Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1361: Seeking Diamonds

Diamond Rockbird, a subspecies of the subspecies of Rockbird, which is the object of The Hunters' Battlefield Hunters Field, led by Ingvay. As a consideration for their cooperation, the kites were parted from Quong and Soleil and split into mountains.

Its mountains, but it is no exaggeration to say that the majority are cut off mountains rather than covered by deep trees. It is not Bald Mountain because it is an untouched natural energetic, but dare I say it was similar to the sight of the depths of China. So the kites were taking a path along the river between the mountains towards the depths.

"You didn't even go hunting from here on out..."

While walking along such a river, Sola crushes so when she sees the flag that she had herself marked - a simple landmark that simply bracketed a cloth on the stick, even when she said it was a flag.

Basically, they were moving along this river too. It seems that 'rock birds' living in mountainous areas often nest between cliffs. So if you walk along the river, it's easy to find a nest. And beneath this river lies the camp of the Adventure Department. If he was lost, he could come back if he went along the river.

"Pretty much ahead of you from here. Uh... you're gonna be level, aren't you? It was in the Union branch of Fort Entesia."

"Oh, there will be a slightly larger individual from here on out, unlike before. If it's the strength of the kids, it's better not to move on."

"So should I get a little tempered?"

Seeing Ingvay snort, Sola just relives her temper a little. He is also able to practice and hunt normally in the last half month or so if he is a 'rock bird'. but that's what Sora herself said, behind this. If strength were to change, it would have been dangerous to judge it as normal.

"Correct. Be careful with breakthroughs."


In response to Ingvay's advice, Sola once firmly focuses on her shield to adapt her powers. His role this time is to stop the advance so that archers like Yuri can target and shoot their enemies.

Shields can also be a very important tool for this purpose. The other person is quick. Even he remembered the counter. It's hard to target. Collaboration is very important. And on the other hand, this time there were people equipped with rare weapons. That's kite.

"Hmmm... you haven't been in charge of a bow in a long time"

"Since when?

"Well, if you're hunting, I use it there... but I feel like it's been a really long time since I've put combat in perspective"

Upon Yuri's inquiry, Kate was surprised herself because it had been a really long time, even though she explored her memory. Basics He prefers melee weapons such as knives. No, I'm still used to it because it's the original rather than the preferred one. but bows and other ranged weapons are not unavailable, and I still keep my demon gun as an accessory outfit. It still is.

"Speaking of which... I'm sure you haven't seen it lately, Kate's using a bow."

"The front line is thick this time. And most importantly, this time it's a bondage. It'll be better this way."

Kate checks the status of the troops she is joining. A little more than a dozen other hunting troops as personnel, but not that much as a matter of fact.

Anyway, the two of them are faces with gear for transport after capturing "Diamond Rockbird," and the other three are equipped with gear for capturing only. He even had personnel for assistants, such as liaison officers with the camp. In order to capture them intact, they will need to be equipped and prepared accordingly, and it will be possible to fight at about half net.

"Hey, thanks for the help. If it's true this time, it's just me or Liddy and I were planning on capturing each other while we were doing the surrounding restraints."

"Well, it's good because it's profitable... you didn't think about alliances with other guilds, or agreements?

"No? I've been thinking. So you're working on it."

"... ha... think of something horrible."

In Ingvay's enjoyable but fierce seeping grin, Kate looks back at Ingvay's thoughts understanding. I guess it was unexpected, and delightful miscalculation, that this opponent became an adventure department for him. but it was a clear statement that you were reading the flow so far, and it was the right decision. Besides, Sola questioned it.

"What do you mean?

"I was first here...... so I was going to take it to the guy who came later that he couldn't work with me because he couldn't work this one out, these guys. Half of it would be enough. If you get information about your prey by then, you'll get more credit. If you hunt even" Rockbird "by the time your collaborators arrive on the road, you won't have to make up for what you lost to make any bad money."

"... holy shit!? Seriously..."

Understanding Ingvay's prospects, Sola accidentally freezes her spine. So, we don't need to relax any longer than we can secure personnel. Besides, profits don't mesh subtly with adventure clubs. He was able to split everything up against his expectations and even secure the necessary personnel.

"Ha ha. Well, only the guys who can get in deep were asked to go bankrupt when the guild came... there aren't many guilds like that on the boulder. There's a good chance."

"Don't hate me..."

Good with Kusu in the meantime, good with this Ingvay. How far on earth do you envisage it? Sora sighed at the actions of such schemers who were moving in anticipation of a few steps she had not been able to foresee herself.

Ingvay is right. Like Sola hasn't been to this depths, I'd like to structure a party around Adventurers from Rank B onwards if I can.

but rank b is one wall. Therefore any guild is mostly located in the upper echelons. No matter where the guild was, there was no way there was that many. Yet this request is for unharmed captivity. It was a headache story as a premise in the first place.

"Ha ha ha. I don't know what I'm gonna say with you blowing a bubble, but it's still sweet. Even expensive requests have their backs at the moment. This request doesn't have a back... but it's hard to accomplish in one guild. Of course, if you can, you can accomplish it."

"Then you can say it from the beginning."

"You can't say that. I can't see my feet. After you know they can't do it, you can finally negotiate, right?


Ingvay told me, and Sola understood, too. That means we can't do this alone, like we made clear. It's just as bad as Sola was then. They'll see you at your feet. Naturally, there is a good chance that the amount will be reduced as well.

