Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1341: The Guide to the Past

Al and Rufaus. Let the two knights be guided to the brink of a previous life and meet the descendants of a man named Rex Residia, the lifelong friend of the legendary brave Kate whom his previous life served. Such were they gathered under the banner they had raised.


Celestia, under the pseudonym Rio, to the reappearance of the two knights, just seemed to me still. After all, a hero with an edge on himself. I understood that from Al's appearance. Of course, she seemed surprised even to Rufaus.

"Regidia...... I don't know, but I get it. There's someone in crimson in that name."

"Hero Rex... I can't even remember his figure, but I can only remember his name"

What Al and Rufaus remembered was upside down, as if they complemented each other's memories.


"Don't say it, Al. I'm angry when they say it."

Don't say.That's what I say. Contrary to certain hours and hours of street language, Rufaus' words had an unworthy dear. And Al's response to it also looked and just looked as usual.

"... then I won't say"

"Oh...... let's go"


The two of them release their blades, chewing on this unlikely good fortune. There is confusion. The doubts are endless. But there was extra joy to make up for it.


"I'm not going to slash a woman from behind, even though it's my enemy... pull it off"

Metastases. Using magic that is not available to him by nature, Al turns behind Serene in an instant. This was his strength at the time. Al is also strong now. but Al was way above that at the time.

"You... who are you?

"Maybe you do. But we can't remember who we are."

…… You... are one of those people gathered under those two!

"Maybe. I don't know which one you're talking about."

Al nodded in a slightly troubled manner at Serene's words, which could not hide his surprise. Memory complement is imperfect. I'm just fighting led by the remnants. Such an Al, Serene makes the power that surrounds him even more intense.

"... well. Okay, let's get serious about this one."

"These are the two of us. You gonna deal with him at the same time?

"Whatever... I'm not weak enough to lose to the remnants of the past"

Serene unequivocally affirms to Al's inquiry. Two on one, so what? That's what I keep saying. And the fact is, that's all the strength was the division chief.

"Yes... unfortunately, we know your strength. So I won't get out of hand. Well, I'll be there."

And Serene answers by sounding his sword. And like the conversion to which I received that response, Al disappears again.


Al metastasized directly in front of Serene. He dared to take the front, making it look like he would take the back with a metastasis. but serene instantly disappeared, just to match the blades and recieve the attack.

And right after that. Behind that Serene was standing Rufaus. If it had extended to engagement as it were, it would have been slashed with bassari from behind.


"I know very well."


Al, who circled behind the metastatic Serene, but furthermore feels signs from behind it to create a moment of stray. But the instant stray was immediately truncated. Why? Because I knew I had nothing to worry about.

"Don't get lost."

"Sorry. I'm not used to it yet"

"Get used to it."


There is a slight conversation between Al and Rufaus, who broke in between the enemies behind him. I'll sleep in Al. I can tell you yet another Al has nothing to worry about, but it's still not Al himself. There was really a slight difference as a stray. but now I forcefully drink down that present stray. That's how it disappeared at the same time.


At the same time as they disappear, Serene kicks the ground hard and rises into the air. The stepping through crushed the ground and produced the rock bedrock as a wall. With a certain blind eye, it is a defensive wall to the two who have moved left and right.


"I got it."

Al, who responded to Rufaus's call, disappears just saying that he no longer needs to say to everyone, and manifests himself on Serene's path. Meanwhile, Rufaus kicks straight to the ground and rises into the air. In contrast, Serene uses metastases in an instant to move further up Al, which emerged on her.

"Up there!


Al had foreseen it from the beginning against Serene, who emerged behind his own back. Hence he unhesitatingly exercises a retransfer technique and turns behind it.

"Eh! But!

Serene, who understood that she had been taken behind, but she is still skilled, too. Exercise an immediate retransfer to circle behind Al.



I rode. Al and Rufaus have a gaze that intersects only for a moment with Serene disappearing, instantly confirming that Serene has moved exactly as they thought. In the first place, this metastatic battle was started by Al and the others. Therefore, this development has been envisaged, and I can say that this was the aim.

This is probably where Al and Rufaus were still heroes in their previous lives as warriors who crossed more fierce wars than Imina. Celestia and the others knew more about the nature of the world's demons and their tendencies in battle than any of them. Thus, after several degrees of metastasis rewards. At the same time that Al was re-metastasized, Rufaus also exercised the metastasis technique by hiding that Al.


Serene unexpectedly opens her eyes to the exercise of simultaneous metastases. The Demons of Celestia and the rest of the world are very powerful. When he is also division leader, he performs the metastasis technique plainly. And by its nature as a race of demons, it can have much higher holdings of magic than, for example, people, beasts, and most other heretics.

Therefore, as was the case in Imina, when it came to the treatment behind the person in metastasis, there was a tendency to exercise metastasis disproportionately because of the pride of being able to outperform the person.

Normally, there is no problem with that. It's a demon clan. Most opponents can win against the backdrop of extra magic, and somewhere the enemy understands it and cuts it off and goes on to another action. but here they dared to show Serene that they would continue to reward him for the metastasis, and let him prepare for it.


