Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1309: The Glow of the Divine Sword

A joint unit by the Adventure Department led by Sola and the elf warriors of the "Wood Leaked Forest" who were coming to battle with the family of God called to the land over the Mesopotamian civilization that destroyed the prehistoric civilization. It had gone straight into battle with the half giant of the ship's arms when it succeeded in its first blow thanks to Ernest's support, who was the chief cleric of time.

"Ugh... you can take it back..."

Sola decided to calm down and observe the enemy once she saw the back of the half giant on the ship's arm, who had stormed the center of the camp with only half his remaining left arm for hire. The policy has already been discussed, and it works well.

Following Ernest's advice and trying to blackhead those who would play the role, the enemy was still targeting black-haired and blonde warriors as a matter of priority. I didn't see any signs of it when I was a demon before, but maybe this was because I was a wise man who became a vegetarian. I don't know where it is, but at least it's only true that it works this time.

(Basically, the role of the enemy is to become the enemy when he points in his direction. Luckily you were able to bring it early into the siege...)

Sora reviews what she needs to do as she watches the warriors around her attack the half-armed giant. Needless to say, the battle capability difference between these half-armed giants and the Solas is historical. Protecting what you can do is paramount. Therefore, it does not travel significantly outside of evasive exercises. It's only my job to be here when I'm attacked by an ally.


Here he is. Sola saw the half giant of the ship's arm spinning to shake his right arm in response to Sildoor's attack and saw the beginning of the role.

"As much as possible, stand out! Go, go, go, go!

Sora raises her voice and storms the half-armed giant. And in order to match his roar, a body of multiple winds appears around him.

"Wind Dancer: Sylphide Dancer!

In keeping with Sola's decree, the dancers of the wind storm at the same time towards the half giant of the ship's arms. This kind of thing would only be about a scratch, but still good. His purpose is to be conspicuous. Attacks are good aside. but in order to do so, it was also necessary for them to think that they were someone they could not even ignore.

"Right here!"

Sola fleshes on the flank of a half-giant with his right arm swinging away the dancers of the wind. The dancers of the wind were dismissed, but there is no problem. That's nothing more than a scratch. In so doing, Sola releases the power she has accumulated by turning the dancers of the wind against her.

"Let's go, new moves! < >!"

In the machining knife mounted on Sola's left hand dwells the power of his native god, Vegetarian Woo-joon. It is a force that he would not otherwise be able to use, but it has become available for a number of special reasons.

The cause is his protection and physical factors. First, his protection is the wind. And his flesh belongs to the water dragon as a root.

By mixing these two together, I was able to conceptually host the power of storm. And Vegan Woo-joon is also the god of storms. There, there was the edge of Sola's birth god. Together, these could be used in this other world for the first time.

A few months ago, it was theoretically possible at a time when the power of the water dragon could be used. With a few months of intensive training there, the flesh created a soil that would be acceptable if it were a little bit of God's power, so that it could be used in action even if it was not a series.

"Whoa, whoa!

Sola roared, and the power of the vegetarian woo-joon lodged in her left arm increased to its maximum. In that way, a blow is fired that will probably even be comparable to the instantaneous blow that has one of the leading firepower in the adventure department.

"Direct hit!

Without repeating his earlier sword trident failures, Sola now uses the recoil of the attack to leave the scene. And at the same time, there was an explosion and a thunderous mixed storm, which raised the giant of the half giant of the ship's arms.



Alliance members of the Adventure Department and Elf Warriors raise their admiration for what can finally be described as an effective hit in. Its power was distinctly different. It was blowing the right arm part completely and the bulk of the dark Moya covering up the enemy.

"... people?

From the tip of the bounced flying dark Moya emerges a figure of only the upper body invaded by one pitch-black darkness. That's what Sola saw. Instructions from Ernesto fly there.

'That's the main body! Take a direct hit on that!

"This is it!? Yuri!"

Though Sola had heard that there was something at the core originally, she didn't think it was normal. Therefore, it will only frighten me for a moment, but when I immediately rebuild it, I offer my support to Yuri. That's how he released an arrow that Yuri had hoarded up to his maximum after receiving such a request.

"... Huh!

