Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1340: The gossip - two knights of one -

Just a little, let me talk to you. I'm Rufaus. He was born a knight's famous family. I had twin brothers. His name is Alphonse. He was my brother, who was good at flames, against me, who was good at ice. Which is my brother and my brother? I don't know that. My father and brother didn't tell me because they were amused.

If you were close, I think. I fought with him all the time. No, is it a narrative way of saying that we were in contention? We were fighting, but if you dare, you might say we were competing. I put it on something and the two of us competed.



Even that day, Alphonse and I were auditioning for the second time. A few times, I said, but that's a few times this day. I would have competed tens of thousands of times in my lifetime if I were to say it cumulatively. Maybe it had reached tens of thousands of times as of this day. We competed so much.

There, my brother is back. My brother's name is Lux. It was the longing presence of me and Al who made me a great knight senior and joined the army as one of those knights under the greatest knights in this country. but in his face, there was grief.



"Oh, oh... the two of us. I'm home."

My brother tells me and Al to go home with a grieving but gentle face. And, to such a brother, my father, who was overseeing the archery, asks. I was aware that my father and my brother's face were not normal.

"Lux...... what's up? You're pale."

"Father... Sir McDawell... has been killed. It was a glorious and spectacular victory as a knight to protect the future..."

I remember that the surprise at this time would probably have been one of the best in my entire life. Sir McDawell, a good boy so called the greatest knight in this country, and then admired by his brother as another father. He was one of the best warriors in this country, making it the greatest katana of the great king.

That's him, dead. The surprise was by no means, in a nutshell. It was also a disturbing event to the point of being the father of a famous family.

"What happened!? That guy... Sir McDawell is about to die!? Who's the enemy!? Which assassin could have done that!

"... the enemy is a demon tribe. The demon invasion has begun again."

"! The coalition... no, it's not about letting the two of us hear it. Come on. Let's talk in the room. Oh, send fast horses to the owners of each house. And..."

My father decided to move the place so that Al and I wouldn't hear it, sending instructions to the neighbors he was with. Well, I have no choice. Like the coalition forces, my brother and his lord Sir McDawell were taking part in the coalition exercises. That's where Lord McDawell was. The situation is uncertain, there is more to be seen.

but they still asked me so far. Me and Al were concerned. And there will be a battle. That's why I felt deviant, too.



Me and Al tried to leave the spot. Turn to my brother and my father, and kneel. Silent expression of intent. There will be a battle. If so, let us hear it ourselves. I'm not as young as I was the first time. I was old enough to go to battle. It would have been a sign of intent if it had been.

"... lux. Next fight...... how long will it be?

"... at some point, there will come a day when these two powers will be useful"

"... well. Come on. You guys are not like before, it's a good year. Engrave the end of the great knight firmly into your chest."

My father thought a little bit about my brother's response and understood that perhaps we would challenge ourselves as knights in this battle. We acknowledge our participation as if we had given up. That is how the Father commands him immediately to gather his executives. That's when the executives got together, and my brother started talking.

"... it was a complete enemy ambush. The coalition was loose. As His Majesty and His Highness Rex were feared..."

"... so Sir McDawell is"

"... to escape the Allied forces, leave your son and us with His Highness Rex... with only a few gestures, to fight spectacularly against the enemy forces..."

My brother was in tears when he came to talk about Lord McDawell's suicide. You wanted to die with me then. but was brought to life. Besides, my father also sent comfort to my brother with a spicy face.

My father and Sir McDawell said it was decades of dating. It's been a relationship since Sir McDawell and my father were still apprentices. He was my father, who retired from the knight with injuries, but still affirmed that he was a comrade to each other. It's the death of that comrade. It couldn't have been hard with my father. That's why I know exactly how my brother feels.

"... lux... don't cry. He entrusted the future to us… if he had time to cry, turn to the front. That's also rewarding Lord McDawell for his benevolence... so what happened to the Allied forces?

"... with Sir McDawell's dedication, the coalition's damage is negligible. Under the decree of His Highness Rex, each army was orderly to withdraw."

Wiping his tears of remorse, his brother answered his father's query. but my father's face against it, it was bitter. That's because there was one word in it.

"His Royal Highness Rex..."

"... Yes. His Majesty the King of Unity...... that...... much disturbed, advances the delegation of command to His Majesty on the grounds that His Highness Rex, who boiled the cause, is the pardon of your daughter. Your Majesty was granted it..."

"... foolish here is superb, or..."

