Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1328: Surround the Fire

Together with the Adventure Department, the kites had come to investigate the ruins of the mid-Mars Empire. In order to confirm the power reactor, the kites who started the second tier investigation to head to the third tier were investigating again in the dark when they supported the moments they were fighting on the road.

"You're hard to find."

'Uhm...... apparently the structural walls there. It seems to be made of special materials that interfere with mapping. It's a little hard to navigate because of the unpredictable behavior at the end of the wall. "

Tina sighed against the blurry kite. This is something I don't even know when I look at the ceremony. So I guess Tina didn't know when she came either.

"How was the first floor?

"The first floor also tended to be slightly more so. but upstairs is particularly remarkable. I don't know if it's degraded or if the material is different. '

"You need to investigate there, too, huh?"


Tina also agrees with Kate's words. That's how she raised one question.

"Well, here's the thing... there's something strange about it."

"Yeah? What's up?

"No, I don't know... umm. Don't you feel a little different about the way you look at it without daring to prove it?

"Style? What?

Kate tilts her neck at Tina's words. I guess kite's common sense is on this side here, simply regardless of the look of this building. And here I was right.

'Mm-hmm. They're not sending details of the structure there via fireflies... Mmm-hmm. Somehow, the engraving style is slightly different with one and two layers. No, the flow is the same but... it's still different from everything else'

"You mean someone else?

'That's for sure. Those who made the first and second layers are different. But if it's the way the Lord says it, I guess the school should be with you. More sophisticated. It's a rare structure. The lower you go, the newer you are. Sorcery is the only possible structure... but it's still a very rare structure.'

Tina clearly admitted to Kate's inquiry and nodded. That seems certain. Then that raises questions.

"It's not like we're cooperating, is it?

'Um. Let's get this straight. I don't think it's a good idea. Adds structure downward and downward. Still a guess, times are probably different from hierarchy to hierarchy. The third layer should probably be in a newer way'

"But to confirm that,"

We'll have to go downstairs.

They'll get there in the end. I just got off the ground floor. Not necessarily next time. I still had to go downstairs to make sure of that.

"Shh. Do you want to…"

Kate starts acting again with giving up. It was then an hour later that he would find his way to the third basement floor like that.

So an hour later. The kites were assembling again to get into the third tier. but before it moved here, it was pausing.

"Hmm... what do you think?

"We are currently investigating… we will send you the results"

'Here I come... Uhm. Bingo. It's still even new here.'

Tina floats a delightful color as she looks at the test results from the fireflies. Apparently, as she speculates, the more you go downstairs, the newer your age is.

"Compared to the first layer, this one uses a distinctly different technique. Around two hundred years of error in the age. Perhaps, at the bottom, let's reach the end as well '

"One hundred years at a time."

"Uhm. It's good to see that five hundred years have passed in the lowest level that we can see as far as we can tell. It's quite an old ruin. Ruins like this, I don't know the rest. '

I guess it's because it's an unknown ruin and an unmatched ruin. Tina - although not uncommon - was seeping through the excitement.

"This could be an historic discovery in many ways."

"What about our activities?

'No big deal, but that's not what this place is all about. In the history of a civilization called Enefia, this place makes a lot of sense. The change in technology during the Mars Empire is obvious. "

In response to Kite's inquiry, Tina mumbles slightly faster. Apparently, it's such a rare ruin. Besides, kite sighed.

"Wow. Wow... so? What do we do next? Do you want to keep up with your first plans?

'Hmm...... no, good. I know where you're going, and I know where you're going. Today is a good day to pull up'

"Is that good?

'More fights are also expected as we move forward from here. Of course, it is possible to activate the main system and raid the golems during the popularization of the power reactor. Inevitably, returns can take time, and breakthroughs can be difficult. Furthermore, if it is a power reactor, it will inevitably consolidate its protection. We should do a good squad split. It's like an intrusion unit, a rescue unit, a backpacking second party.'

"Hmm... is that true"

Kate nodded one to Tina's point. It's the central part we should head to. I know that. And when it becomes a power reactor for a site of this magnitude, it is presumed that it will be of considerable size. That would be matched by a good defense. Then we should do everything we can to get to the next level.

"Okay. I'm coming back."

When Kate accepts Tina's advice, she decides to cut the day off. As such, the kites joined Rio, who guarded the relay point on the ground floor, and decided to cut off the work for the day.

That night. As for the kites who finished their exploration, from this day on, after all, those who were tired or had actual battles immediately fell asleep, and conversely, there were not many who could afford physically to talk to the other guild people, surrounding the burning fire and the dining table to work for an exchange.

In the meantime, Kite was also interacting again. In his case, he also has the position of guild master. Therefore, the people who were getting interactions were, in a sense, the natural ones, namely Rio and Elusha.

"Oh well... after all, I haven't found your brother yet"

"Yes... I thought it might be possible to be on another continent because I waited a year and didn't come back."

"That's right. I've been nasty before, but what can I do to make an appointment with someone above the informer?

Kite makes one offer to Rio's words that seeps in slight apprehension. This is, of course, a one-off offer from a humanitarian point of view, but the other is the duke's thought of forcing an informant to ask her to be who she is here. And it was Elusha who was interested in such a kite offer.

"Up... you have a handover?

