Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1295: Wood Leaked Forest

An Adventure Department expedition led by Sola who left for the 'Wood Leaked Forest' while receiving a heads-up from Orr in time just before he left. Once they entered the reign of the High Elf from the village of the McDawell territory where Tine's home was located, they had arrived at the "Wood Leaked Forest".

That was about two days away. Usually it takes four days to get there even if you use a dragon car, so you can arrive in roughly half.

Nevertheless, apparently the entrance to and exit from the different spaces of this' Wood Leaked Forest 'was a short distance from the elves of this forest, not immediately inside out of the different spaces.

The entrance and exit here seems to be using the entrance and exit that were there a long time ago - in the period of prehistoric civilization. It was the words of Wedge, who was supposed to be in charge of directions, that the inside was a little further away.

"This is... awesome..."

Sola was just overwhelmed and opened her eyes to the sight of the "Wood Leaked Forest" seen through the different spaces of the High Elves. In a nutshell, it's a fantastic forest landscape.

A slight leaking day leaking from the tall trees brings muscle and illuminates the surrounding area fantastically. The rocks were almost completely mossy over how many years, and the fallen, mossy trees and the small plants that grew from them had shown Sola and the others that this forest had changed generations over thousands of years.

Besides, I also hear a little water spiral called Sarasa out of nowhere. Fantastic sights of the woods, so rare was the sight of the word.

"You bet... this is the Wood Leaked Forest"

Wedge nodded a little proudly against Sora, who was overwhelmed. An exclusive elf, but still proud to be the forest in which it lives. Therefore, there is no evil feelings towards those who are overwhelmed and fascinated by it. Because that is the utmost awe for one's pride.

Thus a slightly upbeat wedge crossed the horse again. He was crossing the horse for directions, but he was down in front of the High Elves.

"Follow me. Let me show you inside."

"Oh, gosh."

When Sola sat in the passenger seat of the leading dragon car, she decided to follow the wedge guide to move the ground dragon. I have some training here for the time being, and I think I can manage it after taking the medicine to the extent that you do. Since High Elves' entry and exit permits to different spaces were in his name, he was now in the lead.


Sora looks around intriguingly as she hears the sounds of the ground treading by the grounddragons and the horseshoe riding the wedge. I still had a very bright impression, even though it was only called "Wood Leaked Forest," and the tall trees there on my back were in the lush woods.

And behind such a sola. Yuri's face appeared from the part of the camping car that was connected to the part of the carriage. I should have talked to Nanami and others who accompany me as a cooking number this time, but something must have happened.


"Ooh. Where are you?"

"That one."

In Yuri's words, Sola looks in the direction she has indicated. There, there was a large rock and the surface was moss. but there's nothing strange about this. It's one of the sights I'm used to seeing in this forest. And Wedge, who was listening to Yuri's words like that, slowed down the horse's walking speed just a little and walked side by side, nodding as he was impressed.

"Well noticed, girl... that's the wreckage of prehistoric civilization"


"Look, take a good look."

To Wedge's clear words and Yuri's words, Sola narrows her eyes and assists her vision with witchcraft to make a solid observation. If you take a closer look, you did see some obviously artificial pattern-like signs.

"Brick...... sounds like it?

"Well, I don't even know what happened here with our" Wood Leaked Forest "elves. but it must have been housing. Oh, there are several traces in these woods."

"" Heh... "

Sora and Yuri nodded deeply emotionally in Wedge's story. No one living in this forest knows when this building collapsed, why this building collapsed, or where it was originally.

I don't know, but I could understand for sure that there was civilization here at least a few thousand years ago. That's how Wedge was just a little rap about being cared for by two people who seemed overwhelmed by the history of such a forest.

"If we go a little further back, there are places where we think it was a temple. I don't know what kind of god you were serving, but it's even more amazing there."


"Oh... there is also the clarity of a doomed civilization, but at the same time it is a good place to feel something called the power of the forest or inclusiveness. Little birds chirp, squirrels and bobcats walk wide. Good place. Sometimes little spirits come."

Nose high, but I guess I should say. Wedge makes Sola and the others talk and listen in a really excited way. That was an emotion because he was proud of the forest.

"Well, this investigation could lead us there, too. I don't know if I'll show you, but just forget about awe."

"Oh, yes."

Sora also nods honestly to Wedge's advice, and she should, engraves it in her heart. At least I didn't want to do anything disrespectful in the place where he and I were originally told it was a temple. For better or worse, it's probably because I'm Japanese with the idea of God dwelling in all things. Thus, with such slight awe, Sola and the others moved into the elves of "Wood Leaked Forest".

