Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1365: Operation Binding - Celebration -

Hours after the camp for the "Diamond Rockbird" chick's captive maneuver, a request for "Hunters Field," led by Kate and the others at Ingvay's Battlefield. These are the kites who succeeded in the capture operation and returned to the camp, but Ingvay bowed his head deeply to them like that.

"Kite...... no, adventure department faces. Let me start by saying... thank you. It's only with your help that we succeed this time."


The kites are taken aback by Ingvay's profound gratitude. By then his gratitude had been solid. Nevertheless, it seems that this was not a strange thing from his side, and other words of gratitude were clearly expressed by those involved in this operation.

"No, this is also about the agreement. I'm not asking you to thank me that much."

"Thank you. Well, we're a guild that often walks around the business pattern, but if you have any connection and you want help, tell me. I will spare no effort to help you."

"... right. Thank you. Let me do that."

When Kate nodded one thing to Ingvay's offer, she decided to accept it because of it. Thank you for coming so far. Besides, this time, the profits they got from Kate's concessions are immeasurable.

And while Kate understood the benefit, she was showing me her understanding and abandoning it. The more Ingvay and his guild executives understood that it was due to Kate's warmth.

"We leave here tomorrow morning. This will be my last night... but today is a toast! Maximize your connections, everyone, drink as much as you want! but don't let it affect you tomorrow!

Ingvay declares so with a loud voice in his upper mood. It is my job to deliver this to the nobles. That's not the end of it. but the requests that have been following us so far for more than six months have been successful and unprecedentedly expensive. I was allowed to take my wings off a little bit.

"" "Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The adventurers of Hunters Field, the battlefield of the hunters, raise their voices and cheer. They're the only ones who know how much hardship has been on them so far. I don't know, but I know they're happy. Then, with their invitation, Kite and the others decided to join us for a celebration on this day.

"Uh-uh... kite. Really, thank you."


To thank her several times from Ingvay, Kate makes her face pull as much as she wants. Because apparently Ingvay becomes entangled Uedo when he gets drunk.

Besides, I seem to completely forget what happened while I was drunk on bad things. So now he's drunk and doesn't say anything about it. He went to express praise for Riddick and the other guild members, and now he came back to Kite to say thank you.

"You see? This request... The top eight are not involved, but the big places are quite involved. See, for example, the yellow bird in the royal capital or the grass place... haha. I gave them one."

"Oh well..."

You're pretty drunk. Kite replies vaguely to Ingvay winding the tube. It should be noted that the guild that Ingvay put out has heard of Kite about once.

It's a name I've heard of once if I was in the Empire, although I certainly wouldn't even call it the Great Place or Super Famous. On the same scale as the Ingvays. Similar visibility. It was no surprise that I was receiving this request, arguably a large guild there, even in the middle and at the top of the list. You might call it a rival as a guild.

"Ugh... but you're a lot of skill..."

"Well... that's because the goal is too high. You have to die to do it. Plus, the people up there are eyeing me."

"Ha ha... that's right... Union doesn't have a mentoring system for adventurers. You can't do that there. No, I'm sorry if they told me to take care of the kid, too. It's because my life depends on it."

Drunken Ingvay probably doesn't know what he's talking about himself. Yeah, but that's why he casually stated what he always thought.

"If that's what we're gonna do, we'll raise it. But there's no room for that. It's a choice between living and dying."

Ingvay talks about what he knows for granted if he is such an adventurer. It's rare for kites to have been coached by the military in the first place. So while Kate was listening to Ingvay, who was getting high tension in fulfilling the request for a while, time would pass.

Well, roughly half a day from the return of the kites to the camp. The surroundings were already wrapped in the Book of Darkness at night. By that time on the boulder, the Ingvays had been sleeping in recoil drinking all over them, or once they had slept and drunk again.

"Phew... you drank on a boulder..."

I'm still an adventurer, so I guess there's something about it. Basically, there were a lot of liquor lovers, and this merit undoubtedly includes Kite.

So it seems that not only Ingvay but also the guild members of his guild were hiccups at Kite's and were quite drunk. Nevertheless, it is still Kite, who is also known as an alcoholic. Even though he probably drank the most, he wasn't the most drunk.

And that's where Sola came in. Even so, because he was occasionally drunk as a meritorious man, too, or he was a thousand feet. I'm still sleeping once on this - besides being treated with magic by Nanami - so it's pretty much better.

"Uh-uh... uh-uh... water... uh..."

"Ha ha. Obnoxious. Look, it's water."

"Thankyou... uh... the medicine Nanami gave me... there was... ngoo..."

When Sola receives the water from Kite, she takes a sip of the meath handmade hangover medicine received from Nanami with more remaining water as it is.

"Uh... a little refreshing..."

Dorsari, making a noise, and Sola lowers her hips to the ground. Immediate medication, but not so far. It's called a placebo effect.

It should also be noted that I sit still on the ground so it is inoperable, but few people around me sleep on the ground with the quotes I drank. To this extent, it's still better. and opened his mouth as if such sora remembered.

