Kite, who unleashed the absolute treasure of < > and wiped out his enemies, had since joined Charlotte, who had finished his battle with the 100-metre erosive species. Such was she now, either because she suppressed her power, or she had a bright, pitch-black hair, floating in the air with an annoying atmosphere.

"You're a miscellaneous fish... so, servant. How'd it go over there?

"You're a miscellaneous fish. Seventy percent of the time."

"Because even I was suppressed. Well, but given modern standards, isn't this just about right?

Like Kate, who decided she didn't need to be particularly afraid, Yuri felt light again. Three hundred years ago, during that war, she had a hero who couldn't be stopped. What can be suppressed with that girlfriend is an area that can be said to be to that extent. Without a doubt, strong heroes would be able to twist it gently.

"You're strong enough. At this level, even one of us is worse off in modern times... and you're getting stronger and stronger in the past."

"Uh... if you say so, yeah... well, I'm still weak"

Do all that, you're still weak. If you are a co-hero, suppress the one who should be the best. But so in her case, you're right. What she's trying to get back now is the power she once had. It's the power to turn the world we've gotten in the last lifetime against our enemies and win. It wasn't enough to this extent at all.

"Well... then, what are we going to do with the holes that erupt with these mutton fish?"

Kate looks down again and thinks about what to do with the ejection holes that black Moya blows out. It's the hole that was sealing that giant, but the black moya is still blowing out of here. If we don't do something about this, this case won't end.

I'm curious as to where the tip of this hole leads, but I'm not even going to stick a kite in the boulder. It's troublesome to barge in poorly and awaken the evil gods. I'm not ready for a response on this side yet.

Well, I don't expect you to come after this one is perfectly prepared, but it's advantageous for this one as much as possible later. There was no need to put a snake on it and let it out any more than time would be in our favor.

"... you can't help it. Let's use my power as God."

"Oh... first time to see"


Charlotte smiled when she saw Kate take a step back. She took out two artifacts, grinning like a swing like that.

"" Good moon...... right, servant. Let's keep looking at the moon today. Tonight is for me. And the night for you that has been waiting for me. Let's just dance for you tonight. ""

Like a song, like a whisper. Charlotte, divided into two, dances and dances. It's a moon dance like drawing two circles. Dance picturing the moon danced by an ancient god. A double helix dance, by the white and black goddesses. Not intense. but so graceful and beautiful. It was such a fantastic sight to make all the seers fall in love.


This is because the Moon Goddess is also called the Goddess of Beauty. The horrible being of the night, but at the same time, by horrible, it pictured a beautiful moon, but it was late.

And the dance is the dance of the goddess. Therefore the moonlight and the two goddesses echo and resonate in the dance, letting the immense power dwell in Charlotte's body. God performs rituals. That's why there was so much more power than people would do. But both Yuri and Kate had to fall in love with that divinely beautiful dance.

"Ra... Ra..."

"La... La..."

Along with the graceful and light dance, a singing voice overflows from the mouths of the two Charlottes. Because I'm feeling better, I guess. It will always be a tone that can be played only at the high and low of the sound, and eventually it will be the first song to fill the surroundings.

"" RaLa ~ "

Only the first song played from Charlotte's mouth echoes around illuminated by the moon and night. It resonates further with Charlotte's dance to further enhance her power. Two more moons appeared at her feet when it exceeded one threshold.

"" RaLa... raLa... rala... "

The dance was already about to end. but as the dance came to an end, the moon created by Charlotte grew more radiant, and had so much power that it could no longer even come close in the Moya created by the Evil God.

"" Come on, let's play the end, shall we?

Try to sing and Charlotte will say words that make sense. That is the end of the dance by the original goddess. If the sun rises and life begins, then the moon rises and life ends. The twin moon worthy of its end now had the power the goddess deserved to dance.

"< >"

The moment. Everything around you is wrapped up in darkness at night. There's only one thing that holds light in it. It's just the twin moons Charlotte created. All the moonlight was captured by the moon she created.

Then the blow that binds all the moonlight is released as if it were going to hit the moon itself. As it entered the black ejection hole as it intertwined to draw a spiral, it raised the aurora and erased all of them.


The end comes and the upside down moonlight illuminates the two moon goddesses from below. In the comfort of it, she falls to the ground to draw a spiral, as she loses her power.


Such a Charlotte, but Kate catches it brilliantly where it unites on the road. It's not like I lost my power or tired as a result of developing an advanced surgical formula. He just said he fell because he wanted to. She's whimsical. I do this on a whim.

"Thank you, servant"

Comfortably, Charlotte turns her hand around his neck and kisses that lip as Kite hugs the princess. This is a reward for a well done servant. That's how with one soft mouthful, Kite turned forward.

"Yes, goddess...... come on, let's go home. Our victory."

There are no longer any enemy shadows left around. Even the demons contaminated by the black Moya gathered together and that blow wiped out. This is her natural strength. It was her power all season. As such, the kites swept the spirits of the evil gods with their overwhelming power and decided to return straight to the camp of the Adventure Department.

That night. When Kate ended her short but long reunion with Charlotte, she was in touch with someone who was quietly looking up at the moon. Even the goddess was descending in that big battle on the boulder, and at the start of the case, it's three ugly times when the grass also sleeps. Though it was only far away at dawn, the face he was fighting was in immediate retreat when he joined the evacuated Adventure Department.

I was beaten to death in my sleep. To name a few, that's the fight. Speaking of which, I have no choice. All reports were supposed to be turned tomorrow morning. And now that even the goddess of the moon has slept. I decided to get in touch with the only person I could get here.