"It won't arrive, huh!

but the arrow is prevented by the left-arm portion that was left, even though it was well over the speed of sound. Nevertheless, that's good. This could happen, I was reading. So here Sola finally decides to cut the trump card.

"Now! Canaan!"


At that moment, Canaan runs through the air like he kicks a pillar and flies with his burning hair. If it was a blow, Sola might have been stronger. but overall, Canaan is overwhelming for freeing up his power as "The Moon Child". The most likely person to be given an effective hit would be her.

So she was asked to lurk to be the decision-maker. And the effect was certainly there. There was a slight glance at the half-armed giant who had no idea that so many warriors were holding back on the boulder.


Screwed up. Canaan sees the blow he fired at the heart aim prevented by the enemy sacrificing his left arm, giving him a bitter taste. but her attacks were never wasted.

Her attack broke both the left arm of the enemy body with a bass and wiped out the missing left arm of the half-armed giant who prevented Yuri's attack accordingly. And there, advice from Ernesto flew.

"Erase the left arm on the fallen body side! Leave it there and it plays! but on the other hand, you can't even regenerate Moya's arm if you get rid of him!

"Huh! Somebody wipe it out with magic!

Sora follows Ernesto's advice and sends immediate instructions. You said you were given an effective blow because of it, but you couldn't waste it.

And that was all the same idea. As a result, countless sorceries are fired at the wreckage of the fallen left arm. With that sideways, Canaan, who had left the scene in the backstep, took the disposable knife out of his nostalgia.


"Good! Knock them all in at once!

There's no reason to miss this opportunity. Sola therefore chooses to issue an immediate decree and push it off at once. The rest of my left arm, which was out of the way from the enemy, was missing. Now there's nothing to protect the left.

All I have left is my right arm, but one can manage to push it through. And I can already see the main body of the enemy. Then there was certainly a good chance we could push it off.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!"

Now is the right time for a half giant to roar against a simultaneously fired attack. It still involves an overwhelming grid of pressure, causing most of this attack to disappear.

but still not all. All I'm saying is that I've definitely released magic into misery. It is good to say no to force moves. Therefore, the half-armed giant covers the body with his right hand to defend against the remaining attack.

"I can go!"

Looking at the current state of affairs, which allows him to tap into the attack unilaterally, Sola feels a definite response. but that didn't last that long. A half-armed giant raised his roar again, where he could blow his right arm a little later.

"Whoa, whoa!"


The roar was not a distressing object, but an object with a firm intent to attack. As a result, Sola and the others are slightly stiff and the nearby ones are all present to stop the attack. And that was the aim of a half-armed giant.

They're gonna fix the part where they wiped it out! If you can't push it all at once, get back on your feet! What, don't worry! This guy doesn't have a source right now! The more he plays, the weaker he gets! Don't give up on me!

"Everybody, take your distance! Let's start over!"

Following Ernesto's advice, Sola issues the decree again to the whole. And the dark moya that was blowing out in front of them converges all at once.

"Eh... but!

Start over. Sora seeps certainty when she swallows the evil that makes her want to throw up slightly at the status quo, which appears to have ended up working hard. There was definitely an intent to attack on that one, but the first one is undoubtedly miserable. I ran out of saying it was mutual enough.

In that way, the attack to blow up Moya again will be carried out with the half giant of the ship's arms. but that was the stage where this attack hit, and it was supposed to make me understand that the enemy had changed hands.


Sildoor's attack, which was in the shape of taking the back again, strikes directly. but that sounded like metal bumping into each other instead of the sound of Moya erupting.


"You mean change hands!

Sora understands that the enemy's surface has hardened as she overheard Syldore's surprise words when she accidentally blew out her one-handed sword after the recoil. If you look closely at the glowing enemies in the wake of the sorcery rampage, until earlier, it was some lustrous black that now had a slight glow. It's like sandalwood lighting back if you dare. It looked different than before.

"Shit... did you understand that I couldn't brainwash or infect you?"

Seeing an enemy like that, Ernesto spits evil. Apparently, that's what this is all about. Besides, that's Sora's current blow there. No wonder I thought it was better than doing something pointless.

"Yuri! Do everything you can!


At Sora's request, Yuri immediately concentrates his spirit. A better combination of penetration and destruction is actually a bowman's bow and arrow than witchcraft. So when it comes to her bow, she has a mighty power at that point. Yuri puts even more effort into such a bow blow.

