Just a little, the story goes far back to the other side's past. That was thousands of years ago now. It is a story of when prehistoric and old civilizations and civilizations called in future generations were still flourishing throughout Enefia.

'... Char. Why can't you ever get a divine angel?

At one point, Shamrock asks Charlotte, his sister and one of the main gods of his mythology. Thousands of years after birth. She would never appoint a divine angel as one. Civilization is already plugged into maturity. I thought it was time to ask.

'Shull stop.' Cause now you act like a god. '

Sometimes I don't care. This is a shrine, and only the priests and warriors who are in the shrine are around. No matter who asks, there's no problem. Luckily, there's no one here right now. "

"Still, don't stay where you are king of the gods."

Charlotte complains to Shamrock in the language of the gods only the gods can understand. Indeed, this conversation is a language only understood by those who belong to the gods and their god angels. Thousands of years ago. Even in the days of Kate, who becomes Charlotte's only divine angel, this language has become untranslatable.

Perhaps it was about Kite and Yuri, and Sola, who became the holders of the Divine Sword, who could properly understand this word around Kite in those days. Even Tina usually had tough things in her witchcraft.

Somewhere someone said that the language of the gods is different from the language people use. Therefore, the magic of translation cannot normally be analyzed. Still, I can dialogue because I use the ability of the gods to understand the languages of the faithful that they gain from their mercy and traits, and they use this language for me.

'Ha ha. I don't even care... but I want to know why I can't get a divine angel. No, you have to ask.'


"Because I am the king of God. And because you are also my half body and the only goddess of the moon that is said to be the same."


The words of Shamrock, who is my brother and also the corner of the kings of the gods, were reasonable. Shamrock welcomes this and a number of prospective warriors and clerics as his own god angels and uses them to preserve his majesty. Though not a hundred men are in the boulder, his divine angel is in double digits. Ernesto, whom Sola met in future generations, is just one of them.

'... I will be the goddess of the moon, the goddess of death. Who wander in the darkness of eternity. My contractor comes from the end of Kuyuan. A guide to the other side. "

'... sorry. I don't understand what you're saying. Speak in understandable language.'

"... my divine angel brings death. Reaper god angel. Its role is to bring death... to kill."

Charlotte tells Shamrock's request, blinking her eyes, so with a slightly dissatisfied mouth pointed. And this was right.

Shamrock's powers are raw. I mean, start. In contrast, Charlotte's power is death. I mean, the end. but it is the truth of life that tries to fight at the end. Charlotte's role depends on putting an end to her willingness to live. Really, it's incompatible with life.

'I don't know how to do that. But death is a necessary concept for life. Therefore I, the supreme God, command life, and you, the other supreme God, command death.

'I know. But, brother. I'm a hater. It's the truth of life that I wish I didn't want to die. Cut it off. I'm a troublemaker. "

'That would be the word of a fool. Life and death are two wheels. That is inevitable logic for life. That is why your followers do not abhor death itself, but rather that the process leading up to death is important. And so are my followers. How to live. That's what matters. "

"That's a minority, isn't it? And the believers are good. Because they don't have to kill. They preach how to die just like your brother's followers. For it is he who gives ease to the life that leads to death to the followers of his brother, who leads astray. But the angel of God is different. You have to kill him. '

In response to Shamrock's mention, Charlotte smiles slightly and shakes her head. And that's why.

"... I am not willing to take on the Angel of God for good. No one needs to be resented."

'... is that why'

In Charlotte's words, Shamrock understood why his sister could not take up the divine angel. Reaper god angel. Needless to say, killing is the role. In a way, it is also equal to the Absolute.

No being can escape death. So, I hate it. It came from the tenderness that I didn't intend to let that hater. As such, she would get to meet Kate without being a divine angel for thousands of years.

Well, then thousands of years. Somehow there was only one fool who became such a god angel of death. It's not even a goddess order. It's a big idiot who took the liberty of taking office. Needless to say, it's kite.


"What's up?

"Hmm? Oh, no... no, boulders. You know what I mean"

A kite looking far east, but with a slight bitter smile at Sora's inquiry. Dawn from the rendezvous with the Ingvays and the next day. From this day on, we were supposed to go hunting jointly between the two guilds.

Among them, Kate, Sola, and some of the other adventure clubs were set to move to capture the "Diamond Rock Bird" with the guild clubs led by Ingvay. It was before that departure. Kate has been looking east since the beginning of the morning.

"That way for sure... in a direction with" Moon Down "?

"Oh... I'm going to head over there with a little something on my way home. I wonder what it is."

"Over there? I heard it was a beautiful place with pretty flowers."

Sora was strangely inclined to the words of Kate. The purpose of this kite was to avoid rubbing with the Ingvays. It was accomplished, but it is decided that you should join the queue in the middle of a compromise with the opponent, and you are only supposed to stay. There was nowhere else to go.

"... well. Do you have flowers? What kind of flowers did you say?

"Er... are you sure? Three white flowers, red flowers, pale flowers"

"... that guy really... sounds like he had to, totally..."

Kate learns of the grasshopper that he was growing in 'Moon Down Mountain' and shook his shoulder unexpectedly. Who planted this? I don't even have to think about that. Anyway, he's the one crack of the Supreme God. You can't possibly not know where my sister sleeps.

"Thank you. Now I've got the answer. There's no problem."