Against Serene, who showed a moment of rigidity from a slight surprise, Rufaus, who metastasized in front of him, sets up an unquestioned tackle. And what was this tackle was an even worse development for Serene. He thought he could be slashed with a sword, and the barrier was also increasing in strength against slaughter.

A direct hit would have been inevitable, but the damage could be mitigated. That's what I thought. but it's a tackle. I didn't expect every barrier to blow up, so I couldn't accept it satisfactorily.



From behind Serene, who couldn't even take the reception and was blown away, Al taps into his heel drop. It smashed Serene's barrier, which, on the contrary, could not even take a defensive stance, and hit it directly on its back, knocking it to the ground at a speed far beyond the speed of sound.



Al and Rufaus look down at Serene, who was slammed heavily from the sky to the ground and smashed the rock bedrock. This is the strength of the men who survived the war. That's what I kept saying. and Serene flies at super high speeds by ripping the dirt and dust born in the collision.


"I got it."


The two snorted briefly, and Rufaus came forward. Thus, when he closed his eyes only slightly, he produced thick ice in front of them. but it makes it colorless and transparent and even the presence of thin ice. It was like a dream ice that I could not see until I reached the realm of masters beyond skill. Ice as a dream. It is Dream Ice.


They were going to engage rapidly and fleshly and with that momentum, Serene, but the difference in skill was still a thing of record. As a result, I couldn't notice the dream ice created by Rufaus, and went straight into it.

"You're in a bit of a hurry."

Al turns around with a metastasis behind Serene, who has penetrated the clear ice. He didn't even take a boulder and stuck it in the ice. Besides, I didn't see that ice either, and from her point of view, I wouldn't have known what had happened. That's how I rolled out the kick as it was, pushing Serene forcefully into the ice.


Against the pushed Serene, Rufaus locks himself completely into the ice in the motion of gripping his right fist. Originally, it's hard to beat a division leader if it's two to one against him. Even Imina is fighting each other one-on-one, but we need the next few hours. That was the overwhelming victory so far. Their fighting power in their previous lives is not much to observe.

"You could have fought a little more if you hadn't hurried off the dirt smoke"

"To this extent, if you're a division leader. When you're the Legion Leader, you're beyond us."

"Or so it is."

Rufaus nodded in Al's light mouth. There were further historical differences between division chiefs and corps chiefs. That was enough to say that this Al and Rufaus was in a state of previous life and that they would not be able to fight the Legion Leader unless they were with their people.


Too overwhelming. Celestia was no longer surprised to open her eyes to the two who showed such an overwhelming

"This is..."

The power of a hero who survived that desperate battle? However, Rio could not help but be surprised. And that's where Tina appeared.

"What. It's gonna be weird."

Tina apparently noticed in an instant that two people, Al and Rufaus, were awakening the power of a previous life. There was little change in the appearance itself because they were both knights, but if you're as powerful as she is, you'll notice subtle changes.

On her right hand like that, she had the root of a demonic man who touched her upscale and seemed to have been hit pretty badly. Nevertheless, he didn't kill what he thought. He still had breath. but he didn't seem to wake up pretty worn out for the time being.

"... here, here too..."

Though I never named her, the Demonic Man Tina was engaged with was also quite a twat again. Although it was certainly not as good as Imina's fighting Wagnus or Serene fought by Al and Rufaus, its strength was undoubtedly in the realm of Rank S. It would be one turn below the division leader.

And that's why Celestia had to be smug by Tina, who was spilling it. This was also a masterpiece that far surpassed the Celestias here.

"Well... I don't know what to do. In the meantime, I'd like to bust the information out of this place..."

Tina still sees Imina engaged with Wagnus. Of course, if Tina just does it, it's quick to talk. but for once, the priority is over there than Imina is fighting. I haven't been told I don't need a hand, but whether I can hand it out is a different story. What to do was troubling.

"... Mm"

Such a tina, but I noticed that a slight distortion was being made in the space. Although I had never seen the distortion, I could understand that it was not a good distortion. So she decided to do your analysis rather than help Imina fight.

"... this is..."

Pretty bad distortion. Tina looks bitter as she sees signs of distortion.

"Not good... I don't know why, but the Guardian is coming out..."

"Guardian." A kind of leukocytic presence created by the world, making it the guardian of the world. Tina spotted that this distortion was a sign that it was coming into being.

If it were born, the worst would be to destroy the surroundings without sight. He's an opponent you can't deal with on a airship, and he's definitely not one you can beat in the Adventure Club. "Guardian" is stronger than this demon clan. We will need to think about what to do as soon as possible. Nevertheless, it was not necessary.

"Mm? Huh!

The noise was heard in Tina's ear, and Agitatively Tina threw the demonic man in her hand away. And that next moment. A demonic man disappears in the light. And pretty much at the same time. Serene and Wagnus both disappeared.

"... Hmm. Were they of the other worlds?"

That doesn't make sense to me. Tina understands what the current phenomenon is and understands that there is no choice. He understood the situation properly by dissipating anger and seeing the battle beside him. Thus, the encounter with different worlds, unlike Earth and Enefia, was forced to end due to the recall of the world where the demons lived.