Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1358 Negotiations and Deals

The Guildmaster Ingvay of Hunters' Battlefield. Kate and Sola, who were put through to the tent after the battle with him, were once again being introduced there by executives.

"Well, let's start by introducing ourselves to each other. I'm Ingvay, the Guildmaster of Hunters Battlefield. This is my brother and sub-master Riddick."

"I'm sorry I had to deal with that earlier. Understand my brother's instructions and my guild."

"Ah, yes... ah, uh, once again... it's Sola Tenjo"

Earlier - when "Greeting" to Sola - Sola held that hand, although slightly distracted, by Riddick, who struck and changed to offer a qualitatively rigid greeting and hand. There was still some vigilance in that hand, but Riddick never pointed it out.

"Kite Heavenly Sound. Weapon Master. He's the Alliance Master of Adventure."

"Well... where we exchanged greetings again. Well, with as many strategic eyes on the boulder as you, I guess I can understand the back."


Again, Kite nodded in response to Ingvay's allegations. This man named Ingvay is not a man who sells fights to Darkless Arrow Cod. I'm the type to sell fights with a good grasp of profits. Kate had figured it out because of the nature of Ingvay so far and his policies, which he had heard as rumors. If so, there were things I could understand.

"Did you get a bounty before we knew it?"

"Unfortunately, it's off. Well, there's a similarity."

"Yeah......? Given your strength and the total power of this guild, I thought I could hunt even the demons that are now being investigated by Royal Capital investigators..."

Kite tilts her neck slightly against Ingvay, who said it was fun but clear off. I want to keep the powerful demons crusaded as soon as possible. That is a natural idea if you are a ruler.

Nevertheless, it is more expensive to move an army to just one individual, no matter how strong it is. So as a rule, it's normal to hang bounty money on such demons to encourage adventurers to crusade.

Kite also makes it normal in his own territory, and if it's more urgent, he encourages crusades even by multiplying it with a high bounty. In the unlikely event, he himself goes out with Yuri, Tina and other handymen. It's a story that's everywhere.

But, of course, only one or a pair of crusaders. There's only one place you can get your bounty if you make an alliance. So like Ingvay and the others, it was very natural to try to compete with other companies in the industry and drive them off the hunting grounds. And that's why Kate read it.

"You know what a diamond rock is?

"Is that there!?

Kate still seemed to know about Sora, who looked surprised not knowing one person in Ingvay's inquiry. but it would have been full of surprises if I had known. And both Ingvay and Riddick were so surprised that Kate knew.


"This is amazing. Most of them aren't even in the demon atlas. Well, I'm not putting it on, rather than saying it's not."

"Brother. If you know at this young age..."


Riddick and Ingvay would make sense of this, nodding. And Ingvay nodded clearly. Because if you admit it, you won't get on with it.

"Oh. Information from a certain sure muscle... there was a rumor that his chick was in this mountain"

"The chick..."

"Correct response."

Riddick nodded that he would be, to Kite's reaction, which showed him that he was no longer close to a cliché. but here Sola pinches her mouth, left alone in a conversation on a boulder.

"... hey, what's that diamond lock?"

"Ah, oh. Bad...... can I talk to you?


Apparently Ingvay admitted to dealing with Kite. If so, it's not a loss to them to have information shared with Sora even if they think about the future. And it's Kite who understands the nature of Sola. It's easier if you explain it to him.

"You know that Rockbird is in this mountain, don't you?

"Well, I know. That's why I'm here."

"Right. Then you would have fought with the subspecies a few times, wouldn't you?

"Well... Fire Rock and Wind Rock and Earth Rock are the only ones who fought, but from what I've checked, there's a lot of ice rock and magma rock, right? But you've never seen or heard of a diamond lock?

Sora nodded at Kate's inquiry, mouthing what she had looked into as far as she could find out for herself. He leads the troops with him. The name and nature of the demon and the presence or absence of subspecies had been closely examined.

But even here, at a time when the name doesn't come up, you'll see that Ingvay and the others are right about the phrase 'not even on the drawings'.

"Dia Rock is a subspecies of that subspecies… a subspecies of the subspecies, to be precise. It's a subspecies of Earth Rock. Others call it D-Rock or something. The official name is" Diamond Rock Bird ". Such a high-ranking demon."

"Is there such a thing..."

I guess it's pretty stiff as far as the name goes. Sora guesses roughly as she listens to Kate's commentary. And this is true, but at the same time a number of important things had not yet been said. I also understood that, Sola. So he asks as he is.

"I know it sounds pretty hard from the name, but do you have any other traits?

"Oh...... first the rarity is tremendously high. One in every tens of thousands of subspecies. No doubt it's not an exaggeration to say they occupy this place, but they're monsters enough to fit their asses."

"Out of my way?

"Those wings are real diamonds. Not a scratch on its blades is one big misrill at the auction... enough to be traded for a million yen in Japanese yen. I rarely see it either."

"You don't have to look. That adult blade was put out at the auction in the meantime, so much so that it became the biggest highlight of that auction. Of course, it's a beauty without a scratch. What a big misrill thirty pieces the winning bid price is. Judging by the way you say it, it's probably 30 million yen in Japanese yen."

