Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1341: In the Warehouse

The opening of a stall to the harvest festival, which was to be held at Tensakura School. These are the kites who were in a hurry to prepare for the realization of it, but such a request is made to them that they want something that will be the highlight of something from the side of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School.

As a result, the upper level of the Adventure Club, which held a meeting, was able to determine the eyeballs of three stalls, up to two, but the eyeballs of the last culinary restaurant were to be distressed without deciding. And in the middle of it, Kite remembered the past and was entering her home warehouse.

"Hmmm...... so over here?

"That sort of thing"

On the shoulder of such a kite was Yuri, who should have been working today in the school dean's office at work. Apparently, the Harvest Festival in this Temple City is also cooperating on the side of the Magic Instruction School, and there was a combination there for student chairman Killier to be a judge of the Cooking Festival at the Harvest Festival.

They say the original generation of student chairmen are involved in the screening. So, I stumbled across Kite at the place where I brought the application for it and came straight to the warehouse with her.

"That said, it was loud, right, then. Eat pickles."

"Is that it?

"No... I'm on my way to Nakatsu country alone after that, so it's pretty good. Maybe everyone at the time remembers?

"Oh well..."

After all, Kate is about herself, and I guess she just didn't know it because she was acting with momentum in the first place. They were pretty depressed. It is said that there was no time for goodness to stop rather than hurry.

It should be noted that the pickles were delicious for everyone after they were finished. So Yuri was smiling and remembering that.

"But it was delicious, that. I know you want to eat kite."

"Don't run out of cook profits."

"So, that's good, but why the tools from that time again?

"Oh, let's make a pickle, huh? Fortunately, autumn can do a lot of crops. Well, if it's true, I guess it's a good idea to eat it as it is... so I want to provide pickles as well"

Kate shares her own thoughts as she fishes inside the warehouse with Yuri. After all, it is the McDawell territory, where bread is the center, or the Empire. Pickles that fit the rice do not exist first.

but when it comes to Japan, rice is said to be basic, as is still the case on Earth. If so, there was no reason to think about making pickles for rice.

"There's a greenhouse in Fionel territory, right? The Viktor Chamber of Commerce has a massive plantation over there. I was thinking about getting some cucumbers that are grown in one of them... and then I'm going to make some soaked cucumbers."

"I don't marinate cucumbers... but then I don't need anything else? That, in half a day, you can do it, right?

"That's not all I'm trying to do. I'm trying to soak some plum or something. Especially if the plum dried rocks don't have enough time anymore, and if you think about other old pickles, you can't make it."

Kate scratches her head and tells Yuri why she needs it. For example, if drenching of plums is considered, it will be necessary for about a month. We were talking about a month ago at the time we signed up in the first place, but we can't really make it to the start of the harvest festival after doing that now, three weeks ago.

I don't need to make it to the beginning because it's a massive festival that has been around for a month, but I'd like to offer it from the beginning anyway. And if you're on your way, you can usually make something in time, so you just have to keep it for the first week or so. Therefore, this kettle was used to mature prematurely. And when I heard Kate's thoughts, Yuri was convinced, too.

"Uh... old-school marinade... are you sure you're going to marinade it for over a month?

"About a month. For about a week or two with the bottom treatment and about three weeks with the book marination… for a total of about a month, so"

"But wouldn't that be a good idea, even on the main end of the line? I can call in repeaters, and you're funny."

"That's right, and I'm not going to. But there are stories I can't even tell you."

Kate laughed and nodded at Yuri's suggestion as well. If calculations take nearly a month, it is also an interesting offering to provide shallow pickles first and old pickles last. The duration of the festival is almost the same. It can be said that the period is just right to provide shallow marinade first and old marinade later. but apart from that, I also thought about it.

"Is there a problem?

"We have to make sure we get what we have to offer to the great men of the city, right? Apart from the greats of the city, His Majesty the Emperor will surely come, as will the nobles from all over. You can't expect them to repeat it."

"Ah, uh..."

Yes, it was. Kate told me and Yuri had to snort too. The other stores are fried chicken and grilled chicken shops. It is true that the common people are easy to get into, and if you dare say so, it is not an exaggeration to say no to the common people. but the last one is a cook. I intend to change the store structure to calm with the other stores.

Then again, it is decided that it would be the best place for the nobles to use it. And Kite set it to be so. Then you'll have to make about that for them.

For example, like Emperor Leonhardt, if you can enjoy waiting, you can let me out now. In that sense, they found it necessary to be able to deal with troublesome guests. So Yuri sighed, too.

"Nobility is a hassle."

"Why are you looking at me and saying. I don't have a nobleman who knows better than I do."

"... which mouth would say?

Maybe the most troublesome nobleman in the world is Kite. I don't think so, Yuri. I look at Kite with a damp eye. but also, kite was sometimes dim and didn't realize it. Therefore, Yuri also decides to return to the search for the pot.

"Well, come on. There's a lot going on."

"Nah... we've been around a lot."

"I mean, I was just swayed by Kite -"

"Ha ha. Right."

I guess it's because I'm still looking inside the warehouse. Numerous items were sleeping there that seemed to have just penetrated for now at the time three hundred years ago. And it is these two. I didn't need that much time to derail.

