Kite had a cooking tasting to serve at the next harvest festival with Quong, who came fished by the smell of tasting. He was straight back to the office when he had dinner like that. Sola and the others decided to hold regular debriefing meetings every few days after dinner to hear the report from the expedition, because this was just the day.

"I think it's time..."

That's what Kate muttered as she looked at the small clock installed at her desk in the office. Once every few days, of course, for a reason. It's about distance.

This time, it's moving in the Adventure Department. So the communications machines are not super high-performance military supplies like the ones used by the kites all the time. Instead, most of them cannot fly communications to a distance without a relay station. And to secure the relay station, Kite and the others launched an artificial satellite. And it's still in the prototype stage, and I haven't generalized it.

Therefore, the telecommunications machine that the expedition took was designed to accumulate magic for a few days to ensure communication with Maxwell for a short period of time, and it was not always possible to communicate at any time.

"Hmmm... I think it's pretty good tailoring sometimes."

"... don't stand flat behind me..."

Kate sighs against Kuon, who stood behind her and squealed normally. Even so, I was attentive to the signs around me because of my work, but I pulled out the alarm net. It would be an act of knowing Cuon's skill.

"Well, that's good. What can I do for you?

"I'm free now. So, should I interrupt for a second? I mean, there's no Soleil, no Frodo."

"Well, you're free at this hour..."

Kate points at the clock, and I'm convinced it will be. The time now is approximately just before 20: 00. The restaurant will still be open, but it has nothing to do with her having dinner in the Alliance Home cafeteria at Adventure. So, let's get acquainted. That's why I came here.

"Well, okay. For now, if Soleil or something is here, do as you please... but don't make a scene."

"Yes...... hmmm! This is delicious! That girl, she's got some sweet-making arms in her!

Looks like Kuon, who snorted at Kate's words, decided to wait for his face to come as he pinched the western sweets he'd gotten in the dining room. It should also be noted that Quon still appeared to be mistaken for a girl about Mutsuki.

Well, it's unusual for an apron to fit that far. Rather than, she is a girl from wherever she sees herself doing aprons and cooking as a delight. I can't help but make a mistake. It should be noted that if this is the case in combat, Quon will on the contrary be counted as a man due to his physical fitness, etc., but the cooking movement is unprofessional, so it did not appear to be discernible.


This will come Soleil, too, and Kate waits for communication from Sola. It should be noted that he decided not to point out the gender of the Good Moon. It was decided that time was already slightly over and that derailment could affect this one. So a few minutes after that. I got a call sign on the comms set up at my desk.

"Are you here... this is Kite"

"Ugh. Kite, it's Sola. '

"Oh, that was a little late"

I'm sorry, it took me a while to charge you. I've been waiting a minute. '

"The accumulation of magic really depends on the surrounding environment. If it's late enough, it'll be far enough in error."

Hearing from Sola about the reasons for the delay, Kate shows satisfaction and understanding. As he himself said, the accumulation of magic has a great impact from the surrounding environment. Especially after the use of large-scale witchcraft, fluctuations in ambient magic (mana) concentrations - it depends on the witchcraft which leans toward darkness - are likely to occur.

Perhaps another adventurer in the vicinity exercised massive sorcery. I'm not occupying the mountains in the adventure club, so it's nothing strange or anything.

Besides, if it's awkward, I can take something like a magic storage battery called a magic (mana) tank or a magic (mana) battery separately. Even in the event of an emergency, it was possible to secure contact.

'I guess so, I didn't use the battery... was that a bad idea?

"No, that's an emergency. You shouldn't be spending just enough time in time. It's the right decision."

"Thankyou...... so, you report first"

Sora, relieved by Kite's snort, decides to revisit her mind and make a report. That's how the first thing you should report would be the progress of the hunt.

"First of all, the hunting status of 'Rockbird', but somehow, next time, I guess I'll be able to secure the required number at least three times."

"Hmm... that's where the pace went up. Are you getting used to this?