'... right. Again, huh?'

"Yes...... the battle is close"

'Right...... but it's something I'm well prepared for'

The person sends an unmistakable praise for Kite's readiness. but kite shook her head like she was a little preoccupied with this.

"I'm not serious about anything. I just thought I needed it this time, so I just used it."

'Hahaha... but you look like me. I don't know what's going on with you. "

"... Is that, like, possibly cheating on you all over the place?

"There are people who don't know the difference between cheating and being serious as much as you do... well, he's not even as innocent as contacting me on the side of a woman's sleeping face"

"You taught me that."

Kate laughed and nodded again at the other person's tearing words. I do have Charlotte asleep in my room, too. but I was in touch a little further away so as not to disturb her sleep.

"Right... but I didn't mean to teach you to samurai multiple women."

"Ha ha ha... well. A reunion greeting would be good around here."

'Right...... ok. Let's get ready. Rejoice... you have the earth behind you'

"Yeah... let me see, let's do it. of the present planet… the present day of human history that you have built."


To Kate's words, the other person was just silent for a little while. But that's not because I thought about it or had trouble responding. In the meantime, the thoughts of the universe seeped in.

'... oh. That's why you show it to me, too. Make him my former son... another heir. Let me see you as the one who can control all mankind. "

"... ok. All this time, let me show you. As my stepson, your stepson, the strength of one of the successors to the hero of the origin."

Kite is a little worried about the other person's words, but it's a good idea to respond to his feelings of universality. I never want to be king. I inherited it < > for some reason, but that's not what he likes and gets. If it's going to happen, I want to give it to someone.

but it's too dangerous a weapon. To someone, I was a trustworthy person, and I couldn't find the right person for my strength. That's right. If you're not equal to him, you can't. There was no way I could find it.

'Oh... bye. Look forward to seeing you again. "

"Yeah, me too...... oh, Doctor. I'm going to do what I promised."

He calls himself his stepson and his opponent his teacher. The only person in the world that Kate says so. That is Gilgamesh, once his stepfather, the hero king who on earth is told to be the first hero and king. There was no other way but him. He was in contact with the Earth.

"Oh, that promise... I don't even have to worry about it"

"No... let me see you too. Tell me that you are the greatest heroes of all mankind to my knowledge."


Gilgamesh blinks at Kate's plea. Sure, I'm the one who asked you to look like you've grown up. If so, it wasn't bad to hear that wish out for you.

'... right. Nothing. Speaking of which it doesn't matter now, I don't care. It's a good story... No, it doesn't matter'

Gilgamesh closes his eyes for the first time and decides to ask the biggest friend who kept his mouth shut all the time during the conversation. I wasn't shying away from the two of you. I just kept my mouth shut because I didn't have to.

"Enki... my friend. What do we do? '

What do you want to do?

'What... because of that. I thought you two might want to go beat him up. "

'... would be delighted to be with you. Anyway, I am.'

To Gilgamesh's inquiry, Enkidu smiles all the time. He said it would gladly accompany him from the bottom of his heart.

'... you did. So, it's settled... Kite, I'm asking for an exposure as promised. And there will probably be you. Don't get wet.'

"Yes, of course… in the first place, I'm the organizer"

'You did...... then fully, look at it in the privileged seat but good. My, what your raised parents are doing now. "


To Gilgamesh's powerful words, Kate nodded with some kind of joy. Kate is the most respected man. That is not Musashi or the Asahi princesses, if it is not also Uehizumi Nobuna, a master of martial arts. Not many heroes. Gilgamesh was the man Kite respected most.

The man is telling me he's going to show his majesty in the privileged seat. I couldn't be less than happy. That concludes the conversation between the two and interrupts contact with the planet.

"... Oh, no, no, no. I'm Kite the Brave, right?

All this time, I couldn't help but wait for the resurrection of the Evil God. But that's not acceptable considering sacrifice. Therefore, Kate grips her fist for a long time and suppresses the joy.

And then Yuri stepped down beside him like that. She was the only one with me in Charlotte's hope. Apparently, he knew that Yuri was going into Harlem through Kite. That's why I wanted to be with you.

"... kite"

"... oh. Don't tell anyone."

"Oh well... yeah, well"

What does Yuri think of Kate's words? I'm not sure about that, but at least the joy seeped in there.

"Finally, it begins."

"No, I'm not. It had already begun... it's just you didn't realize"

"Mm-hmm... you can't help that. But, yeah... hehe. Just a little bit, that's pathetic."

Yuri takes pity on her next enemy, accompanied by a rare roughness. Naturally, she's listening to Kate's secrets. I can definitely win. I was not willing to lose at all by doing her. It is therefore mercy.

"There's no way to lose... because Kate has us. And so is she..."

Yuri turns her dear love to the sleeping moon goddess (Charlotte). Finally, I got it back. She seemed happy again. Kite approached her slowly like that, sticking her cheek up.

"... not at all... you, you're just sleeping"

"I made you impotent, Kite. If you think about it, Charles, you have a daughter until a few hours ago."

"I've been putting up with it for a long time - I felt a little restrained for this guy for the time being..."

I was just in 300 years of sleep until a few hours ago, but I'm asleep again. But this is merely a sleep of tiredness. I wake up in the morning. It's nothing like suppressing your powers until now. I don't need to get anxious about when I'm going to wake up. So Kate just loves this sleeping face.

"... thanks, Shall. Wake me up...... thanks for coming back"

Small, Kate muttered so with a mouthful on her forehead. The words were just seeping through the thoughts of the universe. So Kate also slept with her beloved, whom she had reclaimed over three hundred years.