Sola doesn't understand the point in her abrupt thanks to Kate and tilts her neck deeper. but besides, kite says nothing. No, I can't tell you. It is the sleeping place of the goddess. Ernesto and Ernesto once said it was a place to never speak.

"... Yuri. Let's go."

"Yeah. Let's just get this job done"

Determination is hard. There he is. Then just get the job done. That's why Kate and Yuri were more motivated than ever.

"Kite, what's your goal?

"Naturally, it's perfect. I... what?"

"Hmm... well, let's make it a perfect job"

"Oh, no, well... I hope you're motivated."

For some reason or another, even if Sora doesn't understand the situation, she's going to do her job for now, so I'll decide there's no problem. These two are motivated by their work. There's nothing wrong with good or bad.

"Well... Sola. From here on out, I will take control of the whole thing. You take fine command."

"Oops. For now, I'm letting the troops depart from where they're ready in turn. I haven't had any visible problems at the moment."

It was abrupt but a kite into action, but in contrast, Sora also switches her mind to report the status quo. Kite's leaving when the Ingvays are ready, too. but now it was a stage where I was waiting for them because they weren't ready for capture.

"Okay. Soleil, Frodo. The two of you will have full surveillance from here. If that's what happens first, snipe him."

"" Yes ""

"What about us?

"Play with the little animals, I'd say, but move this time. There's some shitty demon out here, isn't there? On a crusade as soon as you find it that way. Soleil and Frodo have been tasked with his search."

"I hope it's not a mutton fish."

If it wasn't for the groceries, we wouldn't be able to destroy our partners.

Kite also responds lightly to Kuon's light mouth. At the point where Quon is not a miscellaneous fish, the rank is S. No matter how strong Ingvay's Alliance is, you can't fight a monster with capture gear. No adventure club. There's no way you can even fight with serious gear. Both exterminations are mandatory.

"Sunshine...... can you ask?

"Mmm... I mean it this time"

"Okay...... Ise. I'm sorry, but I need you to help me with the sunshine. Mitsuki, please."


In response to an unprecedented trend of motivation, Kate asks Ise and Mitsuki to assist her. These three were to use their mobility to run around the entire mountain range where the 'Rockbird' nest is located in search of the demons the Imperial Investigation Team is looking for, as well as to assist the Adventure Department. And Kuon, knowing the cause of such motivation, gave a slightly different smile than the previous lady.

"Hmm... you must be strong. One theory says that even Orrin is beyond the most powerful reaper in God... to what extent?"

"Quon... sorry, but I'll let you dismiss it for a few days."

"A few days, I wonder... can you bear it..."

It's a terrible thing. Actually, it seems Kuon wasn't accompanying this journey for nothing. I heard Frodo was on a journey under Kate's covert orders, and he was investigating it independently.

Originally she also heard about Charlotte from Kate. This is a relationship, but it's definitely not an exaggeration to say it's one of my fiancées. I was in a position to ask. So I was aware of Kate's purpose behind this trip.

"If you can't stand it, I'll deal with you more than I can stand for a few days... so don't do it for a few days"

"I don't want to know why."

"Ha ha. Sorry."

Kite laughs furiously at the half-quon. I just have to laugh. My beloved is within reach. That's what I've been waiting for. I wasn't going to be able to stand it. There's no point in putting up with it when you say you no longer need to. And that's where Ingvay came in.

"Ooh. It's over here, you bastard..."

"Not really... are we leaving?

"Oh... what about the three of you?

"We're gonna go hunting demons over here for now. That would be more profitable for you, wouldn't it?

"Well, thank you. If Dia Rock got hurt, he wouldn't have let me."

Ingvay truthfully thanked Quon for this. We still don't know what the demons out here are, but maybe there are demons out there that prey on 'Rockbirds'.

More expensive than that, considering this is a nest. If so, it is only natural to be wary of it, and the Ingvays had organized several teams dedicated to it to make their way to exploration.

If Quon were to join it, it was only to raise your hands and welcome them, and there was no reason anywhere to refuse. and decided to teach such Ingvay a story that Kate had ever decided to tell.

"Right. So, I'm supposed to have these two monitor the whole thing from here and search for demons... anything else wrong?

"No... oh, I know because your executives came over here to say hello, but this one makes Liddy head to the 'Rockbird' hunting squad. Let me use it for perimeter alert for a few people at the same time... what's the problem?


Kate thinks only for a moment about Ingvay's offer. It's not the demons out here that the Ingvays are most alert to. It's a 'diamond rock bird' target trader who moves at the behest of some nobleman. Naturally, but the vigilance was also necessary.

"... would be good. It has been decided that this project will be joint. If so, they're co-operative."

"It helps...... Liddy. Did you hear that? Include the lads. Archer's field of view is valid that it would be paper. Thanks for letting me use it."

With permission from Kite, Ingvay will contact Riddick immediately. Apparently, this pattern was also foreseen from the beginning. Apparently, the hand should be over soon.

"All right... you know what? So, the others... well, I'll trust your candidacy when I get to your arms."

"Do that. I guarantee your arms."

"Okay...... then, this one's fine. It's a steeple... well, you're talking about whether the adventurer has a steeple or shit"

"Right...... so later on the road?

"Let's do that. The longer it takes, the more the others will come. This operation will be over before your compatriots arrive."

Agreeing with Kate's words, Ingvay leans straight back to the entrance. As such, Kite and the others set out with Ingvay to search for "Diamond Rock Bird" again.