Unexpectedly, one of my father's sides throws up and throws it away. Whoever sees this is a fool. I think so with me. Perhaps, Your Majesty Rex... No, at this point, His Highness was also a measure to restore the disturbed king to sanity. Priority was given to a satisfactory retreat, even in the face of stigma.

but nobody should have assumed that they would really give in. Fortunately, of course, the damage was minimized. I don't know if it should be called darkness or if I should say I was lucky. But at least there was no doubt that it was politically foolish.

"Can't the coalition... anymore? Instruction, not in the form of coercion…"

"... Yep. His Majesty the Flag has exposed himself to ugliness twice... perhaps the Northern Emperor will no longer obey. There was no longer any intention of obeying from the first sight. Already..."

The proximity to my father's crush was also speculative, but I clearly agree. In the best part of this place, the person who should command more than anyone else deposited the command with others, and also with the prince of another country. Besides, the prince accomplished it perfectly.

Never before has there been a case exposing the king's lack of command. Even if the prince is my daughter's son-in-law, you can assume that his authority has been greatly undermined. No one will follow you anymore. It's just that I'm exposed to a lethargy once. There was an aspect at that time where I still had no choice but to predict. but it is expected that in this lapse, no one will think to take him up as an ally anymore.

"... lux. You think this is what we're after?

"... probably. They should have been carefully prepared. Perhaps on the side of His Majesty the King of Unity... the enemy's hand. Otherwise, there can be no foolishness inherent in ambushing coalition exercises, for example. The retreat was also clean. Dare I say it. Full, and. That was a brilliant fight. How good is the commander at battle? Definitely the same as the demon king."

"... Chi... Didn't you advise so many times that His Majesty and His Highness Rex would have another invasion..."

My father, who heard my brother's reply, was enduring his anger. There was enough blood coming out of my hand to bite and grip my teeth so tight that my back teeth might crush them. Such a father took one big, deep breath and inquired afterwards.

"So... what about Sir McDawell's remains? Sir Kite got it back?

"... Sir Kite, who received a flash call, joins us on the road... but received a tearful word from His Highness Rex's father to draw his thoughts... as he did... to support His Majesty's retreat..."

"... eh"

I would have regretted it. My father thinks of the thoughts of my Lord after he does not yet know at this time, knotting his lips all the way and shaking his shoulders. Even my brother was about to tear again because of his carelessness. Not only was he unable to help his adoring adoptive father, but he returned with his remains intact. That carelessness was not much to observe.

"... how'd it go now?

"... the princess and His Majesty were with you. but he looked quite indulgent. When I left, you embraced and cried with Sir Claude. As such, even His Majesty overwhelmingly wept."

"Well... although he had no blood connection to the McDawell family, he was certainly a parent and child"


My brother also nods and agrees to my father's words again and again. Lord Kite and Lord McDawell were parents and children, regardless of their blood connections. Admitting it was enough that my father and everyone in the royal castle couldn't help but weep like his cries.

"What about Lord McDawell's wife?

"... perhaps you two"

"Well... don't be hard on him either..."

Tell my mother about my father's death in action. There is not much to observe that this will be a difficult task. But someone has to. And it was his role, his son and knight as well. And that's it, it's not. I was obliged to move on more than I was kept alive.

"... what happens to Sir McDawell's Knights?

"... I was still rubbing it with my tracks"

"Again, or... Sir Claude is still young and has a weak part in terms of his heart. In the circumstances with me, Sir Claude is the head of the regiment. How few voices do you speak of your brother, Sir Kite, even though you are in law?"

"Rather than saying, even Sir Claude has advanced that. I want my brother to succeed me."

"... So, still?"

"... Yes. Sir Kite said he couldn't do that, and he stubbornly put his neck vertically..."

Sir McDawell's Knights. That's one of the best knights in this country. There are only a few hundred of them, but many are skilled, including their brother. The trust from the public is thick and has received a great deal of trust from other countries.

There are various interests attached to it, as well as the pride and honor of the great McDawell family. Lord Kite should have said he was standing there, or he seemed to care that he was his stepson. He hoped that his real son and brother-in-law would take over his father's Knights. That is why the debate was disputed.

"For one thing, His Majesty is going to keep it. I tell my father that it is up to him to take some rest..."

"Well... Sir McDawell and I were close. Tell His Majesty clearly that our family is offering support too."


