Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1338: The Old Devil's Way

He falsely created a herd of demons with red treasure balls < >. He watched the kites who had begun the fighting and wore the remaining blue treasure balls among the two he had brought from his laboratory.

"Well. Is it time for preparatory exercise?"

Approximately 5 minutes from the start of the fight. It would be an area enough for a light preparatory exercise. As a result, the clown slowly accumulates his magic in the blue treasure balls he was enjoying. Even if we let the magic build up too suddenly, now the kites may find out what their intervention is.

This is for once an action to see if there is anything about Tina in that ruin. Incorrect is not meant to test the performance of treasure balls. That's why you disguised the raid with the red treasure ball as an air quake in the first place. Yet when my intervention is found out, I have no ex or child.

"Hmm... even if I call it in now, what will you do? No, rather than what? Using it poorly near the ground, dokan, then I'm in trouble... Okay, well..."

Think of what the clown will do while playing the blue treasure ball. Apparently this is also meant to call for something. Nevertheless, there is no reason not to use it. Nothing, the red treasure balls alone have had enough positive effects, but at any rate, it would be the way you think as a person that you want to get the biggest results. That's why he decided to do this.

"Okay, here's what we're gonna do"

The clown looks up big and launches the blue jewel up big like a faraway throw. That's how he decided to keep an eye on the results for once.

Well, on the other hand. The kites were in the middle of a battle with countless hordes of demons. but there is still an army, and that army is a fleet of airships. Moreover, the fleet of the McDawell family is said to be the best in the world for the performance of the airship, among other things, a special fleet designed by Tina immediately. I was going on a crusade flat that it would be a bunch of demons.

"Mm-hmm. That's the fleet of airships we developed."

"That sounds like enough anti-aircraft defense."

Kate and Tina nodded contentedly as they backed each other and saw the anti-aircraft fire on the airship. The biggest enemy of the ship is a flying demon. And when it comes to flying demons, speed and dodging are still very troublesome.

That doesn't change even with demon bullets that have a very powerful tracking capability over Earth's missiles. Therefore, it is inevitably important to mount barrages even at low power, like gatoring cannons. What's so important about being able to put up a barrage in Enefia?

"That being said. There's still a lot to think about."

"Really? I think that's enough."

"The barrage is well played. but there's still a traceability aspect."

"I guess that's it if I say high hopes... no, isn't that high hopes?

Kate dares to be clear in Tina's words. If you start wanting, you have no desire. Somewhere you should look.

"I'll take that. Still, if you shoot a waste bullet, for that matter, it sounds later. It is certainly much better to consider heat rejection than the earth's gatoring. but there are limits to that too. You can't shoot all the time."

What Kate said made sense, but what Tina said made sense again. It's actually only a matter of seconds before Earth's Gatling cannons can fire bullets in a row. If it lasts longer than that, the heat rejection will not catch up and the shell will burn. It's not like you can shoot like a game for decades.

By contrast, with Gatling cannons utilizing Enefia's Magic Guns, the speed at which they can be fired continuously does amount to about half of Earth's Gatling cannons, but allows for several minutes of continuous firing with missile-by-missile traceability and destructive power. Overall performance was much higher.

"Oh, yeah. but that would also be cost-effective. This will be enough for the demon opponent."

"Well, that's true."

Tina smiles slightly at Kate's point. This is also true when it comes to facts, and nothing like that. I hardly need to increase my continuous fire any more. After that, it's just the will of the producer. And, in front of those two watching, there was an attack against the airship that was clearly different from the demonic object.

"" What!?

The two of them accidentally opened their eyes to the abrupt attack. Fortunately, this unintentional blow was prevented by two leaves that went into defense aggressively, but it was a blow that could have sunk in one blow if it had been a direct hit it would have been Tina's built airship. Quite a powerful blow. Enough to see that. And the raider was not particularly hidden, but floated flat in a herd of demons.

"Hmm... do you want to go inside? This is the first time I've seen a fleet of airships... a Symphonian army? You're highly skilled..."

