Somewhere in Enefia, far from the Solas operating in The Wood Leaked Forest. So Kusu waited for the next time he could relax in the lab, unchanged in phase.

"And so it is."

"I see. I don't know if those boys are working properly."

Kusu laughed with pleasure at the communication received from the clown. This time, the information brought to me by the clown belonged not to Kite, but to Sola and the others. Well, you're with kite. He was also interested as Kusu. Therefore, the clown was asked to provide information on a regular basis.

'Yeah, well... Isn't that a little fun to talk about, though'

"That's... well, good tide then. I'll take care of everything for the Admiral. We'll bleed ourselves out."

"Well... I don't know what they're thinking."

"Haha. You don't even know this old man."

Clown and Kusu. Two of the leading ployers in the two worlds laugh at each other. but there was no way he was laughing at Sola and the others from the way they were. At least they both bought a little about Sola. Nevertheless, as the word boy suggests, it is never acknowledged either. If I dare say so, it's a good toy, but I'll tell you what.

"So? I came all the way out here to tell you that there's no other love. I don't know what the nerd's purpose is."

Of course.

Aside from being evil at Kusu's inquiry, the clown agrees without even any hidden wind. Rather, the relationship between these two is closer to give-and-take. So basically, there's no way I'm going to give you information for no reason. It was true that there was some kind of thought, apart from whether you would tell me that thought or whether that was the truth.

Actually, the temple they're investigating right now was originally dedicated to the Sun god Shamrock Nimue.

"Oh, that Admiral is concerned... blah... no, I'm sorry..."

"Sounds like fun, above all."

Kusu can't seem to enjoy the laughter after hearing that current kite is a loving man. From time to time, I remember laughing as I do now.

"Ha ha. Hey, I should have been laid on the ass by a woman for a long time, Admiral, but I still don't like that. I wish I could punish you. You're still not a fun guy...... so?

Kusu prompts him first as he wipes the tears he conveys to his eyes. Besides, the clown decided to laugh and talk about his thoughts.

'Yeah. So, actually...'

"Heh, I see. That's funny inside."

Apparently, clown thoughts are likely to have interesting consequences for Kusu as well. So Kusu took the word of a clown, one by one, seven people away, and the Empire of Entesia entered McDawell territory.

Sola and the others. A few more days after the expedition grabbed an overview of the temple that was at the heart of The Wood Leaked Forest. Though Sola and the others had succeeded in finding traces of the former temple even if they did not know who the god worshipped in the temple was, they remained unaware of any strange things that were happening in the forest, which was their original purpose.


I don't know anything. Though Sola was wondering for a few days if she could tell because she was Japanese, she ended up with nothing. Therefore he was frowning and leaning his neck. And that was with Syldore and the wedges who think together on the side.

"... I'm sure there's something strange going on in the woods."

That's how Syldore shrugged. He had discovered several new traces over several ruins over the past few days. Indeed, the material entrusted by Sora or Kate is useful, and there are a number of things that I have found out as a result. But none of this was likely to have so much to do with this anomaly because of its academic significance.

"What are the forest animals saying?

"No, I didn't say anything. The wolves you met during this time will remain silent after that."

To Sora's inquiry, Wedge, who was exchanging information with the beasts today, shakes his head. The beasts of the forest also know that there are strange things going on in this forest, but they don't know the detailed cause of it. So although they are frightened, they don't even know why that frightens them.

"Nevertheless... I have found out one thing"


"What is it?

Sildoor and Sola urge ahead on Wedge's words. I don't have a clue so far. I wanted a clue at all.

"Probably something's going on around here."


"No way."

Sora is surprised and Sildoor laughs slightly with her nose. This is where Sola and the others built the ruins on their first day. In this job, Sola and the others are based here and scattered all over the place to investigate.

Leave the camp inside first thing in the morning and move here. Split up into squads, surveyed all over the place, and gathered here when time came to consolidate the information. And return. So after today's investigation, everyone was still here. And of course, there are always about ten people left here so that something doesn't happen to the camp. This includes the elves inside. If anything, a transmission should have come through the woods before the comms. It means there's nothing more here than nothing. And the wedge was annoyed by such a sildoor.


"No, but... it's hard to believe that there's always someone inside so far on the boulder, and so something's happening around this ruin. Now, why can't we find anything here?"


The wedge also speaks a little bit to Syldore's point of forgiveness. That is certainly what I doubt. Nevertheless, there was just enough ground to say so with him.

"I've been watching the beasts move since I figured out the anomaly the last few days. Then, from time to time, I realized that I cared about a certain direction. Here it is."

"Hmm... if you say so..."

Apparently, there was a verse in Wedge's pointing out that Syldore also came to mind. I followed my memories and occasionally remembered that the beasts turned around and looked up. Come on, it's probably because they still live in the woods. He was far more attentive than the Solas.

"But did we have anything else in common? Time?"

"Well, the thing is... time didn't seem constant, at least. Of course, there are times when the people inside are here."

Wedge sighed at Syldore's inquiry. If you look in the direction where the beasts are frightened, they think there may be something here, but the beasts have also been witnessed near this ruin.

So to say for a definite reason, there seems to have been no certainty yet. And that's how the conference centers around Sola and Syldore, but that will end with the sounding of an alarm.

"... ah"


"Right. I will issue a return order to everyone."

Sora nodded at Syldore's whining as well. More than some returns, time is acting separately. So at the time this alarm sounded, I had decided to withdraw no matter how well the work went.

Nevertheless, it is still this world. Still, there are still times when we don't make it for some reason. Therefore, the work was stopped with this first-time alarm sound to convey the return to each squad, and the second alarm sound sent a command or reinforcement to the squad that had not yet returned, so that it could withdraw completely with the third alarm sound. Sora and the others decided to go back inside after this day's work.