"Oops. I'll be sure to finish at the counter by now."

"Right. Then don't worry. Anything else?"

"I wonder if the combination of archers and shields is going to definitively end up. For once, I need your help to scatter the enemy."

Sora will be fine without herself anymore to confirm from Kate, and she will press her heartbeat. Fortunately, there is nowhere more to go than the expedition that Sola and the others headed, so the expedition leaves McDawell territory, but if it's good for a few, it can be secured in the realm. It would be safe if Sola and the others were moving on another errand.

"That's enough if that's all it takes. Then make sure you get the numbers later. So, it's good to return."

"Oops... and that's why I want to do that in the mountains."

"Yeah? Anything wrong?

It was Sola once according to her own words, but with a look on her face that turned and seeped just a little bitterness. Besides, I assumed that Kite was in some kind of trouble.

"I'm not clearly experiencing any problems yet... it looks like another guild has set up a base nearby."


The material in "Rockbird" becomes gold. Meat and eggs are luxury ingredients, and feathers are traded as quality ornaments. So even as a kite, I firmly told him not to just occupy the mountain to avoid trouble, and it seems that Sora is protecting it.

It was also said when forming alliances in guilds that troubles in money-related matters are the easiest for adventurers. The worst also develops into a 'war' between guilds. If it was a risk that could be avoided, I would have taught Sola how to avoid it as well.

"You're here to say hello, aren't you?

'No, I didn't...' Fort Entesia hired an investigator a while ago to talk to me about that. So, from yesterday or so, I saw a guy who didn't even know us. "

"That's a hassle..."

What came to Kate's face after hearing a report from Sola is a slightly unpleasant look. Again, it doesn't put muscle through me in every guild. It's not just the kind of guild that comes through to say hello because the Adventure Club was there first. So, I rub it as often as that.

'Well, I'm not sure I've made it yet. If you're here, it looks like a pain in the ass, so I was just wondering what to do. "

"It's the right decision. You shouldn't judge this on your own."

Kite starts to figure out what to do with Sola's request. Though Sola is also in a position to compromise with other guilds because she is registered as a sub-master, she should make sure that she is able to communicate with the guild master even in situations where rubbing is more likely to occur. He is still inexperienced in the folding surface. It was the right decision to ask for Kite's instructions.


"Shouldn't Kate go? If that's the case, I won't talk to the submaster because I'm confused about it, or something. Alphonse will be with you... but if you tell me it's an Alliance, I'm done."

"Hey... it's a hassle..."

When we join Sola and the others now, even if we leave for Boulder first thing tomorrow morning, it will be the day after tomorrow. We can't cross the mountain with that bike on a boulder, so we should send out the airship, and when it comes to the airship, we need to make a formal application to say kite, even if it's more than going into heaven.

There's no way I can apply now, even though it's no more urgent than it's already night. Since it is a kite application, it will also be immediately received and processed in the normal application, but it will nevertheless be necessary to stay overnight in 'Fort Entesia' in view of the time taken to process it and the travel time. It was therefore in the form of a proposal by Quon, but concluded.

"... ok. I'll go. I had some errands in the nearby mountains anyway."

"? Are you talking about getting something from the cooking squad again?

"No, that's not it..."

Will this happen in the end? Kite seeps so slightly into giving up on the inside. but there was a slight colour of joy seeping into its face. Therefore, Kate decides to give instructions that she can do now while clearing Sola's inquiry.

"Sola. Tomorrow's hunt will stop once and keep the situation under check and control. Depending on how they get out, they get dissatisfied. It's a long hunt, so take a big pause."

I'm ready for you.

"Well... I'm sorry, but a few dragon knights need to get on the ground dragon and ask me to do something else"

While nodding to Sora's arrangement, Kite decides to give further instructions. To this, Sora speculated and spoken of Kate's intentions.

"Looking for the guild over there?