What was floating was a man who, if I dare say so, could only be described as a demon tribe. Light black skin slightly different from humans on wings similar to the demons told in the story. horns that grew everywhere. Strange crest engraved on the skin. He was exposed to what he was like as a demon clan of the demon clan. So although the kites don't know the race either, they found out they were demonic.

"Demons...? Why is the Demons attacking the Duke's army!

Tina barks her voice at such a demonic man. This is McDawell territory. And from here north there is the demonic realm. Certainly no wonder there are demons here. but not to mention her Four Heavens King Claudia. You can't be attacked by mistake.

And the majority of the demons seem to prefer peace to her rule. If you dare say so, there were only those who belonged to the < > who attacked the Dark Arrow Cod.

"Yeah?... Are you..."

In response to Tina like that, a demonic man notices and narrows his eyes slightly. That's how, in an instant, he jumped in front of Tina.



metastasis. That's why he moves in front of Tina and observes her closely. That's how he made it clear.

"You're a witch. Why are the Demons so close to humans in such a place?"

"Oh... come on, no questions asked."

At the same time as Tina discerns that she is a demon tribe. The devil's man unleashes his sword and launches an attack on Kite, who was fighting to defend his back without question. but it was not a kite that could be managed by this degree of unintentional hitting.

That's how the demonic man who was cut off from the blow took a distance and at the same time observed Tina further, realizing that a slave sorcery was planted in her neck. He still seems to be quite capable.

"... Hmm. Are you... enslaved?"

"Mm... well. It's embarrassing, but I don't care... Why would the Demons attack us?"

Tina, shredded momentarily, but overlapping and questioning the intent of the attack. She has no idea why she's being attacked. On the contrary, neither Kate nor anyone knows. Besides, the target is the Demon Clan. I didn't want to kill them without knowing how many kites. In particular, Kate can't kill Tina right in front of her.

"Why...? Ask why it is strange. This is the life of the Demon King. Our demons kill everyone. It's just that."

In response to Tina's inquiry, the Demonic Man makes it clear as it should be because it is normal for him. but besides, tina raged all at once.

"... Lord. If you're joking about words now, say so. Forgive me now."


A demonic man accidentally opened his eyes to the change of pressure emanating from Tina. Overwhelming. That was all I could say. In contrast, Tina makes a clear statement.

"What do you mean, it's not the life of a demon king? That word in front of the rest... deserves to die"

None other than his most trusted men ordered the attack. Tina knew better than anyone that it could never be. That's why it wasn't something she could forgive for cheating on the name.

"What are you talking about? The life of the Demon King is the eradication of mankind. That's us."

I no longer have to ask. Tina launched an unquestioned attack on the demonic man, who skipped the same bullshit, in a way that punched Angry Hair Heaven. Apparently, Claudia's insult had prevented her from making a slightly normal decision. He looked unusual.


"I can't leave a dust behind. You cheated on the name of the rest of your loved ones... and you were just unlucky that it was before the rest."

Tina floats above and unfolds countless sorceries against a demonic man who is blown away. I was so furious that I forgot to even go back to who I was.

but also the demon man apparently found out that Tina got mad. And from his point of view, he is also a traitor who is fighting with humanity. So once identified as an enemy, there was no forgiveness.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know... I don't really care."

"Mm-hmm. It's not about caring. However, your Lord touched the rest of the scales. That's not enough."


An Demonic man opens his eyes to a voice that echoes from behind. Tina would have taken the back of Tina with the metastasis, but Tina was taking the back even further.

Surely the strength of this demonic man was very high. Admittedly so. Probably strong enough to be unrivaled where the Adventure Club is bundled. But that's why what it is. Tina far surpasses it. Especially if she's furious now, this would have been natural.

"Oh man... it's hard to cover it up"

Watching Tina like that, Kate just shrugs her shoulders. It's a metastasis, of course. If it is seen by Rufaus and others who do not know who Tina is, it is a big problem. So rarely had it happen that he would turn to Tina's follow up.

"Well, there's no choice. Damn... that's why you're admired."

Nevertheless, such kites were a bit of fun. I guess this was something we had no choice about. At that intercontinental conference Tina learned that her own brother-in-law had been clothed with the greatest stigma in the history of this Enefia.

