Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1331 Another Legendary Brave

"The other kite" was temporarily re-emerged by the presence of the Rio's and Al's manifestation of his previous life. He was clearly a warrior who fought in a totally heterogeneous way with Kite. What I found out was that I was on my way to the power reactor.

"Ahhh... I thought you were wacky again..."

Kate sighed as she watched the numerous golems tucked in front of her. It is the way to the power reactor, but I could find it without much difficulty. Because I just should have taken the aisle in a straight line. He just couldn't see it in the dark, and he could actually go straight ahead.

"Prepare for battle! Numbers of enemies! but this one is slightly above the battlefield! Defeat the one guy who can only be defeated in one piece! Anyone who can do multiple opponents fight while protecting their surrounding companions!

"" "Whoa!

Three guild adventurers raise their voices to Kite's instructions. So the golems noticed this too. Side by side, Kate tells her operational objectives.

"I don't think there are golems in the power reactor! but the protection of this passage would be very thick! No matter how much help you get to retreat, in case the enemy comes into the power room too! Ensure passage safety while you still can! First, fight until enemy reinforcements are interrupted!

Kite or Tina and the rest of the command team also stepped here saying that there was a simple "transfer gate" for reinforcements. We were going to crush it first and make sure we got out. That's why I'm bringing Al with me. I was going to seal the entrance and exit with ice. And at the same time, the enemy is ready to speed up and start moving this way.

"Coming! Prepare to intercept! But don't hurt the power furnace ahead! Watch out for another flanking attack! I don't know how it's gonna come! Never turn your back on a wall in an unknown ruin!

Kate overlaps her instructions further as she looks at the enemies who have begun to kill her. And at the same time. Fighting against Golem's army began.

"Well... do it"

Once the battle has begun, no more instructions can be given later. Because it gets in the way of individual combat. Therefore, the pre-fight instructions are of paramount importance. Kite knows that. But few people can defend it perfectly in battle. And that's why he was there.



"Behind. Don't neglect me. No sign of the golems. If you stay alert, you'll be right behind me."

"Ah, whoa! Thankyou!"

An Alliance member of the Adventure Department, whose back was taken by the Golem, expresses his gratitude to that golem slapped and slashed kite. but at that moment kite was moving elsewhere again. Again, behind the golem targeting our people.

"Huh! Next!

"Hey, hey, kite! Fast!"

"Follow me to this extent!

Ignoring bitterness similar to Yuri's screams, Kate kicks the walls and ceilings and runs endlessly through the aisle. The way it fights is still not the same as at any time. If the usual kite focuses on working with Yuri, the way he fights now was fundamental to the way he fights solo. It was completed as an individual. And most of all, the difference is the way it fights. He doesn't stay anywhere, he moves around.

"Ugh, you're moving around..."

"The word" narrow "suits you well..."

The two moments and Rufaus saw such a kite and were frightened. Kick the wall, kick the enemy, move instantly if your buddy is about to get scratched no matter where. It was as if the entire force were being defended on his back.

"What, this peace of mind..."

It's not like, you don't have to worry about the back correctly. Protect those who are in danger as Kite looks around the entire battlefield. Therefore, everyone had no anxiety. but even as a result, some were dissatisfied. It's Yuri.

"Mmm... I'm not used to it"

"Can't you see..."


From Yuri, you don't need yourself to fight this way. As Kite moves around too much, he follows up on the whole thing. Besides, he was originally fighting alone, so he really does it all by himself. That's why I don't have a choice. To her like that, Kate seeps a little sorry.

"... after all, can't you?

"No, but... we don't have a place to stand."

Well, he wasn't there.

"That's true, though. That's not what this is about."

Before I said I was your partner, as for Yuri, I want to support Kate. but this kite doesn't need support. In a way, it's because we specialize in and adapt to the battle as individuals, and we make it all by ourselves.


"Kite is Kite, but understanding and knowing is different, after all."

"Oh... I've never fought you after all. No, I've never fought alongside someone... I've fought alongside them, and I've shouldered them... but I don't know how to fight like this."

Upon Yuri's pointing, Kate closes her eyes for just a moment looking slightly illuminated. But it's not going back to normal. Be one.

"Hey...... this is ok"

"What did you do?

"Just a little fused"

Until now, it's like 'The Other Kite' was taking over Kite's body if you dare. So now Kite is asleep. But now he hath done it, so that he may fight with Yuri. It was only if there was a relationship between Kite and "The Other Kite" that we could do it.

"Get in."

"Yeah...... oh, it's true. Come tight."

"Right? We are who we are now. To my power and skill, the time he cultivated with you. That's the one thing… now this is the end point for us."

Kate gives herself up again when she puts Yuri on her shoulder. On that face, there was a grin of kite from time to time. I don't see that on her, but I get it. I don't have the discomfort I've ever felt anywhere in my mind. I found out that I have my own seat.

"Ready, Yuri?

"Of course. Yeah, the feel's always the same"

With this now, I can do my best. Yuri understood it and smiled. That's how Kate kicked the ground all at once. There are many enemies on the move. But he only sees before. Enemies who come behind us for standing in the middle of the enemy don't have to worry.

"Yes, thunderbolt!

I don't need to turn around. You don't have to tell me. My partner is protecting me back there. So you just have to look forward. The comfort of that feeling intoxicates Kate.

(Oh... this is...)

