Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1310: The Settlement of the Battle

Soon after Sola and the others made their preparations to enter the first floor of the temple. There was a visitor at Ernesto's place who tried to get back to the ground floor part, which had become underground, even though he was about to advise me. This is why he didn't show up instantly.

"I saw something unusual about this. I've lived a long time... but I didn't know ghosts were in such a bright spot."

".................. hehe? Surprised -... '

Ernesto was unexpectedly prolonged when he saw the visitor, but his surprise expression remained intact even after it was solved. but my mouth was moving, so I kept my doubts in my mouth.

Why are you here?

"That's this line. For the rest, I thought it would disappear in a few hundred years."

The visitor asks Ernesto without hiding his inner surprise while speaking with pleasure. Apparently, visitors knew Ernesto better than the collapse of prehistoric civilization. And that also Ernesto apparently admitted, sitting down on the spot with some troubled face.

"Hundreds of years... in fact, we thought so too. Hundreds of years ago. It would be nice if our leftover seeds sprout and mow the roots of this place."


Again? The visitor nodded as if convinced by Ernest's words. No wonder about this. Ernesto is definitely strong. He is powerful enough to be unrivaled where the Adventure Club is now bundled.

but still, it has never become an area where even a monster can be called a monster among heroes like Quon. Dare I say, it's still a common sense category. By analogy, even the same rank S may be referred to as an Augdyne-like region (Superman). It's strong, but it hasn't reached areas like Bern Tyne and Quon.

In its power, there was never a reason to be able to seal it for so long. If so, some tease should have been there.

'Well, the truth is, I don't know the details either. The guy who came to us before them, he helped me. "

"Hmm? Weren't they the first"

"Oh, he can defeat himself, but we have no edge or itch in this forest. We decided that we shouldn't do it, and he improved the seal so that we could accommodate magic from the terrain so we could wait for it. Well, instead, we were supposed to have a long sleep and a slight wake-up call. It's a coincidence today...... no, isn't it a coincidence? I've been waking up a lot faster lately. Sometimes they wake up at the same time. Maybe he's waking up close."

Ernesto seeps a great deal of benevolence into some of them, and makes it clear that the resurrection of their enemies is closer and closer to seeing the status quo. More than that, he shook his head and changed the subject just because he had no choice but to talk about this.

'More than that... let me thank you for once. I was also an angel of God. Thank you for listening to our God for this continent. "

"Hmm?... Oh, that thing? I had to exercise a little before I went to sleep. Don't do anything. Sleep is shallow. That's where the others are. It's nothing special, and that's close to an invader from another world. I had to tell you something else if you were to defeat me, but to the extent that you could help me boost my strength, I'm not stingy."

Visitors just laugh and shake their heads at Ernest's apologies. Apparently, visitors once helped them in response to Shamrock's wishes. In its shadow, it seemed to have sealed the god known as the Evil God. Thus, the laughing visitor shook his shoulder a little bitterly.

"Well, it was the rest of the job, if you dare. but how many minutes did you call it? Forgive me if I was able to help only to a limited extent."

"Enough was enough for the ancient dragon."

Ernesto shook his head at the words of the visitor, Graia. It was once spoken out of their mouths several times, but their role can be described as the harmony of the world. There was no way those women would sit back and watch the gods of the other world ramble around in Enefia. but it's the cause. Therefore, only a limited amount of help was possible.

So they couldn't defeat even if they could. Beyond what I called the inhabitants of this world, that means the inhabitants of this world are bad. Nevertheless, we still cannot leave the rampant God intact.

Therefore, the girls who received Shamrock's offer entered the final showdown only once, and joined Orrin and the others in a covenant to attract the miscellaneous fish - not necessarily the miscellaneous fish - which meant that Shamrock and Shall won in a way that was almost close to the match. But if you don't, they weren't in a win-win situation.

"On top of that, as a favor of the dead"

"You don't have to say it"


Ernesto tilts his neck against Graia, who laughed and blocked Ernesto's words. Besides, Glaia laughs.

"Why do you think the rest of us are here? It's no coincidence."

"What's going on?

"How many minutes are you getting married while you're asleep? My husband is a little worried. I'm asking you to protect them."


"Ha. Damn, he's a rough husband for people...... well, so don't worry. He is the one who says he is completely sorry, but at the same time he is the man who moves for some reason as the guardian of humanity. The rest are more than just samurai, and now instead of being an ancient dragon, we're just joining the fight as one warrior."

When Graia says so, she walks for the stairs. She was asked by Kate to come and hide from Sola and the others just in case. but if I find out she's here, I'll feel safe with Sola and the others. That didn't even want Kite. She really is the trump card just in case. I didn't mean to cut that off cheaply.

'... right. I don't know if I can sleep in peace. "

"Keep it that way. If we take this down, there's no reason to stay, is there?

'Well hey... ha, that was a long journey... yeah?

Ernesto exhaled deeply at the end of his long journey, emotionally. And beside him like that, there was a sign of one appearing. That was a sign that you've been lying on my side for the last millennia. So, with those two signs on his back, Graia tells him.

"Oh, yeah. For once, I sent for my husband. That's Charlotte's god angel."

