Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1308: Fighting the Past

Ernest, an adventure department led by Sola with help and information from two elf heroes named Ernest and a joint unit of Elf's Warriors from "Wood Leaked Forest". When they fixed an hour after entering the ground floor section as the start of the battle, they were in a great hurry to prepare for it. In the meantime, Sola had been advised by Ernesto, who had come to the ground floor section to give advice.

'And it feels like saying. All that's left now is maybe one right arm and upper body. but it's still a huge giant, so you better be careful not to get crushed'

Ernesto finally talks to Sola about the state of his enemies, inferred from the sight they saw. That last blow had completely wiped out his lower body, and in both arms he put forward to prevent his attack, he said his left arm had completely vanished his forearm. He also saw considerable damage to his right arm, but still it's not an unusable area.

Originally this is still a damaged state that seems to die instantly, but when the erosion species also comes to the top for whatever reason, they still won't die. Besides, if I leave it alone, I get a supply of power from the Evil God and restore it back to normal. They have to be defeated for sure in one battle. That's why Ernesto and the others took two choices here, either to defeat them reliably or to seal them.

'Well, on top of that, the resurrection is close, but he hasn't. It is good to see that there is not enough energy to be recycled. Of course, this isn't the same situation you fought before. There are no streamways to guide magic with rituals or anything. You may say that your attack is too low for a full resurrection.'

"... I don't know what that means, even if you can't push it off all at once with the biggest attack for now..."

Sora seeps a little relief in the wake of what was her biggest concern being resolved. I was still working with him as a commander, so I'm thinking about in case I couldn't defeat him in the first place.

Of course, getting support from Kate is a big premise, but I've been thinking about it. but I understood that this would be okay in case. And Ernesto nodded at the words as well.

'Right. At least you can cut it right off. It was a hassle because it didn't work before. I just had to push it off with a lot of fire at once.'

"... are you still lucky that the evil gods have not been resurrected?"

'Well. So I guess they sent reinforcements from the outside. "

Read the intentions of the forest, Ernesto laughs. You can't win unless this is the right time. The forest seemed to understand that. At least the Syldores wouldn't have known that this enemy belonged to the Mesopotamian civilization, nor could they have come up with a way to take a tage.

Of course, when it comes to brainwashing, they don't know until they ask Sola and the others, so maybe they've been brainwashed. I guess that was the aspect where the forest decided it was possible even for the Solas.

"Ugh...... thank you for now. First of all, you don't seem to be able to make quick moves."

'I guess so. My lower body was definitely gone, and it's that giant. And you know this is the basement. You don't want to be buried alive in the unfolding temple of the junction, and there are pillars that shouldn't be able to move around like that.'

Ernesto nodded at Sora's words this time. In the meantime, it would be good to see the inability to move quickly as definitive. That, above all, was gratifying to Sola and the others. Because at least we can avoid an attack. And another reason Ernesto points out why the enemy would not destroy the temple.

"Well, besides, if you break the temple, there will be no divine punishment."

"Divine Punishment"

'Ha ha. No, I'm not kidding. The temple of this age is set to be destroyed intentionally, so that the punishment will fall. "


'Well, they were probably gods, but they still need majesty because they are gods. So I punished only the attack on the temple where I was worshipped with divine punishment'

Ernesto, as a cleric, tells Sola about the temple of this era. Plus, Ernesto laughed.

"Ma, there's quite a few interesting divine punishments there if not for all the losses. No, I was ashamed of the boulders when I stood behind the temple and glowed my head. '

"Haha. That was funny. I'd like to see it again, but I'm afraid I can't see it anymore '

'No, stop? I was really ashamed of myself for a few days. "

Ernesto and Ernesto discuss it with pleasure. I'm still a normal person when I say hero. He seemed to live like a normal person. That's how Ernesto, laughing at Ernesto's suppression, made clear once again.

"Haha. Nevertheless...... this time the enemy has already halved it, and if we ramble here, we are certain of all losses. And not destroy it as a result of your attempts to protect it, but destroy it. You will be protected, but the enemy will suffer the greatest divine punishment."

"... for your information, though. What happens?

'Right. Master Shamrock is a sun god, so he will be burned down in a scorching fire. He will certainly maximize his power as he awakens. but don't worry, nothing will happen around you because this is a divine punishment'

Ernesto speaks plainly to Sora, who seeped a slight vigilance. If the divine punishment affects my surroundings, my fear of God gathers excessively. That's what the Shamrocks think, and they have a special structure that only affects the person.

but instead, they say its power is not half as powerful, and if the enemy eats it in the present situation, it is a power that will definitely disappear. And being taught there, Sola stood up. It was time.

"... inadvertently. Thank you."

'Oh, it's time... well, good luck with that. Not that I can do anything, but I'm looking a little further away just in case.'

"... good luck"

Understanding that time had come, Ernest went far away so as not to disturb him, and Ernest set up a cane. And at the same time, the joint unit, which was no longer brunette and blonde except for the face to be tagged, was ready.

"Sola, we're all set."

"Thank you. They gave me information for a second."

Sora nods at Syldore's report and briefly conveys the information she has just been taught to everyone. Sora nodded to Ernesto where it was shared with everyone in a matter of minutes.


'I get it......'

Ernest closes his eyes to pray and turns his cane to the octahedron. And with it the octahedron shines. So, a few seconds later. A crack entered the octahedron with the broken and scattered sound of glass, and a pitch-black moya blew out from inside.

"Prepare to attack!

"Prepare to attack!