"No, it's better not to do anything far-fetched yet. That's where I want you heading northwest. There's another little mountain there."

"Mountain...? Eh, map map...... '

To Kate's words, Sola checks the map she got at the bureau. Indeed, the map that we confirmed depicted a small mountain in the northwest of the mountain range, which houses the 'Rockbird' nest where we are. It seems to be one of the landmarks of the travellers, and it appears to be on this map.

Is this the guy from Moon Mountain?

"Oh. Instruct the Dragon Knights to make a little detour and head there. So, when you get close to the mountain, launch our guild's mark there."

'Well, a fast-paced dragon can go back and forth in an hour, so good... why would you do that in a place like that?

Though it was Sola who accepted Kite's instructions, I still don't know why Kite ordered that. So in the inquiry, Kate revealed her reasons without hiding them.

"There's Frodo now. I can see what kind of guild he's got on the boulder. Anyway, it carries one of the top eight signs. No matter how fast he fights, or how much of a jerk he is, Frodo won't do anything stupid with a boulder on him."

"He's over there...? Why? '

"I'm kind of at work. But the job is about to go through another phase. You'll be fine to join us that way. For once, Soleil will have an arrow first thing tomorrow morning, so if you raise your mark, it should pass on."

"Work? Well, it's the shape you're traveling to this way for once, so is there anything..."

The opponent is the eight biggest guilds in the first place. A guild far superior to ourselves. I'm here to cover up the Battle of La Elia, but its command is not in the Adventure Department. And we're one of those aces from the war three hundred years ago, even with such nari and such character. Sora thought it was no wonder she acted differently.

"That's the place. So, there's a report coming in that it's going to be over. Then we should use a little help."

'Okay. I'll send you a message first thing tomorrow morning. "

"Oh. I'll leave as soon as I can, but no matter how early I leave, it's the morning after tomorrow. Arrival is at noon the day after that. Well, you can keep Frodo alone long enough... but I'll make sure he gets there as soon as possible"

"I asked."

In fact, it's possible that Frodo alone could solve the problem, but it was still possible that he would make a spark that he was a guy of bad wisdom. It doesn't make any difference that Kite has to go, too, than she doesn't want to rub it weird. Therefore, after completing correspondence with Sola, who was working quickly on the support, Kate decided to prepare for the support.

"Well... then do we need to get the airship out? Tsubaki, I need you to prepare an application for the departure of the airship. I'm leaving as soon as I can."

"Yes, I did. What about the candidates?

"Think Now"

I originally took into account that there would be more rubbing going on somewhere than moving as an entire guild. So Kite was able to move quickly, so I don't have any problems with the plans. but I was going to think about who I was going to take.

"No! I'm coming too!

"Oh, well, so am I."

"... seriously?

Kite asks about Soleil and Quon's offer, which seemed to have come at some point, even though he doesn't seem to like it slightly, because it feels like he's half thankful.

Surely there wouldn't be a better arbiter if these two would come. First, shut up about which guild it is when Quon comes out. Anyway, power is the most powerful adventurer of all. The name was too big.

but at the same time it's these two that can cause another problem. Trouble is troublesome. but here I decided to accept it very much. And that's why Kate came up with this already.

"It's not like I need someone anymore when this happens..."

"Hmmm... well, let's see if I can add the rest"

"Yeah? You, were listening?

"Hang on, I got that comm ready later. The logs will be sent here."

"I know, or I know it would be."

Kite had no particular surprise for Tina, who suddenly appeared with a metastasis and had her mouth pinched over her. Because he's right, and I know she would do it about that.

"Well...... okay. Tina accompanied, and. Yeah, think about it appropriately later."

Therefore, after accepting Tina's offer, Kite decides to throw away the next candidate appropriately. Anyway, I'm going to add Yuri to this one. A worse formation could have been made than the previous cigarette smuggling project. Whatever happens, there won't be a problem. That's why Kate decided to get Tsubaki ready to go while she had her application paperwork ready.