"It's an introduction to Master Kuzha. If the boulder is also a handout of the Duke's house, it can be accessed up there. I was introduced to the fold of the Intercontinental Conference."

Kate tells Elusha what might be possible. At that time, it was a very famous story among the adventurers that the kites got caught up in the schemes of the great powers. In disguise, it was considered a possible story. And I also make it an official announcement by an informer. And to such a kite, Rio offered.

"Can you please?

"Oh, let's try"

If this brings us any closer to who Rio is. Kate nodded as she held such thoughts in her chest. Once that was a paragraph in those stories, the conversation later turned out to be no different and no other love. It was Elusha who raised the subject in that way.

"With that said...... because of all these people from all over the place, haven't we talked about anything unusual?

"Changed, hey..."

"Changed...... so how about talking about the brave kite, etc?

"Oh, that might be a little funny"

Elusha gives a little peek into Rio's filing. Ahead of that gaze was Al, and he still seemed interested as a descendant of a hero. And that was a story I figured out, and it's something I'm used to as Al. So he just laughs slightly bitterly.

"... nothing? I'm certainly a descendant of Master Lux, but that's all. You may have heard something unusual, but if you dare, it just passes on to your offspring... and if you say that, maybe Kite knows more about it?

"Why me?"

I don't know Al's point. Kite is the brave Kite. That's him. So the point is correct, but there was another one apart from that.

"'Cause, Kate, you do have a copy of Lord Brave's notes, don't you?

"You have it!?

"Oh, you have it. Another courtesy from Master Kuzha."

Against Elusha, who could not hide her surprise, Kate nodded that it was not enough to hide anything else. Elusha was surprised, after all, because this is something of academic and historical value.

And I don't get many copies because of my personal notes. When I thought about them in a composite fashion, I could say that it's quite rare when it comes to having them by a single adventurer.

"Heh... what did it say?

"What kind of thing...? No, it's a normal note. It's not even a diary. If you dare, it's close to a memo with your name on it."

Kate was her notebook in the first place, and she still has it. So he knew best what it said. So it didn't have to be remembered. Therefore, Kite was able to answer Elusha's query immediately.

"It doesn't say who you like or anything?

"No, unfortunately."

Kate had nothing left in her notebook to name anyone she liked at the time. Even so, in fact, the name of the person you like is well written. Needless to say, Charlotte's name is there. The names of several other women I loved are noted.

but it's only because kite herself knows that's her lover's name. So it's troublesome to get stuck in there, so Kate decides to skip the subject just a little bit.

"That's not what I'm talking about, I'm more interested in what's not in the notebook."

"What's not in the notebook?

"Oh... do you know that the legend of the brave kite, is different everywhere?

"Too many feats."

That's how Al says the answer to Kate's words. This has been said for a long time. Even now it's scattered about what kind of weapon Kate used in the first place. This must be due to the passage of time and the fact that Kite handled countless weapons.

Nevertheless, there was of course a reason why I dared to speak of this. Again, but kite is the brave kite. So I know where and what I did. In other words, we can determine the approximate origin of her from his legend known to Rio.

And, such a topic but not instantly spoken by Rio, it was Elusha who first spoken. This is Mr. Eisen. No wonder I know.

"Hmmm... then what I heard from your master... oh, he said he wasn't good at fisting like that,"

"Fist? You mean martial arts?

An instant inquires with a memory in hand into Elusha's words. That's how I realized that I hadn't seen much of Kate fighting with a hand-fist.

It's not like you didn't use hand-to-hand boxing, but most of the time it's aimed at taking the opponent's weapon. It would be closer to the swordless removal of the new yin stream than purely karate and other martial arts.

"Yes, Master, he's been bare-handed several times... he made it clear that he doesn't like fists"

"Yes...... is it?

"Ha ha. Amazing, isn't it? They say they used everything... but they didn't like to use anything."

I grinned and nodded as Elusha agreed, turning to Rio, who revealed her surprise. Again, this is something Kate hasn't said much about, and he hasn't left it in his notebook in the first place. Because there's no point in leaving it behind. You will know it because you know the oral biography and the time, and yet you know Kite.

"Even so, you still didn't have any problems, that's what your master said"

"Why not?

"How dare he, he had the talent to build a weapon. Same as Kate...... one talent in those millions. A talent that can knit whatever weapon with magic."

"Is it a multi-weapon?

And they say, "Yeah."

This is common sense among the kites, but from those who don't know the opposite, it would be a surprise. So the Rio and the others were surprised to hear it. And, after those stories, it was now Rio's turn.

"So, what's the story with Rio?

"In my place... in our place, we use an awesome long machete like the Great Sword and the Knife..."

"Oh, that's the most."

Elusha is the most famous guy in Rio's words, he nodded. A kite with many weapons, but still a swordsman at its root. Therefore, I had the most legends as a double-swordsman. but as a kite there was therefore some disappointment. Because there is no information. And I don't know what's inside of such a kite, but moments pinch my mouth.

"... are there any legends besides weapons?


"No, I used a lot of weapons when it comes to the brave kite... but I guess you're doing legendary feats everywhere? I was wondering if there was anything there."

I guess the moment is because I still know that Kite will use a lot of weapons. He was more interested in the legend itself than in the weapons thing. As such, the topic strangely shifted to the contents of the legend of Kate.