"Oh, yeah. Kite."


"No, he said he achieved his goal number in today's hunt. He took more today."

"Right. So, can we withdraw tomorrow? It'll be a cover-up over there."

When Kate snorts one to the report from Sola, she decides to withdraw it tomorrow. Preparations are made for sequential withdrawal at a stage when the number is close to the target number. You don't have to stay near the demon's nest for long. It was auspicious to withdraw as soon as possible if the goal could be achieved.

"Even so... is that it? It was quite a long expedition..."

"Are you about three weeks old? You've been on a long mission there."

Appointments have grown for roughly a week. The fact that Ingvay and the others were on a break along the way, and the fact that it took a few days to work with them, slowed the pace by being vigilant about the demons the Imperial Capital's investigation team was saying.

Still, I'm not significantly behind, and I'm keeping in touch with the Alliance Home in the Timely Adventures Department. There was also a airship because of the arrival of Kite. The contact was kept close, so there was no problem. That's how I talked about work to my drunken awakening, Sola, but I mouth it like I remember.

"Phew... no"


"You, seriously, the food is too delicious, right? I'm supposed to learn to cook, too."

"Stop it. You have your own cook and two cooks."

Kite just laughs at Sola's words and sits still. Both Nanami and Yuri are good at cooking in the first place. I don't feel the need to take that stock.

"Even so... after all, I wonder what it was. The Imperial City investigation team was looking into it."

"Or so. Well, I wonder what it was... but tomorrow or the day after, it has nothing to do with us returning."

Kite is equally surprised by Sora's doubts. Nevertheless, the investigation from here on out has nothing to do with Kate and the others. Even where Quong and the others heard about it, even after Sola and the others left, they organized a larger investigation team to investigate.

I'm thinking about them and the extent to which Kate and the others guessed. Now in addition to the many adventurers of the species who can demonstrate their dominance only at night and in rainy weather, we plan to investigate the effects of the environment well. There is no need for the Adventure Department to cross a dangerous bridge. If you're really concerned, you should just listen to subsequent investigations through the Union.

"Well... I got a little interested because I've been around for a long time."

"Ha ha... well, you fought too, but the deeper you go, the stronger the demons are. We shouldn't be going to the next survey because the Rank S adventurers will be accompanying us."

"That's right... uh... I'm getting sleepy... I'm gonna get some sleep..."

"Aye, good night"

Kate waved with a laugh at Sora, who rubbed her eyes to sleep. I guess that's because I saw Sora looking asleep. Kite also gives one big yawn.

"Phew...... good night, Shall"

Kite twinkles so much for the moon. As such, he decided to return to one of the campers he had prepared for himself.

Three Ugly Hours when the grass also sleeps. It was when even Kite fell asleep. As Kate expected, the anomaly was awake midnight as a border. but. As a matter of fact, it is not the night that the anomaly occurs. In a nutshell, Kate and the others were there.

"Well... what?

When the kites were quiet. Competitors who did not yet know that Ingvays had captured the 'Diamond Rock Bird' chick on the boulder were searching all night.

We're already days behind the Ingvays. It was only natural that we needed to hurry. What one of them found was a giant 'rock bird' covered in black moya.

"... 'Garuda'? No, it looks like a 'rock bird'......?

One of the adventurers is surprised to see a giant bird flying gracefully through the great sky while being covered in black moya. Individuals I've never even seen. Even they explored all over the place. They were the only individuals who could say so. and probably because such an individual distracted me.

"!? Master!

"Yeah? Huh!? This guy... WHAT!?

It was the demons covered in countless black moya that surrounded them. That was what surrounded them.

"" "Uh-oh!

A scream that cleaves through the dark night echoes deep in the mountains. And it wasn't just here that screamed. The same thing was happening in another competitor's camp reported by Ingvay's men.

"Enemy attack! The demons are here!

Although this one avoided acting at night, Ingvay and the others had joined the adventure club to arrange a promising spot, and had decided to arrange open land close to the depths of the mountain. That's why he was being attacked at this time by demons covered in black moya.

"What's happening to the kingdom!

"What, these guys! If you don't take the junction for a thing!?

The adventurers cannot hide their confusion from the demons who will storm us, even if they are bounced and blown away by the kingdom. What they found is, well, good. Sometimes that can happen. Multiple activation of the junction for this purpose is the basis of camp set-up. but the demons covered in black moya against the junction were storming without any fright.

"This... I've heard this before! Just like the one the Empire crusaded a few months ago with total strength!

Apparently, a small number of them were in one of the fanatics' cases. I noticed that these demons were very similar to the situation at that time.

"Chi... send out a distress signal for those in Fort Entesia! There's nothing we can do about this! Tell the Union what's going on and get the army moving!

"We'll launch the signal immediately!

Adventurers rush to the Alliance Master's instructions. Now the junction is still holding up for me, but it's unclear how long I can hold up. If there's only one thing I can say, it's that there probably won't be any more respite. In that way, a bright red light would be launched that would cut through the dark night.