What I wanted. Kate even remembered being moved by the feeling she felt for the first time as' the other kite 'and the feeling she wanted to have. The fullness of the soul. The feeling that the missing piece was fitted. That's what I got. With that in his hand, Kate realizes she is fiercely fierce.

"... Ha!

Don't get lost. One blow can defeat the enemy. So I've decided to do it. Defeat the enemy with one blow and move toward the next. It's a hit and away repetition. No need for samurai medals. It was his purpose to send his people home alive.

Difference between kite and 'the other kite'. If that had happened, it was only in the place of who would have stayed beside me. And that's why we understood that we're still not perfect at this.


Oh, not enough. Now I have a partner who can protect my back. But I don't have a friend who can keep me shoulder to shoulder. That was meticulous for Kite.

Always fought with him and the man he once called a crimson hero. He was always standing beside me and shouldering me when I challenged my strong enemies. I know the strength of my heart. But he's not here.

As "The Other Kite" doesn't know what it's like to fight Yuri, Kite doesn't have the experience to fight with a qualified opponent right now. Strongest late affliction. I don't have any good enemies to follow me to my full potential. As a result, I felt anxious that he was not on the side. but still he shakes his head small.

(Oh, I know. Now that's enough)

I don't know where or what they're doing right now. But I believe they are still the same. And I also think they believe it. So now this is good.

When I met them again, I had to get used to working with Yuri in one place. Only then can I really fight my way. To do so, we had to get ready.

"Yuri. I'll take care of the back."

"You don't have to tell me."


Kate nodded again at Yuri's response. I've decided to do it, and I don't need to change anything. That's how Kate paved the way to the power reactor while protecting her people's backs.

Well, roughly an hour after the battle in the front aisle of the power reactor. Kite and the others were ready to board the power reactor after the Golems' reinforcements dropped off to transport the wounded first.

"How's the wall?

"I've already sealed it with ice. Well, I don't know how far I can stand it... but this shouldn't bring reinforcements... I think"

Al answers to Kite's confirmation a little less confident. Apparently, as expected, the enemy Golem was coming out through the 'Transition Gate (Gate)' embedded inside the wall. So they covered the walls with ice from Al and the sorcerers, lest the enemy should come.

"Well... well, this won't be a problem. After that, we'll start the power reactor, see if we can pull it out, and if we need to pull it out, we can hold it until then."

"Yeah, I know. That way, please."

Al nodded clearly at Kite's reconfirmation. We need Al and the others to get through the aisle in case enemy reinforcements don't come. If so, they were not involved in entering the power chamber.

"Good... how about transporting the wounded"

"Uh-huh. According to reports from the base, we're already in treatment for the wounded. Those who have already carried out the transport have finished rendezvous with the support forces... it is time for the Elles to arrive."


"Oh. I'm just here."

Almost at the same time as the report from Tina, Elusha calls out to Kite. This time, the advance team has a kite to keep the power as warm as possible. It was decided to prepare Elusha as the main force in case there was a defense system in the power room. And once Kate interrupted her consultation with Tina, she went into consultation with Elusha.

"Good...... el. I'll take care of the front lines."

"Yes... Commander-in-Chief, please"

"Oh... tell me when you're ready. The Shield Squad is supposed to open the door."

"Ugh... well, I'll just breathe and chill for a little while, so give me a minute. Three minutes is enough."

Elusha nodded at Kate's report, taking a deep breath to get her inner mind ready. Though the kites had assured us of their safety from the ground floor to this point, we still didn't all have the battle. So there was a little wear and tear. With that sidelined, Kate enters into consultations with Tina again.

"Tina, report any anomalies immediately after the power reactor is restored. In three minutes, we're going in."

'Okay. Let's do the monitor here... Firefly, don't you hear me?

"Yes...... the function as a relay station is in good shape. Just in case, we're setting up a further fake relay station on the wall."

"Uhm... in the power room. It's basically shielded. First of all, communication should be more difficult. In the unlikely event that the case is assumed, the Lord will not provide support for Kite, but will wait on the spot to rescue Kite. Weird story is, you'd rather go with the extra than the Lord go alone when Kite needs help."

"I also affirm the machine"

Fireflies nodded again at Tina's words. I don't know what's inside. It is unknown, to be clear, what we are using for the power reactor. I don't know what's going on with the power room, of course. After all, the nearer the times, the more remains of the ruins, and there were far more things that could not be known in the middle of the Mars Empire. Then it was necessary for the fireflies to be able to send a distress signal outside immediately in case anything happened to Kate. And at the end of those consultations, Elusha opened her eyes.

"Good. We can go."

"Good...... open"

Kite waits in the front row through the headset to send instructions to the adventurers who had their hands on the door knob. In response, the heavy doors of the power chamber slowly open.


Observe the slowly opening doors together in a serious manner. but fortunately, apparently, there was no enemy waiting inside the power room. Nothing happened and the door opened completely, and a power reactor appeared in front of the kites just looking like they were shutting down operation.

"... de-alerting. El, you stay on perimeter alert. This is going into power reactor restoration with Command."

"Yep... one level of alert is lowered. Half of the magicians immediately join Kite's aides, while the remaining half make sure there are no enemy shadows around them."

Against Kite, who walked out toward the power reactor, Elusha begins to give instructions toward Fujiko, who can only fight. No one knows what happens by moving the power furnace. Then you should be most vigilant. That's how Kite, who left Elusha and the others on alert, decided to put her hands on the console to start restoring the power reactor.