Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1315: The Peekers of the Abyss

The day after Sola got the Divine Sword < >. When the kites revealed the night at the temple as it was, they were immediately returning to McDawell.

"Welcome back. So, I hear you got something good."

"Ugh... what is this..."

Sola handed Orr the divine sword she told him to have. In any case, this still fails to exert its original power. Shamrock said, this sword had been tortured as a seal for thousands of years and left wild. Still, it can only be said that it is a divine sword that possesses mighty power, but it is far from the state of the best. I needed to take a long time from now to adjust to Sola and work out again.

"Divine Sword < >. That's something we've never even seen."

"This is..."

The faces of the "Uncrowned Troops (No Orders)" technical squad were unexpectedly open to the divine sword that Sola had placed in her mouth. As for Sola, she only thinks it's about a great sword, but she knows exactly what it's like to be as skilled as they are. So I was far more surprised than Sola.

"The material... heh... sounds like a hiccup, but it's not purely a hiccup."

"Alloys made with hyiro, I guess... there's a good chance the blacksmith god has a dish. Hilarious on the core material... the sides are orihal... no, thin on the blade part..."

Apparently, the facades of the technical squad went into analysis quickly. So Orr told Sola to the side of it.

"Sola, you fight with the spare sword I've made for a while. It's as user-friendly as it's ever been. It just doesn't fit your power because it's a spare made thing. Just be careful not to tread the same way."

"Oh, thank you. So, how soon is the adjustment going to be over?

"Hmm? Oh, that adjustment?

To Sora's inquiry, Orr tilts his neck as he looks at the divine sword. As for Sola, it's enough of a weapon to be called the Divine Sword, so I thought it would take a lot of time. but they didn't actually either.

"If you want to do it, you can finish it by the end of the week. In fact, I'm going to do it by the end of the week to the extent I can use it."


"Um... I'd be scared if we licked it, wouldn't I? This is still a bucket of natural disasters all over the world... because some geniuses are gathering, even if it's a divine sword, I'll try to fix it perfectly in a month. This time, it will take me a while to select the materials, because I will have the courage to train and Kaito's grandfather to do the division of labor."

In response to Sora, Orr told her that she didn't hide anything in particular. In fact, they are the nasty ones who are supplying weapons to the Yingjies around the world. Of course, some of them are usually similar to artifacts.

Then, when it comes to repairing artifacts poorly, they are more accustomed than God. Nevertheless, ending it in a month is also something to do because it is a time of war. So this time I was thinking a lot.

"That being said, of course, is if you do it on the express. I'm not doing that right now."

"Oh, really?

"Well. I was just talking about making this sword the best it can be."

"Isn't that a good idea?

Sora tilts her neck at Orr's words. I want it to be the best I can be. but it meant two things.

"No, I'm not. Making this sword at its best means making the best adjustments for 10,000 people. It means whoever uses it can produce 100 powers. If I make a special adjustment here, I can only give you 90 or something other than that person, but I can give you 150 power at that person's place. That's a dedicated adjustment, and that's what we do. It's a one-off."

"Oh, you know..."

Sola is convinced by Orr's explanation. I use a weapon that is specially adjusted with Sola. And while I borrowed this divine sword, it was still hard to use somewhere. That was not because of the length of the blade, but because, dare I say, it came from subtle differences in the grip of the pattern, decorations, etc.

And it was Ore who was making the delicate adjustments there, two orange infarcts and a stroke. He also understood the meaning of the dedicated adjustment to the boulder. Nevertheless, it is a divine sword to adjust this time. For some reason or other - such as the engraving built in - they want to adjust closely. So I got used to Sola over the years.

"So it takes a little while...... but, more importantly, you also need to use this. So in the long run, I guess."

"Do I need to use it?

"That sort of thing. After all, when you become a weapon of the highest rank of the Divine Sword, you are willing to use the weapon itself. Above all, you need to be recognized by that will. And the only way to be admitted is to take a long time to get in touch."

Orr speaks his mind toward Sola, who has never used a divine sword or such a high-ranking weapon. Here, there are many parts that Sola has never really used. And I don't know, so it's a good place for them to be lazy if they're weapons dealers. So Sora decided to hear from the Orrs about how they felt about using the sword for a while afterwards.

Well, on the other hand. As soon as he returned, Kate had come to one of the finest hotels in McDawell territory.

"Your Majesty, it's been a while."

"Uhm...... Lord. Looks like you've been busy with a lot of things... but were you okay?

"Yeah. Any word from the Maximilian family?

"I took it. You were good, so was he."


I also honestly agree with Kate on the praise of Emperor Leonhardt. This is about Sola, of course. As a matter of course, we have already reported one case to the Maximilians and the upper echelons of the Empire governing the 'Wood Leaked Forest' through the McDawell family. And by the nature of things, there must have been a report for Emperor Leonhardt as well. That's why Emperor Leonhardt inquired into Kite's reply.

"So, he's now?

"Ha. He was given a divine sword by Lord Shamrock, so he went to our team's blacksmiths once to adjust it."

"Well... take the sword"

"Yes. I was entrusted with a sword by a former elf hero more than one that happened in that land. From there, and"

"Hmm... right. Let me tell you more."