"… < >!"

Yuri remembered for the time being here - rather than being remembered - to release an arrow. It was a move (skill) that forcefully blended conflicting attributes with each other to unleash a special arrow that exploded with its repulsive power.

I need a high degree of witchcraft and just the skill to be able to arrow it, but that was in some form what should be called Tina. Even so, like 'false', it wasn't perfect yet. but still high enough firepower.

"Shit, can't you still do this?!?

After the explosion and flash went away. Seeing a half-armed giant with a slight crack in his torso, Sola throws up a bad state. but never intact. Slight but cracked.

This means that even an Adventure Department attack doesn't crush this pitch-black armor. He decided there was a chance. That's how you thought you couldn't be caught off guard with Yuri's attack, marching towards the enemy you started moving to.

"Don't forget me!

Having outrun the enemy from the vanished left arm side, Sola dives into the enemy's pocket and can pull his arm and yell so. Besides, the enemy stops moving and takes a defensive stance with his right arm. He knows that Sora is dangerous, too. But it is assumed that Sora and I will be on guard.

"I'll be pissed off later though!

Sora is ready to be pissed off later by Orr and decides to use the prohibited weapon moves (arts) simultaneously. As such, Sola holds the power of < > in her left and right swords.

"First shot! < >!"

Sola waves the one-handed sword of her right hand down wide from the top. Again, the blow of the trump card is immense, causing the enemy's right arm to plunge heavily into the ground. Immediately there, Sora jumped on board. In front of me, there is a crack carved by Yuri.

"Canaan! Cover me!


At Sora's request, she succumbs to Canaan's immediate pursuit. Behind it, Sola unleashed the power of vegetarian woo-joon, who dwelt on her left hand.

"< >!"

The emerald green light flickers with the enemy's nostalgia, along with the sound of trembling on the ground floor of the temple. The blow is still intense and the majority of the lacquered black armor that contained the crack collapses. but not everything yet. Therefore, Canaan instantly breaks in there.

"< >!"

A crimson clawed demon claw stretches from Canaan's right finger, deciding on the torso of an enemy that collapses by more than half. Before, kite.

I managed to use it even after I was taught to. And it worked. Successfully penetrates forcefully by eroding from cracks and blows like shredding running water.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!"


but the next moment. The enemy, with his distressed voice, roared loudly and blew Canaan. Nevertheless, it just blew me away so I cleverly spun in the air and landed brilliantly.

"I was one step away!

I throw up watching the vegetarian bodies of my enemies with a distressed look on Canaan's face, and the pitch-black Shizuku dripping down like blood. If we could have taken one more step, she would surely have completely pierced the enemy. It was really just one step away.

And, in front of the adventure department, which was to be forced to distance itself again, a pitch-black shard emerges that peeled off from the half giant of the ship's arms.

'Let's start all over again! If you don't think you can go, get back on your feet! Whatever you need, take your recovery pills!

"Huh!?" Limitbreak Overboost One Second "!

All I can say is that it is an aggressive decision. I heard Ernesto's advice, and I thought that was all that was left of Sola's brain. What a outrage in a sense that he would throw his one-handed sword at his enemies that he did so.

Its throwing speed is certainly faster, but the shards are faster. And the shards that would have covered the periphery of the primitive body were back in position, and you can't even hope for a direct hit. I just get caught up in combing it somewhere and can't get it out.


"Hey, Tenjo!

The faces of the adventure clueless and the warriors of the elves surprise Sora's actions in such a way that they can obviously lead him into the shards of the enemy. but also Ernesto had a slight surprise. He saw that Sola didn't throw a one-handed sword without any thought.

'No way...... go, Sola! All the best! All the best! Then maybe we can go!

While everyone gets their doubts, only Ernesto sends a go sign against Sola. Nevertheless, even in his view, the chances of success are half. That's what Sora would think. But with that Ernest go sign on his back, Sola runs out even faster.

Such a one-handed sword he threw was caught in the narrow space of its lacquered black armor in a way that was caught in the repair of the guiding shards and was completely impenetrable. Looks like it was sandwiched with considerable force, and there were cracks in the body and distortions. It was unbroken. but that was what Sola was after.