"Oh, look at this. Some kind of tribal amulet. I liked this a lot. Is that tribe still there?

"Doesn't it? I don't know if it's another continent on the boulder... this one... noodles? Did you get this?

"I don't remember. Oh, this... Look, Yuri"

"Ah, Ocarina. Nostalgia. Right, kite kite. It's been a while since I've blown you."

"Whoa... but let's just wipe the mouth before then"

Kate takes Yuri's wish and wipes the area of the ceramic that touches Ocarina's mouth with a towel dampened with water. He didn't even have the courage to mouth what had been abandoned by boulders for 300 years.

Of course, this is a noble mansion. Because it is cleaned regularly, it does not wear out, nor is it dusty. So I just wiped it down and the dirt fell off.

"Good. Then let's go"


Sitting in an easy-going position resembling an all-over on the warehouse floor, Kate starts blowing Ocarina with Yuri on her lap. That's how it sounded was the caged tone of some seeping homecoming of loneliness.


Yuri remembers her journey as she feels the beating of Kate blowing Ocarina on her back. Seems like a long time, only three years. But there were all sorts of encounters during that time. So for a little while Yuri quietly clears her ears to the tone she hasn't heard in three hundred years.

The tone played finished roughly three minutes later, and Kate let Ocarina out of her mouth with a little nostalgia. To such a kite, Yuri made only a few seeping inquiries of desire.

"... have you made it home?

"... what do you think? But I wish I could go home..."

Apparently the original owner of this ocarina is dead in that war. She was a girl of the same age as Kate. It was this Ocarina who gave it to me as a shadow. She was also a gift from a friend, apparently.

So she was also desperate to practice and be able to blow, letting Kate and Yuri listen. The tone ahead was one of those tones she preferred. Kite, who received it, also learned the thought that only this ocarina could blow.

"Do you want to go back to the woods sometime...? But instead of going home... we had a strange encounter."

"Hey... now that I think about it, maybe it was just a weird encounter"

"Maybe. For some reason, when you and I were traveling together, it just seemed like a weird encounter."

"Because you're with Kite, right?

"Well, I wonder"

Kate and Yuri talk a little lonely, but a little fun and nostalgic. Well, I said he's dead. Actually, they had a little secret about the girl. Technically, he can't say he's dead, and if he dares, he deserves to say he's returned to the woods.

We're probably the only ones who've met such a strange girl. I had confidence that I could say all that. That's why they were both lonely and fun. And Aura tilted her neck at those two.

"... what are you doing?

"Yeah? What... I'm blowing an ocarina"

"I'm listening to that."

"... I want to hear it too"

"No, brother as before. Weren't you looking for a pot?

Kuzha points out the most important thing about Aura, who looks stubborn. Naturally speaking, the surroundings would naturally be surprised if the ocarina tone sounded abruptly from the warehouse. It was because the report came up and Kuzha and Aura found out that they must have gotten out of line anyway.

""... ah ""

Yes, it was. They noticed that they were out of line as usual. So the two stand up, and Kate hangs Ocarina further down her waist. He's going to blow it later. That's why Kate asks Kuzha and Aura's sister-in-law as she tries to lighten up a little.

"Well... so you two are going back again?

"No, I decided it would be more efficient to help this one first"

"So help me"

Apparently, they're both here to help. Well, it's 300 years old, and there's something about kite, so there's only a few people I can help. And if these two are about paperwork again, I can do whatever I want with them.

I was right to think about it and ask Kate to just get back to work. Anyway, the sooner he finishes his work, the sooner he can flirt with Kate, and the cherry blossom and adventure club women can easily discuss it. Nevertheless, I forgot one thing. In the end they are the McDawell family. Blood is a family even if it is not connected. Kind also say they call their friends, so they will pinch the derailment several times.

So about an hour. It was clear that we would derail where Kuzha and others were included, so after conducting a search, including some of the nominees, we managed to discover the pot. It should be noted that the decision is that you and I would need to breathe because we knew we were going to derail and it was a good idea.

"Good. This is it... you're so dirty"

"Well, at any rate, no one can use it for its original purpose because your brother used it for pickles..."

Kuzha had no choice but to say so with half a laugh against Kite, who shouted at her face. Well, naturally it means soaking the pickles, but the smell moves into the container. Everyone in Japan would have smelled that unique smell. That's why it became unusable for the original drug formulation after that smell shift.

Nevertheless, there is no problem when it comes to no problem because no one originally used it. And because of this, Kate also remembered this existence. That's why we're going to play a part in sprouting a new culture this time. but I can't use it unless I wash it before then.

"Hmmm...... hey, Deeney. What's the weather like tomorrow?

"Tomorrow is the forecast for all-day sunshine."

It's more of a forecast than a forecast.

"Thanksgiving. I'll call the Adventure Club and Heavenly Cherry Blossom School tomorrow and wash the pot."

Kate decides that as she looks at the pot to herald the weather tomorrow for Dine and Silfi - correct with heralds, not forecasts, as Silfi says. As such, Kate decided to secure the pot and return to the Adventure Club Alliance Home for further preparation.