In response to a brief report from Kite, Emperor Leonhardt nodded one thing. We have the weapon of the Divine Sword. If it's true, you should have heard more about it, but that wasn't the case now. Because in the next few hours there was also something to say about Lil's lab dismissal ceremony.

Lil's disciples had already come from all over the country, including other countries, and because of their number and their track record, the emperor Leonhardt also had to meet many of his opponents directly. So when the conversation with Kate ended or not, the emperor Leonhardt's secretary - one of them - came in again.

"Your Majesty, I apologize for taking you in."

"Okay. I'll be on my way."

In the secretary's report, the emperor Leonhardt rises, showing a slight pioneering appearance. So he left the room to see again. Meanwhile, of course, Kite had plans.

So he moved a little bit to reach a house reserved for her near Lil's lab. There were five women in that garden chair. All of them, Kate, are familiar with each other. And of course, one of them is Lil.

"Oh, you're here. Good morning, time to say."

"Mr. Lil. Long time no see. And good morning."

Kite bows her head to Lil's greeting. That's how I raised my hand to the familiar face. Needless to say, this one is Tina. Apparently, beside doing a lot of things in the force lately, he had gained a meeting with Lil, known as the Great Sage, to gain knowledge and deepen his argument. Looks like he used to show his face here a lot.

"So, Tina. Were you here on the rocks, too?"

"Well... it's done... and one thing, I got the answer"

"Yeah? Something wrong?

"Hmmm... let's ask the Lord one question"

Tina looked seriously at Kite tilting her neck. So she tells Kite what she's been doing for so long.

"... I had a discussion with Lord Lil earlier about the abyss of some worlds."

"So that's what you're doing."

Kate takes Tina's word for it and laughs when she sees Ram and May being nursed by Riesha, who seem to be having a wisdom fever. This is an argument between these two. It would have been incredibly advanced. I definitely don't want to hear about Kite. Sola and the others would escape barefoot.

"So, why me?

"Because your lord is an expert."

"Hmmm...... so?


Tina nodded one with Lil and opened her mouth at the same luscious grin Lil urged. Still, Tina couldn't avoid taking a deep breath from the tension once.

"The total number of the Great Spirit...... definitely at twelve, huh?

Kate accidentally opened her eyes to Tina's point. I never looked like I was saying it the way it should. So Lil opened his mouth

"Except while I'm taking a disciple like this, I'm basically doing a peek into the abyss of the world. So I found a watch… no, I guess I should say I found a place"


Kate understood what Lil was saying. And so, I had to pierce the silence. So after a while of silence, Kate uttered a certain rumor.

"Why can't I find Lil the Great Sage? That's because we're going to different worlds...?

"Oh... now I want you to stop shimmering. There were definitely signs that you would have been there. No, I can only say you. I don't think there's another person with the same residual waveform of magic."

"... what did you see?

"Mansion, I guess. No, more precisely a campsite, or a museum built to be adjacent to it. The size of the museum…"

Lil says so, once he separates the words and sees the direction in which the Duke's mansion is located. And I unequivocally affirmed it.

"The Duke's mansion... it's about the same size. However, there was a slight increase or something like a branch..."


To Lil's assertion, Kate stays silent for a while. And I exhaled a deep sigh. I'm glad to think she's definitively walked into that place already. If so, I can't deny it how.

"... I'm afraid. I didn't know anyone was gonna find that spot."

"Oh... that wasn't sealed."

"Sealing it makes it uncomfortable on the contrary and easier to find it from the outside. I dare you, I'm faking it to look normal. Of course, I still couldn't find it cheap, and I tried not to touch it."

to Lil's words. Kate talks about that somewhere. And hearing that reply, Tina inquired.

"So, admit it?

"Oh, I admit it. There are not eight great spirits in this world. It's twelve...... and now you know, don't you? Why did I hide it all the time?"

"... To be honest, I never thought I'd be this powerful. But that's why I have to agree with the Lord."

Tina looked very heavy and nodded clearly at Kate's words. If she could, she didn't want to know either. So much power. Too many different digits of power. There was no reason to hide it either. but I already know. Therefore, I could not help but ask.

"... so where is it? The museum."

"... There was once a man who was a big fool, a big fool, a big fool. This is the mansion that the man was using as a temporary camp with his people. It was originally about a few hundred people... I'm just saying that it ended up being that size as a result of it being a thousand people"

Kate looks up at the blue sky and remembers her former journey. That was the hall used by 'The Other Kite' with his friends. There are, of course, traces of 'The Other Kite'. That's a lot, too.

As a matter of fact, the magic waveform doesn't have the same person as one person. That's reincarnation. Only the reincarnated become almost identical in their magic waveform. When I think about it, there will be a similarity between Kite and 'the other Kite', who is having a special reincarnation, just to be said to be the same person. Lil assured me, too, that I couldn't help it.

"... I can't talk any more. No, I can talk to him, but not here. Too much of this story... you know what I mean?


Lil and Tina silently consented to Kate's words. The great spirits are even higher than the great spirits that are called the supreme ones. There was no way I could have done this in some city by mistake. So Kite decided to invite him.

"... after the lab's dismissal ceremony... no, first thing tomorrow morning. Come on. Let me show you... and you can't cross the world without me either way."


"Oh...... so let's go into more detail"

Kate decided she couldn't hide it anymore and nodded clearly to Tina. As such, they decided to head to Lil's lab to attend the dismissal ceremony.