Leaving the different spaces of the High Elves, approximately 30 minutes. Sola and the others were coming into the elves of "Inside the Wood Leaks". Nevertheless, there can be no great welcome. On the contrary, it felt like it was being rolled away. At least, it didn't look welcome.

Nevertheless, he was brought on the edge of Silfi by the bend. It's not like I wasn't greeted. Therefore at the entrance and exit of the inside stood an elderly elf man.

"... are you here"

"Lieutenant. We've taken the adventurers."


The inner captain and Yara nodded at the words of Wedge, who got off the horse and knelt. The apparent age was around 60, and the characteristic of the elf, blonde hair, already mixed with gray hair and deep wrinkles engraved on her face. His face seemed strict, and there was a style where he could snort. Seeing him like that, Sora also got off the throne and knelt.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Sola Tenjo, Alliance and Adventure Submaster."

"... then the Great Spirit of the Wind asked you to be an adventurer"

"Yes, I promise I will do everything I can."

"Naturally. If you don't, I'm in trouble."

The elves outside are still exclusive. Sola wasn't particularly surprised because she realized it in an exclusive way or because she understood it beforehand. Strongly speaking, I'm a little sorry. Nevertheless, even if they are exclusive, they do not mean unfriendly.

"I've set up a place on the east side of this place for you. Use it there."

"Is that good?

"I don't mind. We will not reject those who seek to do all that is in their power for the forest, those whom the forest does not reject. We are part of the forest. The forest will not reject those who move for the forest. Therefore, we will not refuse. And as part of the forest, no help is spared to it. No woods to spare."

In response to Sola's inquiry, which showed a slight surprise, Director Ri clearly stated his cooperation. Though Sola secretly feared that maybe he wouldn't get much cooperation, this was either his misunderstanding or the misconception that elves said to be exclusive therefore held by other races.

They are certainly exclusive, but never unfriendly or non-cooperative. Sometimes if you get lost in the woods, you can support food, and sometimes you can buy directions and get out. Depending on the matter, it also helps me with projects outside the forest. Living in the depths of the woods is only exclusive. Nevertheless, of course there are conditions for that.

"but...... ask us to speak up if you are going out hunting. Of course, we'll accompany you. You can't let them raze the woods. Take it and specify good prey, etc."


What they say is the best, and so was the advice Tine gave me before I got here. They elves still don't like to be razed through the woods. Therefore it was said that when they went into the woods, the basics were to follow them. Of course, she is accompanied on this journey as well.

"And some of them live quietly inside. We all know that adventurers drink and drink, but make as much noise as you can. Pay attention to the use of fire. Fire scares the forest animals above all. I don't want that."


Sora nodded at Director Ri's renewed request. Here, I guess there are still a lot of orders because they should be called elf traits or because they are still exclusive. It is true that it is exclusive.

"Well, do as you please later"

"Ha... Oh, what time should we start the investigation?

Sora asks hastily against the inner head who turns her back. I'm not here to see you this time. I'm here on request. It will be necessary to decide before anything else what time to start work. I stopped and looked back at Sora's inquiry, saying the same thing, too.

"... come to Noun's house tomorrow morning. Use the map to discuss it. The house of Non is in the heart of this inner city. If you don't know, you should ask the people inside. Bring the people you think you need. but those inside hate strangers. Don't come in too many."


"Discussing something with a tired head doesn't wrap it up well. You should rest your body well first. We weren't going to ask for an investigation either. To the extent that the forest is deliberate. I haven't notified you of the anomaly. You don't have to hurry."

"Ah... thank you for your concern"

Sola decides to thank him for his attention. Sure, we've been on the move the last few days. Get ready, so invisible fatigue will be accumulating, and we need to get ready for camp from here. Because there are so many people there this time, we can't rent the lodging inside. When that happens, my health will be used there again. If I could get a day off, it wouldn't hurt to have it.

So he nodded one inner length at Sola, who bowed his head, and took Wedge back inside with the luxuries inside who were bringing him with him.

"Well... I guess it's better not to raise your voice too loud,"

It was Mr. Ri's order not to surprise the forest animals. Sola and the others are obliged to follow the instructions of their clients.

"Orders, that was a lot."

"Haha. Seriously."

Sora laughs at Yuri's words. but I was also convinced that it was something like this. After all, the elves told in the story are exclusive and somewhere expensive. In that sense, the elves they met this time had something close to that image.

"Okay. Well, just get ready for camp, I'm off today! All right, then, let's get to work!

"" "" Ooh!

"Solar, I just forgot."


Yuri points out to Sora, who quickly raised her voice and gave her instructions. And Sora hurriedly shut her mouth, and they decided to use the day to prepare the camp.