To coincide with Sola's decree, Syldore recites for the whole thing. So, that next moment. The octahedron was completely scattered and only half the giant of the ship's arms appeared from the inside.

That was about 5 meters in the lower body alone, and it was a giant that would likely be about 10 meters if it was a complete body. The length of the arms is also very long accordingly. Intimidation is also very boring. It's an incomparable realm to deal with a simultaneous demon. Metaphor If your body says only half and only one hand, you shouldn't be alarmed.

"Shoot him. Yeah!

In keeping with the decree of Sildoor, a series of attacks by all kinds of attacks is launched simultaneously. And with that, Sora steps firmly on her feet. Naturally, this attack was carried out in a ready manner. I don't care about my surroundings.

And naturally, I don't want to be buried alive with Sola and the others. Furthermore, if you can hit the enemy with a recoil of an attack, you can only beat the attack into the target for that amount. If the first hand was the key this time, it was above all a place to watch out. That's why Sora gave orders to all shieldmen at the same time as the attack.

"Reflect the recoil simultaneously with all the shield holders and slap them into the enemy!


"Copy that!"

"" "< < Reflective Shield > >!" "

Shielded warriors create semi-transparent hard walls as they encircle the periphery of the enemy in a hemispheral fashion, in keeping with Sola's decree. It usually has little special effect, but it was a special shield that could be used in situations like a major military battle where the aftermath of a massive attack by an ally could be reflected into the enemy like this one.

Moreover, the great thing about this move (skill) is that it can also reflect the aftermath of reflection if it is surrounded by a large number of people in a spherical shape, as is the case this time. In this way, countless attacks in a spherical shield reflect and shine like polar light. Even the explosion was reflected, so there was no sound at all.


Seeing the amount of light just confused with such a sun, Sola glances slightly at her face. And a few seconds later. The time went by to remain silent, but there was still nothing I could do about it to this extent.

Suddenly the polar light stained the pitch-black darkness and cracked into the shields strewn by the Solas. Nevertheless, that is within the assumption. That's why Sora immediately gave the following instructions:

"All shield holders, release the shield! Spread out, all of you, and never get within enemy range! Shielding deflects the attention of the enemy as much as possible! Don't let them crush you!

Sora gives the next instruction as soon as the arrow begins. At the same time, the < > that Sola and the others were straining disappears. When the enemy breaks you like this, you get the recoil and you get a slight stiffness. Sola and the others still don't know how fast the enemy is. And unfortunately, Ernesto who fought didn't even know. If so, it was a natural decision to keep it so that it could escape.

"Let's go!

Sola unlocked the < > while rushing towards the enemy in the direction of Moya in the pitch black. Of all the heavily armed warriors with shields, he is still the fastest with equipment and protection. So first, it was an operation where he became obsessed.

And as Sora rushes out, Yuri's arrow fires to cover her. When it cut through the pitch-black Moya, it exposed the entire enemy to Sola.

"Do it!

Apparently, this was the only one that was invisible in Moya. Though the figure of the dewy enemy was half lacking in the pitch-black body, his right arm was still alive and swung up to Sola.

"'Limitbreak Overboost One Second!'!

Seeing the arm that was being swung up, Sola immediately opened up all the armor functions and jumped diagonally right forward from the spot. And that next moment. A giant arm waves down to where Sola is, and the temple floor is heavily submerged.

"Do it... if you hit it properly, you'll be confirmed to die..."

Sora accidentally freezes her spine when she sees the aftermath of an enemy attack arrive easily to her place. Nevertheless, fortunately, it was not at an unseen rate. Of course, it wasn't just Sola, but the Adventure Department was able to see enough out of it.

"But if this!

So Sora takes the next step without hesitation. If you can see through, you can avoid it. Which means we can fight. Ernest and Ernest's desperate actions were never, ever in vain. While biting it, Sola captures the appearance of the enemy within her range.

"Ha, ha, ha!

Sola roars, and a one-handed sword placed on the upper part is waved down. It thrust into a pitch-black giant to be sucked in, and tore its body apart and ejected the black moya.


'Idiot! Don't stop near Moya! I don't know what's gonna happen!


Though Sola was surprised by the attack, which had become very common, and stopped her legs, she distanced herself from Ernesto's words. I don't know what power the enemy has. It is also possible intentionally that this body skin is soft.

Maybe this Moya has powers similar to poison as the two Al and Rufaus received from The Rainbow Wrapping Beast before, and maybe he could be brainwashed. Only caution was forbidden. Then, on the spot where he had distanced himself, he was swung away by the arms of a giant pitch-black ship.


"Whoa, whoa!

Shortly after Sora dodged the enemy's nagging in the backstep. Sildoor sets up a rampage into the empty torso, slashing him into the slaughter so he can slap him from the big upper section. This one still ripped open enemies with pleasure and the pitch-black Moya blew out.

All units, start firing simultaneously.

Shortly after Sildoor launched the attack. Once again, shooting by the archers, mainly Yuri, begins. but the half giant of the ship's arm beat his left arm to the ground, leaving only half, lifting his body in recoil and turning forward to avoid it.

"I see. So you can do that... but now!

Sora smiles slightly when she sees the enemy who dodged this attack. The enemy tried to move forward and dodge it, but it approached this formation. I mean, it's no exaggeration to say that the status quo is almost besieged. The enemy of the ship can take it behind his back. You may consider it advantageous to bring it in at once.

"All of you, let the fight begin in earnest! Don't be alarmed because you're surrounded!

Sola turns to everyone and urges them to pull their minds together again. As such, Sola and the others decided to continue fighting the remnants of the past.