Take over the words of Kate, who answered Sora's query that raised the question, and mouth the information Ingvay may know. This is it with one blade. I mean, it's the chicks that are here, but if they can still capture them, they can go at least 100 million yen in Japanese yen. Of course not all the blades will be available, but the billions are still stiff. Even if I rub it with the Adventure Department, I definitely get a change.

"Right... you mean you got a request for at least 100 million units"

"Hmm... well, there's the exercise of the right to remain silent. You can't talk to boulders about clients, and there's no reason to talk bounty. but I can tell you what I'm asking."

"I want you to capture his chick. That's the kind of request we have... No, it's in a guild where we can access this information."

"I see..."

In Riddick's words, which took over Ingvay's words, Kate was convinced that she wanted to occupy the place, whether it was a yes or no, and that's why she wanted to rub it with the others and kick it out.

I could tell Kite here now because they decided that Kite would make sense. I have trouble getting a good look at my feet, but at the same time I can't understand the importance of being on their side without knowing anything. Capture him. A considerable bounty was expected. And if so, the client is limited.

"Some nobleman's request. At least it's more than a division of the Duke's house. It's a good road trip."

"I don't deny it. To celebrate the birthday of his son."

"Ooh... are you insane?

Kate coughed unexpectedly at Ingvay for giving her a little information to agree with herself who slapped her lightly. Making this my son's birthday celebration is somewhat dangerous.

"You're looking at me that far, that's why. I don't know, what the nobles think. Well, rumor has it? Apparently, you're a young, arm standing boy. You stepped on the idea that you could ride a baby if you tamed her from a young age and when she was a chick. If you're lucky, 'Rockbird' in the bend. It could evolve into a griffon and reach fantasy species in the course of growth."

Ingvay agreeing with Kate's words about her sanity also feels like she's been cleared up. He had the face that he thought he would take to the chair.

Fantasy species are so-called serene demons that have made it possible for people to have dialogue and companionship among demons that people such as Griffon and Dragon species can tame. Among them, fantasy species and phantom beasts were often referred to as particularly advanced, which is what led to more intelligent than human beings.

"Well, when you're also an adult, you're a demon in the realm of Rank S. Impossible, and never unlikely as long as you treat it properly. Might even become the patron saint of the clan if you do it badly"

"That's what I'm talking about. I don't know what to think. If you pay me, I'll pay you."

This is Ingvay, who has been hanging on the chair as long as he wants, but he still turns his gaze from here to Kite based on his posture or his work involved.

"So. Well, that's what it is."

"Well, let's show understanding. At least a hundred big misrills. That's all you ask."

Is that a billion yen? Listen to Kate's stated market on the side and Sora accidentally pulls her cheek. Go get the chick. That's easy given that the other person is a chick, but it's very difficult to find a chick out of it first because the demon itself is rare. This market was very reasonable when considering the level of rarity and the herd of 'rock birds' that would be around.

"I told you I wouldn't reveal my client and my reward. I don't want to be seen on my feet."

"You did... well, so what you've revealed to me so far is that you'll make a deal, okay?

"Oh, let's do that"

Ingvay also smiles and agrees with Kate's stated words. Let's get started, we can negotiate. but kite had already decided to answer this.

"I don't mind you taking all the diamond locks. It's not a request we've received, and this one won't be involved as a subject. but instead, here's eight points for 'Rockbird'."

"Yeah? No, right... cum"

After reading Kate's thoughts and the thoughts leading up to it, Ingvay unwittingly blew it out. In fact, this was with the answer Ingvay was trying to present as a final conclusion. I mean, it was a compromise that both of us could come up with. And then Kate asked, laughing.

"Anyway, that's a tough story, isn't it?

"That's good. You know exactly what an adventurer is... good. That's the decision."

"... No, I'm sorry. Tell me more."

"Wow, what's going on?

Each sub-master asks the two Ingvays and Kites, who made an immediate compromise between the top, without understanding the flow. Besides, Kate told me to sum up the conclusions.

"Easy. Instead of getting involved with Dia Rock, we give up 80% of the 'Rock Bird' take-up height over there to us. Of course, the hunting grounds are shared."

"Naturally, hunting also takes place jointly. I don't care if one of them does something on his own, and I don't mind if they hurt Dia Rock by mistake for us... Liddy. Get the plan ready to move in C. I'll meet you there."


Riddick enters into action quickly, at the behest of Ingvay, who has taken over Kate's words. Again, even looking at these words, I guess they had a plan even in the pattern of putting an apology in the kites in the first place. Even as Sola, Ingvay was reminded that he was of a different character.

"Get ready to accept this one, too. After that... I hope I can ask the scared people to apologize and help me all the time"

"Aurai. Let's do it."

When Kate accepts Ingvay's offer, she rises from the chair she's been sitting in. That concludes the negotiations. And it's not bad as a result. It could be described as a sufficiently convincing deal. As such, Kate and Sola decided to rise from the scene and lead Frodo and the others back to the Adventure Department camp.