And then, like, an hour. At nightfall, Sola and the others were returning to a camp set up near the elves in the Wood Leaked Forest.

"Phew... I'm home"

"Oh, welcome back! Sola, I'm almost done with the rice, so leave your stuff first!

"Ah, let's!

It was Nanami, another lover, who welcomed Sola home today and again. And such she spoke to Yuri, another lover as well.

"Yuri! That's what I was asking for. What happened?

"Oh, um! I got it. Yo! If I put my stuff away, I won't have it!

Yuri takes the hemp sachet out of the handbag and leaves it on the desk first. They say the contents are unique spices in this forest. The elves accidentally told me what was growing in these woods, and I took Nanami to Yuri to see if I could get it. Therefore, it was found during the last few days of exploration, so it was brought back.

"Phew... I wonder if our friendship is beautiful..."

Sora smiles a little happily as she listens to such lovers' other unloved conversations. The three of us discussed what Yuri thought of accepting Nanami, and what Nanami thought of being here. From there, he thought the way he was now was good. And that's when I was caught off guard. If Nanami said so, she spoke out.

"Ah, Sorakun! If you say so, they're coming! I know the master!

"Ah, let's! Kite's, right?"

"I got worried, or what?


Yuri and Sola laugh bitterly at Nanami's words. It's still Kite. No wonder you turned to me for backup. And when that happened, it was most likely a member of the Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) who inevitably falsified his identity.

"Where? So, what kind of person?

"Hmm, he was a sharp eyed man. Maybe you're an expert. He seemed pretty strong. When I found out you weren't here, I waited at the command post tent."

"Okay. Then don't talk to him before dinner."

"There you go."

Sola looks sideways at the tent for cooking, but for now she decides to head to one of the tents she uses to change the command post.

"Even so... he's really too worried"

On the road, Sola laughs just a little at the care of the same friends when it comes to the same. Nevertheless, it's the reinforcements you arranged for me because of it. You don't have to go down there, and it's true that you're holding hands in the first place. I'm just thankful to borrow it.

"Oh, excuse me. It's all yours..."

"Yikes. I waited about three hours."

Against Sola, who stopped at an impasse, Kusu raises his face and raises one hand from the magazine he was reading. It should be noted that the magazine I was reading contained an interview article with Kate.


Sora takes a distance in an instant against Kusu, who is no match for hostility. Naturally, the Adventure Department members who had just returned saw what was going on, but it was Kusu who panicked about it.

"Oh, come on! Don't be surprised! You know, when you're so surprised, you'll notice the surroundings!

"I don't care what you think. What's with that idea!

"All the way... hey, seriously stop. Seriously, I'm in trouble when the Admiral rushes me here now."

Kusu deployed some sort of sorcery against Sora, who reached for the emergency switch - something to send a distress signal to Kite - and instantly stopped him and pulled him straight into the tent.

"Ha... well, I'm the enemy and it's a good speed of reaction, I'd like to compliment you. It's a little rough. You can't beat me for fighting here?


Sola, completely stitched into motion by some sort of magic or movebook, has no choice but to put her face to Kusu's point. Not only Kusu and Sola, but also the members of the Adventure Club have a history of power differences.

Sure, Kusu falls a few steps stronger than Ishikusai or Soku as a military master, but he's still never an enemy he can beat in an expedition. Furthermore, Fujido and the others still lack skill.

If they were there, and we're going to fight Kusu properly, we need at least a moment or more of Sakura's superior masako. Never, I was a good opponent for acting cheap on this occasion. As such, Kusu's bitterness continues even further.

"And no matter how much damage you're going to do by the time the Admiral gets here, you. At least there's no place near here. Are you apologizing to their families? I'm glad you defeated the enemy, but you only need one inside."


Kusu's words were only logical. Therefore, Sola could only distort her face to her own detachment. Kusu's words were probably pretty tough because he's one of Kate's current friends. That's why he threw some pretty tough words at Sola.

"Do you have any idea why your Admiral hasn't fought us against Darkless Arrow Cod? You guys...... no, you're not the only ones. If the people don't have their feet together, the Admiral can kill us instantly in seconds. I don't do that because I don't want to make him sad at all. I can't let you forget to take care of that. Here's one hand you should take. You're not fighting me, are you? Unless, of course, we're attacking. but i didn't show any signs of that...... right?


This man probably trusts Kate more than he does. And I care about that face. Sola sees the undiminished anger seeping into Kusu's end of the word, and she falls powerless.

More than himself, he understands Kite and can move according to his intentions. Even though he was an enemy, he understood more about Kate than he did.

And only when did I realize that some force that was holding his body had disappeared. And I guess it's because that's how you erased your hostility. Sora finally realized that the comms were ringing out loud.

"Hey, Tenjo! You hear me! What's the matter!

"Look. Don't respond to me if you find out. If you find out I'm here now, you're making a fuss."

"... ah, oh. Bad, nothing. I just noticed the bug was right in front of me."

'... it wasn't like that?

Ayazaki surprises me at the end of the comms. Apparently, he was back, or he was getting word from someone who was surprised by Sora's attitude. but besides, Sola shook her head.

"It's okay. Excuse me. And there's a guest from Kite at the command post, so I'm just gonna answer. Excuse me, but I need to pay for it."

"... right"

Something must have happened. Ayazaki, Fujido and other faces close to the upper level of the adventure department were aware that Sola's voice was stiff. But I also understood that that was why I shouldn't come in. Sola's performance as commander is believed. So I figured we shouldn't act cheap. Sora would somehow have a conversation with Kusu, who had come to the scene.