We didn't understand at this time, but my father apparently understood His Majesty's thoughts behind his brother's words. After this, Lord Kite was to assume his duties as Knight Commander following persuasion from His Majesty, who was also a friend of Sir McDawell, including his father, and his brother-in-law, Sir Claude, and finally Sir McDawell.

And a few years. The battle against the Demons and the wars in the countries that emit the edge of it rolled in, and we finally met him. The beginning also began with the return of his brother.

"Father, I'm home."

"Oh, Lux. It's been a long time since you've returned. Doesn't that sound like a lot of martial arts medals? If I wasn't injured, I would have chewed on the umbilical cord."

"No... just until I was lucky"

"Ha. Don't be modest. Your efforts have reached this point. Attack of the demonic fortresses set up in the north... with His Royal Highness Rex and Sir Kite was a lot of remarkable activity, wasn't it?"

The grief of losing Sir McDawell after a few years had passed was healing. So my father praises my brother for his martial arts medal. And so after a while, my brother cut it out.

"... Father. I'd like to introduce you to the captain, Al and Lou."

"... the time has come, you mean"

"... Yes. The wise men of the Black Forest and His Highness Rex, the captain of the regiment, have discussed it and decided to deploy a major counterattack operation against the demons, not far away. Your Majesty knows that you should take that and also hang an increase on the Knights. His Royal Highness Rex is also in a hurry when he looks for more skilled men than he is in the country,"

"... so, are you two Al and Lou"

With my brother's words, my father sees me and Al doing some archery today. I've already experienced dozens in action. He even went to war with the Demons. In preparation for today, I made sure. So me and Al put our expectations on our faces. Besides, my father nodded. Time is full. That's what I decided.

"... would be good. Already, the two of them have just the power to have no shame as knights. After that, it's just the mind. but that's something to look at and learn from someone's back. Let him learn from your back."


My brother nodded to my father's permission. That's how Al and I are led to a man. There was a young man with pale hair, bright red and pale odd eyes. Needless to say, Lord Kite. This was my first encounter with Al.

"Oh, Lord McDawell. Long time no see."

"Sir Edwin, it's been a long time... and Sir McDawell, please don't. That name is too heavy for me."

"Ha. How hard is it to work for the Imperial Castle?

"Yeah, well... hey, that's off the record"

Lord Kite laughs in a slight hurry. Then we'll run through thousands of battlefields with him. but at the end of the day it came abruptly.


I never forgot about that day.


Me and Al, we all spent every day until we died, looking up at the starry sky at night. Last day of battle. He was the only one who didn't return. Everyone went home alive. And you must have come back through beside him. The exit was behind him. Yet he's the only one who hasn't returned.

You can't possibly go home. Take the next step and you'll get out. I will return when I see that my companions have returned to the end. That's all he was waiting for at the exit, even though he first reached the exit. That was his way. Return them all alive. After hundreds of battles, he achieved such an unscrupulous battle.

Exactly, hero. Legendary brave man. That's what I deserved to say. We're all here, protected by him like that. Yet he was the only one who didn't come home.

"... pass away first. Wait under that flag."

"I'll be waiting."

"Oh. I'll catch up soon"

"You're the one who's gonna be late."

Where is he? I don't know that. I don't know, but it's true that he was there. And after thousands of battles I understood. We only want to fight under him. It's not like you can't fight. I don't want to fight.

No man is dumber than he is. No Lord can fight as proud as he is, no, as a man as he and Lord Rex. So go under this flag. He snorted, and we were dead.

"... Al. This will be our last conversation."

"... oh"

"Our pride is over there."

"... whichever gets there first, don't complain"

"I know... see you"


Me and Al's brothers did snort that last day. Then I don't know which one died first. I could have been first, Al could have been first. Outreach, we could have competed to the end and been at the same time. Our family only knows the answer. But that's good. Why.

"... I am"

"... I am"

"I'm under this flag."

A few starfrosts. I don't even know who's getting there. But I'm under this flag now. I can't wait to see that. This flag is a landmark. A landmark for the comrades to return. A landmark for Lord Kite to return. There he is. Losing is unacceptable. So only now.

"Let's go, Al"

"Yeah, Lou"

Today alone, we have no quarrel with ourselves. There is no competition. I came back under this flag. To look impudent is a disgrace to the Knights of the Pale Knights. Whatever "we" hold, we must only be heroes under this flag. So only today. I'm glad we're fighting together. And no matter how strong your enemies were, you were willing to lose.

So, let's go. You can't lose. I'm not even going to lose. Only today, we just fight as the twins we once were. I know how to do it. All we have to do is fight.