's not as bad as saying it sucks. If you dare, it's a reminder.

'Hmmm...... well, if you blast it, there was quite a lot of damage inside. You definitely fought a jerk in a fight in La Elia, didn't you?

"Well... even though I wasn't the main one,"

'I don't care where you are. The problem here is that your growth was more than I expected. You've been a little too careful since you fought him, haven't you?

"... well"

I guess that means I'm an expert. Even though he hadn't seen or heard the details of the battle, Orr had figured out exactly how to fight Sola.

Against her like that, Sola had to admit that she seemed slightly sorry. but aur laughed at him like a dwarf with a pleasant and lavish grin like that.

"Oh, don't worry, don't worry! I'm glad you've stretched beyond my imagination. But, well, that's why I'm sorry, but there's a strain on the inside. '

"Is that a burden?

'Oh. Look, those are thick meat and high physical strength, right?

In Orr's words, Sola remembers her weapon. His prey now is made of alloy used by the Dwarves. There's no way that a hitter and an adjuster would change that if they were Orr, they would be twins of Murakami Masashi. Consequently, the traits themselves have not been lost.

As a characteristic of the material, the magical resistance is lower instead of higher physical strength. All this was about how skilled a blacksmith couldn't help because of the properties of the material.

"No... you will. Was it definitely an alloy?

"Oh. We're basic, because alloys dominate. And as a result, I can't stand all your magic. No, I can stand it, but I can't stand it. '

"What do you mean?

Sora cannot understand Orr's contradictory statement and tilts her neck. I can stand it, but I can't. You wouldn't know what that means.

'Oh. When you fight, you usually fight with magic in your weapon, don't you?

"Well, of course. Otherwise, it's just a physical blow."

'That's the thing. Whatever weapon this is, a warrior deserves it. But normally, when that happens, there's an intent to attack, so unconsciously, the magic is leaking from the weapon. Almost entirely sealing this is about the general. Even Quon still has the leak hidden. You can't, but it's natural, and it's natural. "


Really? Sola was slightly surprised by what she first learned and nodded. Nevertheless, there was talk of what it is. So he urges ahead.

"So, what's wrong with that?

'Oh, so. You're a little overpowered in your case. Well, this itself is not good, but in your case, I gave directions to stretch the amount of magic. That's where a little excessive magic was put into the weapon, causing damage inside. Oh, don't worry, this isn't your bad arm, it's a story you can't help but mismatch the direction of growth with the properties of the material. Dare I say a mistake over here. It's not your fault. "


Is that what it is? Sola understands from a few months of dating that Orr doesn't care about this one and gets a slight relief that this isn't what she cares about. To Sola like that, Orr went on.

"It's good for adventurers after more than a dozen months like you. Around that time, I got used to it and began to have a strong focus on weapons and features. By the time you start building a blacksmith that's familiar with you."


Sola convinces herself that there are verses in Orr's words that come to mind, and they certainly will. In their case, they hire two orange infarcts and a stroke for the reason that they're cheaper, but when they have drinks with adventurers outside the adventure area who he's pleading with there, they hear stories about where the blacksmith is asking them to adjust their weapons. And keeping one familiar is easier to adjust. It wasn't a story I didn't know.

"In that sense, this time the advice from this side made me grow in line with the improvement of the armor. I'll take care of the next guy."

"Is that good?

"It was this way that we originally let the material grow out of tune with its direction. And I'm responsible. '

Orr laughs and makes it clear that he undertakes to adjust Sola's weapon. In the first place, it didn't match the direction, because she ordered an improvement in her basic physical abilities when renovating her armor.

That itself was a natural instruction, but that's why they were going to be properly responsible for the glitch that happened. And, that's her, but she exposing her true intentions with a luxurious laugh.

'And... well, actually, I got some interesting material! I can't help but try this! But due to the properties of the material, General, we can't experiment! You can do it with us. Hey, when I saw it, it was just fine, so I pinned it! So come home safe. Yo!

"Ugh, nagging..."

In the end, I just want to do it. Sora grasps that this is not an offer of goodwill but just a hobby. If you put it plainly, it means becoming an experimental subject. It was like the usual "Uncrowned Troops (No Orders)" tech squad. So Sola throws the child of the comms machine to the moment in disquiet.

"... you guys"

"Oh, oh... what was that?

"No, just a heads-up... I hear the direction of the single-handed sword material and my growth have mismatched. So, when I get home, I'm going to talk about a new weapon."

"Hmm... well, I don't know what you're talking about there, but be careful with that."

"Ugh. I'm going to"

Moments are knitting weapons with their own magic. Especially now that I almost no longer need an auxiliary demon stone. Therefore, the problem of these weapons has become completely irrelevant, and I am not sure. Nevertheless, it can be enough to draw attention.

Sora nodded one of those moments, and a little later, she was ready, so Sora decided to lead the expedition to the Wood Leaked Forest.