"In that sense, hey, the geek place is our best partner from the shelves."

"Yes, yes..."

I couldn't help but laugh at Sora on the boulder at Ingvay, who made it so clear for fun. And that was the only time I could have such a soothing chat.

"... Sola"


"Coming. Count...... five. Two o'clock direction. Above. Not yet found"

"Oops... I see it"

In response to an announcement from Yuri, Sola dives into her voice and sees the direction she has pointed. There was the figure of a few 'rock birds' flying slowly. This one hasn't been supplemented yet, so it's possible to preempt the attack, and vice versa.

"What do we do?

"... do you have a diamond?

"... no, I can't see. It's a medium-sized, normal species."

"... if you can do it over, do it over. I'm trying to avoid a fight on a captive mission."

Ingvay thinks slightly of Kite's statement and concludes so. The easiest time to catch him would still be at a time when his opponent is alarmed. If so, it was a natural decision if you were a hunter that you should refrain from fighting.

"Hey, are you bringing that?

"Heh. I'm bringing a new one"

All right, let's roll it out.


I took Ingvay's instructions. No, I unloaded the package that the young man carrying his place was carrying and took a large piece of cloth out of it. That's a size that's big and doesn't matter if we all cover it up completely. and when he touches the middle of it with some strange procedure, it quickly changes to a shaped like a short tent in an instant.

"What, this?

"Let's go in because it's good. If you want an explanation, I'll be inside."

Ingvay dives into the tent with his mid waist in a slight hurry to do so against Sola's question. Besides, Sola decides it's better to obey and immediately packs it in the back. Thus, two people, Kite and Yuri, entered the closest to the entrance.

"Good... this is what we call a disguised tent... a tool that shows the surrounding landscape and makes it look like the ground from the surrounding area"

"Hunting essentials."

"That's right. It's expensive, this guy."

"A new one just recently came out. If that was the top model too, that would be expensive. Less delicacies in stores for sale."

Kite complains bitterly about Ingvay straining her chest somewhere. Performance is origami, but therefore high was normal. And at the same time, this represented a high degree of seriousness that showed how serious they were.

"This is not a high level of upfront investment. Don't put it all together."

"Well, I guess so"

Kate decided to agree with the words, even though she seeped a little twitch from the side. It looks like a pretty expensive request. This is roughly a few million yen without a joke, which is also a super expensive magic item in the second half.

Definitely not a cheap purchase if not even the eight biggest guilds. but this is as rewarding as it gets. Sure, it's hard to say expensive shopping.

"Well, okay. I don't see how he noticed this way. Daring to fly the tour"

"Well... I'll be waiting for a while"

That's what Ingvay tells him to do with the report from Kite. No matter how much the top item is, if you move it, that will only make it less effective. It was basic not to move.

"Even if... kite. You know this guy a lot."

"Yeah? It was usually in the Victor Chamber of Commerce catalog, wasn't it? Who buys it?"

"Oh, that way"

Ingvay looks just a little sorry for what Kate said. Kite has no reason to know, but Ingvay's hobby seems to be to look at the catalog of magic items and chill out the stores and craftsmen that handle them, or even window shopping. I thought it was a homosexual person, but I guess it is. About enough to talk about it. 'Rockbird' never showed any signs of leaving.

"Have you noticed?

"Come on...... but it's still swirling"

"Shit... I don't even want to stay too long. Kid, take a place."

Ingvay switches places with Sola when he tongues one. That's how he asked Kite.

"Kite. Can we aim?

"Depends on things"

"Use < >"

"Okay. This one captures the subject in a thousand miles."

To Ingvay's offer, Kate nodded when she received an eyelid from Tina. I was going to restrict my vision because I would use the demon eye with one eye. There is nothing wrong with it, but he decided it was necessary in view of Kite's public prowess.

"Yuri. This one's a little off surveillance. Tina, ask for surveillance instead."

"Shh. Do we deal with this from a distance?"

Tina's eyes stain gold on a request from Kate. This one also activated the demon eye here. So beside Tina, who entered the auxiliary, Kate asks Ingvay for the following instructions:

"When do we aim?

"Which one looks the strongest?

"That's the guy in the middle."

"Then it's him."

"Ok...... Connect (link)"

"Good... keep looking..."

Ingvay's eyes stain purple, borrowing Kate's vision. It activated the Demon Eye as well. What activated him was the demonic eye of taking over the enemy's sight.

If it's not an assassination, it doesn't make much sense because of the anti-demon defense, but the demon opponent, it was also very effective if it wasn't noticed by the opponent like this one.

"... Hmm... apparently, it's not like they're spotting us."

"Just flying slowly."

"I would...... wait a minute. manipulate jacked vision and direct it in another direction"

When Ingvay responds to Kate's words with one hassle, he manipulates the vision of the 'rock bird' he has taken over to show his hallucinations. Nevertheless, it is problematic that there is an intent to attack, so it is said that the food was shown far away.

"Come on, eat up... good. I ate it. Now the herd..."

"Uhm. Everybody's gone away."

"Good. Hey, clean up. Hurry up."

"" Ugly ""

In response to Ingvay's decree, a luggage carrying adventurer rushes into preparation. As such, they decided to go deep in search of the 'Diamond Rock Bird', avoiding engagements with the same hands.