Therefore, the insult to Claudia and the others, which could now be stigmatizing to her, had also been equated with the inverse scale. I couldn't help but forget me. and with such Tina's cover-up, Kate asks the other man lurking behind her back.

"Well... so? Are you gonna do this with me?

"What time did you notice?

"All the time. There was a shadow watching me from the beginning... you, you're more than him."

To the man's inquiry, Kate makes it clear with a laugh. If the Demon Man who fights Tina is direct, then this Demon Man was very calm and ruthless.

When he realized that his companion could not win against Tina, he immediately decided to hunt him down and target Kite. Besides, it's also very simple why I targeted Kite. Because I instinctively understood that he was more than Tina and that in a head-on battle he could not win even if he metaphorically stood upside down. I was out of practice.

"Wagnus, Commander of the 3rd Faction of the Demon King's Army... I don't even know where this place is, but the Demon King's life launches hostilities against people"

"Right...... hahahahahahahaha!

Wagnus. Kite just laughs out loud at the demonic man who so named him. Enough already, he understood who the enemy was.

"I got licked, dude. I didn't expect the division chief to challenge me to battle."


You can't beat Kite if you're a head-on contender. I also know that's Wagnus. So this man doesn't make any drastic highs on this word either. Because it's logical and natural.

Nevertheless, the hegemonic kite never went straight into the fight. Why? Because the actors are different. Unfortunately, this enemy did not appear to be the opponent Kate should be fighting against.

"But... unfortunately, I don't seem to be your opponent. Nominated, huh?

"... this sign. I remember. Sure, his name is... Imina."

"... Wagnus. Until you…"

Behind Wagnus there was a figure of Imina wrapping up more fighting than I had ever seen before. Behind it, furthermore, stands Rio with his great armor off, and behind it stands the two flags they spoke of. Wagnus turned to Imina, who understood that Kate would not attack herself that way.

Why are you here when they said you disappeared?

"... it's about you. Approximately, you know what's going on?

"... Again, huh? Different air."

Wagnus shrugged as if he understood something in Imina's inquiry. So, Kite got a clear certainty, too.

"I see... you know what?"

Kate enjoyed herself and still nodded. It's not what I originally knew. but I didn't assume that would happen, and I'm wondering why this happened. but the facts and reality should have been looked at closely.

"Well... for once, let's hear it. You're residents of a different world, aren't you?

"… Imina… Are you surprised…"

Rio turns back to Wagnus and Imina, who look surprised by Kite's inquiry. Wagnus is, well, I can't help it. I just got here. but imina should be familiar with kite's brains.

If so, it was a story I knew I would be able to get to the answer if I had any obvious tips so far. Besides, Kite makes it clear.

"Right. The demons of this world are warm and do not attack the Duke's army first. If that's the first hand and no questions asked, is that supposed to be those hands that knock this world into chaos... that's just the inhabitants of another world. And this is McDawell territory. No matter what happens to Demon King Claudia, her hands are strictly forbidden, and her immediate men keep an eye on the border with here. First of all, there's no way an ancient demon clan can secretly come and attack you."


Inhabitants of different worlds, including Wagnus, persist in silence against the sight of Kate. And this was the right thing to do. It's too unlikely. If so, you can erase the premise.

And all the tips that that was possible were that Rio and Imina were giving it to me in the first place. Al's past life. That is not the inhabitant of this world. Knowing that was the answer, above all, to their being inhabitants of different worlds.

"I don't want to stick my neck in other people's fights... no, it's not even a curtain for me to come out"

Kate scratches her head and flips herself. If you need to fight, fight, but if Imina has a cause, you should give in.

"Well, come on. Division Leader... I don't know how many of them are now, but Imina won't win."

No one knows these demons better than myself. It was only with that in mind, and with that background, that I could understand to what extent the division chief did not have to fight for Kate. Even for me right now, it's just a miscellaneous fish, he said. Then I want to see it. That's all.

"Well... shall I show you? Our father's blood muscles now."

As Kate turned her back, she muttered so little that no one could hear her. And at the same time, the battle between Imina and Wagnus began.