Upper levels of the Allied Coalition Forces of Rio and Elusha alliance with Kate and the others who were supposed to talk about the legend of Kate as the brave Kate after completing the day one investigation of the ruins that were under the cliff. They had initially engaged in rigging about the weapons used by Kate, but the mundane inquiries of the moment had shifted the subject to the very feat that remained everywhere.


"Legend, is it..."

In a moment's inquiry, both Rio and Elusha look up slightly, remembering the legend of Kite they heard. Look, the moment is heard, and it makes sense, because Kate doesn't really talk about her own feats.

Nevertheless, what I don't tell you here also worked beneficially for Kite. For Kate, who wants to know where Rio is coming from, this flow was precisely because God bless him. And, beside remembering himself, Rio asked Imina, who was beside him.

"Imina. Do you have anything?

"Me... I know a few things..."

Imina nodded to Rio's inquiry with a slightly troubled face.

"Is it good?

"If you don't tell me your name, you'll be fine."

"What do you mean?

Moments question Rio's words. I know because I heard for a moment that Imina doesn't speak her last name. but I still didn't understand this word slightly. And Imina made one thing clear.

"Ah, oh. As a matter of fact, my ancestors once fought with the brave Kate."




It could still be the offspring of a comrade. Neither did the three of them, Kate, Yuri and Tina, accidentally hide their interest in the word, and embarked on a slight ride. and Imina hastily put a stop to those three.

"Oh, no. Wait. I have trouble expecting that. As a matter of fact, when we are told in this land, there is another man named Kite the Brave. You and I are often confused. So we don't know which of our descendants we fought."

"Ah... in the name of the brave Kate,"

"I guess so. Even on our land, the name Kate was named after so many children. It's still a familiar name."

Rio laughed and nodded again at Tina like she was convinced. There doesn't seem to be any lies there, so apparently there's really another person in their land who did great things under the same name as Kate. This is a clue, too. So Kite decides to keep a good memory.

Well, it's a little too weak to be a clue about the fact that the feat that Kate exchanged was too big and the fact that she did it all over the place, but still enough to narrow it down to dozens if hundreds of candidates are lucky. Later, as long as we know when, we'll be able to squeeze even more.

"Well, you don't care about that for granted. So, what kind of legend is it?

"Ah, oh. The legend of two flags."

When Imina regains her mind to Elusha's inquiry, she makes that clear. Besides, Yuri instantly understood that this was another Kite legend. but it's impossible to say it instantly here without knowing the time. So I decided to keep my mouth shut here.

"Two Flags......?

"Oh... Dear Rio. Can I get that one out?


Imina, with Rio's permission, took two flags out of the different spaces she held for storage. It was a red dragon-drawn flag and a blue dragon-drawn flag. Seeing that flag, Al asks with interest.

"Is that the flag?

"Oh... this flag is their flag... no, it's not this, is it? And the pattern isn't like this."

"Oh, it's not the same as the Duke's crest."

Al also laughed and nodded at Imina's push. The Duke's family crest is certainly a blue dragon, but it was clearly different from that. There's no way Al, who belongs to the Duke Army, could have misjudged that.

"I guess so. This simplifies the flag, and I've only seen my father and brother in kind"

"Imina's house has the role of flying this flag if it's a war. but always with this simplified flag, the real thing is so tightly kept that no royal people have ever seen it. Only the inheritance of the throne will allow you to worship."

Following Imina's words, Rio makes clear how much respect this flag has garnered in their area. There was unusual excitement there, and I could understand that she was also one of those fascinated by this legend. Seeing such a flag, the moment asks.

"Heh... wow... kite. Wasn't there something in the notebook?

"... Huh? Oh, oh. Bad. What?

"Yeah? What's up?

"Oh, no... there was just a little bug flying. I was distracted by you."

As Kate says it's nothing, she shakes her head and regains her mind. Plus, I tilted my neck a little bit, but I guess that happens, so I decided to flush it.

"Well... so it didn't say anything about the flag"

"The flag, hey... there was about a simple image diagram of the design. That's about it. I don't know why... there was a similar flag."

"There was?

Yuri reveals her surprise at Kite's response. She was almost always with Kite. He seemed surprised at what he didn't know. Nevertheless, that is natural. So Kate points that out.

"No, you saw all your old notes."

"Shin. I'm not interested."

"Hey...... well, it's about cluttered graffiti. Daikanya, isn't it one of those prototypes that I used to make flags out of?

"Ah, uh... that could be..."

"Hmm... Speaking of which, did you get a few..."

I'm convinced it's possible for both Tina and Yuri to speculate on Kate. This is still the case, but flags become a fairly important element in the military. Therefore, Kite and Tina and their brains were very concerned about the design, and they reworked and rebuilt it many times.

Anyway, it's the "Brave Man" flag. And it's not just brave. He is the only man in history, and the only one to look around the world. Moreover, the gatherers are extraordinary.

Those are the flags of pride. The task was not easy, as many designers threw a spoon at so many things that at the end of the day it was finally possible as their cooperation. I can't actually make it here. I can't make it again and again. There are many prototypes.

"Hmmm...... we offspring don't even know the details there. Anyway, there was no one else."

"That's right... maybe that big book is from when I'm using one of those prototypes. So I left it with a memorial or something, or maybe it stays that way."

"I guess so too"

I see. Is that possible? Yuri and Tina were heartily convinced by Imina agreeing with Kate's words. Because it's their belongings, and they don't know where it all is. Some have been lost in the midst of the war. I guess it means the other kite of future generations got one of those, the two of them understood. It's their flag. It would have helped to raise morale.