"Yeah!? Did Charles make you a god?

"Right, right. Well, let me assure you that you are definitely heroes. Shamrock would want that too. Now, don't get lost."

'... thanks'

Ernesto bows his head deeply to the words for Glaia's hand. At the end of the day, Graia disappeared under the stairs to keep an eye on Sola and the others.

Then, a little. With the support of Graia and Ernesto, Sola had succeeded in completely annihilating the half-armed giant.

"... ah"

Sola succumbs to her knees to the ground after spending huge amounts of magic at the price of opening up the power of the < > Great Sun (Sol Grande) >, a divine sword that mimics the sun. It's still that massive streak of magic consumption. At the end of the day, he was almost fine, and without Ernest's help, he couldn't have exercised his divine sword. No matter how much magic he got after Mizuki, magic was sobering on the boulders. Yuri rushed over to Sora like that.

"I can't do this anymore."

"Haha. Sorry."

Sora laughs and apologizes to Yuri's bitterness, who was worried from the stage where he even seemed equal to throwing down his weapon. Nevertheless, now winning is winning. He was a pretty strong enemy, but he managed to win. That's everything. That's why Sora makes that clear with a laugh.

"But... now you win"


Yuri giggles a little while lending Sora a shoulder to relieve her of winning. In the meantime, this has already accomplished the request. And Ernesto came close to those two.

"No way I'm really gonna win this."

"Ah... thank you"

"Haha. I'm sorry you were able to do this much. Nevertheless... now we will die in the afterlife in peace. It's this way to thank you."

Ernesto tells Sola and the others with a flamboyant grin. The biggest reason they didn't die in the afterlife was because that half-armed giant was still alive. Now that it has been annihilated, there is no longer a reason to remain in this world.

No, it is hard to say that there is not a complete resurrection of the Evil God now that it is near, but there will still be none. And that reminded me even more of Sola.

"Ah... in that case, you two..."

"Haha. Don't worry about it. I was prepared that I and that guy might die from when I originally decided to fight. On top of that, if you could spare a few young lives in the next world, I'd be more than happy to help."

"... Really..."

You would have been young if you had seen them both as a race enough, but that's what Sola could have said and nodded to Ernesto, who laughed at it without seeping it in. I guess that's good, though. Ernesto grinned and nodded.

"Oh, that's good. When I remember. There are times when warriors really have to fight. There is no more pitiful than a warrior who lost his time in death. In that sense, we're happy in a way. I got that place to die. And here's the result. '

Ernesto smiles at Syldore and the children of those whom he protects. It was worthy of a hero's smile and included something called various virtues. Thus, when he nodded one to them, he turned again to Sola and made one offer.

'Hey, I'm sorry. Can you give that sword back to Master Shamrock?

"To Mr. Shamrock, is it?

'That mouthful... you've met him?

"Ah... uh, just once. He gave us the base we're using."


Ernesto shows a slight surprise at Sora's confession. but I immediately decided to get back on track and continue the conversation.

'Well, that's just fine. Then ask for more. I borrowed the sword for thousands of years. If you die of boulders, you should give them back.'

"Sola. Please come from us, too. Please return the sword to Lord Shamrock. If you need a fee, let's call the chief inside. Whatever it takes, pay the expenses."

"Huh? No! You can't take that! Thanks to this, it's like I helped you this time... and fortunately my guild master knows me... so it feels like I'm going to give it back through him"

Soon Sora shakes her head in a great panic at Syldore's offer, which was coming, and pleasantly accepts the return of the Divine Sword. Fortunately, the floating continent is moving in a way that is adjacent to the Enesian continent, and thanks to Ernesto, the final blow was decided. And this is close to Ernest's will. No objection whatsoever.

'Right...... oh yeah. What kind of relationship do you have with her?

"Huh? Ah, oh. Is that her... you know what?

"Well, I've seen you a couple of times."

Ernesto asks Sola, out of the blue, about her relationship with Graia. It still seemed strange that even he, someone to the extent of Sola, got help from Glaia. Though, Sora couldn't make a clear statement about this either.

"Er... well, it feels like they're interested in the brave guys who used to be around."

"Hmmm...... that would be nice. Just say thank you."

"Oh, yes."

Sora nodded at Ernesto's words. And Ernesto nodded, and he looked up at the sun floating far away.

'... it was a long journey. but this forest hasn't changed at all for a long time.'

"Yes...... well, if it hasn't changed since 300 years, maybe this forest hasn't changed for thousands of years"

Syldore agrees emotionally with Ernesto's words.

'After all, the sun from here is good... hey, is it Syldore?


'I'll take care of it later. I guess the battle is close. Protect the woods I liked. "

"... Yes"

At Ernesto's request, Syldore nodded with a strange face. And Ernesto nodded.

'Come on, it's time to go home. I wish I could go to the afterlife by the end of the day. If you're too relaxed, Charles will piss you off this time.'

"... thank you"

"... a great ancestor. May you have forest protection."

Syldore prays for Ernesto's blessings to Sora for the last mention of gratitude. Thus, saying goodbye to the heroes of the great past in each form, the Solas decided to return to the Elves.