"... Way to go, buddy. Thanks for everything."

Sola grips the patterned part of such a one-handed sword vigorously. We don't show any movement because the enemy is still in the process of regenerating, or because we can afford to take the weapon away.

Besides, Sola closes her eyes slightly and apologizes to her partner who has been fighting with me for a long time now. I could only come up with a way to defeat about the way I'm going to do it. but you have to pay for it. Thus, Sora opened her eyes slightly and instilled her magic into a one-handed sword at once.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Everybody, stand up! Big one's coming!

On behalf of the roaring Sola, the only Ernesto who understands his intentions draws everyone's attention. And that next moment. Sora's one-handed sword glowed inside the enemy, causing an explosion with a roar far above Sora's blow earlier.



"Did you do it!?

Surprised by the sudden explosion, everyone, except Ernesto, looks up. At the end of the flash thus subsided, Sola stood with a one-handed sword in her hand that had mourned about 80% of the blade. Around it were scattered black and pitch-black shards of countless half-armed ships, representing the awesomeness of their power.

Sora remembered what Orr told her just before she left and remembered Kite's skill < >. But it's a bump job. I don't know if I can maximize my power.

So he dared to let the blade penetrate the inside of the enemy, causing an explosion inside the enemy. This would not have turned out this way if it had been in that Moya form, but it was the result of hardening the body skin to prevent the Sora and the others from attacking. It was with the bomb principle.


"Huh!? Awkward! Sora, hurry and run!

Ernesto roughs up his voice toward Sola, who can't move satisfactorily with all his might. Sure, the blow was awesome right now. He blew up most of the enemy's armor and heavily damaged the body he was inside.

but damaged. Sure, the primitives are worn out, but they weren't dead yet. No, it's weirder to be alive. All that was left was one neck. So he lived.

Such a plain body looked to Sola with just vain eyes. So, the next moment. Moya blew out of the shards of pitch-black armor and began to kill towards Sola.

'Will you make it!?

Ernesto understands what was about to happen and squeezes the last force he can. In the wake of it, the divine sword shed light. The power of the Divine Sword prevented Sola from being turned into a new body.

but it took me a while to be good. Ernesto is already dead. There was no way he could free the power of the sword without flesh.

"Sola, oh!

Yuri's scream echoed toward Sola, who ran out of measures. And at that moment, Sora's body is completely swallowed up in Moya. but the next moment. More light emerged from the vicinity of Sola than the scorching fire, blowing Moya completely.

Except for the only Sola, no one knew what happened. Something happened that could only be described as a miracle and blew Moya away. but it's not a miracle or anything. It was natural. Sora understood that.

"Well, you are!

In a blowing moya, Sora rushed out with a fiercely stripped grin. I'm fine, but still good now. I thought it would be anyway. That's the kind of guy he is. So it was inevitable in a way that this would happen.

"So always say something like that right," he said! Ah, shit!

Laughing, Sola reaches out to the divine sword that preceded her, prompted by her gaze by the crimson beauty (Glaia), who caught the eye end by chance or inevitability. Thus, the moment he touched the divine sword, Ernest's will and will came through the sword.

"Do it."

"... Yes"

Just short, but conveyed as intense emotions, Sola merely admired this as a hero and placed herself in the upper realm with a strange face. The spirit of Ernesto, which can only be said to be a hero, which is beyond its own reach. That's what Sola was also told through the Divine Sword.

And that's not all I was told. The name of the divine sword and as much skill as it required was also taught to him. When Ernesto realized that he could not manipulate the Divine Sword himself, he decided to teach Sola how to use the Divine Sword, who ran out to the Divine Sword.

"Great sun! Bind that brilliance, and don't pay for the evil darkness now!

The sunlight inserted from part of the ceiling that was collapsing due to the explosion caused by Sola converges into the divine sword raised by Sola. It was precisely a glow that could only be described as the sun.

"… < >!"

A heroic testament. Once again understanding the awe of waving it, Sola orders the sword to open its power in awe. Thus, the divine sword he had laid on the great upper stage was waved down.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa..."

A bare body of a pitch-black half-giant raises the cry of the severed demon. but even that, sola's raised sword blew up. Thus ended the prelude to the great battle of the Solas.