And so, you can't help it. Definitely because the flag is one of the prototypes and definitely the flag of Kite.

"So, what's the legend and what are they like?

"Legend, or..."

Imina breaks her face just a little to Tina's inquiry. I guess it's because it's still about my ancestors, or I'm proud of them.

"Raising this blue flag, the kite stopped the enemy for three days and three nights. Just by myself. I didn't pull a single step forward countless enemies, believing my people would come"

"And the morning of the fourth day. As the morning sun rose, he came."


Moments tilt their necks at Rio following Imina's words. Besides, Rio nodded. There was still pride in that face, and it was pride without a stake in being a descendant of a hero, just like Al.

"Yes...... it's my ancestor. He stood beside that blue flag with two thousand soldiers. And raised a red flag so that it overlapped the pale flag."

"Since then, these two flags have been a testament in our country."

"Certificate, is it?


Imina nodded clearly at the instant inquiry. Thus, the meaning of this flag is spoken.

"When flying one flag. That's a sign of intent that I won't pull a step. And when you cross two flags and stick them out. That's a sign of intent that the whole army is immortal."

"" The Flag of Unregression "… we call this flag in our country. And at the same time, when flying this flag. We swear we have something."

"An oath?"


Rio makes clear to Yuri's inquiry. But it was another person that everyone didn't envisage who answered it.

"I won't let anyone die..."

"" Huh?

"Under this flag... no one will let you die. Sure... I should have."

The answer is Al. He looked at the flag with his face as if he could see even a noble object, and tears were falling from his eyes. Besides, Imina asks without hiding her surprise.

"Why did you...?

"I don't know... but... but I think I know the flag..."

Al's voice answering Rio's query is unconfidential. But still, that tear overflowing from his eyes seemed to be the truth.

"I don't know why... I shouldn't have even seen it, but when I saw that flag, I was sad, and happy... I couldn't stop crying..."

Apparently Al himself doesn't understand the incredible emotions. But there were those who understood. It's Rio and Imina.

"... are you..."

"Well... you are..."

At your service, you two see Al who can't stop crying. The Al continued to be the origin of the flag.

"Don't die, don't go home alive... I won't let anyone die... with my people... not a sign of willingness to let them all go home alive..."

Al looks at two backs as he talks. Pale and red hair. We beat each other up laughing all the time, laughing and joking, laughing and talking to each other. Two young men everywhere. Those two were the longing and pride for me. The pale-haired young man is also a benefactor of life. And fought with them, at the same flag. That was my pride.


Is it alive or is it dead? I fought so hard that I didn't know anymore. He had stopped the enemy advance with his companions, and with the main unit that had finally arrived, he had stopped the enemy's main unit, and at last he was in front of the enemy general. I accomplished the impossible.

'Why... did I do this? You're not supposed to be the one doing this. "

"This is the only way to do it."

Oh, yeah. This great man was cornered. To protect my country and my people. To feed the hungry people. I had no choice but to invade another country. So the enemy was desperate, too. And so we were desperate. This was a survival competition.


Oh, I guess that's what you say. Al thinks so, looking at the back of a pale haired man who's really worn out.

'... you should go home. If you put your fist down here... there 'll be another drop.'

Oh, he's an idiot. Why are you here trying to protect your enemies? You are already full of enemies. There are mountains of people who neglect you even in the country. But still, he tried to protect what this great man defended.

Be prepared for the end of it. Be prepared when that sleep comes to an end. And be prepared for the tears of the beloved. And so he pulled out the blade at the end.


"... why"

Why won't you let me die? A great king asks with a voice that exhales blood. He was figuring out a way to protect the people in both cases, win or lose. So I attacked you here.

If we attack the protectorate of the ethereal and the red, at least only the surviving people will be helped. It is not outrageous. They are heroes. Definitely protects the folk grass. Only if you understand that. If I lost, I was going to offer myself a neck. But I didn't let you do it.

'... if you break the country, there will be blood there. The people suffer... I need a head named you...'

'And well... It's harder to lose your head and be a bandit. to the boulder. I'm going to think about what to do about it now...... hey'

"Oh, hey..."

"'Tired of boulders...'"

Two red and pale hairs hold each other's shoulders with a weak laugh. As much as the word "melt" isn't enough anymore, the two of them are worn out. Probably would have killed thousands to tens of thousands of enemies by themselves. Definitely an unusual area for the number of enemies an individual can defeat. But that's why they were already at their limit.


Oh, I want to see you again. You're always a fool. Also, I want to fight with you. I want to laugh with you.

'... welcome back...'

There was a word I wanted to say. There were words I couldn't say. There's someone there who wants you to say it.

"... oh, there was a word I wanted to say..."

"" Eh. "

Rio and Imina unwittingly distorted their faces by the abrupt words of Al. The face was about to cry against Al's slightly funnier face, and it would have been the only face if he had known the tragedy.

"... sometime... sometime... I want to see him... and I say... we're all so late..."

"... I think we'll see him... because no matter how long it takes, he's back... so be sure"

I shouldn't say. Even though Rio knew so, he had to tell Al that he slept in him. their gainful carelessness. Suffering. If you knew it, you had to rest in peace as someone who knew.

"Oh well... good..."

Someone, Al and not Al, seeps relief into Rio's words. As such, 'someone' in Al fell asleep in peace.